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Preview: The lifestyles of the not so rich and famous

The lifestyles of the not so rich and famous

Updates on the lives of the Abrahams'

Updated: 2016-09-07T21:22:24.816-07:00


LONG time no update


Hollywood Video Corp folded, everyone has been laid off, because there is no company to work for. so Mo no longer had a job. BUT, worksource is going to put him through school to learn a trade, and he wants to get into welding, so he will be attending CCC in the fall :) he is getting unemployment, at 40% of what he was being paid.
I am currently unemployed as well, my sister will need childcare for my nephew soon, and hopefully that will be paid for by dhs, so she doesnt have to spend a ton on childcare, and i can get paid. i am still waiting to hear about my disability claim. so far, nothing is happening.
but, we all have insurance, thanks to the great state of oregon!
financially, things are not going well, but we are getting by ok. it is nice to have Mo home most of the time, and he is much less stressed out, and that helps tons.
the girls turned 6 and 3 in July, and they are growing up so fast! they are actually playing with each other as i type. so that is AWESOME. it used to rarely happen, and for the past 3 days the girls have been attached at the hip. it is really great :)
my fibro has been getting worse and worse. i actually suspect lupus, but it is one of those things that i am going to have to fight to even get really taken seriously. currently my hands are screaming at me, so typing this isnt easy, and i need to stop. but that is a quick update on our world.

life is... good


Morgan is back at Hollywood. THANK THE STARS!!!
he got on lamictal, and has been doing well on it so far :)

Niamh is still my lil Leo baby. and has decided she will never be ok with watching me walk away, ever. not even to the restroom. lol. and she told me she wants to have nummies forever and ever. :)

Addy is really interested in joining 4-h as a cloverbud. And we are going back to homeschooling after spring break. She is home more days than not due to illness anyway, at least this way i can avoid exposing her to those yucky public school germs she seems to catch every week. and we can all be happy with outside activities with other homeschoolers.

my mom paid for my meds, and i have been back on them. and it has helped ALOT with our recent drama in our lives. i am able to stay calm and collected, most of the time. and i have been the rock for our family recently. and that is a good feeling.

we are going to get a bunny at the end of march/ beginning of April. a sweet lil black Jersey Woolie doe. it will be a good experience for the girls, and she will give me lots of soft fiber to spin. which brings me to my next item,
I GOT MY WHEEL!!!! i was a ble to use some of our tax return money and buy myself an Ashford Kiwi spinning wheel. i need to get some wheel oil for it, and then i will be ready to spin up some gorgeous yarn. :) i am SO excited!!!!!

i will update with some pics of the girls, and my wheel later, after i get my house cleaned up, and the lil one napped.

life n stuff


so, i have forgotten what i last we stand:Niamh, is SUCH a little Leo child. she is strong willed, and head strong. she is funny, and bright, and brings light to my darkest moments. she is wanting to do everything big sister does. everything. When Addy is doing homework, Niamh wants to do homework, when Addy is reading a book, Niamh wants to read a book "all by MYSELF". she is a handful, and a joy.Addy, is my very typical little Cancer crab child. Her reading has just blossomed and flourished in the past week, she is wanting to read everything, and spell everything. Her artwork is maturing, and i am really enjoying seeing her imagination come out on paper. We are having a bit of a rough time with the juvenile bipolar stuff. Life isnt hard for the child, or the parent of the child when juvenile bipolar is a fact of life in the family. so, we have our great days and our not so great days. our fabulous moment, and times where i feel like i need to duck and cover. we are currently looking for a child psych who specializes in juvenile bipolar.Morgan is still working at N(company name here) and he HATES it. it is a huge commute, for a pay cut, and he hates his actual job. Hollywood is going to bring him back at the end of February, so that is a HUGE relief for him. and me, cause i hate to see him like this.he started painting, and just finished a REALLY beautiful canvas of a demon fetus in utero. it is really lovely. he is hoping to sell his work. and potentially do some commissioned works. so if anyone knows anyone who wants a fabulous artist to do a mural for a kids room, or a large canvas for a living space, Mo is your, well i am hanging on. knowing i will have health insurance soon helps. my mom has offered to purchase my meds for me, for which i am eternally grateful.i am hoping to get a spinning wheel soon, i have a ton of gorgeous wool roving from icelandic sheep and lambs, local to me, that i cant wait to spin. hopefully i can sell the yarn, or items i crochet with it. but i dont even know if i will want to part with it cause it is going to be so lovely!my brother in law, Morgan's brother Billy, moved in with us.he has been helpful for the most part. and it is a big financial help. we arent out of the hole, but we are getting there.i am still caring for one little girl one day each week. but i am looking for an out of the house job. to help with finances. i am not looking forward to it. i hate leaving my kids. especially when Niamh has been SO clingy to me lately. but it needs to be, that is our world. what's new with you?[...]

