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Ninjababe's Ramble

The ramblings of a pharmacy technician, scifi fan, anime aficionado, gamer, and all around crazy person.

Published: 2006-05-21T19:20:37-08:00


Return of the King thought


So, I'm watching Return of the King, and just remembered something from when I read the books... When reading Return of the King, I'd be all into the Aragorn and Co. parts and it flips over to Frodo, Sam, and Gollum. So, I'd be all... Ooo! Battle! Fight! Dialogue! Intrigue!...

I am the queen!


Guess what I did while taking out the recycling? Fell. Went splat. Twisted ankle. I am the queen of spraining ankles... So, now, I'm at the computer sitting at an angle with my leg propped up across the back of the couch. luckily, except for minor scratches and my ankle,...

Kingdom Hearts II - A Babble Disguised as a Game Review


I've been waiting for this game. [hugs game box] My love... My own... My Preccciousssss! [ahem] Sorry about that. So, what did I think, you ask? I love it! Talk about story driven! The graphics are wonderful, the storyline is great, and I love the 'reaction' button which the function...

Woes of a Gamer


Last week, on Tuesday, I received in the mail one of the two games I've been waiting (literally) years for. Kingdom Hearts II (The other game being Final Fantasy XII). And, yes, I squealed and hugged the game when I got it. Being a good girl [beam], I didn't even...



So, I've become addicted to Slings and Arrows on the Sundance channel. I'm currently watching the season 2 ender, and I've suddenly have the urge to go to the theater. Of course, I've only ever seen pantomine on live theater. Oh, and Fiddler on the Roof. All in London when...

New Haircut!


I got a really cool haircut today! A picture of it:...

Battlestar Galactica Translation


Paraphrase of what the Cylons said at the season ender of BSG: "We will love humanity, we will guide it, we will nurture it." My translation: "We will hug them, and love them, and squeeze them, and call them George!" And, we all know how well that scenario turned out!...

[pout] My Hand Hurts!


So, I've been procrastinating buying a new black ink cartridge for my printer. Because of that, I can't print anything more then about 4 pages. Everything I print is bright purple, and I don't want to run out of colored ink as well. Currently, I'm playing a video game that's...

The Stupidity of People


So, yesterday at work, someone turned in a prescription that was obviously altered. We could tell it was supposed to be for Ultracet (which is a pain medication in the same drug class as prescription strength Motrin). The patient changed it to Percocet (which is in the same drug class...

Lost Thought...


Henry Gale? Landing in a balloon in a strange land? Hah! Well, at least he wasn't from Kansas. Let's see if his wife's name turns out to be Emily or Dorothy... I thought it might be Emily, but she did get a fever and was delirious, so it'll be probably...

Things from the Top of my Head


I'm procrastinating vacuuming and dusting at the moment. That, and making a piece of jewelry for my mother's birthday, which I can't do until after I vacuum. So, massive randomess!! The greatest coffee I've had is from a little warehouse building in the local area that Ith introduced me to,...



Last night, Ith sent me a recipe for Cayenne Chocolate Chip Cookies. I promptly decided to bake them. Considering that the last time I baked was... umm... well... so far back in the past, I don't remember it, this was a momentous occasion. I mixed the dough to specs and...

Almost Forgot!


A picture of Ith and I on the new Buzz Lightyear ride at Disneyland:...

Theoretical Battlestar Galactica Thoughts...


Watching the episodes, I'm making a list of people who cannot be Cylons, at all... The only two we came up with (Ith and I) are: Starbuck (By moi) because she was wanted for the whole Cylon/Human hybrid program. If she was a Cylon, she wouldn't have been wanted in...

My Cat... The Weirdo.


Ith and I are going on vacation tomorrow for a week or so, and taking the cat with us. I pulled the giant cat carrier out, since it's big enough that the cat can be comfortable on long car trips. Thinking she wouldn't go anywhere near it, but just in...