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Independent Research Confirms Allegations That Vista’s Anti-Spyware Protection Has Holes


Free software alternatives are even better at avoiding spyware problems. You will always be insecure as long as you are dependent on proprietary vendors.

Microsoft's Reach in Higher Education


An award-winning series of articles critically examining Microsoft's influence on universities.

Corporate Largesse: Philanthropy or Self-Interest?


An historical article critically examining Microsoft's practice of "donating" software to universities.

Z Trek: Alan Zeichick's Weblog: Ka-Ching! Windows Vista's real cost


"it's going to cost California's businesses and consumers $500 million in Microsoft license fees to adopt Windows Vista."

Vista Month: Welcome To The DRM?


'Schneier thinks that Microsoft is aiming to create a lock-in not just for Hollywood content producers but also peripheral manufacturers. “It’s another war for control of the computer market,” he writes.'

Microsoft can't defend Windows Vista


Windows Defender has already had severe vulnerabilities and is expected to have more -- you won't be able to fix them yourself, since you don't have the source.

Forbes Follows the Money: Away from Vista


Forbes blogger Stephen Manes is disgusted with Vista.

Windows v [GNU/]Linux security: the real facts | The Register


An assessment of Microsoft's recent claims that Vista is more secure than GNU/Linux.

Why Windows Vista is defective by design


[No Description]

Vista Security Model -- A Big Joke?


"We all remember all those Microsoft’s statements about how serious Microsoft is about security in Vista and how all those new cool security features like UAC... And now we hear what? That this flagship security technology (UAC) is in fact… not a secu

Microsoft May Have Mistakenly Pegged Half A Million As Pirates - News by InformationWeek


"Microsoft's anti-piracy tool has marked more than one in every five copies of Windows as bogus, the Redmond, Wash., developer said Tuesday, while more than half a million users may have been mistakenly pegged as pirates." » Blog Archive » Microsoft slugs Mac users with Vista tax


"The end-user license agreement for the cheaper versions of Vista (Home Basic and Home Premium) explicitly forbids the use of those versions on virtual machines" -- the article is about OS/X, but the concerns apply to GNU/Linux too.

Microsoft settles Iowa class action suit -


[No Description]

Windows Vista EULA: Is It That Bad?


While the author seems to think that these terms are OK, the quotations illustrate clearly the way Microsoft deprives users of freedom -- for example, you may not run Vista in a virtual machine.

Wired News: Vista Launch a Late-Night Yawn


"Slightly after midnight, there is no rush to the registers. Only those who are there, only a few actually line up to buy the software."