long time no update


had the surgery, went well. healed well, aside from a few infections that almost took my life.
Addy is in public school close by, doing well there actually. she requested it. i caved. knowing that it is my job to support her desires for learning in whichever environment she wants to explore.
Niamh is growing up FAST. no one ever believes she is only almost 2.5 everyone thinks she is at leat 3 because she is so tall and well spoken. and FUNNY.
Morgan switched jobs from Hollywood to Netflix, since Hollywood is going under, fast. he likes it at netflix. but he did have to take a paycut, AND he has a BIG commute. so that SUCKS.
my brother in law moved in with us yesterday, and i think it is going to work out well for everyone.
so, life is pretty good, other than being poor as fuck, the girls and i have no insurance, and the world is obsessed with consumerism.
i am pretty content at the moment.

dun dun dunnnnnnn


its official.
i am having surgery.
they will be doing a robotic laproscopic surgery to remove the mucinous cystic neoplasm thats on the tail end of my pancreas. if something goes wrong and the splenic artery that the cyst is butted up against gets snipped, then i will also lose my spleen. its a ery real possibility. :(
i am nervous as hell.
totally freaked out.
i have to spend at least 2 days in the hospital.
away from my family. :(
i am so worried Niamh will wean in that time.
i am feeling so much love and support from my tribe. its wonderful. i know my family will be taken care of while i am in the hospial.
but i still dont want to be away from my home, my family for so long.
surgery is 7:30 am august 7th, at Good Samaritan in Portland.
visitors are TOTALLY appreciated!

long time no update


its been a while since i have updated my blog. but not for lack of excitement.
we finally moved!!!
Morgan, Addy, Niamh and i all moved into a communal housing situation with another family, my friends Steph, TJ, their son Z and their foster son W, as well as their baby soon to be born.
it is such a wonderful positive vibe here. we are all so happy, and are growing and developing in ways that we couldnt when we were in a negative environment.
Addy loves playing with Z who is 6. and Niamh is just happy happy happy! they both see Z and W as their brothers, and we feel like one great big family.
we have a great back yard, and we live two blocks from a dog park, so we can take the dog there to run and run and run.
life is good.
i am excited about Stephs baby. myself, and our friends J and E helped me plan a mama blessing for her where a few of our friends came over, and we had some rituals, and did lots of great bonding as women. and we decorated her with henna. i feel so blessed to be a part of this tribe, and be an active participant in the birth of the new family member.

life is so good!!!

the growth, and THE HAIR


Dr called. she wants me to have a referal with a surgeon about the cyst on my pancreas. just in case. she said she doesnt feel comfortable waiting six months and measuring it again without first talking to a surgeon about it.
i am now refering to my abdominal pain, and the cyst itself as "the growth" lol. i think it has kind of a villanous ring to it. dont you?
lol. maybe i should call it fluffybuttsmootchydoops instead, that sounds so much more benign, and we want all the benign energy surrounding me right now as there can possibly be.

