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Value Judgment

Tactics and Substance in the 2004 Elections

Published: 2006-08-15T08:42:05-05:00


Clinton-42 steps back up


I was pretty annoyed by Bill Clinton stumping for Lieberman, but it wasn't exactly unexpected so it wasn't a huge deal. It didn't turn the tide for Lieberman anyway. Now that Joe's turned on the Democratic Party, the former President is returning the favor. Via Political Wire: Clinton Sounds Off...

The Democracy Strikes Back: D-Day for Holy Joe


I've been following the Connecticut Senate race (at just about every political site there is) and don't have much to add, except that it would warm my heart to see Joe "I'd say that the Bush recession would be followed by the Dean depression" Lieberman slink away in defeat. Color...

One last batch of BS from Ohio Rep. Bob Ney


Via TPMMuckraker: Ney drops out of fall race [Pittsburgh Tribune-Review] "I'm doing this for one reason: my family," Ney said in an exclusive interview with the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. "My wife and two children have been through enough. I really believe this is the best decision." Ney said his family had...

I can get behind this - Reid blocks Congressional pay raises


Dems vow to block pay raises until minimum wage increased [The Carpetbagger Report] [CNN: Reid refused to spell out exactly how he will block a $3,300 pay raise scheduled for January 1 for members of Congress, who currently earn $165,200 annually. He said with 40 Senate Democrats backing the maneuver,...

"Only a little man"


Still not a Democrat, still forced by circumstances to be a one-party voter... Funny line from an article on how out-of-sync the Republican-controlled House and the Republican-controlled Senate are: House, Senate inject bad blood into relations [] Throughout history, jealously and conflict have been common between the House and the...

Rip Van V


zzzzzz.... snxx? ... Oh. Hi there. ... What day is it?   June 21. Um, 2006?   Yes. Wow. Jeez. So there are less than 5 months between now & the 2006 midterm elections?   Obviously. Uh... probably a lot going on, then.   You could say that. OK, OK, I'm up,...

Katrina: Lake...


Following Hurricane Katrina, some New Orleans folk and EPA staffers have taken to calling the flooded part of town 'Lake George'. That sounds pretty good to me except for a couple of things -- one, there are already Lakes named George; two, Bush alone isn't responsible; there's the Congress which...

Site Re-Launch


I just re-launched my personal weblog, which includes most of my political blogging these days - if any VJ readers are interested in the link, drop me a note....

Novak discovers what it takes to get CNN to discipline you


Expose a CIA WMD agent in a column? No. Change your story when you realize you could be in trouble for exposing a CIA agent? No. Say a bad word on basic cable and leave the set of a program? Now that's SERIOUS! Hit the showers, Bob! mediabistro: 'Time Off'...

Justice! ... Uhh... Some day.... not today, though...


There was a thread running through the campaign that one of the reasons it was important for all of us grumpy and dissatisfied indies and Deanies and Greens to support John Kerry was "the Supreme Court, stupid!" Well we did, and he lost, and here comes Bush's first Supreme Court...

Some Supreme Court Nomination weblogs


Clerks from Think Progress The Supreme Court Nomination Blog from SCOTUSblog from the National Women's Law Center Campaign for the Supreme Court from the Washington Post(!), with comments enabled(!) And of course, there's always been How Appealing...

Your Lazy Media: Blown CIA Cover edition


AMERICAblog has this right: Sloppy reporting I'm noticing more and more news stories getting very sloppy with the latest twist to the Rove story. What those stories are trying to say is: Rove claims he learned about Plame being CIA from other journalists and not from government sources. Even were...



Been following the approaching indictment of Karl Rove quite closely. I've been outraged about the Plame case since 2003 and am relieved to see that Fitzgerald seems to have stuck with it. The Daily Show had a great wrap-up of it last night. One of my favorite bits was Colbert...

Sally Jenkins, Real Reporter


In recent weeks, I have started following the Washington Nationals baseball team. I would not have predicted this, but there it is. The other day, some wanker Republicans in Congress threatened major league baseball for daring to consider selling the team to a Democrat. Sally Jenkins, a sportswriter at the...

Incapable of Learning


I don't read Josh Marshall's new web project, TPMCafe, very often - the interface is confusing and unintuitive, and there's that "too cool for school" pufferific attitude wafting off of many of the writers. But I did glance at it this afternoon. And aaaggghh! I don't know who "Mister Burns"...