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Insane ranting, raving, driveling and general madness brought on by the world we live in.

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this blog has been moved... the new site will be ... hopefully ill post more often and keep it up to date



i will be moving to a new blog site soon, probably even my own domain linked to a wordpress acct... we shall see soon, updates will follow

UPDATE: im gonna be moving to my own domain powered by wordpress software, ill post the domain soon

still living free from the storm


ok so... the federal government is STILL paying for the 'victims' of Hurricane Katrina... at what point will the government tell people to get off their asses and get a damn job... i mean for fuck sake!!! how long could any of you live without a job? apparently if you are poor and a 'victim' you can live for 3 or 4 years... the last time i got evicted, i managed to keep my job while living on the floor at my parents house... the last time i lost my job unexpectedly, i got another one within about two days... and the last time my neighborhood got hit by a hurricane... well there wasn't any serious damage to my house... but if it had been leveled, you bet your ass i would have gotten a new place to live by working my ass off... but thanks to FEMA, you don't have to:

* Temporary housing assistance programs for Gulf Coast hurricane victims living in apartments, trailers or mobile homes have been extended by 18 months until March 2009. The current extension expires on August 31, 2007.
* GCR, HUD and FEMA are working on a plan whereby HUD would take over management of the rental housing program on behalf of FEMA beginning on September 1, 2007. GCR, HUD and FEMA are working on the mechanics of the new arrangement and will consult with Congress on the most appropriate structure for transferring management responsibilities.
* Beginning in March 2008, individuals in both the rental housing and trailer/mobile home programs will pay a portion of the cost, which will begin at $50 per month and incrementally increase each month thereafter until the program concludes on March 1, 2009.
* Beginning immediately, FEMA will allow residents of its mobile homes and travel trailers to purchase their dwellings at a fair and equitable price.
* Families and individuals in both the rental and trailer/mobile home programs will be given complete information, supportive services, resources and ample time to prepare themselves for the end of temporary, subsidized housing.

ahh well at least they are finally going to start charging them $50 a month... i wonder when they will start asking them to pay back all the free housing money they have taken advantage of so far?



Interesting word survival is... As a country I don't think we can survive...Other countries, including our enemies train their children to kill, be soldiers, and promote their morals at all costs including death... We teach our children that fighting is wrong, that everyone in the world is good, and that gay relationships are normal....They teach their kids to have families with lots of children... We fight for a womans right to have an abortion...They fight to make their religion the primary focus of every part of their lives... We fight to keep religion out of government and schools...They hold rallies and marches in the streets shouting death to America and Israel... We argue that people in our own country should be allowed to burn our own flag...They demand that women remain covered so as to keep them pure... We celebrate the life and death of a drugged out sluts and music/sports stars that beat their wives... We also fight for the rights of pedophiles and even pass laws saying that it is against free speech to block pornography in public librariesThey attack at all costs, fighting and killing whomever stands in their way, then they decry the innocents as martyrs and blame their death on the enemy... We make our troops so laden down with rules and regulations that they hesitate to fire even when they are being attacked, and the prosecute them and send the to jail when they make mistakes...They use any weapon they can to attack, from chlorine tankers to airplanes, anything they can use to cause the death of their enemy is a valid tool... We build massively powerful weapons capable of killing thousands of enemy at once, and we let the rot away in storage saying that they are too destructiveThey publicly behead their captives as a way to show how serious they are.... We fight over giving our captives trials under US laws that do not apply to foreign nationals. then we argue that making captives stand on one foot for hours, playing loud music, water boarding, barking dogs, and even harsh language is torture and is not to be used even if it can save the lives of our soldiersThey consider every one of the people that dies for their cause to be a hero and hold that they have a special place in the afterlife... and the fight for the rights of people that want to protest and insult their families at their funerals, saying that free speech trumps the honoring of a hero... We argue, bicker and start to fall apart as a country when the number of war dead doesn't even come close to the number of people that die every day from traffic accidents in the united statesThey believe that anyone not of their faith is less than human and that they should be killed, enslaved or converted to their religion at the tip of a sword... We argue that our own citizens should be more sympathetic, compassionate and tolerant of other peoples and religions...They consider women and children of their enemies to be valid targets... We get outraged when one of our bombs kills a sing child even though that same bomb also killed fifteen of the enemy...Like it or not, agree with it or not... These people have declared a holy war on us... Weather or not we agree with it or recognize it is irrelevant... They consider themselves to be at war with us and will do anything they can to further the goals of that war... Leaving them alone or trying to be diplomatic with them will not change that... They will promote their war until the last one of them dies, they have proven it over and over again... These are the same people that will attack a main battle tank with rocks... They do not care about their own lives, only that they kill their enemy when they die...As I have said time and again, the only solution that can work will be for members of their own population to stand up against them and demand change... Any other outcome will probably result in massive chemical, biological and nuclear attacks on major cities around the world...[...]



