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Feces Flinging Monkey

Feces Flinging Monkey

Copyright: Copyright 2003 Mike Spenis

Fun With Junk
I have an old, cheap rifle scope that went scrod on me the other day. The optics were still good, but the adjustments were wandering all over the place. I almost threw it out, but I was bored, so I cut it open instead.

OK, This Has Gone Far Enough.
For those of you who haven't been watching your scorecards, Comedy Central, like Borders Books, has been directly cowed by threats of violence. They have chosen censorship over the risk of physical harm.

In Praise Of The Single Six Revolver (And A Kind Word For The Colibri .22)
I was recently smart enough to acquire my first Ruger Single Six revolver. Have you got yours yet? No? Well, go get one now. You may not realize it, but you need this gun:

A Special Gift
Christmas was good this year.

Mike Sees A Movie
Saw Narnia. I wish I had liked it more.

Them And Us
Al Gore, speaking at a recent interview:

A Fifth-Generation Fight?
I've been watching the media reports of the rioting in France and reading what analysis I can find. My knowledge of French culture, French law, French economics and French politics might fill a thimble on a good day, so I limit myself to the basic facts and try to take it from there.

One Good Man
This post at Cinomed made my whole day. Don't underestimate what he's about to do.

Setting The Goalposts
Chances are that the Grand Jury investigating the Plame leak will reach some sort of decision this week. They may or may not indict high-ranking members of the Bush administration, and the charges may, or may not, mostly involve perjury.

Comments Got Hosed
You may have noticed that many reader comments have recently disappeared. The folks who provide the (free) serivce that I use seem to have had a software problem.

One Clear Word On Miers
My opinion on Judge Miers is different than most, because I'm probably asking a different question than most people are.

The Enemy Defined - But Do You Buy It?
Whenever someone uses the phrase "War On Terror", it leaves open the question of who, exactly, the enemy is.

Stories That Deserve To Be Told
Robert LeBlanc spent last Wednesday in a boat, helping to pull people to safety. Here's some of what he has to say.

A Small Confession
Bill Whittle gets it exactly right. Christ, I wish I could write like this:

For My Friends In San Francisco And LA - Preparedness Details
Most of my friends from my college days live on the West Coast, near San Fransisco and LA. A few years back I tired to get them minimally prepared for the earthquake they will eventually face there, even going to far as to ship out a couple of home-made disaster kits. The kits were appreciated but largely ignored. I'll bet money, real money, there is not one working battery left in any of those boxes right now.

A Small Word Of Caution
There is a palpable sense of relief in the air. The supplies are finally getting though; the buses are bringing the long-suffering residents of the New Orleans 'shelters' to a place of safety and calm. Things are getting better now.

Watch And Learn
As the Katrina disaster unfolds along the Gulf Coast, many of us are surprised by what we find. Third world conditions are a sudden reality in the heart of a once-thriving city. Diseases you've only seen in your travel guide are going to be making headlines soon. People will begin dying, right now, simply for lack of clean water. (I kid you not. I am certain than many elderly people have already died for less than that).