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10th Anniversary


Paint Party Friday   Valentines day, Feb 14th 2018 my daughter celebrated her 10th wedding anniversary! It'sshocking to think she'd been married a whole decade. Where did that time go? They hadn't anything too special planned   for Valentines since they had a few concerts to attend on the  weekend!  But with a stroke of natures luck  it started to snow  a few hours before midnight on the 13th! photo credit cupcakeOne of their biggest joys is walking in  the snow!So for their tenth anniversary nature gifted themsnow! They were out well after midnight and made a sweet video that was scooped up by our local  news feed  and shared online!Teaching children to find joy in simple pleasuresis a great gift to pass on! Unlike some parts ofCanada we don't often get much snow. So whenwe do it's a real treat! That midnight walk in thesnow will not soon be forgotten! It marks theirspecial day in a magical way! Earlier that evening Beardo was contactedthat he won a free date package. It included  a heart shaped tin of their  favourite chocolates  movie passes, pizza, and box of balloons! What was to be an uneventful day for thissweet couple turned into a lot of joy!Sometimes having a positive attitude and letting the universe take over works better than if you planned it yourself!  These two  take good care of each  other, laughing and chatting   daily!Instead of putting huge expectations on each other,  they live simply, with kindness and respect for each other! Even though they have loads in common,  which I always believed to be the thread   that binds long relationships. They have their own interests, but  always put eachother first!  I'm glad I've been able to experience my child in such a beautifulmarriage, to such  a kind,  loving man! With my blessing these two elopedin Vegas and agree they'd do it all over again the exact same way! Fifteen years together they  do things with practicality and great thought! Even though it's a little late I'm wishing this old fashioned couple so many more years of love, laughter, and music! These two are winners in every way! Starting from thefirst year of marriage when they won an all expensespaid trip to Mexico!From one thing to another they  have had so much provided to themin a winning way! They both havefaith, tons of generosity, empathyand positive attitudes.Life has fed these two some difficult moments and yet they shine through it!How you handle  difficulties reallytests your character....theyCHOOSE to see the positive as much as possible! They accept that life is often veryimperfectly perfect as long as they have each other!! Have you ever asked yourself what your expectations are for love?[...]

Birthday dedicated to my daughter!


Paint Party FridayDedicated to my daughter! Happy Birthday Cupcake!No words can express justhow much I love you and howmuch you have taught meover your thirty two years of life!A patient sweet child who stood beside me at five while my mom was dying. Kindly visiting anotherlonely old woman in the adjacent bed! You have been such a treasure over the years! One I over indulged whilegrowing up, but has repaid my love and kindness ten fold since!The hearts were digitally created out of my acrylic painting! You have given me true unconditional love over the years. Which I cherish more than you will every know! I hope you never feel underappreciated for  all that you are and  do! I love how much you appreciate a simpleday, a walk, preparing a good meal,  planting a few flowers,a giggle, taking a photo and watching a good flick! You enjoy simple beauty with such gratitude!It's a blessing to observe!photo credit CupcakeI love how you value a dollar and canstretch it into ten with your couponing skills! Your gratitude towards anythingyou've won or been given since you were two goes beyond measure!It seems you were born thankful!I love this arty photo Cupcake took when she received a complimentary lipstick!We are different in so many ways,yet the same too!  You've been such a gift to my life. Helping me to see the world just a little differently! You've made me a better person! The big surprise is what a homebodyyou have become over the years!From a teen who had no desire to cook, to a woman who creates newinnovative meals! One who sews,paints up old furniture, and takes photos daily!You have truly grown into a womanof substance with a humanitarian heart!Loving, beyond words! You have so muchcompassion for others yet great boundaries for the energy vampires!All the above hearts were created from the following paintings!It amazes me how all the people you befriended as a child have became amazing adults! Your childhood intuition for surrounding yourselfwith exemplary people went above and  beyond! A lesson that personally took me years!! The best part of my day is when Ihear you and Beardo giggling! I love it when you send me photoslike the one above to make smile!Original acrylic painting!Silly fun things excite you! Like watching cartoons in bed. Drinking out of a plastic troll cup! Playing a  game of mario, getting something free in the mail, running in a patch of sunflowers, or saying hello to  a Llama!!! Even though you had to grow up sooner than normal, thankfully you managed to keep the child inside alive! Something we have in common even though I don't like cartoons!! In all the right moments you area wise and serious adult! You see beyond the flaws to the the heart of people! You don'texcuse bad behavior, or evensurround yourself with it!However you do try to understand it! Your compassion is beyond most! I love you so much darling daughter,and feel so blessed by our close friendship.There are no words to Thank you  enough,for all that you do for me daily! How caring,loving and thoughtful you are with me! You deserve amazing things in your life everyday! I'm wishing you allyour hearts desires, a life filled  with joy and love everyday!Happy Thirty second Birthday Darling!What are some of your quirky guilty pleasures?[...]