yesterday my sister Boo and i went and got our "hair did" lolz. i got a perm. yep!! a perm :) it looks AMAZING. of course i wont get to see how it will finally look until i wash it on tuesday. but right now its just gorgeous! i really love it. and i feel like this is the hair i was meant to be born with :) 
i give you.... THE HAIR:
(image) pics taken two hours after perm. its a little looser now, but still gorgeously curly and wonderful :)

written update.


so, lots of things have been happening.
Addy made a new best friend that lives just three houses away, and they spend every afternoon together, either over here, or over at her house, it give the grownups a lil break on the days they are at the others house lol. its nice for Addy to have such a great buddy. :)
Niamh has been using the potty more and more, at least once a day now.  she is ADDICTED to running around naked, which she calls "nakey time" its so adorable! she is getting so big, and her sentences are just getting longer and longer.
Morgans work has been laying people off left and right. so far he is safe, but we dont know how long that will last.
Last week i started having some bad pain in my left side of my abdomen. i ignored it for a day, but the next day, something was nagging at me to call my Dr. she was out of town, so i talked to another Dr in the practice, she recommended i go in to see them. so that afternoon Morgan took off work, came home, and took me to the Dr, who reccomended going straight over to the hospital for a CT scan, just incase it was diverticulitis or appendicitis. it was neither. its called panniculitis, somehow the good fat that surrounds my organs and protects them from eachother, etc, didnt get enough oxygen, and died. so i have necrotic fat in my abdmen causing me pain. in the CT they also found that i have a cyst on my pancreas and have scheduled me for a pancreatic MRI for this upcoming tuesday to see if it needs to be biopsied, if we need to remove it, or if it can be left alone. that could also be a reason why i am in so much constant pain. being in pain like this makes me so tired all the time. i am having a tough time being productive, and the poor girls have had to snuggle me in bed most of the time while i rest and try not to hurt too much.
i am trying to stay positive. BUT after reading information on the interwebs about different pancreatic cysts. i am admittedly full of anxiety. 
on Friday the girls will be spending time with a friend of mine for a few hours while my sister britt and i go get our hair done as birthday presents to ourselves, since we both have May b-days. i cant wait! i am a little nervous for the girls, they should have a good time, after they get past missing me, but i know they will be a bit upset when i leave. i cant wait to get pampered, and see what my hair looks like when its all done. we are going to a school that britt has gone to before. they do great work, and i am really very excited to do something for myself that doesnt involve medical care. lol. its been a long time since i pampered myself, and i think i deserve it :)
so thats our little updates. please keep your fingers crossed for us, Morgans job, and my health.

and a video


allowFullScreen='true' webkitallowfullscreen='true' mozallowfullscreen='true' width='320' height='266' src='' class='b-hbp-video b-uploaded' FRAMEBORDER='0' />
Addy and Niamh the first nice day of the year.

pic updates


Niamh, exploring the yardAddy hanging in the yardfunny faces, but a well lit pic of Morgan and NiamhAddy and her cousin Lily during Papas memorialNiamh, Morgan, Addy, and myself, at Papas memorialNiamh with a dirty faceAddy longboarding with "uncle" ronMorgan, my hunky husbandand father of my children. isnt he handsome?!the moon on the day of Papas memorialand the full moon a few nights later taken by Morganand myself.wordy update coming later in the weekend.[...]

