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From the easel and the drawing board

Updated: 2017-12-10T22:08:45.732-05:00


A fair amount of available work


Welcome me back to my blog, because I simply have neglected to use this great app for a couple of years!   Now I will try to rectify it.Today I wanted to post a lot of work that is still in my collection for various reasons, thought it good to collect a lot of it in one spot. Color works are all oil paintings. Catch! (5"Wx7"Hx12"L) Cast bronzeDetail of 'Catch!'Inquire directly for pricing. Some of these pieces are in galleries but presumably are available still;  all others are here in my  home now unless otherwise noted.Flotilla (12"x36" in 3-panel form)October Gathering (36"x48")Quiet Corner (24"x48")                      Morning Dew (24"x36")Shallows (24"x30")October Reflection (12"x24")Tricolor Wading (10"x20")Mirror, Mirror...(36"x48")Cometsll (6"x5")Comets(6"x5")Willet (6"x6")Spearfisher (6"x6")Autumn Surf (6"x6")Alpaca (6"x6")Blue & Orange (24"x12")Sunbathers (10"x20")Evening Courtship (24"x48")Palm (7"x5")November Marsh (8"x8")Heron Settling (9"x12")Mockingbird (5"x7")Sentinel (28"x22")Up! (16"x20")Teamwork (24"x48")Evening Roost (36"x24")  This is currently on tour with Birds in Art,  an exhibition of Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum . It is obligated to the tour but should return from tour in late fall but can be sold at any time [...]

My semi-annual update


As before, I have been posting work steadily to my 'public' Facebook page (ie you don't have to be a member to view it). But will also try to keep work posted here. Some of these pieces are available, some not.First I will talk about a sculpture or two.I started this horse, an Arabian, in about 2011 and then set it aside for 3 years before finally pulling it back out and completing it. The piece is an edition of 14 and measures 10" high x 14" long x 6" wide, before basing. The base is black granite and the patina a classic brown bronze.All last winter I had the good fortune of being able to watch a Red Fox vixen frequent my neighbor's yard. As a result I painted many paintings of her and then decided I needed to sculpt her as well. The result is "Bright-eyed..." measuring 14" high by 16" wide by 8" wide. It is self-based and has a classic red-brown bronze patina. The edition is 10.In the meantime I have also been painting a lot of small panels as well as a variety of larger sizes. Here are some of the recent ones that are still available unless otherwise stated.Winter Goldfinch6x66x6Point of Rocks Plein Air (6x8)Yellow-headed Blackbird (6x6)Yellow-headed Blackbird on Cattail (6x6)Skimming the Marsh (12x24) Evening Snack (12x24)(6x6)(6x6)Dawn Patrol (24x36)Spearfisher (6x6)Sparkling Day (20x24)(7x5)Autumn Skirmish (10x20)(6x6)Alpaca (6x6)Blue and Orange (20x10)(7x5)Sarah's Gold (5x7)Autumn Hunt (9x12)[...]

Well, how embarrassing!


Embarrassing that it has been over a year since I last posted in the blog. I have been painting, really! But have posted mostly on my facebook page (see sidebar for the link) and have therefore neglected this. (FYI, my Facebook Inkwell page is set for 'public' so anyone can view it, I do believe even without having a Facebook account.But anyway, I will attempt to rectify this sin of omission by posting a Whole Bunch Of Paintings. And a scratchboard too. Just one. OK, 2. Just 2. Young Hunter (26x20)Watching Fox (6x6)Reflective (28x12)Looking Back (11x14) Lots of fox art because a young vixen has been hanging out near my house, giving me a lot of wonderful opportunities to observe and photograph her. Many more paintings will follow; I will keep watching for her but I suspect that once it warms up she will be avoiding the warmth of the sun rather than seeking it out on these chilly days of late winter.First Winter (7x5) Of course I have deer to watch, photograph and paint.Spring Blue (6x6)Winter Chickadee (7x5)Winter Cardinal (7x5)Winter Goldfinch (7x5)Near Dusk (9x12)USASA2014 National Specialty Logo art(16x12)Surf Study (6x8)Winter Laughter (20x30)Surf Runners (24x36) CommissionViewpoint (20x16)Fox in snow (6x6)Goat (5x7)Red Hen (7x5)Blue Heron (5x7)Gunnar (6x6) commissionDeep Water (11x14) Late Day (30x30)Clint and Jack 11x14 (commission)Spotlit (10x8)Spring Bunny (10x8)Hen Postcard 6x4Egret postcard (6x4)Fox (6x6)Big Stick (commission) 9x12Burning Off (24x48)Sunbather (8x8)Borzois (15x30) Some borzoi art for last eyar's Borzoi National specialty show in Lancaster PA.Big Race (12x24) And some Aussie art. Of course. Tri Girl (8x10)Array (9x12)Patient (30x30)Comfort (10x8)Fawn Girl (10x8)[...]

