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Ministry and Meteorology? MicroBlog

Where I share smaller thoughts, family events, and sometimes live blog weather events in Northern Lower Michigan.

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Somebody Needs to Defend John McEnroe. Why Not Me? – Mother Jones



Somebody Needs to Defend John McEnroe. Why Not Me? – Mother Jones: "McEnroe didn’t bring this up out of nowhere. He wasn’t trying to say anything about Serena Williams or women’s tennis in general. He wasn’t trying to generate controversy. He was responding to a dumb question from an interviewer. I suppose he could have told the interviewer he didn’t understand what she was saying, and then asked for a clarification, but instead he just answered and moved on—or would have, anyway, except that the interviewer just wouldn’t let it go.

Since then, half the sports writers in America have proved they have too much free time on their hands by going after McEnroe. And everyone else is now chiming in too."

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I've been thinking about how Christians live their lives with our abundance.


The folly of Christianity – John Meunier: "What Hauerwas is calling for, I think, and what gets so many people uncomfortable with him, is a life fundamentally at odds with what most Americans would describe as living the good life. The dream of many Americans is to live a life centered on what gives them pleasure, including the pleasure of feeling like they are being a good person when they share some of their time and their money helping those who are “less fortunate.”"

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I saw this and thought, yeah...


I can agree, and I'm not old yet. LOL.

The Top 37 Things You’ll Regret When You’re Old – Anonymous:

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I've always said, "If it bleeds, it leads, and if it doesn't bleed, then someone will make it bleed."


I recently saw an article a friend was sharing on Facebook that said, "Running over protesters on roadways could soon be legal in North Dakota." I noticed they were quoting something from the Bismarck Tribune. So, I went and looked for the article. While it may still not be a good bill (as ti was only recently introduced to a committee in the legislature, many steps away from a law), still it isn't as the headline screams, "go run down the protesters." It may not be fake news, but it is overly sensationalized and gives the wrong impression. One of the many reasons I don't trust much of the news, and will dig a little more to find the original stories and sources.

Motorist liability introduced in response to pipeline protests | Government and Politics |

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Why Rural America Voted for Trump - The New York Times


This article and the one from Cracked magazine(just watch the language) are probably the two best pieces to explain what I see here in rural northern Michigan.

Why Rural America Voted for Trump - The New York Times: "When you are the son or daughter of a carpenter or mechanic and a housewife or secretary who lives paycheck to paycheck, who can’t afford to send kids to college, as many rural residents are, white privilege is meaningless and abstract."

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What Christmas in “Christian America” tells us about how ancient Israelites worshiped God | Pete Enns


What Christmas in “Christian America” tells us about how ancient Israelites worshiped God | Pete Enns: "The fact that the biblical writers protested so much against false worship probably tells us not so much how “rebellious” the Israelites were against clearly understood commands, but that the ancient Israelites were as detached from their official religion as are many/most Americans from official Christianity."

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Money Sex Power Election | Liturgy


The reaction from an Anglican priest in New Zealand which mirrors my own thoughts (and for the record I voted for Gary Johnson).

Money Sex Power Election | Liturgy: "I was, and still am, surprised by people’s surprise at the result. The polarisation and siloing of perspectives is something that calls for careful reflection. And action. Each side of supporters so demonised the other side that there appeared little to no communication."

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Eureka! Breakthrough Study Explains Why We Arrest Moms for Putting Kids in Nearly Non-Existent “Danger” | Free Range Kids


Eureka! Breakthrough Study Explains Why We Arrest Moms for Putting Kids in Nearly Non-Existent “Danger” | Free Range Kids: "“Our fears of leaving children alone have become systematically exaggerated in recent decades – not because the practice has become more dangerous, but because it has become socially unacceptable,” as the University put it in a news release."

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Certitude: A Disaster Waiting To Happen - Brian Zahnd


Certitude: A Disaster Waiting To Happen - Brian Zahnd: "Real faith is forged in the fiery theodicy of Job’s bitter trial where every assumption of the goodness of God is put to the test. "

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The Bait-and-Switch Confusopoly Economy | Scott Adams' Blog


The Bait-and-Switch Confusopoly Economy | Scott Adams' Blog: "when it comes to Clinton versus Trump, you know you’re getting baited-and-switched no matter who you pick."

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What I'm Reading...Brian Zahnd


The Jesus Revolution - Brian Zahnd: "The politics of Jesus is without coercion. The kingdom of God persuades by love, witness, Spirit, reason, rhetoric, and if need be, martyrdom — but never by force. "

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This is funny if you are conservative...


Conservative political beliefs not linked to psychotic traits, as study claimed - Retraction Watch at Retraction Watch: "Researchers have fixed a number of papers after mistakenly reporting that people who hold conservative political beliefs are more likely to exhibit traits associated with psychoticism, such as authoritarianism and tough-mindedness."

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Gorilla Boy's Mom Shouldn't Be Burned at the Stake - Hit & Run :


This is why I don't read the comment sections of news articles, or avoid the comment sections on Facebook about controversial subjects...

