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FINEST KIND CLINIC AND FISHMARKET.... Discussing medicine, culture, and the joys of cooking Pansit.

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Lecture of the week: Terror in history

Mon, 19 Feb 2018 17:26:25 PST

Professor Teofilo Ruiz famous course is on line (until the copyright cops find it's there

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Stuff below the fold

Mon, 19 Feb 2018 16:51:50 PST

A podcast on genesis from a story point of view: do myths proclaim lies or a deeper truth?

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a musician's story

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KFC runs out of fresh chickens in the UK


question no one except Trumpie boy is asking: Why the heck didn't Obama pass gun control laws?

On the other hand, trying to hospitalize (or jail) a violent teenager or a violent schizophrenic is almost impossible in the USA. I have experience with this problem both as a doc and a parent.

so you give them drugs and counseling and cross your fingers instead of hospitalizing them, as you would have done 30 years ago.

three billboards wins the BAFTA awards.

heh. I didn't know the Brits made that film.

Plane crash last week in Russia, and now one in Iran.

in our prayers.


India just snubbed BabyTrudeau. Yeah, supporting violent independence movements has consequences, bub.

WTF is going on in Cuba, causing hearing and brain abnormalities? JAMA article summarized at link.

how to defeat a medieval army without fighting.


Gene therapy for a rare retinal degenerative disease.mp3

No, PeppaPig does not cause autism.


Blood Cobalt

Mon, 19 Feb 2018 15:27:17 PST

StategyPage discusses the chronic civil war (and refugees and starvation and disease caused by the chaos of the war) in Central Africa, partly tribal and partly because President Kabila refuses to leave. The bishops devised a peaceplan there, but were ignored, so it appears it will continue.

The MSM ignores it (just another civil war, folks, just move on)..

But how many in the MSM will cover this: President Kabila plans to tax mining companies taking out cobalt (and copper).

February 10, 2018: Congo confirmed it intends to raise taxes on minerals as well as raise the royalty rate mining companies must pay the government. Parliament approved legislation to raise mining taxes as part of a new "mining code." ... Most of the mining companies affected are European, North American and Chinese. Cobalt will become more expensive and so will copper. Why? In 2016 the world produced an estimated 123,000 tons of cobalt and 57 percent came from Congo. ..
So what, you might say? Well this is why:
Cobalt has many uses, but it is critical in the production of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, the type used to power mobile digital devices and electric vehicles...
 and who is buying all that cobalt?
China has been a major buyer of Congolese cobalt so that increase will hit Chinese manufacturers particularly hard. In the first nine months of 2017 China imported an estimated $1.2 billion worth of Congolese cobalt.

and then there is the corruption angle:
..Gecamines, the stare owned mining company, plays a key role in mismanagement and "diverting" mining revenues. Gecamines officials are beholden to the Kabila government. (Austin Bay)
WSJ article on China's growing monopoly on cobalt. that will let them be a leader in electronics.

and a few more articles on my Mugabeblog.

Space babies

Sun, 18 Feb 2018 18:31:59 PST

David Reneke has a post saying the next astronaut on the moon may very well be a lady, because NASA has a commitment to equality.the elephant in the room: Babies. allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="380" src="" width="654">Some female astronauts have been committed single women or lesbians, so no problem. But what about if they want to come home and have a child?this 2010 article from Time magazine notes that China's female astronauts will be chosen only from women who already had a child.The reasoning behind the prerequisite, according to officials, is that spaceflight could potentially harm the women's fertility. "It's out of the consideration of being responsible for the female pilots," Xu Xianrong, director of the PLA's Clinical Aerospace Medicine Center in Beijing and a member of the selection panel, told the official government news agency Xinhua. "Though there is little evidence on how the space experience will affect the female constitution, we have to be extra cautious, because this is a first for China." Ensuring that the female astronauts have already reproduced, he said, will guarantee that their family planning is not disrupted. and this being China, you can note this little observation:But at least one authority, Zhang Jianqi, former deputy commander of the country's manned space program, has stated that the requirement stands because married women are more physically and psychologically mature. so how about the effect of zero gravity and radiation on fertility?UK Telegraph article (2014):Animal experiments have shown that both male and female reproductive organs are affected by zero gravity. It is also likely that space radiation is damaging the ovaries of female astronauts and the sperm production of men. Although most astronauts have already had their families by the time they go into space, NASA is so concerned that it now offers egg and sperm other words, they will get around the problem by using high tech interventions.I remember one early astronaut whose wife bore a normal child after he returned, but can't find which one. But scientists were worried at the time about mutations if sperm or ova are radiated.And if the woman is pregnant, there are worries not only about radiation but on microgravity problems in the developing baby.and another trivia fact: menstruation in space is a bummer, and one reason that early flights didn't include women.and Wikipedia has an entire article on sex in space. Yes, it's wikipedia so don't quote it.and of course, if any of them already have done "it", they are keeping quiet about it. --------------update: this is an article about how high dose radiation therapy for cancer affects fertility and childbearing. [...]

Family news update

Sun, 18 Feb 2018 00:31:28 PST

The lesion that I thought was BCC was biopsied and turned out only to be a wart, so I don't need plastic surgery to remove it: the doctor just cauterized it.