Work in Progress-Great Blue Heron


I haven't done this in a while (haven't done anything with the blog for  awhile!) but now I am going to try to make up for that a bit with this Work in Progress demo. I am painting a 36"x24" canvas from start to almost-finished in this post; I hope to post the completed painting stages, including some detail shots, within the next couple of days. Have to do the work first, I suppose.So: using one of my favorite subjects, a Great Blue Heron.First I select my reference photo or photos, which I don't need to show here.Canvas selected, I tone it with a wash of burnt sienna thinned with Turpenoid.This canvas will have to dry for a day before I can paint on it or I'll contaminate everything I paint on it in first layers, with burnt sienna.I sometimes have a canvas-toning session where I tone a large number of panels and canvases at once since I almost always use a burnt sienna base.Next up is the initial oil sketch, also in thinned burnt sienna. In an organized artist's studio this could be the first paint that goes on the canvas, foregoing the wash which is redundant. But that would require thinking about it. You see a bit of light blue background early on, when I was considering my setting. The heron was to be setting down onto silvery blue water that was reflecting only the sky and the bird itself, but it wasn't completely thought out yet. (Always a mistake but there you are). More on that later.This is the stage where I set the drawing of the bird, get the proportions and positioning right,  the feathers where they belong. After this it is coloring in the lines. Well, sort of.(Click on the photo to enlarge it; remember you can do that with any photo on this blog).OK now I will paint a heron. One of those Rules Of Painting does hold true here: start with the darks and then proceed with the lighter colors. Another of those Rules of Painting that is pretty much an essential in oil painting is 'fat over lean', so the underpainting of washy, thin paint gets built upon with subsequent layers that have more paint, more pigment. To make a successful painting you have to get the paint on there, build and layer it.I am still monochromatic aside from my premature water dabbling. Delineating the feathers, refining the 'drawing'. If one is painting representational art (you know, painting things as most people actually see them) one does want to be reasonably accurate about it. So if you are painting individual feathers, even loosely and with a big broad stroke to represent those feathers, you might has well get the right number there. Know your subject so you understand what you are seeing. Paint what you see (as opposed to what you think you should see) but understand what is there. So in painting a wing you want to know which direction the feathers layer (which ones are under the next one, which overlap the next one). There is a common basic pattern in wing feathers of all species due to the physics of making a wing of feathers lift a bird on air resistance (AKA flight). Now at last I start mixing paint and putting it on the canvas. Darkest first, those darkest primary and secondary wing flight feathers, and the head marking, the shadowy parts of the body .Now some of the lighter areas. My dark blue-black wing feathers were UM blue and burnt sienna, my combination of choice for dark blues, blacks, dark grays, dark browns. The blue-gray feathers of the tertiary feathers are UM blue and burnt sienna with titanium white. The legs are starting to get some paint as well might be a bit of white in that basic black mix I describe, but still not much color in the painting yet. It will come.Here I have started to work on individual feathers, usually having a couple of brushes and going back and forth with the lighter and darker sides of each one.  I constantly remind myself to check the overall drawing still, to be sure I am not sitorting the feather lines. The concept of losing the forest for the trees is very real when painting and failing[...]