he is gone


this morning my aunt called my mom, told her to come to the hospital, Papa isnt doing well.
she asked me if i wanted to go. i did. but i couldnt, my kids were sleeping, one of them nursing, and the other a bear when she wakes if its too early. and my husband had to go to work this morning.
so i couldnt go.
my mom just called. and my Papa has passed.
he succumbed to the pneumonia that ravaged his body when the chemo dropped his immune defenses.
i spent a few hours with him last night. i again rubbed his legs and feet, and tried hard to fill him with peaceful restful energy. i wanted him to be able to pass in peace when it was time. 
because the pneumonia had him filling up with fluid, he was feeling like he was drowning often, and had moments of lucidity where he was gasping, and flailing, and crying for air. thats when the nurses would give him some ativan to calm his anxieties. yes, he WAS drowning, and he knew it. but at least the drugs were able to help him through it.
my Papa was the greatest man i have ever known in my entire life. He was the strong silent type. he was a Navy Man, loyal and true. he didnt have a mean bone in his body. i have never heard him raise his voice in anger, or even frustration. he was always available to play with us, and when we were babies, he snuggled us, and sang to us. i will never ever ever forget his voice singing "feeeeeet up! pat 'em on da po po, lets hear 'em laugh, HA HA!" with a giant grin on his face, during a diaper change.
he is the gold standard for men in my life. he was truely the very best man ever.

and more fuck


so, Papa has been admitted to the hospital, second time in a week. first time was because when he went in for chemo he was too dehydrated, needed iv fluids and a blood transfusion, they put in 3 units! then released him to come home, when he went in two days later for chemo he was running a high fever.
this is NOT good!!!
the cancer is spreading fast. he now has two brain tumors that werent there last month, and the lump on his neck that was removed, came back, twice as big. :(
he cant lay down at all because the tumors in his lungs are so big they press on nerves and give him excruciating pain. which makes his radiation treatments really hard for him to endure.
my poor papa is going through such a battle.
my grandmother is convinced that if everyone just thinks positive that we will be able to heal him. but in reality i know in my heart of hearts that he is going to be dying very soon. he cant eat anything, because the tumors in his neck have closed his esophagus to the size of a pea. but the hospital wont give him a feeding tube because he CAN eat, he just WONT eat because of all the pain. um WTF? seriously, the man cant eat enough food when he can only take bites the size of a pea, once per ten minutes due to pain, why NOT help him survive a little bit longer? he is loosing weight rapidly, and he really looks terrible.
my heart is breaking knowing that the kindest, calmest, sweetest man i have ever known in my life is hurting so badly. out of everyone i know he is the least deserving of this kind of an end to his life.
Addy has been obsessing about death lately now too, because she is watching papa die, and Annie the dog has been slowly dying for years, and it seems to be all she is hearing lately. so she is hearing the heaven thing from my mom, and the energy thing from me, and she is so confused and doesnt know what is really happening. she told me yesterday "mommy, i dont ever want to die, not even when i am really old, i want to live forever and see everyone i love" i completely understand how she feels. i also want to live forever. not dying sounds a-ok with me.



so last night my grandma updated me on my Papas condition.
for those of you not in the know, my grandfather has lung cancer.
for months he had shoulder pain, and his Dr dismissed it and just kept giving him cortizone shots, knowing full well that he has been a smoker for decades. (i find it extremely negligent on the Drs part to not order at least an x-ray earlier!!!) a few weeks ago the pain was so bad Papa couldnt sleep because of the pain, so he called the Dr again, Dr asked him to come in for a shot, while he was there Papa pointed out an enlarged lymph node in his neck, Dr then becomes nervous (too little too late buddy) and sends him in for x-rays, and PETscans, etc.
last week his lymph node was removed and biopsied. results are in.
he has large cell (non small cell) lung cancer that has metastasized into his lymph system. making it at least stage 3b.
this is BAD. this is very very bad.
honestly, after the last time i saw my Papa a few weeks ago, and knowing how he cant swallow, and cant sleep, and is in so much damn pain all the time, etc. i dont think he is going to last very long in this world.
my Papa is the best Papa anyone could ask for. when we were little he would give us horsey rides around the room, even if he was tired, or his knees hurt. he would lay down in the living room on the floor so i could crawl on top of him and sleep on him when i was a toddler. he was my buddy as a young kid.
he used to sing a song to us when he was changing diapers, when he would put a fresh diaper under the babies bottom he would sing "feeeet up! pat'em on the po po, lets hear 'em laugh, HAHA!" i havent heard it in years, but i can hear it in my head so clearly.
my kids wont be able to remember what a great guy he is, because he is going to be gone soon, and they are still so young.
my heart is breaking knowing my buddy Papa is in such terrible pain.
all i can hope is that he finds peace, wherever his journey takes him.

