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underground truth

Updated: 2014-10-07T07:36:12.530+02:00


And they all lived happily ever after.


I am no longer posting here. Thanks to all of you who checked in on a regular basis, its been good, and I am sure some of us will keep in touch via email.

You can find me here until further notice.

The Last Post


I read my last post again and chuckled at my passionate outburst. Out of context it could seem like I am at the end of it and on the verge of calling it quits. That's not the case.

God has led a journey for us and it's been wild and dangerous. We've had so much church crap beaten out of us and it's taken a while for us to settle in what I feel called to do. It's slowly becoming clearer and clearer as we learn to be obedient.

I am passionate about the Kingdom of God and I want to see the Rule and Reign of Christ come in the city of Cape Town and beyond. We have been guilty of shying away from the gunfire, as we've had our fair share - but time to move on, it's time to stand up again and take some risks.

Perhaps the season of this blog has come to an end?? No this does not mean that I'm not going to be blogging at all - it just means that this blog feels a bit foreign to me. Can't explain it, so I am not going to make any rash decisions.

Speaking of blogs: A friend of ours has one - Verity's Blog

Fred posted about her on the Ideate site:

In brief, Verity is a singer / songwriter, who has found the experience of cutting a record in South Africa pretty difficult. Instead of getting disillusioned, Verity brainstormed some ideas and decided to sell 'future copies' of her CD. In other words, if you like her music and believe in her, you will pay now for a CD that will be recorded later. You can go to her website, download her songs and then buy through the online payment system.

She needs R300, 000 and she is roughly one fifth of the way. This blog tracks her progress on a day to day basis. She is currently in Nashville, Tennessee and is going to start actively making people aware of her journey. Go and check it out and subscribe. If you believe in music, Verity's blog will remind you why.

The Truth


Sometimes it takes a while for me to get something! Over the past while I have got some things that I think will have a radical effect on the way I live my life from this point.

We'll I can, but it just won't last - every church that I have tried to plant has failed dismally. Paul never planted a church, so who am I to think that i'll pull it off. (Note to self: Don't use the term "church planting" again.)

The things that are really happening here in Cape Town are the things that human hands have had very little to do with. I can plant a seed, I can water a seed, but I can't make it grow - only God can.

Lately, I am finding increasingly difficult to speak to church people. I don't want to talk about church model, I don't want to talk about House Church and I don't wanna talk about who the latest and the greatest is on the Christian music front! Enough already. Last week we pulled down our "church community website" because I can't handle being the local church matchmaker anymore.

A bit of a rant I know, but I just needed to get it out.

Our Kids


(image) A friend of ours has recently opened a photographic studio in his home and this is one of the gems he produced. I love it because it captures the personality of Terryn & Skylar. (image)

You might get snow


The fact that I am breaking my long blog absence, might just mean that you'll get snow today!

I just wanted to to say a good hearty cheers for the year. Hope you all have a fantastic time with your friends and family over this festive season. And if I was real cheesy I would say, "Remember the reason for the season!". But I'm not, so I won't. I don't really dig Christmas anyway.

See you again in 2006!

(BTW - If you live in South Africa and are looking for a real cool Christmas gift - check out

New Business: Bug Zapper


I told you something big was going down last week.

Well basically we set up an extreme business environment, where we had to start an actual online business in three days. Well we did it, you can have a look at our new online business:

Take my advice - these things are really cool and you can buy them on the site. They turn irritating mozzie's into a positive experience. It's like having a real light sabre!

The whole experience was awesome - we have had some interest from a major TV Journalism programme, they have phoned us a couple of times and are looking at doing a story.

You can read about the whole experience here, we set up a blog.

Something big is going down next week!



The Gospel Corrupted... - Part 2


Just yesterday I stumbled across another Dallas Willard quote (my previous post also featured Willard), which I felt is really so pertinent to the discussion around our journey:

"Why don't Christians look more like Christ? To those bothered by the statistics indicating in the areas of divorce, materialism, sexual promiscuity, racism, and physical abuse, that American Christians behave no differently than the culture around them. The problem, Willard says, is that we do not practice spiritual formation. Churches have not designed their ministries to help people believe and behave differently, because many church leaders have simply gotten the message of Jesus wrong."

What is the gospel we preach? It's easy to intellectually respond to this question and say, "Well the gospel we preach is Jesus Christ and Him crucified."

But perhaps we need to be asking the question, "What are people actually hearing?" When someone spends time with me, what do they go away with? One of the things that really bugged me with much of our conversation surrounding our journey was that I was hearing from myself and others, the "gospel of the new church and the old church crucified!"