Late again, naturally...


Well again I find myself behind in posting and updating my news page. Because I am on Facebook with my artwork I tend to forget to come over here, though I am aware there are plenty of people not interested in Facebook!  Anyway here is my semi-annual update.A commission from someone eles's photograph (with permission!) for the foal's owner. 11x14 oil on panel.LOng-awaited commissioned painting of a friend's beloved late Border collie. 7x5 oil on panel..United States Australian shepherd Association 2012 Narional Specialty artwork.\ The original fetched over $1700 in raffle tickets, all donated by USASA to the United States Australian shepherd Foundation. Prints are available and the framed prints were used as the major trophies for the National specialty show.Commission: Siata, Australian Shepherd. 10x8 oil on linenPossession: English Cocker. The first of several artworks I did in preparation for the English Cocker National Specialty show held in Pennsylvania this past spring. Oil on panel. Commission, Welsh Corgis. 11x14, oil on canvas.Patience, Great Blue Heron 24x48, oil on canvasMore English cockers. 'Playtime', 15x30, oil on canvas.Trio, Englsih Cockers 16x20 oil on panel.Anticipation, English cockers 20x16, oil on linenFirst Step, English cockers 12x24 oil on board.Sorry, iphone photo only!  Evening Preen, 30x24Cosette Sitting! (Commission)oil on panel, 20x16Gracie Neff oil on panel 8x8 Sojo 8x8 oil on panelJamie Lee 5x7 oil on panel.[...]

So much to update...


It has been 6 months since I updated, better get crackin'!First off, Birds in Art update:   The painting in the last post, 'Gulf Surf, Winter' was selected to be included in the show this year. I went to the Birds in Art weekend festivities and had a marvelous time as always, catching up with friends I only see once a year (at most).The painting will go on the 6-venue tour when the exhibition closes at Leigh Yawkey Woodson art museum.   The bigger news is, when the tour ends the painting returns to the museum as part of the permanent collection, courtesy of generous memorial gift in memory of a long-time museum supporter.'First Step' 12"x24"  oil/panel'Yellow Ball' 20"x16" oil/panel'Matched Pair' 16"x12" oil/panelPart of the summer was devoted to preparing for Pembroke Welsh corgi nationals, with 3 new paintings.Also prepared for gallery receptions including the McBride Gallery annual 'Autumn Celebration' show the last weekend of October, which had me as the feature artist this year.'Dutch' 8"x10" oil/panel'River Shallows' 36"x48" oil/canvas'Settling In' 12"x24" oil/canvas[...]

Birds in Art submissions in. Next up: a bunch of other stuff.


'She' 13x36 scratchboard of my favorite almost-prehistoric bird, an anhinga

Gulf Surf, Winter (36x36)  From my recent trip to FL (well, I suppose both artworks shown here are fromt hat trip). A day at the  beach near Venice FL when a fog bank rolled in and softened all the tropical colors.

Newest work for Maryland Galleries


Offering----30x30 oil on canvas   To McBride Gallery for the upcoming 'Artist Plus One' exhibition and sale.
She  -----13x26   Scratchboard   Anhinga from my Florida trip, also at McBride Gallery
Summer Mist -------28x22  oil on linen    Went to Troika Gallery today with another painting, 'Fluffed'.
Dropped paintings and Scratchboards off today for upcoming events.

More winter work


Stirring the Waters (24x36)
Fluffed (24x20)
Finally able to start working with my material gathered from a terrific short trip to Florida last month with good friends/fellow artists. On the easel now is a painting of Maryland's Eastern shore marshes in summer; but already completed these 2 for upcoming shows at McBride Gallery, Troika Gallery, and Mystic Maritime Gallery.  (OK, that's 3 destinations for 2 works, but since I am continuing to work on new stuff and haven't specifically committed to what is going where, I can do that).