winter wonderland


we are in the middle of the big freeze '08. so far we have about a foot and a half of snow. its amazingly cold and white everywhere. really breathtaking!the dogs are enjoying playing in it every few hours. and are hillarious to watch. Addy is also going out, bundling as much as she can, and coming in for cocoa when she gets nippy :) Niamh likes to eat snow, and likes to watch it. but doesnt much care for going out in it.its just gorgeous. so here are some pics from this week :)[...]

holy toddler batman!


so Niamh is walking, wanting to run! and Addy is starting to write things, names, words, all sounding it out. its really exciting.
i went to the movie theatre last night with a new friend. we saw twilight, along with a bajillion teenage girls and their mothers. :)
it was good. strayed from the book a lil bit. but over all it was great.
filled my vamp fix for a lil bit.
but now i want MORE! lol.
is it strange that a grown woman gets all swoony over a teenage vampire fiction???
ok, its a bit odd.
but if its wrong i dont want to be right :)




last night was the most amazing night in a long time. for the country, for the world.
we finally have a president with a brain. who can speak, who is well educated, and is a good man.
the way he loves his wife, and children, its just heart warming. they hug, they kiss, they look in eachothers eyes. you can see they are a family filled with love.
thats what we need in a leader, someone who knows how to love. and be loved.

i see great things happening for the future.
its going to be a very hard road at first, trying to patch up the fuckups the last 8 years of the Bush regime left us with, but we will get there. we will succed, we will prosper.



big news all around!
Morgan doesnt need heart surgery!!!!
all our major fears and stress have fallen away.

Niamh is walking now!!! she went from not walking at all to walking well, just from wanting to catch the cat. :) its still easier and faster for her to crawl, so she would rather do that most of the time, but she IS walking!

Addy is reading!!!! everywhere we go she wants to read the words she sees. my mom got her flashcards of sight words, and she is learning the rules of english pronunciation. its so exciting to see her mind soaking it all up.
she is also trying to spell all she wants to type and write. she is learning how to write while using a proper pencil grasp too, thanks to OT. which is going really well.

i'm alive

long time no type


ok, i will really try to make this quick, because if i dont i will be typing all day.

Niamh: almost walkng, taking one or two small steps to and from people. when we measured her on the tall wall she is now 1/2 inch taller than Addy was at this age.
OMG i have giant babies!!!
Addy: reading more and more words, working on spelling, sounding things out, its awesome. she can read all but three words in Go Dog Go :) its rad.
Morgan: working hard, has GERD and is in pain most of the time. got the GERD from the meds they put him on for anxiety that was caused by all the heart stuff, which they STILL havent got figured out yet.
me: learning to enjoy life more. taking each day as a new blessing. ejoying my family more. trying to be more patient. i am looking for a part time job, working on Morgans days off to pull in more income so we can move out.

we traded in our Scion xB (lil toasty) for a van. its a lovely van, and we do enjoy it. but its a gas guzzler. thank goodness the commuter train will be running soon and Morgan can take that to work, that should save on gas $, and he thinks that his co will be buying them passes for the train. YAY!

still havent figured out the costume sitch for Halloween.
if i were Marth they would have been sewn already. but alas, we will probably end up wrapping Addy in bubble wrap and calling her a cloud.
actually thats NOT a bad idea!!!

holy cow!