so after a little hiatus, im back... im gonna try to update more often

So this is how you integrate into a society?


new document here is designed to "teach" schools in Britain how to accommodate Islamic students... no mention of how the children will adapt to the school... nahh, that wouldn't be right...(PDF warning!!! its 72 pages long)the thing that gets me the most is that the black population of Europe and America fought for hundreds of years to be treated as equal to the whites... the Muslims now are demanding that they are special and deserve accommodations and treatment not given to other people... apparently some people are more equal than others...from the document:this is apparently a quote of a brittish law, which we will touch on laterLocal education authorities shall have regard to the general principle that, so far as is compatible with the provision of efficient instruction and training and the avoidance of unreasonable public expenditure, pupils are to be educated in accordance with the wishes of their i point out the statements "efficient instruction" and "unreasonable public expenditure"School ensures that the meat supplied is from a reputable halal supplier.Storage, preparation and serving of halal food is done separately from non-halal meat or meat products to avoid cross contamination, for example, utensils used in the preparation and serving of halal food are not mixed with those used for non-halal food.hmmm, already starting to see the cost go up....In accommodating prayer requirements, schools need to allow pupils to use an appropriate classroom or area for the purpose of prayer. Care should be taken to avoid allocating rooms that may have displays with distracting imagery, such as posters of the human body in a science laboratory. Schools should be aware that some pupils may request separate prayer facilities for boys and girls, as they may feel more comfortable praying in a single-gender group.yep, theres something else that will cost moneyCleanliness and ritual washing (Wudu) is an essential prerequisite for all daily prayers and takes a few minutes to complete. Muslim pupils who wish to pray will need access to washing facilities to perform Wudu, which includes the washing of their hands, mouth, face, arms to the elbow, and feet. This state of purification becomes nullified when one goes to the toilet or breaks wind.After visiting the toilet, Muslims are required to wash their private parts with water to meet cleanliness requirements, hence pupils will need to use water cans or bottles that are easily accessible from a storage space in or near the washing much you wanna bet that the showers in the school gym will not be sufficient for a washing area? yup, heres another cost...The Friday prayer has a special significance and importance. It has to be performed in congregation and replaces the Zuhr prayer. It is obligatory for males and optional or recommended for females. It is different from the normal prayer in that it is shortened and has to be preceded by a sermon (Khutbah). The Friday prayer can be led by a suitable external visitor, a teacher or an older pupil. In its entirety the Friday prayer (ablution, sermon and prayer) should take between 20 to 30 minutes to complete depending on, pupil numbers and availability of washing facilities.Schools need to be aware that it is likely that a greater number of pupils will participate in the observance of Friday prayer than the daily prayers. Facilities for the Friday prayer remain the same as those required for other the school must now allow religious leaders on campus to preach? man if a Christian minister ever stepped foot on a school campus here in the US, the lawsuits would last for decades...Muslims are encouraged not to use Ramadan as an opportunity to avoid aspects of normal life but rather to cope with normal life under a different set of guidelines and conditions. However, schools need to be aware of some important considerations in relation to fasting pupils. Fasting pupils will nor[...]