Winter Work


"Out of the Storm", oil on canvas 36"x48"   First major work of the new year.

I really should update this more...


...because I do paint more than you would think by reading this blog.  Wrapped up a busy 2010 with 2 months of non-stop Busy, so only just now am I updating things. In October I went to Waco TX for a combined trip of dog show and art show at the Australian Shepherd Club of America National Specialty show. Had some nice times attending my booth and selling originals and prints of my dog art, did some dog photography, and had a nice time showing my young Aussie Thumper. You can read all about the dog aspect on my dog blog, http://inkwellaussies.blogspot.comThumper's Nationals Class Placement. Good puppy!As soon as I got home the day before Halloween I was off and running in the studio working toward this years Studio Open House held at my home on December 11. I even got several small scratchboards done, a nice change after having not worked in the medium for several months.Sand Road (6x6)Wren (12x6)Late October Field (9x12)Fresh Grass (6x8)Tortoise Dutch (6x6)Winter Finch (4x6)November Field (6x12)First Snow (6x8)Zebra (6x6)Nuthatch (8x8)Sassy Wren (4x7)2 Weeks (7x5)Tai Shan (7x5)Mockingbird (4x4)Studio Open House with Karryl, Terry and me represented.Work from each of us in the 'wrong red' dining room. This color's days were numbered at this point!Art panels in the room filled with bookshelves helped make room for art and reduce visual clutter (a bit!).Fellow artists Terry Miller and Karryl helped fill my walls with lovely smaller works for the holiday shopping season and we had some faithful collector friends and some new faces. We all called the Open House a success as we dismantled at the end of that day. The following day was time to dive into the first of 2 important commissions with a Christmas deadline.Commission of Meg, a lovely black bi (no copper) Aussie. 12x9Nikki, the subject of my other deadline commission. 8x10. With the help of the clients in the form of email consultations and progress critiques the paintings were completed and shipped (wet but protected) the week of Christmas. Whew!!!This year's tree!Then cleanup as I had 2 sets of house guests simultaneously (with their 2 dogs each!!) for the week of Christmas. Dinner was at my house but rib roast and Yorkshire pudding is easy no no sweat there!.The day after Christmas my guests helped me gut the dining room to paint it as promised, from the wrong red I'd used several years ago to a nice neutral grayish color, very sophisticated and calming.Walls back to hanging my collection, with the new wall color in the dining room. A world of difference.Dining Room with most of my Terry Miller collection on the wall. Rehung art and then got ready for the New Years Day brunch I annually do. That went well though a very small turnout compared with other years, but after everyone left yesterday I de-Christmas'd the living room. Tonight the tree comes down and then, done til next year. Oh in the midst of all this my oven broke (just before Thanksgiving) and this week the washer broke and the dryer started malfunctioning. All these appliances, along with the dishwasher (still working, knock on wood), were ancient and heavily used when I bought the house 10 years ago but they all worked until this past few weeks. Fortunately gallery biz has picked up a bit and I am in the position to replace things. So tomorrow the washer and dryer arrive. None too soon either, I have a LOT of laundry piling up after this week of cooking, cleaning, and dog guests!!! (I'll spare you photos of the laundry).Happy New Year!!![...]

Back from Corgis, now onward!


Had a good time and a successful show at Pembroke Welsh Corgi Nationals in Lancaster PA last week. Now to prepare for the ASCA Nationals in Waco Texas in a few weeks plus some commissions and some preparation for the fall gallery shows. No rest for the weary during the lovely autumn weeks!  Check my main web site for the calendar which is evolving.

More August work


Fluffy Pup (10x8)  is a recessive gene longhaired Pembroke Corgi puppy, unbelievably cute and sweet.

'Visit'  (20x16) 

'Observation Post' (12x12)

All of these paintings are being done for Corgi National Specialty next month in Lancaster PA. All will be printed and originals will be for sale if not sold beforehand. I plan to do several more before the show in one month. Come see me there!