Along for the Ride is a great baby wearing website that sells some awesome carriers, amongst other things.
they have monthly contests and give away a carrier each month.
the contest is found here:
why dont YOU go and sign up? who knows, maybe you could win a Beco!

one whole year


I would have written this on the 29th, but i was nursing a migraine.

one year ago Niamh was born.
one year ago i was a birthing goddess, a warrior.
one year ago i defied what so many had told me and did the "impossible" i gave birth to my 10 lb baby. at home. in the water. after a previous cesearian.
after a labor of just 4 hours from start to finish i had in my arms the baby that i pushed out with my own body.
then, there she was. the baby we had waited 40 weeks for.
all wet with birth. covered head to toe with thick white vernix.
roaring her little leo cry, quite unhappy to be out in the cold world, no longer squished up, warm inside my womb.
then we started our BFAR experience.
nursing non stop for the first few days, then starting to suppliment at the breast with donated milk through the Lact-Aid. that small simple tube and bag that saved our nursing relationship, and put the pounds on fast.
she started chunking up quick, gaining back the chubby cheeks she was born with, but lost after birth.
Her hair was dark, like mine, her eyes the color of te middle of kalamata olives. her little fingers and toes were perfect, and so tiny. little miniatures of her sisters hands.
she grew, and changed, her little face resembling a smaller and more feminine version of her daddys. and less and less like mine.
se started interacting with the world around her, falling in love with animals, especially the furry ones. she reached to touch, to feel, to learn.
she started rolling then sitting, then crawling.
she babbled, and cooed, giggled and squealed.
then she started talking, first dada, then mama, Ada for Addy, then puppuh turned to puppy, daga turned to doggy, she added book, and ball, kitty, up, britty, nana, more, papa, brownie, get down, no, and her language continues to grow and grow. she signs too, she signs please, milk, more, up, mama, and dog.
she is cruising around furniture, and is just starting to stand all by herself sometimes. she wants to walk, to move around, to be mobile. her crawl went from army crawl, on elbows and belly to a hands and knees fast scoot.
she is trying to play, interacting with the people in her life, calling the doggies and throwling balls for them to chase. she loves to sings and sign the itsy bitsy spider, and her current thrill is staying up til 3am.
Niamh is a beautiful, shining bright star. who makes everyone around her smile.
we love you Niamh.

Happy 4th Birthday Addy!


four years ago, this morning at 1:04 am, my first born daughter, Adelaine Dahlia Lee was born into the world.At that very moment four years ago i became a mother. Mother to an amazing little girl. my AddyBean.Addy has grown into an amazing child.She is no longer a helpless little wiggly bundle of baby. Now she runs and jumps and plays. she pretends to be a pirate, a princess, a dog, a mommy, an astronaut, a midwife, and many other fantastic things. She no longer coos, or babbles. Now she talks, near constantly, run on sentences are commonplace, as are fun new made up words. She is learning some french and spanish, and her vocabulary in all three languages grows each day.She is learning to read and write, her drawing skills improve each time she picks up a pen, pencil, crayon, marker, chalk, etc.She loves puzzles, and lace-up boards, and playing in the dollhouse that used to be my sisters when she was young.Adelaine amazes me every single day.My heart swells with love for her more and more with each passing day.Addy Bean, only 1 hour old.Addy Bean 10 hours oldhappy new family of 3.happy new DaddyHappy new MamaCamping May 08Wrestling with baby sister NiamhTakedownsnuggle timegetting tackledTicklesplaying with Daddyhanging around. June 08Big smilestelling the pirate jokeBirthday present!a pup named Browniesnuggle buddyBirthday party July 08!Birthday smileshappy birthday girlbestest buds for lifeTheBean and T-Bonegoofball besties[...]