I guess this all comes down to what is really in our hearts, for from our hearts flow the issues of life. From the heart the mouth speaks. The journey so far, has most definitely been one of the heart, and the challenge we face is to make sure it remains one of the heart. When we stop walking with Him, our hearts are open to corruption. We become soft targets to legalism and religiosity.

Let us continue.
Let us not stop journeying.
Let us know that Jesus, the One who began a most excellent work in us is faithful, and He will complete it.

Why don't Christians look more like Christ?


According to Dallas Willard, the problem is that we do not practice spiritual formation. Churches have not designed their ministries to help people believe and behave differently, because many church leaders have simply gotten the message of Jesus wrong.


The Gospel Interrupted


Steve recently came across this quote by Dallas Willard about the "emerging church":
"They have a justifiable and healthy reaction against the model of programmatic church, and I think that it's good in many respects. I hope and pray that they find their way and bring us something really positive and good. That remains to be seen. The great challenge for the emerging church is determining their message. Reacting against the modern church is not a gospel. But if their message becomes living in the kingdom at the street level, then that's going to be wonderful." - Dallas Willard
I am not a huge emerging church fan and am simply tired and bored of discussions about the emerging church - but I like this quote. I like it because it calls for accountability, it calls for the so called 'emergers' (I will be kind and include myself in this) to take stock of their message and the gospel that they preach.

I have a justifiable (sometimes not) and healthy (sometimes unhealthy) reaction against the model of programmatic church because I have seen and experienced the 'fruit' of it. I am tired of reacting and don't wanna live there anymore!

The True Gospel of the Kingdom, the Message of Jesus, impacts people at street level - it can't be hidden in the confines of a livingroom - it is visible and in your face. It draws the carrier to the unwanted, the forgotten, the broken and the unlovely. It offends, impacts, heals, delivers and brings freedom to all those who embrace it.

So what is the gospel we preach?

It's not about words as much as it is about a Person - Jesus. The challenge for us is to make sure that we present the Person and not just the words.

Naturally Connected


This picture really does something to me - no its not a spiderweb, its actually dew on the inside of a dandelion (here is the original pic). To me it a wonderful representation of the organic nature of connections in relationships/communities of faith.
(via Hamo)

New Blog


Four local guys have started a new blog! We are hoping to get seven in total, the idea being that we each have a specific day to post every week. All of us are connecting in the Cape Town area on a regular basis and all on a similar journey. Seems to be off to a good start.

Check out Journey Fusion

How does this make you feel?


(image) Link

Hate Mail


A couple of weeks back my wife received her first hate mail!

Not because she's famous, or because she's a strong Bush supporter (which she's not!), but simply because she happens to be the mother of a 6 year old boy called Skylar. Yep, my son was hacked off with his mother and decided to express exactly how he was feeling. I love it!

(image) (not sure if you can make it out, buts it's a heart crossed out and a mother crossed out...Sweet!)
It's not easy being a mom! On top of the "normal" parenthood responsibilities, we are homeschooling both of our kids so it REALLY isn't easy. Having said all of this, we wouldn't swop it for anything in the world - the joy far outweighs the pain!

At the time Charise really struggled with this little note, it was hard not for her to take it personally - but experience tells us that these little "freak outs" are not really meant and there is Grace to move on.

Here's to Moms!

(by the way, the picture of Skylar was taken when he had the flu...he doesn't always look like this...just in case you're wondering.)

While were talking about a logo...


I loved what Seth Godin had to say about the logo:

"What I hope you'll see is that all a logo needs is to be GOOD ENOUGH (I know, I'm the guy who says good enough is a curse). Why is it okay to have a non-wonderful logo? Because the logo is just a placeholder. It gains value AFTER it hits the world, because people associate things with it.

Imagine a classroom in 1912 with kids named Elvis, Ronald, Margaret, Donald and Madonna in it. You wouldn't know who to make fun of first. It seems as though the abstract quality of a name or a logo (both blank slates) is not as important as what you do with it."

You can read the whole post here.

New Beginnings


Today we finalised the logo of the new company are starting. I haven't really mentioned anything about Live Alchemy yet, I guess I wanted to wait until things we are little more finalised. Basically we are going to be helping people to improve their websites usability and return of investment. Jon and I are involved with getting this new baby off the ground, but we lean heavily on the shoulders of Andrew and Fred's extensive web technology and marketing experience.

This brings up the number of companies that we are currently involved with to 3! Our Canadian friends Kyle & Kate think we are nuts and can't understand what the deal is with South Africans and new businesses! This is what I love about this country - it's full of bright, young, budding entrepreneurs and it's exactly what this country needs - thousands and thousands of SME's starting every year.

We have been open for business for nearly two weeks now and we are already seeing some great results.

I'll keep you updated.