How every hero should be welcomed


Thanks to Curt at FloppingacesDate: December 3, 2006Flight 1904, ORD - MIACaptain Jeff WallaceFirst Officer Gary BliedWe were informed at the gate that the remains of MSgt Shawn Richardson would shortly be loaded on our flight for the trip to Miami. He was a 17 year veteran of the United States Air Force and had been killed in the service of our country. I went down onto the ramp and found the long box appropriately stationed off to the side in a luggage cart.. The curtains on the cart were pulled. I spent a few moments in prayer with him.The captain and I finished our preflight duties and then went down onto the ramp, checked in with the crew chiefs to observe the loading of MSgt. Richardson. We departed almost an hour late due to our late arrival into Chicago.We called for push and it was immediately granted. Normally, there's a wait. We called ground for taxi and again - immediately granted. Normally, there's a wait. We were cleared onto the runway and for an immediate take off. Passing through about twenty five thousand feet we were further cleared direct OMN (Ormand Beach) which is the first fix on the arrival into Miami. Not a word was ever said - but people were watching out for us.The flight to and landing in Miami were uneventful, until we went to turn off the runway. The tower asked us to proceed a little further down where an escort was waiting for us. We did as instructed and a Miami Dade Police cruiser met us on the taxiway. He escorted our American Airlines Boeing 757 to the D terminal. The entire north ramp had been cleared of all aircraft.As we approached the ramp we noticed the lights. There were at least a half dozen fire trucks, no less than 15 police cars and countless other vehicles. They were all parked in rows with their lights flashing. As we taxied our aircraft to the gate, the fire trucks saluted our arrival with crossed streams of water shooting over the aircraft.We parked the aircraft and shut down. After our checklists, Captain Jeff Wallace and I went down to the ramp level and observed the unpacking of the casket, then the dressing with a flag. It was accepted by the honor guard which was comprised of members of the Miami Dade Police Department and Air Force Honor Guard.After the "present arms" order (when all military and former military render salutes and civilians put their hands over their hearts) and the "order arms" order, when the salutes were finished, I noticed our jet. As I looked up from the ramp level I saw a face in every window. Not one of our passengers had moved until our fallen solider had departed the aircraft.When the procession left the airport, there were two cruisers in front of the hearse and I have no idea how many behind. It was worthy of a presidential motorcade and a fitting and probably all too uncommon show of love and respect for one of our fallen.And in case I haven't mentioned this previously - it was 1:30 a.m. and I would bet that most of the people on our ramp were not on the clock.Every now and then you see it: the silent majority that makes this country the best in the world. I was so proud that night. Proud that my fellow citizens on every level worked to get MSgt. Richardson to his final repose. Proud of all the people who showed up on the ramp early that Saturday morning to show their respect. Proud that American Airlines knows how to handle this situation with humility and honor.As you go through your day, remember that there are thousands of men and women overseas in the service of our country, far from home and in dangers way. Please remember that they have families back here who live every day in fear of the phone call or visit with the news that their worst nightmare has come true.Be thankful for their efforts and if you know someone who is in the service - get their address from their family and write them and thank them.Gary BliedPilot, American AirlinesMajor, USAF (ret)If that don't b[...]

The NYT finally gets one right!!!


STOP THE PRESSES!!! oh wait, don't do that, the NYT finally got a story right instead of lying, misleading and blatantly misstating the facts, they actually have an article that reflects the true state of affairs in Iraq. Deadliest Bomb in Iraq Is Made by Iran, U.S. SaysThe link that American intelligence has drawn to Iran is based on a number of factors, including an analysis of captured devices, examination of debris after attacks, and intelligence on training of Shiite militants in Iran and in Iraq by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and by Hezbollah militants believed to be working at the behest of Tehran.No surprise thereAccording to American intelligence, Iran has excelled in developing this type of bomb, and has provided similar technology to Hezbollah militants in southern Lebanon. The manufacture of the key metal components required sophisticated machinery, raw material and expertise that American intelligence agencies do not believe can be found in Iraq. In addition, some components of the bombs have been found with Iranian factory markings from 2006.2006???? wait that would mean that in addition to a large number of Syrian, Lebanese, Pakistani, Jordanian, Saudi Arabian and Egyptian nationals coming into Iraq with the idea of fighting against the US, we also have a sovereign nation supplying them weapons... now i don't know about anyone else, but in my book that is an overt act of war.But it gets better:Some American intelligence experts believe that Hezbollah has provided some of the logistical support and training to Shiite militias in Iraq, but they assert that such steps would not be taken without Iran’s blessing. “All source reporting since 2004 indicates that Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Corps-Quds Force is providing professionally-built EFPs and components to Iraqi Shia militants,” notes a still-classified American intelligence report that was prepared in 2006. “Based on forensic analysis of materials recovered in Iraq,” the report continues, “Iran is assessed as the producer of these items.”Again, this is an overt act of war.The increasing use of the weapon is the latest twist in a lethal game of measure and countermeasure that has been carried out throughout the nearly four-year-old Iraq war. Using munitions from Iraq’s vast and poorly guarded arsenal, insurgents developed an array of bombs to strike the more heavily armed and technologically superior American military.In response, the United States military deployed armored Humvees, which in turn spawned the development of even more potent roadside bombs. American officials say that the first suspected use of the penetrator occurred in late 2003 and that attacks have risen steadily since then.To make the weapon, a metal cylinder is filled with powerful explosives. A metal concave disk manufactured on a special press is fixed to the firing end. Several of the cylinders are often grouped together in an array. The weapon is generally triggered when American vehicles drive by an infrared sensor, which operates on the same principle as a garage door opener. The sensor is impervious to the electronic jamming the American military uses to try to block other remote-control attacks.When an American vehicle crosses the beam, the explosives in the cylinders are detonated, hurling their metal lids at targets at a tremendous speed. The metal changes shape in flight, forming into a slug that penetrate many types of armor.Now if you don't understand what these things are, they are modeled after the Armor Penetrating weapons that the US uses to take out enemy tanks, they are very powerful and very dangerous. essentially they are designed to send a slug of molten copper ad such high speeds that it basically melts right through the armor plate.Among the intelligence that the United States is expected to make public this weekend is information indicating that some [...]

