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Getting the GOTHIC back into Politics - one politician at a time.

Updated: 2018-03-06T19:19:44.843+10:00


the very seductive baracK obama


sarkozy odd


my republican romance



Someone's gonna get their heart broken real soon.

yhe phantasmagorical brendan nelson


curing malcolm turnbull



Despite looking more akin to the Robert Smith of today, you have to concede this is an improvement. Of sorts.

maxine mcKew - vampire slayer


aaron proctor - a real live poligoth


One american politician who has clearly taken note of the political fashion advice offered on this site.
Aaron Proctor
, I salute you.

the chronicles of hilalia: the lion, the witch and the wardrobe malfunction


Not yet a Poli(tician) , not actually Goth, a rather striking make-over none the less. Snatching first prize in Catallaxy's "Thick Sheik" competition, in reconfiguring al Hilali as Aslan/Islam the Lion, it seems I've managed to offend followers of two major faiths at once (..and i actually thought he looked quite cute). [...]

australia's own vampire warrior julia gillard



Deputy PM Jules, packing a punch
in rubber.

evil goblin king putin


One would have thought a dash of Bowie's dark side would do wonders for you Vladimir, but alas, this image is more Van Halen than Labyrinthian. Come to think of it, it was awful on the Thin White Duke as well. We'll explore something a little more transylvannian next time.

countess helen 'ingrid' coonan


You're a beautiful and intelligent woman Helen, and this vampish look only enhances your natural assets. Little wonder (media) barons from near and far delight in your communications.

peter skellington garrett



Jack Skellington has a very similar physique to you Peter, and successfully pulls off goth and pinstripe in this tidy little number.

Keep it real my friend, and Christmas won't have to be a nightmare.

kevin 'rebel yell' rudd


saddam 'gomez' hussein



Even dictators need to get snazzy every now and then.
Infinately better than that scruffy beard, Sads old chap.

Former prime minister malcolm 'the razor' fraser


So cold, so calculating...yet strangely debonair.

Thrilling Obama


(image) The presence of zombies,vampires or John Howard is NO excuse for a Goth to dance like a teapot.

queensland premiers peter beattie & anna bligh


(image) Lord Peter Beattie and Lady Anna Bligh...

philip 'davros' ruddock and his dalek hordes...


Philip....Davros isn't Goth per se, but i can see the attraction...battalions of daleks to do your dirty i'll give you points for at least trying to be dark and mysterious.

north korea's kim 'dr evil' jong-il


poligoths - more than an image..its a way of life.


While politicians exhibit many of the traits associated with the gothic; vampirish capacity to drain the lifeblood out of the living, nefarious schemes; dark deeds and desires, mysterious plans and extravagent lifestyles virtually all of them lack the associated charm or charisma which makes this emminently palatable.

POLIGOTHS is an attempt to redress this imbalance, not only putting some style back into these bland characters, but at the same time saving the people much time and money.

No longer is there need to wait till election time to rid oneselves of roguish undead...simply bring out the garlic, the crucifixes, and an old wooden stake. Fiendishly simple. Muwahahahahah!!!!

(Poligoth concept by tanja stark. 2005)

kim x-man beazley alp leader