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Everyday is a discovery.

Updated: 2017-08-17T20:21:15.920-07:00


Hamas video- on Ideology and speeches


Hamas video- on Ideology and speeches given before the Israel started to defend itself on Dec 27 2008.

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Miri Ben-Ari


A great Israeli singer.

God Almighty When Will It End? Subliminal & Miri Ben-Ari
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Miri Ben-Ari Symphony Of Brotherhood
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Miri Ben-Ari On Apollo
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Subliminal feat. Miri Ben-Ari - "Klassit ve Parsi"/"Baba ba"
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Miri Ben-Ari | RBK | I am what I am
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Miri Ben-Ari "The Hip-Hop Violinist"
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Bubbles forming and bursting


To me it seems like when one bubble bursts we get in another bubble.
from '95 to '01 we had the dot-com bubble and declined for roughly 2-3 years.
Immediately after the burst burst of the dot-com bubble we were in the housing bubble (2001-2005).
The housing bubble burst 2006 and has been declining ever since.
Now we are in the oil bubble.

My guess on it is that when one bubble bursts people put there money in another bubble until that bursts. Because it is all about getting a higher return.

Let me know what you guys think.

Solo on Nagara (DRUM) - Roman rubinov


This is a great nagara player.
Once you hear it you will love it, simply put.
Five minutes of beauty.

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here is a clip of him playing at the age of 7.

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nice clarinet


nice song
I'm not Armenian, but still think it is a great song.
If anyone knows the words to this song please post.


Camel Jumping in Yemen


They are actually jumping over camels.
There is a small mound of dirt that they they use to jump over the camels.


Israeli - Palestinian conflict


Interest video of the Israeli - Palestinian conflict :)

Israeli - Palestinian conflict - The funniest bloopers are right here

Old Video of Lion Hugging 2 Men


Old video of lion hugging men in the wild after captivity
This is interesting especially if it is true what is written in the video.

Lions Hugs Man - Watch the best video clips here

Very Funny Video


Extremely funny pics in this video.

Amazing Photos - Watch the top videos of the week here

Chimp smoking


A video of a chimp smoking which is interesting for whatever it is worth.
But what I don't understand is towards the end of the video the chimpanzee stands next to the fence and starts look at the people and claps.
Why does he stand up and clap is very interesting.
Wish I knew why.

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Karate chimp


This is great.
Videos of a chimpanzee doing karate.

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Another vid of that chimp doing more karate.

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Muboraksho Mirzoshoyev - Tajik Music


Muboraksho Mirzoshoyev was a Tajik(Probably Pamiri) Singer.
I came across his songs which are pretty good. Sang in Tajiki- a form of Farsi.
Go to His wiki, for more info.

Muboraksho - Ayy Yorum Biyo
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Muboraksho- Ay joni man asirat

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Muboraksho - Imshab

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Lion Hugs And Kisses Man


Video of a Lion showing affection to a person.
Very interesting.

Lion Hugs And Kisses Man - Click here for this week’s top video clips

Name of the plane that crashed in the World Trade Center


Interesting video on the name of the plane that crashed in the World Trade Center.
Thanks to the person who put the comment.
I did a search and found it that it is an urban legend.
The video below is not true.
For more info. about the this video not being true go to the below link:

What is interesting, is the fact that "NY" in the Microsoft font Wingdings does produce "death to the Jews" in symbolic form. Whether this was done intentionally or not I have no idea. The reason I think it is interesting is because NY has one of the highest population of Jews in the USA and throughout the world.

World Trade Center , The Name Of Plane.. - Click here for another funny movie.

Quit Smoking - Encouraging Video


Nice experiment on what smoking leaves on your lungs after smoking only one cigarette.

Do You Smoke? U Got To Watch This... - The most amazing videos are a click away

Latest Touch Screen


Interesting Touch Screen video

Latest Touch Screen - Click here for the funniest movie of the week

Albanians rescue Jews in WW2 - plus videos


I was playing around with Google, looking for interesting videos.
To my surprise I came across a set of videos dedicated on the courageous Albanians who saved the lives of Jews during WW2 while putting there lives on the line.

The videos are filled with a lot of information about how individual Albanians would risk there own lives to save the life of a Jew or a family of Jews. This act done by Albanian individuals made an impact on the fact that not one Jew in Albania was sent to a concentration camp during the holocaust. It was a 100% rescue of the Jews from the Holocaust. I am not sure if an other country under Axis domination could boast about this.