No link between Iraq and Al Qaeda?


Thanks to FloppingAcesIve believed for a long time that somewhere, someone was full of shit... no way that Al Qaeda was able to operate in the fashion that they did before 9/11 without some kind of support from a state government, and i suspect there were multiple governments supporting themcurt over at flopping aces has a good story on it all, and a hell of a list which i will re-print here:Ahmed Hikmat Shakir — the Iraqi Intelligence operative who facilitated a 9/11 hijacker into Malaysia and was in attendance at the Kuala Lampur meeting with two of the hijackers, and other conspirators, at what is roundly acknowledged to be the initial 9/11 planning session in January 2000? Who was arrested after the 9/11 attacks in possession of contact information for several known terrorists? Who managed to make his way out of Jordanian custody over our objections after the 9/11 attacks because of special pleading by Saddam’s regime? Saddam's intelligence agency's efforts to recruit jihadists to bomb Radio Free Europe in Prague in the late 1990's? Mohammed Atta's unexplained visits to Prague in 2000, and his alleged visit there in April 2001 which — notwithstanding the 9/11 Commission's dismissal of it (based on interviewing exactly zero relevant witnesses) — the Czechs have not retracted? The Clinton Justice Department's allegation in a 1998 indictment (two months before the embassy bombings) against bin Laden, to wit: In addition, al Qaeda reached an understanding with the government of Iraq that al Qaeda would not work against that government and that on particular projects, specifically including weapons development, al Qaeda would work cooperatively with the Government of Iraq. Seized Iraq Intelligence Service records indicating that Saddam's henchmen regarded bin Laden as an asset as early as 1992? Saddam's hosting of al Qaeda No. 2, Ayman Zawahiri beginning in the early 1990’s, and reports of a large payment of money to Zawahiri in 1998? Saddam’s ten years of harboring of 1993 World Trade Center bomber Abdul Rahman Yasin? Iraqi Intelligence Service operatives being dispatched to meet with bin Laden in Afghanistan in 1998 (the year of bin Laden’s fatwa demanding the killing of all Americans, as well as the embassy bombings)? Saddam’s official press lionizing bin Laden as “an Arab and Islamic hero” following the 1998 embassy bombing attacks? The continued insistence of high-ranking Clinton administration officials to the 9/11 Commission that the 1998 retaliatory strikes (after the embassy bombings) against a Sudanese pharmaceutical factory were justified because the factory was a chemical weapons hub tied to Iraq and bin Laden? Top Clinton administration counterterrorism official Richard Clarke’s assertions, based on intelligence reports in 1999, that Saddam had offered bin Laden asylum after the embassy bombings, and Clarke’s memo to then-National Security Adviser Sandy Berger, advising him not to fly U-2 missions against bin Laden in Afghanistan because he might be tipped off by Pakistani Intelligence, and “[a]rmed with that knowledge, old wily Usama will likely boogie to Baghdad”? (See 9/11 Commission Final Report, p. 134 & n.135.) Terror master Abu Musab Zarqawi's choice to boogie to Baghdad of all places when he needed surgery after fighting American forces in Afghanistan in 2001? Saddam's Intelligence Service running a training camp at Salman Pak, were terrorists were instructed in tactics for assassination, kidnapping and hijacking? Former CIA Director George Tenet’s October 7, 2002 letter to Congress, which asserted: Our understanding of the relationship between Iraq and Al Qaeda is evolving and is based on sources of varying reliability. Some of the information we have received comes from detainees, including some of high rank. We have solid reporting of senior level co[...]