First works for August


Preparing for a few early-Autumn events including McBride Gallery's Best of the Chesapeake exhibition and sale to hang in early September. Also working on more Corgis for the Pembroke Corgi National Specialty in Lancaster in late September; more art of Corgis coming, promise!

Surface Tension (16x20) (Snowy Egret)

Lazy Comets  (7"x5" each)

July's work


Golden Hour (24x48)

Sun Seeker (8x6)
Red Ball! (12x24)

Some recent work


I have been negligent in posting newer work but here are dew pieces. I am starting to concentrate on some corgi subjects this month in preparation for holding  a booth at the Pembroke Corgi national specialty show in Lancaster in September. I will post the paintings and scratchboards as they are completed.

But first, these paintings:
February Field (6x8)  A reminder of our snowy winter here in Maryland, painted on an unusually hot June day.

Daybreak (24x48)  Still trying to document every egret on the east coast.
(image) March Surf (8x10)  Painted after a trip to the Joizy shore.

(image) Misty Morn (10x8) Hey, look! No birds!

Carol Sebold has died.


    Got some very sad news a couple of weeks ago while at Camp, of the sudden death of an old friend. Not sure many of my wildlife artist friends even knew of Carol Sebold but she was a painter of the Maine landscape in watercolor, and more recently, in oil as well. She knew her subject, knew her market, and as a result her work became known throughout the region; her work could be found all over the state in galleries and shops. But Carol's true legacy was her profound effect on people she met, for she was a true force of nature. She swept friends and strangers alike into her whirlwind of, well, ACTION, for lack of a better term. She had an astonishing number of TRUE friends, people she got to know while showing her artwork or while traveling, and she maintained contact with these friends and maintained involvement with them, whether they came to her or she went to them during her frequent travel. She was the most active and athletic 71 year old I think i will ever know, skiing, snow-shoeing, hiking, kayaking, and in the process leaving everyone in her wake. She was just starting to significantly reduce her business obligations after a lifetime of hard work to secure her 'retirement', and she'd had several surgeries in the past several months for various joint issues which she would have preferred to have had done all on the same day, so could could get on with her life and plans. Unfortunately the last one, bilateral knee replacements 2 weeks before her sudden death, might have been a problem; we'll never really know.. There were around 600 people at her memorial service 1 week ago in Camden Maine and she could almost certainly have  named every person there; some traveled from a great distance to be there for Carol, as I did. I found the 4 days leading up to the service to be very difficult as I saw so many of her local friends come together to remember her (and cry and cry and cry). Anyway rest in peace, Carol, I will miss you and your presence in Camden forever. [...]

I have been working....


But didn't finish these scratchboards up and photograph them until today.

"fluffed'  11"x6"

'Featherwork' 19"x16"

Some More


"Play Ball!" 24x36 oil on linen
(Poodle Nationals must be coming)
 "Red Flag" 10"x20" oil on canvas board
Seascape from a trip to New Jersey coast a few weeks ago.

"Party of Three" 12"x36" oil on canvas

Because there are always more egrets in need of painting.

Some newly photographed paintings


Summer Dawn, Easton (24x36, oil on linen)

Morning Stretch (18x24) oil on linen

Might as Well...(16x20) oil on linen


Poodle Nationals coming up, I started this weeks ago and then had to set it aside for a while, now finished and photographed (I think!).

Lazy Day (36x48)


Thought I'd tackle a large painting while snowed in this week (several times). Not as concentrated a set of painting sessions as I'd envisioned, since I had a lot of shoveling to do, over and over, and continue to be way over-puppied. But finally got this completed. May not get the van unearthed to deliver it to the gallery until spring, but once I do unearth the van, this will go to McBride Gallery in Annapolis.

Yes, it snowed a little


White Ducks (4"x12")


Seen at the base of the falls in the harbor at Camden, Maine

2010 USASA National Specialty Artwork


See the USASA web site for souvenir items which will use the artwork. As always the image will also be the limited edition print used for the major trophies.