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Comments on: The Journey of Unlearning

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By: Unfolding Leadership » The Cost of the Script

Mon, 05 Feb 2007 22:59:28 +0000

[...] The Journey of Unlearning [...]

By: Dan

Sun, 28 Jan 2007 19:42:19 +0000

As always, Nick, so eloquent. For some reason, your words also remind me how all of us can help each other with this process of unlearning. Sometimes, it takes another person, stranger or friend, to say a word or two that unlocks the whole thing. It's love in some form, I believe, that awakens -- that is -- the Self, that allows the "stepping back." Love that is not different from realization. Sometimes another's words trip the levers by reminding us just how untrue our scripts, and all they are based on have become. Thank you, Nick. Your observation is beautiful.

By: Nick Smith

Sun, 28 Jan 2007 18:41:30 +0000

Dan, another way that I have found to be beautifully simple and easy is this: 1. Appreciate: When we recognise a pattern or script acknowledge if for what it is - a strategy of mind that at some point we took on board to help us. We often look at these patterns as bad, but we originally embraced them for something they give us - maybe a way to help us feel secure or placate a feeling of loneliness; or maybe they were a way of grappling what we wanted from a world that seemed competitive and unfair; or perhaps it was a way of enhancing or protecting our self image. 2. Accept: Now that we no longer resist these patterns but instead see them as something that served us, we are free to recognise that they are no longer useful to where we are right now. We can accept that although they once served who we thought we were, they are no longer applicable to the new path that we are on. 3. Heal: In this acceptance we can now turn our attention back on itself to 'that which is aware' of all these patterns, beliefs and scripts - to our Self, the awareness that witnesses them come and go - and see that this, our Self, is totally beyond being affected by any of these story lines it is aware of. In seeing that they are just that - story lines in the story of my life, they loose all power. We can now see that the problem is not these scripts themselves but in our loosing the sense of the awareness that is aware of them when we start to identify our 'selves' with our scripts. We see that the story cannot affect the story teller unless the story teller starts believing that the story is reality instead of the awareness that creates, struggles against and ultimately steps back and simply becomes aware of them. And in seeing this we are healed. Dan I hope this makes sense and is in someway useful. All the best to you my friend.