A great example of what happens in socailized medicine


Thanks to SondraK
Women in southern Sweden will in the future not be able to choose the sex of their gynecologist. Allowing them to choose discriminates against male gynecologists, it has been ruled.

The new practice has been introduced by clinics in the counties of Skåne, Halland, Blekinge and Kronoberg. Gynecological patients in those areas will now be assigned a doctor of either sex, Helsingborgs Dagblad reports

Exceptions will be made in some cases, such as for women who come from parts of the world with 'patriarchal traditions' or for the victims of sexual assaults, the paper reported. These women could insist on a female gynecologist.

Women with less specific reasons for wanting a female gynecologists may be turned down.

The changes have been brought in because many male gynecologists have felt discriminated against.

Claes Lindoff, head of female health care at Helsingborg Hospital, said that the problem existed all over the country, but admitted that it only applied to "a hundred cases a year of our 15,000 visits."

Allowing women to refuse treatment by male gynecologists also causes problems for clinics, for instance when there are no female gynecologists on duty at the time or when a man on duty is better qualified than a female colleague.
First of all, the only way i can see that a male ob/gyn would feel discriminated against was that he wasn't being allowed to touch enough women... i mean realistically at some point, probably long before any advanced classes in med school, those guys figured that would be a job that would let them get their jollies... later they realized that it wasn't all that they thought it would be and became somewhat serious doctors...

All of that aside, this is what happens when you have a socialized medical system... the patients loose the freedom to choose... and it also makes it to where it becomes against the rules to say no to the doctor that you are assigned to... so if you get stuck with a crappy doctor... you are out of luck

One for the no shit file


From FOX News:

DONALDSONVILLE, La. — A 10-year-old's grandmother and great-grandmother were arrested after the girl tested positive twice for cocaine
The child, who had been living with Angela Motton, 42, and Patricia Motton, 57, of Donaldsonville, has been placed in foster care, Ascension Parish Sheriffs Office Chief Deputy Tony Bacala said Monday.
The first test was a routine drug test administered Jan. 10 at Ascension Parish Alternative School, he wrote in a news release. A second test was positive, as were tests given to the Mottons, he said.
They were booked Friday with cruelty to a juvenile, contributing to the delinquency of a juvenile, and distribution of cocaine, Bacala said.
Angela Motton was also booked with possession of cocaine and possession of drug paraphernalia.
Bond for Angela Motton was set at $55,286 and for Patricia Motton at $45,000, Bacala said.
Ok so lets look a little deeper here...

first the great-grandmother... a woman that gave birth to a daughter at the ripe old age of 15... in 1964....

next the grandmother... at age 42, she has a 10 year old granddaughter... so she was 32 when the granddaughter was born... at maximum, her daughter is 20 years old which means that she had a daughter at 12... if her daughter was 21, then she was a mother at 11 years old and so on...

at best at least one of the women in this family was a mother at an age younger than 14...

is anyone surprised that there is heavy drug use in the family??? this is what happens when idiots reproduce... im willing to bet that grandma and great-grandma both have prior records and im also pretty sure that the reason that the 10 year old was living with them is that her mom is in jail somewhere... im afraid in a situation like this, the only way that any good could happen would be for the 10 year old to be adopted by a family with morals and for mom, grandma and great-grandma to be locked up for ever... i know that sounds harsh.. but 3 generations of the family haven't learned how to function in the normal world, so why not break the cycle and make it so that the 10 year old at least has a functional life as a good member of society...

Im back


Sorry, its been a while, ive been unmotivated, dealing with work and prepping for the launch of Windows Vista.

Jack Bauer melts


I heard about this one on the radio this morning and laughed my ass off

From CelebertySpider:

Kiefer Sutherland Set Fire to Jack Bauer Doll Prototype 1/15/07

Kiefer Sutherland only has himself to blame for the delay of his 24 action figure - he set fire to the prototype during a drunken night out.

The action man's new figure has been developed by McFarlane Toys and will hit stores later this year (07), but the mini-Jack Bauer should have hit shelves much earlier.

Sutherland explains, "They tried to come out with one a couple of years ago and they had sent me the doll for my approval... We took the doll out for a night to have some fun and we'd had some drinks. We sat it on the corner of the table.

"We started torturing him around 11 o'clock at night, and, by two o'clock in the morning, we had set him on fire in the parking lot.

"We got up the next day and there was just this puddle of wax. His clothes didn't burn, which I thought was pretty cool... and then I got a call the next day saying, 'Did you like the doll?' I said, 'Yeah, it was great.' And they said, 'Well, OK, good, you gotta send it back to us because that was the prototype... It took that guy a year to make it.'