Enhanced or not?


Paint Party FridayAs I continue to just play in colour I'm fascinated how a line here and there can make such big changes!I'm also fascinated  how some colour changes are so terrific while  others aren't! Much like relationships,  colour can be  enhanced by changes, other  times it just doesn't work!I've always said the measure of a good relationship is whether the two people are enhanced by each other or dragged down!If a relationship of any kind makes you a better person then it's worth a few pains along the way. However if it's constantly fraught with drama it's truly  worth letting go!I've had to do that over the years and  it can weed out the angst from your life! I think we owe it to ourselves to  live a peaceful life!Have you had to walk away from a person or situation that just wasn'tserving enough peace in your life?[...]

Still Playing with Colour!


Paint Party FridayI'm still happily playing with colours! I happen to love this little pattern. It would make a good fabric  When I started playing I thought I might use these  journal pages as a first layer. Not these ones though I like themtoo much! The blue one below is the  original! I love how the colour transitioned on this piece!I'd like to thank Susan at the blog Scattered for her sage comment last week. When she said,"Each generation has it's challenges and they just seem to get more complicated." It put everythinginto perspective for me! You are so right Susan! It frustrates me to see the same issuesrear their ugly heads from generation togeneration. I thought we had so many kinks ironed out, but some issues tend to repeat. My mom always said, "History" repeats itself. How right she was in many ways!You always want better for your children. Yet this generation doesn't quite seem to have the same choices as we had! They'have different choices. It's yet to be seenif they are better.  For now I will focus on the good, continue to play with colour and finish a large canvas I am working on! Hope you all have a great week!Do you think life is better for this generation than in our day? [...]



Paint Party Friday Discombobulated is what I have felt going into this New Year! It didn't help that I held onto a very nasty virus for the last sixteen or so days!! Last year I didn't use a word to start off my year. It made 2017 a bit  too scattered for me! My children accomplished a lot on my behalf...but looking back I feel my art suffered a bit. It was an odd year, but I came out a winner with a newly painted room and bedroom suite... which I spend far to much time in lately!!Even though I am surrounded by so much love and kindness I have so many mixed emotions around the state of the world these days! The declining  ethics really disturbs me!  I feel like there is a huge magnifying glass over all of society, still so many aren't getting the picture!!  I have been creative behind the scenes but had a few weeks where I just put colour to the page in a first layer!  I'm sharing a few pages today!! I also covered up my old lap desk because it was so full of paint!!  Some of the old lines are  still showing through!!As I am starting to recover from my virus....last night being my best night sleep in weeks. I am pondering what direction I need to go for this year.... I am sort of leaning towards the word " Compile".   Last year I didn't have a word to start my year! I think the word " FOCUS"  was my best word of the year in the past!   Even with no word I think  I found my canvas style last year, which I have yet to share. It's all about abstract colour!! I was all over the place though!  This year I need to compile some of my better writing and art together for a full  body of work! I also need to write down some of these deep seeded feelings that are festering in the wings!!  For now I will be around to catch up on your blogs! Just know even though I didn't know what to say or share in the last few weeks  I have missed you all. I will answer the neglected emails too!! Thanks for your support and Happy New Year to all of you! I hope you haven't started off as discombobulated as I have!! What are your big plans this year?Anything fun or interesting creatively or otherwise?Tell me!![...]

Making Christmas Light!