family update


youngest to oldest eh?Niamh: saying a huge ammount of words, lets see if i can remember them all: hi, bye, up, dog, doll, book, ball, bubble, Addy, mama, daddy, nana, papa, more, balik(for milk), teetee(for kitty), and thats all i can remember off the top of my head. i am SURE there are more.she signs doggy, mama, milk, ball, waves bye and hi, and sometimes on occasion signs more.She has first two top teeth, and three bottom teeth in. and the last front bottom tooth is giving us a really hard time. its made her clingy and whiney and all over crabby.she isnt army crawling anymore, ts up on handsand knees now, and she is cruising around holding onto furniture!!!! on the bed she can also stand all by herself for up to 30 seconds, but hasnt yet tried it on the hard floor. cautious just like big sis was.and, she is going to be 1 (one!!!!!!!) on the 29th, so, i have started feeling a little bittersweet watching all of these milestones happen.Addy: is just blowing me away with some of the stuff she says. lots of "actually" and "in fact" and "welllllllll" she is a sass pants and a half!she is learning to write her name, can write some other letters too. she draws whole stick figures, with hands and feet, and faces, she can sight read about 20 words, including Subway. btw, according to Addy "did you know that Subway means 'eat fresh'?" lol.She is wearing a size 12 shoe! i think i was in 2nd grade wearing a 12!!!! she is wearing 6/7 tops and 7/8 bottoms. seriously growing!For Addys birthday coming up my mom and dad bought her a puppy, just for her.she is head over heels in love with him. he is 12 weeks old, a shih tzu dachshund mix but he looks like a teddy bear. She named him Brownie, like the dessert, cause he is so sweet.she snuggles him to sleep every night.its so hard to wrap my brain around the fact that Addy will be 4 in 6 days! four!!! she is.... just amazing. i love her so much it still fighting the good fight and starting to come out on top of the PPD. it hit me really hard this time and it took me a while to accept it. for some reason i thought i couldnt possibly have ppd, because i had a perfect birthing experience, and two wonderful beautiful children. but i DO have it, and i have to make a big effort to tae my 5-htp a few time a day, and not let myself get sucked into the negative thoughts.i am trying to do wii fit often, and find that the more i do it, the better i feel. but like everything else its not easy to accomplish when i have an 11mo cling on and an almost 4 yo tazmanian devil.i currently have the ick. feeling hard to breathe, sore throat, full lungs, and faucet nose.amazingly no one else is really sick. just me.most night i am crying myself to sleep, because of whats below.Morgan: oh man. where to start.long story short. Morgan needs heart surgery. to replace his aorta, and possibly a will be soon ish we think. still need to go have the consult with the surgeon together as a couple.he has amazing doctors working with him to get him the best care available.he is SO full of anxiety. he is popping lorazepam like its candy.i am trying really hard to be supportive and be his rock. but its really hard for me to take care of two kids and a negative sucking black hole of anxiety for a husband. i KNOW i need to be the best wife i can be and support him. but he is acting like a victim and not a survivor, and i honestly dont know how to emotionally cope with it. i'm trying tho. and [...]

thank you V


since our babies were young, only a few weeks old each, V has pumped her over supply of breastmilk and donated it to Niamh.
V is an amazing woman, and mother. she has three kids, and manages to nurse her son, and find time and energy to pump milk for Niamh.
i got really lucky in finding V. her son was born 9 days before Niamh was. and she had/has a ginormous over supply. so much that she can feed her adorably chunkalicious son, AND pump enough milk for Niamh, and at times two other babies who suppliment.
we have never had to really stress about where our milk suppliment is coming from, are we going to have enough, and is the milk a good age match for our baby, or do we need to try and limit the milk because we might run out...
alot of milk recipients go through those worries on a daily basis.
thanks to V and her amazing gift of milk, we have never had those worries.
over the past 11 months i have found myself adding V to the short roster of people i call friends. she is just so amazingly gernerous, and kind, and giving.
we are sad to say goodbye to V and her family.
they are moving to CA tomorrow.
i am going to miss V, and her kids, and her husband.
they are a really wonderful family.
i am really happy for them and the opportunity they have been given.
but i am sad to see them go.

so now its time to find a new donor, or two. cause not many women can pump as much as Niamh suppliments with in one day.

without the love and kindness from women like V, us low supply moms and milk recipients would really feel pretty down. knowing there are women out there sacrificing their time and energy and give the amazing gift of their milk to moms and babies that need it, really makes me feel a bit better about the world we live in.