So I bought a new tablet, actually a convertible computer with the money I had put aside from the budget for medical care.

For the last two days, I have been busy doing updates on it and learning how to use it in both regular and tablet style.

The bad news: I always used my tablet for email so had to find my passwords and put them back in.

Other family news:

My niece's skating team just came back from a competition in Austria. Who wudda thot? Guess she got it from her mom, since me and my brother tended to be klutzes.

A still small voice

Sat, 17 Feb 2018 17:45:44 PST

according to a few Blog posts, the ladies on the View ridiculed those who "heard God's voice" as mentally ill.True, those who "hear voices" of any sort could be having auditory hallucinations: Auditory hallucination are often a symptom found in psychotic episodes (from schizophrenia, mania, depressive psychosis,  or illness, fever, drugs, or poisons): that is, a sign of a serious mental illness.But sometimes they are hynogogic hallucinations: From the border of sleep and awareness. This is not associated with mental illness.however, God doesn't usually "talk" to us as in a hallucination (at least in my experience).He talks to us in advice from others. He talks to us in coincidences. And he talks to us in the silence of our hearts when we are quiet.Like Elijah: when told to wait for the Lord's voice, he ignored the wind, the storm, the rockslide  the earthquake and the fire. And then:and after the fire a still small voice.This is how most people know God's voice: it is small and it is quiet and "heard" in your heart, not a hallucination of an actual voice.(but one note of caution:  often our own will is shouting do this or do that, so if the voice is about a decision, the wise caution to get a second person to discern if you should do it).the still small voice is the voice of our conscience.The best place I have seen this portrayed in a book is in the humorous books (link) about Don Camillo, a feisty priest in Northern Italy who often fights against the communist mayor, often using fists. Often at the end of the story, the priest goes to pray to Jesus on the cross, who talks back to him and often corrects him.The Christ in the crucifix often has far greater understanding than Don Camillo for the troubles of the people, and has to constantly but gently reprimand the priest for his impatience.... According to Guareschi, priests who object to his portrayal of Don Camillo may break their staffs over his head, and Communists who object to his portrayal of Peppone may break a hammer and sickle across his back, but no one is to criticize him over Christ's voice, for that stands for his conscience. But there are times when a person hears an actual voice and the person is not mentally ill and doesn't usually hear voices.Often we hear this happening in times of peril or emergencies.For example, once my father had a tire blowout when he was going 70 mph on the turnpike, and he heard a voice tell him: Pump the breaks pump the breaks. (slamming the breaks will lock them and cause a severe skid, which would have been fatal). No one in the car had said anything, but the voice saved my life and the life of my family.Subconscious voice? An Angel? My father just shrugged and said he had prayed to "that guy" in our church for a safe trip, so he figured "that guy" told him how to control the car."That guy" was the saint portrayed in a statue at the front of our church, the good church father St Athanasius. [...]

Just for nice: beautiful places to visit

Fri, 16 Feb 2018 17:58:29 PST

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we are close enough to Manila to get tourism (and the homes of Manila people who build vacation houses here) and since we are near the base of the mountains so we have a lot of nature parks here. No beaches however: we are inland.

And things are getting safer.

SP has a summary of all the wars and geopolitical stuff going on here LINK


Fri, 16 Feb 2018 17:34:17 PST

Black history month

If you want to really learn about various cultural aspects of the arts, the Library of Congress has a lot of lectures on this.

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lots of lectures for black history month there, on various African cultures both in Africa and in the USA or elsewhere that don't get a lot of attention: For example, the black elites, African Americans in Hollywood...about Ethiopia's history, and a a lecture on African elites in India... and overlooked leaders like Clarence Thomas or Condi Rice?

(am I the only one who thinks that the producers of "Madam Secretary" were racist for making their heroine a blond white lady? Never mind).

another source of Black History stories is the AAHIAH:

The stories of black cowboys and the Buffalo soldiers is starting to get told, but do you know the story of Stagecoach Mary?

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Fri, 16 Feb 2018 15:47:33 PST

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Someone posted film of the latest Kenda cruise on youtube. Here is part one.

He also has a book out last year about his cases.

News below the fold

Fri, 16 Feb 2018 15:44:40 PST

Morgan Tsvangirai has died: opposition leader who fought Robert Mugabe's tyrannical rule of Zimbabwe.

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AlJ has a summary of his life LINK...

It's a dark moment for Zimbabwe. Iconic opposition leader and former Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai has died after a two-year battle against colon cancer. His death will remain as one of the rare moments that has united Zimbabwean politicians from across the political divide.
His loyal supporters are inconsolable at the loss of their icon, but perhaps the greatest tribute is that those from the ruling elite, who have opposed and ridiculed him as a politician, have shown him respect.
Tsvangirai has, without doubt, been one of the greatest and most influential political figures in Zimbabwean history. He has always fought for the underdog, starting his activism as a trade unionist while working in a nickel mine.

no, not as earth shaking as finding a few Russians trolled Facebook but in the long run more important for the people of Zimbabwe.

As I pointed out earlier: The real heroes are not fake silicon valley type Marvel universe heroes, but those who actually put their life on their line for their people.

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