Lost in Atlantis


On the weekend I was asked to go and talk at a church community in a town called Atlantis. It's a small town of about 70 000 people, established under the old Apartheid regime and was basically some idiots idea to shunt the Cape Coloured community to one side, hoping they wouldn't interfere with the idiots nice little 'white existence'. They did this by moving many of the manufacturing plants out of Cape Town and thus forcing the settlement of the workforce in the area. They mainly do textile, but this whole industry is under some pressure at the moment in South Africa, due to the cheap imports from the Asian community - so not what an already impoverished people need.

I asked my friend and business colleague Fred to join me as I believe in team, and where possible, never doing anything alone. A good friend of mine helped start this church about 5 years ago and has since transitioned into a group of house churches. They still connect together on a weekly basis, and as a result, I think they have struggled to lose the usual "Sunday Service feel" - but hey, we will let God do what He wants to do.

On our way out of Atlantis, we were again faced with the reality of how many people are still living in poverty - I wish I had a camera with me to take the picture. On the one side of the road there was a beautiful lush green field, framed by some lovely trees and on the other side, just 20 meters away, an informal settlement. Little 'houses' made from wooden packing pallettes and sheet metal, built straight onto the beach sand. And you know what Jesus says about building a house on the sand!

It was quite something.

Emerging Church Blog Turn-off Week


My previous post gave me an idea, so I decided to finish off my friday afternoon with a bit of fun.

This weekend Charise and I are flying up to Joburg to hang out with our good friends, Bernard & Jenny, Justin & Annemie, James and Janine at a Game Lodge. Charise will come back on Monday to be with the kids and I'll be staying on for Futurex on Tuesday - The BlueBox has a Stand up so we'll be giving it our support - Andrew and Aubrey fly up on Tuesday for the day. We'll all be back Tuesday night, ready for a full day of business on Wednesday. Now you know.

Have a cooker weekend!

Viral Yawns


It's Friday afternoon and I am yawning a thousand times too many! I'm not the only one having a good Friday yawn! I caught it from Darren. He's in his Livingroom contemplating whether or not Emerging Church blogs are getting stale, and he's yawning because Mark at the First Epistle of Mark started it all!

Homosexuality as a Sin


To be honest, I have avoided the discussion of Homosexuality on my blog because it is one of those 'Hornet's Nest" topics, that needless to say needs some serious attention in the church. I remember last year trying to find a book on Homosexuality in a Christian Bookstore - and they didn't have one! Well anyway, Graham Codrington has been Man enough to talk about it, an interesting conversation is brewing at Regeneration@FutureChurch.

Graham asks some excellent questions:
Which of the following activities is sinful?
  • Two men meet each other
  • Two women go out to dinner together, and enjoy each other's company
  • Two men phone each other every day and talk for an hour at a time
  • Two women greet each other with a kiss every time they meet
  • Two men share rent and live in "digs" (in separate rooms in a single house)
  • Two women agree to pool their income each month, and share expenses
  • Two men go hiking together and swim naked in a remote rock pool
  • Two women agree to foster an orphan child together
  • Two men go to the movies together and hold hands throughout the show
  • Two women agree to spend the rest of their lives living together in companionship
  • Two men agree that they are each other's best friends (soul mates above all other friendships)
  • Two women sleep in the same bed naked
  • Two men, involved in a committed relationship, have sex with each other
  • Two women invite a third woman to join them in a sexual encounter
Let me stop there.

I'd like to know where you "draw the line" and why?
Hmm! Great questions!

Ordinary Attempts


In 1996, a small group of Christians frustrated with the standard approaches to evangelism resigned from witnessing and began researching what it would look like if evangelism were a normal part of our lives.

Out of this research emerged a spiritual practice we call...

Ordinary Attempts ... evangelism for the rest of us.

Over the past few years, hundreds of stories have come from people all over the world who've found a more natural way of connecting with their missing friends using Ordinary Attempts (OA s).

We gather those stories here.

So we're a bunch of Egomaniacs!


"What sort of ego do bloggers have? We spend the time and the energy and the money to post our opinions to the world, and we do it daily, or even hourly, often on topics on which we have no obvious authority..."

Don't worry, its not all bad news - there is a flip side to Seths post. Read the good news here.

Lost and Found


I thought Steve Gee had fallen off the planet, but ahoy! He's back! Or rather, I had his old blog address (I even tried to Google him once, but no joy).

I have connected with Steve the last couple of times I have been in the UK and have really enjoyed the time together. He keeps hinting at a trip to SA for him and Tammy, so if you need a tribal art piece personally couriered over from SA to the UK, they are the ones that can do it for you...provided you pay for their travel expenses.

Steve, good to have you back mate!