Gorilla Boy's Mom Shouldn't Be Burned at the Stake - Hit & Run : "What is easier than all of these is to sink into the sewer of self-righteousness and pretend that if only someone had been doing what we believe we would have done in that unpredictable situation, everything would be peachy. That way we get to feel smug and angry—a heady combination. And the perfect kindling for the burning of witches, or the crafting of national legislation."

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Praying for Portland – John Meunier


There's a lot of this going around recently, and not just in Portland...

Praying for Portland – John Meunier: "We point to what “the other side” has done in the past to justify demonizing them in the present. "

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when god is unfaithful: reclaiming a theology of lament | Pete Enns


when god is unfaithful: reclaiming a theology of lament | Pete Enns: "What can we learn from this? Brueggemann commented:  “Churches should be the most honest place in town, not the happiest place in town.”"

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God is big enough to handle our anger.(image)

3 Post-Easter Reflections on a Post-Christian USA - Seedbed


3 Post-Easter Reflections on a Post-Christian USA - Seedbed:

A couple of good quotes, here's one:

Today, all acts of humility are interpreted as weakness and strength is only understood through raw power. This is in sharp contrast to the ethic of Jesus, which demonstrates that “my power is made perfect in weakness” and his greatest power is exhibited through the weakness and vulnerability of the cross. 
 And the other

Third, there is growing fear and racial unrest in America....I discovered that Serbs and Croats had lived side by side for generations, but the collapse of the Christian worldview led to one of the worst episodes of ethnic violence in history. It is there that the phrase “ethnic cleansing” would be coined.
The whole thing should be read.

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A Series to begin to Practice Film Making...04/09/2016


Enough of me sitting around and watching how to videos. Dreaming of having the right equipment. I have enough equipment that can get me started. 
So as I said in a short Vlog post I've been thinking about trying to do a series. Well, it's time to get going. I've begun the preproduction and planning for the series, and the first episode. As I have limited time, while I'm off from work, I've set a deadline of June 1st. I'm going to try the first episode out as a general overview of the series sooner than that. 
My target time wise is to do one new video each month, released at the beginning of the next month. I've given myself 2 months for this first one because I tend to be slow when I'm unsure of what I'm doing. 
What am I calling this series? Exploring Northern Michigan. My goal is going through northern Michigan (the forecast area of the office), and do a video about each town. As I find interesting things in the towns, I will do a separate video on that subject. As an example, I'll do an installment about Gaylord, but then maybe The Big Ticket Festival. 
So that's the idea. I was out shooting some stuff in Gaylord yesterday. Now, I'm going to go through and see what I have for video of other areas around northern Michigan. 



Just some notes on what has been going on...

1. We are getting some light lake effect snow today, so I need to get out and take some B-roll during this week, before it goes away.

2. This El Nino looks to put a damper on the snowmobiling scenes until we can get 6+ inches for the snow machines to be out on the trails.

3. Star Wars was great! See my short review on the main blog.(image)

Five Iron Frenzy lyrics that apply to a lot of things right now...


Got a peaceful feeling, I don't 
want to fight no more. Got a 
peaceful feeling, I don't care if 
we're punk, or ska, or hardcore, 
enough for you, it's sad but true, 
you can call us names till your 
face turns blue. Our assurance 
comes from God, it's nothing 
new, we'll never care ‘cause 
we're never cool enough for you. (image)

The Color Commutes will resume starting tonight if I remember...


On the way into work this morning, I noticed some color. We are probably about a week or two out from peak. So I remembered that last year, I did color commutes. I'll resume those again and post them on my Northern Michigan Recreational Weather blog.(image)

Mad scientists beat back the politically correct ‘police’ | New York Post


Best takeaway..."As Glick noted, 'Students at the Claremont Colleges are tired of having their freedoms compromised in order to avoid upsetting certain groups of students, and the students that the PC police think they are helping are fed up with being told that they are too weak to hear certain words. We’re in college — people here want to be treated like adults, not like kindergarteners.'"

Mad scientists beat back the politically correct ‘police’ | New York Post:

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Something that we forget as Christians


"Jesus said: Happy are the clear in heart: they shall see God. Happy are the peacemakers: they shall be called children of God. (Matthew 5:1-12)"

"An equal trust shown to all the peoples of the earth, and not just to some, opens a way to peace. In every nation, there is a small number of demented persons who are capable, if they come to power, of drawing the masses into the vortex of hatred and war. For this reason, it is crucial never to humiliate members of a nation when a few of its leaders have triggered unbelievable violence. Are we sufficiently aware that no one people is guiltier than others—such a thing does not exist, and never shall."

In only now coming to realize that the Christians deal with politics is wrong.


Where is that link that Jeff shared?


Hi all!

Ever see a link that I may have shared, but can't quite find it in my feed? Well, I've started using a new tool called, "Radio3." This is a free tool with no ads, that lets you share links or even short posts, and it gives you a RSS feed so that you can put it into your favorite RSS reader as well. I have two feeds actually, one personal and one weather.