To read more about this

Albanian Muslims rescue Jews in WW2 #1:
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Albanian Muslims rescue Jews in WW2 #2:
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Albanian Muslims rescue Jews in WW2 #3:
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Israel and Iran and the whole picture


I came across a video on Google discussing the relationship between Iran and Israel.
It is a very interesting video with great points being made.
Anyone interested in the conflict between Iran and Israel and in the Middle East as a whole should watch this video.

This video is from Google titled "Israel and Iran – Ideological Foes or Strategic Rivals?"
"Trita Parsi at a lecture for Iranian Studies Group (ISG@MIT)talks about the relationship between Iran and Isreal over the last 3 decades." -source Google


Funny Frog - makes weird noise


I found a few videos on youtube of a frog making a funny noise.
The frog almost sounds like a cat.
It is hilarious. You have got to watch all of them.

part 1

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part 2

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part 3

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Solar Powered Bike- eco friendly


picture compliments of

Before I showed you the solar umbrella.
Now there is a solar powered bike.
The bike automatically charges the batteries on the bike for later use. It can go up to 19 miles an hour.
You really don't need to go more than that do to safety concerns.
The bike sells for $1,295 and there is a conversion kit for your current bike that costs $795.
I like the conversion kit idea. Wouldn't want to fill up those landfills any faster.

Go to there website for more info:

It would be nice to get some feed back on anyone who owns this bike.

Solar or wind Energy- which is better for you ?


Ever wanted to create your own energy for your home but didn't know which way to go wind solar?
Or didn't know how much kilowatts you would get?
A website was created that lets you put in your address and it shows you on a google map what would be best for your location.
That is so cool.
It also show you the incentives you would get from the government.
Go to this site

and type in your info where it says Can "Generate Clean Energy"

Eating Avocados maybe good for oral health


According to a Ohio State University's Comprehensive Cancer Center study, eating avocados may help prevent oral cancer.
It was not an extensive test but it did show some promise.

Avocados are full of beneficial antioxidants and phytonutrients.
To read more go here

Firstborns are smarter...


Guess what I will tell my younger brother?
I found scientific proof that the first born is the smartest of the siblings.
On average of course.
According to a New York Times article, this is the case.
But, the younger siblings have carved out a niche for themselves in the family also.
Younger siblings tend to be more adventurous.
Also, some of the greatest scientists where younger siblings, like Charles Darwin and Nicolaus Copernicus.

Read this article for more info

When good people do brave things - Egyptian scientist praises Israel


I was having lunch with a co-worker today talking about politics, Middle Eastern that is. It was my opinion that sooner or later there won't be an Israel if the current political pressures and demographic outlook doesn't change (seems like both are anti-Israel). My co-worker said that it will not be so. (He's a Japanese-American).

After work, I read an article on Mohammed Sayed Saber an Egyptian engineer accused of spying for the Mossad, had praised Israel in court. This is truly inspiring. There was no politics to his courtroom speech. He was saying what he felt, even at the cost of his own freedom. This is truely a brave and self-less act. Unlike the judge, Mohammed Reda Shwakat, who upon hearing the speech called him to the bench, so that the courtroom will become silent of the truth.

The speech, in its core, was a comparison of the society he lives in (Egyptian) and of the society he rather live in (Israeli).

Egyptian Charged As Spy Praises Israel

Throat Singing


I will start of May with throat singing.
I was playing around on the internet when I found something very interesting.
The sound was so strong and almost cuts through your soul.
It was very vivid for me, and reminded me of a sound a Buddhist would create.
This sound is produced by a technique called "Throat singing".
It is an unusual but pleasant sound.

Here is a link to the first song I heard which might be my favorite one.
It is performed by Amyr Akchin from the Altai region of Siberia : Altai Kai Throat Singing
You have to listen to the whole thing.

This guys is showing off his throat singing ability to some Americans,from what
I can tell from the video. He is pretty good: Mongolian Throat-singing, dissected

Here is a link of a guy who makes wobbly sounds (due to lack of a better term I am using wobbly ). To me it sounds wobbly

Here is a link that has more info. on throat singing: khoomei

Do it yourself