"I said, 'Well, let me look for it, I think I left it in the trailer.' This went on for about a week and then I had to just kinda come clean."

Ut, Oh! They are watching my bank account


From FOX News:
The Pentagon and to a lesser extent the CIA have been using a little-known power to look at the banking and credit records of hundreds of Americans and others suspected of terrorism or espionage within the United States, officials said Saturday.

I guess ill have to stop buying all that beer... The Pentagon admitted that the DoD and other select law enforcement agencies are watching financial records of US citizens in anti-terror surveillance programs... I can hear the whiners now... How dare they... Id like to see anyone of the people that whine, bitch and moan about programs like this actually prove that any of their rights were violated... Frankly I don't care... If they want to monitor my subscriptions to online games, my purchases on NewEgg and my occasional night at the bar... Go for it... If you can show me even one person that is arrested, detained, or killed because of information gathered in this kind of a program that didn't do anything wrong... Ill change my mind... Until then... search away boys!

We are being invaded


From FOX News:
BISBEE, Ariz. — An unidentified Mexican man has been shot and killed by a Border Patrol agent in the United States just over the frontier near Naco, authorities said Sunday.

The Cochise County Sheriffs Office and the Border Patrol's Sector headquarters said the shooting took place Friday. Lt. Commander Mark Dannels of the Sheriffs Office said the confrontation began as a rock-throwing incident.

Good, one less criminal for the US to deal with. See folks, this is why you don't throw rocks at people that have guns on their hips

Oh, wait... It gets sooo much better... The Mexican Government is bitching and moaning about the whole thing...
In Mexico, the Foreign Relations Department condemned the shooting on Saturday, which it said was about 550 yards north of the Mexico border.

"The department expresses its profound concern over this kind of disproportionate violence that results in the loss of human lives," the department said in a news release. "Above all, when force is used against people who do not represent a threat to United States authorities."
Ok, first of all I'm not really sure that I give a flying unicorns ass about the loss of life of a person that was stupid enough to throw rocks at an armed officer... And I'm not really sure that I give a damn what the Mexican Government thinks about law enforcement actions that take place inside the borders of this country.

The fact of the matter is, we had a foreign national cross our borders with the intent of committing a crime. (and to probably defraud the US government too) During his criminal act of invading this country, he became violent and attacked a lawful officer tasked with protecting the sovereignty of this country. Said officer then used deadly force to prevent the invasion of this country by a violent foreign national... sounds to me like the officer should get a medal and a pay raise... perhaps a spot training other officers how to shoot so well...

Public Forum on welfare


From Yet Another Conservative, Right Wing Blog

Guy posts a newspaper article calling for a public forum on welfare... The catch is, he wants to know why he has to pass a drug test to go out an earn money for the welfare system, but the welfare slobs don't have to pass a similar drug test to get the money...

I have to agree... Welfare is not supposed to be used as a crutch to keep you from having to work at all... it is to be used for a temporary help measure until you get back on your feet...

I'll take a plate of Jambalaya and a .45


News reports lately are showing that the murder rate in New Orleans is at a rate that is huge compared to the rest of the country... The problem is... You ready for this? No, I mean are you really ready? Ok, I hope you are sitting down for this one... The reason for the huge murder rate in New Orleans is so high because of a hurricane that hit the city 18 MONTHS! ago. Oh yeah!!!! You all remember the hurricane that was sent by the government to destroy the black communities... you know the one that the government used as an excuse to blow up the levies.

Yeah thats the one... and now its the governments fault that crime is so high... Whooo hoo... I'm gonna start blaming the government every time I run out of beer... You think ill get more???

Now I know that there were and still are decent, hardworking, god fearing people living and working in New Orleans... But the ones that looted the city and the ones that are committing these crimes are not... These people are human trash, they were trash long before they lived through a hurricane, and they will be trash until they die... They alone have the ability to better themselves and their city... They are continuously choosing not to...

Sources: CBS News and SondraK

Terrorism and every day life


Don't think it can happen to you? Imagine, you are going about your life, walking down the street to get a cup of coffee. Or you are taking your kids to see a movie on a Saturday afternoon. Or you and your family meet at a restaurant for a nice mothers day dinner... Then, out of nowhere, Boom, flying glass, metal and wood pepper your face, you feel the hot stickiness as a trickle of blood forms on a cut... Smoke is all around, you can hardly see, the air is so thick that you start coughing... In the distance you hear a faint cry... It sounds like a child... Oh, god is it your child?? Where is your child... You start to panic... You are frantic now, you cant see, you stumble around on your hands and knees in the smoke, the shattered glass on the floor digs into your knees, but you don't care... You have a one track mind... You draw closer to the faint cries and discover that it isn't your child, it is an old woman, dying... You frantically look on desperate to find out if your own child suffers the same fate...

