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Owl Pellets

Just things I *cough* up once in a while.

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Twitter fun


Today I made my own Twitter app. Find out how I did it at . Linux only, btw.

Books & Music


It's been a week of Squid (The Curious, Exciting and Slightly Disturbing Science Of) and Beck. Until now I've liked the idea of Beck more than the actuality, but nearly 20 years on I'm getting hooked on his inventive way with sound.

Jolly Tunes.


Amon Duul II - "Hawknose Harlequin". 9'52" of genuine 100% hippy shit; I love it. You will too, if you try.

Becoming Pope


Some time ago my friend W----- decided that it was his ambition to become Pope. Recent events have almost certainly reignited this ambition but W----- is now almost 21 and has some catching up to do. The following is a list of first steps W----- needs to URGENTLY take towards attaining Popehood by the time he's in his seventies: 1) Start believing in God. This may or may not be optional. 2) Become a Roman Catholic. Probably compulsory. 3) Start training for the priesthood. It is well-known that only Cardinals can get to be Pope, and you have to do the grunt-work first. Well, that's it for now. I'll report back when those 3 things are done. Please bless us in our endeavours.

Never worked for me either


In Last Week's News, someone had the idea that Richard Clayderman could induce erotic behaviour in tortoises and were proved wrong.

Valentine's Day


is soon, chaps. The 99p shop has Valentine's posters in the window... what shall I buy?

Cartoon fun


Thank you again. B3TA



The guys at work like Heart FM (I'm not doing a link): they must do, or else why would they have it on all day? You'd like it too if your idea of entertainment was being shouted at by Emma Bunton.

Why I like Linux


I knew that as soon as I had my own laptop as opposed to a shared PC that I'd want to try Linux. Windows Vista, which came pre -installed is a perfectly serviceable OS for general use, and my use is pretty general, but I wanted to see whether a modern Linux system could give me what I wanted.

After a few tryouts of other Linux distributions (and they make it easy for you to try them out without losing your Windows system) I'm using Bodhi, and I'm loving it: imagine a world where you decide what software to install or not, where help is community-based and actually helpful & friendly, where you can customise your system just how you want it, where you don't need to spend any time fighting viruses or defragging your hard drive. You need to be an inquisitive user, to want to get to know your computer and not be afraid to try something new or to get on the forums for help.

How to get Linux: Download an image file, burn to a CD or stick, and boot. If you like it, install. Instructions are always given. Try getting that with Windows! Did I mention the cost? £0:00 including VAT.

Janet is 50


Paging 'My Reader', (the massively overstretched and unoriginal Mrs Trellis of North Wales): go and visit Janet's blog as she works her way through her "Oh my God I'm 50!" bucket list, and give her your support (she'll probably need it more than you boom boom).

Jack White


If you've ever liked Jack White/ White Stripes here's 49 minutes of bliss. Big silly grin all the way through. (Maggie Bjorklund on pedal steel guitar - linked via Maggie's Facebook page.

Wilko Johnson


Lovely uplifting/sad interview with the great Wilko Johnson on "Front Row". Then watch Dr Feelgood live in Southend.



btw,I ent dead.

Toodily pip.


A friend writes:I subscribe to a newsletter called ‘World Wide Words’ which is English-Language miscellany and usually entertaining.  From it, this Monday, I give you this to revive any flagging spirits:Toodle-pip--------------------------------------------------------------------Q. I've just looked up the origin of "toodily pip". I found only"toodle-oo", which is said to be derived from the French "tout al'heure", which is not convincing. The French term is incompletesince I'd expect there to be an "à" before "tout". Otherwise itsimply means "soon", whereas "toodle-oo" means goodbye. Furthermorethe French phrase doesn't sound much like the English expression.And where did the "pip" come from? [Roger White]A. Dictionaries often do cautiously suggest "à tout a l'heure" asthe origin of "toodle-oo", a terribly dated item of British slangthat most people will have only come across in the works of P GWodehouse. He didn't know "toodily pip", which is a very recentform, almost solely found in discussion forums online. It seems tobe a mistaken or corrupted version of "toodle-pip", contemporarywith "toodle-oo".Do not disregard a French connection too quickly. British Englishspeakers are renowned for their ability to mangle foreign tongues,French in particular. Any nation that can turn "ça ne fait rien"into "san fairy ann", as British soldiers did in France in the FirstWorld War, is quite capable of transmogrifying "à tout a l'heure"into "toodle-oo". But it isn't the only possibility: anotherpotential source that the experts mention is "toot", the sound of acoach's horn signalling its departure. This may not be so daft asyou might think, as we'll see in a minute.There are other late nineteenth-century British slang terms ofsimilar kind, such as "pip-pip". This is an example from the master:"Well, it's worth trying," said Reggie. "I'll give it awhirl. Toodleoo!" "Good-bye." "Pip-pip!" Reggiewithdrew.[A Damsel in Distress, by P G Wodehouse, 1920.]We may reasonably assume that the "pip" in "toodle-pip" is the sameas in "pip-pip"; "toodle-pip" might even be a blend of "toodle-oo"and "pip-pip", though it's impossible to tell from the recordedevidence."Pip-pip" arose as an imitation of the sound of the air horn fittedto early bicycles - the sort with a trumpet and a rubber bulb. Theywere around during the cycling craze near the end of the nineteenthcentury alongside the modern bell. This will give you the idea:Pip-pip. Hue and cry after any one, but generally ayouth in striking bicycle costumery. Onomatope of the hornwarning which sometimes replaces the bell of the bike.[Passing English of the Victorian Era, by J ReddingWare, 1909. You may gather from "bicycle costumery" thatMr Ware wasn't a fan of cyclists, or perhaps just of theirstyle of clothing.]This entry was somewhat behind the times, as "pip-pip" had by thenalready begun to be recorded as a slangy alternative to "goodbye",presumably from shouting it after a retreating cyclist. Some of theusages, such as the Wodehouse one, suggest that it might also be anacknowledgement to a goodbye from somebody else or a general cry ofencouragement. A precursor, "pip-pop", was known from a centuryearlier as an imitation (an onomatope in Mr Ware's vocabulary) ofsmall-arms gunfire. It hints that "toodle-oo" could indeed be from"toot", as a similar imitative.However, it's sadly the truth that nobody knows now exactly what wasin the minds of the inventors of these curious exclamations.Thank you, anonymous friend. World Wide Words has been known to me for a long while, and is a good thing. Go there, now.[...]

Surely he can't be dead..


... he is, and don't call me Shirley.

Leslie Nielsen. He made the world a happier place.



"Philosophy is like a pencil wiggling in the ear of humanity forever".

Responses to my pigeonhole Tuesday latest pls.

See this.


This is by no means a "cornucopia of crap", imho. The exasperation & anger is also felt in Boggins' loins. Wait till you see the Spending Review.

No cute


No Thursday cute today. Complaints in the comments please.

I do however have this to share with you:



...which says "Christmas? Sorted!" to me.




Harvest mice for Thursday


Oh yes.



#659; O Theoretical Saviors


#659; O Theoretical Saviors: " I have no idea. If you like it as much as I did, pig-out right here.

Continuing your musical education.


You'd have to have a heart of stone not to groove to this. It's both utterly cheesy & utterly brilliant.

Sun Ra and The Blues Project Do Batman and Robin.



Baby porcupine with hiccups

Thursday again...