Ok, back to reality.... Guess what, it can happen... It has happened already to thousands of people... People who were going about their daily lives, minding their own business... People in New York, London, Madrid... How long before it hits home and things like what I described above happens in your city?

Here is a video of what happens...
(object) (embed)

Don't be naive enough to think that it cant happen in your home town... All the people in this video did wrong was to be minding their own business in the wrong place at the wrong time. This is from a surveillance camera in the Madrid airport taken only a few weeks ago.

A UFO crash in Iran


Ok so some blogger from Iran is reporting that a UFO crashed in the Eastern portion of the country. This one is a gem, so im gonna post most of the article... its a falling out of your chair laugh...UFO in Iran, Green Reptiles, or Israelis? (Updated: 13 Jan II)An unidentified object hit the ground in Kerman province, today early in the morning local time. According to Raja and Fars, a source in Kerman governor’s office stated “the object was observed by people, before it crashed into mountains, while it was smoking”, he continued “meteors do not send out smoke.” Also, a source in the office stated, “the source of the explosion was seen in a few towns before the incident and it is very likely to have hit the earth in Siraj, 100 kilometers far from Kerman.” Emphasizing that it could have been a spy plane, he added “helicopters have been dispatched to the region and are analyzing the incident”. He also stated “there are rumors that a few days ago a similar object was observed in Rafsanjan [a city in Kerman]”.Jam-e Jam writesthat no airplane is reported missing. Quoting political-security deputy of Keman governer, Nasrollahi, Isnarepots “the explosion which has taken place in Lalezar-Baft hillside has been probably caused by a foreign cargo plane and foreign companies are being asked for a missing plane.” The timing of the event has been reported to be 6:30am local time, when “a bright light was seen and then the impact came along. Then, for a few minutes white smoke was seen in the sky, close to Lalezar hillside…” Nasrollahi also added “after six hours from the explosion, its source is still unknown and because the area is mountainous, the search may take even longer”. He concluded, “no domestic or international company has reported a missing plane and our radars have not detected anything.”Six hours later, Jam-e Jam talkedto the same official. This time, he denied any report about a spy or cargo plane. He added, “experts say there has been a similar incident about thirty years ago in Kerman, the cause of which has been found to be a meteor.” He has also had nothing to say about the physical shape of the observed object, according to Jam-e Jam.Ok now it gets even better... some of the comments posted below the entry...gholi Says:January 11th, 2007 at 10:12 amI’m sure these are the holy angles and exteratersial friends of Israelis who are trying to help them dominate the world, through waging an Islamic jihad against Europe and the world so that Imam Mahdi can be the ruler of the whole universe and force everyone to become a Moslem! There is secret information that that these extratersials eat and drink Uranium for their sustenance, hence their effort to get close to nuclear facilities.Why isn’t the government accusing Israel this time? They probably don’t want the people to hate them more for constangly threating Israel with destruction which makes Israel want to defend itself and save itself from destruction by striking first.Baahhhh ha ha ha.... this is good stuff... I mean you cant make this shit up... the next dozen or so quotes are all debating weather Israeli UFO's would have English or Hebrew text written on the sides of them...UPDATE: Reuters has a new photo of the object in mid flight... apparently there were more than one[...]

It's expensive to Jihad


From Doctor Bulldog:

This is a very long article about the changing situation in Iraq, im not going to go into too many details on the article, but one section sticks out at me and tells me that we are winning.
These days Rami gets most of his supplies from the new American-equipped Iraqi army. “We buy ammunition from officers in charge of warehouses, a small box of AK-47 bullets is $450 (£230). If the guy sells a thousand boxes he can become rich and leave the country.” But as the security situation deteriorates, Rami finds it increasingly difficult to travel across Baghdad. “Now I have to pay a Shia taxi driver to bring the ammo to me. He gets $50 for each shipment.”
The box of 700 bullets that Rami buys for $450 today would have cost between $150 and $175 a year ago. The price of a Kalashnikov has risen from $300 to $400 in the same period. The inflation in arms prices reflects Iraq’s plunge toward civil war but, largely unnoticed by the outside world, the Sunni insurgency has also changed. The conflict into which 20,000 more American troops will be catapulted over the next few weeks is very different to the one their comrades experienced even a year ago.
you see, a quick search over at Impact Guns shows that you can pick up an AK-47 for $450-800 and you can get a box of 1000 rounds for it for a mere $172.99... And remember, that is in America... a country that generally frowns on people owning AK-47s... now I know that those are only semi-auto civilian versions, but the point is the same... for the cost of weapons in Iraq to go up over 200% in a year, that means that there is a much smaller supply... which to me means that we are having a significant impact on the ability of the terrorists to acquire weapons. And no matter how you look at it, that is a good thing, hopefully one day it will be more expensive to fight than it is to be nice.

Spies like us


From Yahoo News:
Egyptian authorities on Saturday detained an Al-Jazeera journalist for fabricating scenes of torture staged inside mock Egyptian police stations, but the pan-Arab network said the footage was created with actors for a documentary film.
the article further states:
An arts committee affiliated with the Interior Ministry viewed the tapes and said they showed "unedited scenes of fabricated torture incidents, and assaults by individuals wearing police uniforms on others playing roles of male and female suspects inside studios decorated to look like police stations," the statement said. The tapes have not been made public.
Now I have long believed that the war against radical Islam is not only a clash and war of cultures, religions and ideologies, but that it is also a war of propaganda. This is just one more tiny bit of the proof of that. This war will probably not be won with bullets and bombs, but with words and video clips... sure the bullets and the bombs help, but the Jihad's know that if they play enough sad, gruesome or terrifying videos on American TV, that they will win... I just hope that you all recognize when you are being spoon fed the BS.

Hat Tip to LittleGreenFootballs

I'll take lawsuit lotteries for $85,000,000 please Alex


From Yahoo News:
A day after filing a lawsuit, casino mogul Steve Wynn said Friday that Lloyd's of London has made an offer to settle his $54 million claim of lost value for a Picasso after Wynn accidentally poked a hole in the canvas with his elbow.
OK, so this guy sues his insurance company because he was negligent and damaged his own painting. Now, I'm no lawyer, but every insurance police I've ever seen had exclusion clauses for gross negligence. I say screw him, let him cry over his own damn mistake.

thanks to SondraK

After I'm married I'd like to be addressed as Mr. Misses


I wasnt going to touch this one, but SondraK had such a good pic on her site that I felt i had to weigh in.

Mike Buday isn’t married to his last name. In fact, he and his fiancee decided before they wed that he would take hers. But Buday was stunned to learn that he couldn't simply become Mike Bijon when they married in 2005.
ok, so this guy needs to grow a pair... seriously... I can understand not liking your name, but wanting to take your wife's name... next we have afternoon bonding sessions over Oprah, and intimate discussions during Wife Swap and Super Nanny in the evenings

Honey bee flaming...


From The News-Press:

Ok, had to laugh out loud at this one and I thought id share.

An attempt to keep bees at bay has one Cape Coral man out at least $500.

Franklyn Pigott Jr., 38, was attempting to kill take out a bees nest on the
outside wall of his home on N.W. 18th Avenue on Wednesday and ended up catching
his house on fire.

According to a police incident report filed by officer A.W. Arroyo, Pigott
was using a product called Real Kill Indoor Fogger, which he mixed with
WD-40, and it turned into a "flame-thrower," which melted the vinyl siding
of the house.

The damage is estimated at about $500, and Pigott indicated he will repair
the siding himself.
Another one from Florida Cracker

Anyone else remember that perv teacher in High School?


from CBS News:

A high school teacher was charged under Texas' "peeping Tom" law with videotaping girls' wrestling matches for his sexual enjoyment.

Police said David Ware, 28, often zoomed in for close-up shots of the girls' crotches.

Authorities say the first-year speech and drama teacher plans to turn himself in this week to Grand Prairie, Texas, police to face charges of improper visual recording, which carries up to two years in prison and a $10,000 fine.
Ok, while I have to agree that the actions of this teacher are creepy, and perhaps even enough to get him fired, I just cant see charging him with a crime like this... I mean first of all, he has a valid point, the law is so vague that every fan that takes pictures of the football cheerleaders could be charged with a crime... I'm just glad that no laws like this existed back in the day when I used to go to all those wet T-shirt contests... and I wont even talk about topless karaoke night...

Hat tip to Florida Cracker