Paint Party FridayWishing you all a season filled with Joy! The aroma of Ginger Molasses cookies fill the air,it's  shortly after six and Beardo is expected homefrom work soon! When he arrives I'll yell, " Hellur"   in Medea fashion with a giggle! He sweetlyanswers back in his sing song voice!! It's nothard to tell he's always excited to be home.A place that greets him with scent of home cookingand love! Not many guys would appreciate Seeing their Mother in law everyday but he doesn't seem to mind at all!!One of my oldest decorations bought in 1973!As Cupcake bustles around finishing off   homemade roasted potato, cauliflower,  and cheese soup  Beardo  changes into  his Cozy clothes! As I sit typing at the computer. I often hear him  under his breath whisper... he takes  in the beautiful food aromas of the house. Cupcake on the way to her nieces wedding!!These are simple perfect moments for me! Even though all seems perfect in the moment! PoorCupcake picked up another  virus at a wedding on the weekend! As we all know Holidays come and go, not without a few unexpected glitches. Every year I try to remind people it's only one or two days. It doesn't always go as planned! People get sick, some are grieving, divorced, alone. Others are in dire  straights in one way or another!  Forgot about that little face on this tree, a decoration I made last year! It's important to remember to treat yourself well during this time. Do something you wouldn't normallydo. For twenty odd years I did beautiful Christmases.After divorce things weren't the same so we reinventedour holidays. Making new traditions! One was to go to dinner,then a Christmas movie in the theatre!! Later driving around to look at pretty lights with Christmas musicblaring in the car! Make new traditions for each situation. I've found that the easiest way to get through though tough spots!Divert yourself from your normal traditions. Watch funny movies. I always get a kick out of Tyler Perry movies!! Binge watch a series on Netflix!  Buy yourself a new cozy outfit, new perfume, eat somethingdecadent. Have a candlelit bath, with a drink, and a good book.....keep adding hot water until you prune up!!Be your own best friend. Ask yourself what you would like! Remember it's only a day! Buy yourself a present or two! Something you've beenlonging for but didn't dare spend the money on! Life can change drastically from year to yearso I always like to reiterate these little  thoughtsthat helped me so much during some of theworst moments in my life!!  A great way to divert yourself is to invite someone to join you...or volunteer to help others! Enjoy achildren's Christmas concert, or join a Christmaseve Church service. During the season there are many events that can be enjoyed alone...or with a friend. Buy yourself a beautiful gratitude journal write all youare grateful for then splash it with paint,and add doodles! On their way to a white wedding!!Many people have obligations they truly abhor during the holidays! Keep the conversation light. Set boundaries andleave early if you need to!   Try not to put too many expectations onyourself or others!! It's just one day!!Find some joy in the small moments!!Wishing you a Day filled with Love!If you would like to enjoy some of my traditional holiday baking recipes go hereMerry Christmas How do you spend Christmas? Do you have any unique traditions? [...]

Peace and Love


Paint Party FridayI was honouring the peace in my life as I bathed. A spiritualplace where my best thoughts are often born. Maybe it'sthe place where I hear what Oprah calls, ``gods whispers!!``  Christmas really is the season to love those whoneed it most! Those who may have made a badchoice along the way! Those less fortunate too!  I have so many blessings in my daily life!  My needs are met plus more! So many don't have that luxury!These two are so easy to love and give so much!! Some people make it difficult to love  them....those are the ones who trulyneed it most!I was so worried about raising a child thatwas privileged and felt entitled. With severaltwists and turns in my life I was fortunatethat didn't happen. Cupcakes seen bothaffluent and lean times! A great lesson for all children! It's not just that she gives generously.... which canbe difficult when you're an only child. She actuallysees those in need. Many people walk by oblivious.Thankfully not my girl.     Cupcake has taught me so much. I must admitover the years I've sometimes been judgementalof those making bad choices. Let's face itnone of us are immune from making abad choice or two. Some are just worsethan others!!Even though our city is extremely multi cultural there are Christmas lights everywhere!My daughter knows there is always  a story behind each person who takes a wrong path!It doesn't stop her from offering a  lonely guysitting by the pharmacy door a few piecesof her pizza! Or buying him a coffee!Potters Christmas tree photo credit CupcakeSo many people need a bit of a hand up!  Or maybe just a bit of acknowledgement! Whether it be pride of whatever they won't ask for help. So many fun lights in our city!! Photo Credit CupcakeDo you know anyone who may need a little love and encouragement to get through the holiday season?After a caroling party the kids looked at lights! Photo Credit CupcakeI feel so grateful for the harmony and peacein my life. I wish all those less fortunate,those feeling lonely, or without, somelove this season! I hope someone"Sees you" truly "Sees YOU"and your needs!! I know this girl sure sees my needs.Somehow manages to meet themwithout me having to ask! I am truly blessed! #feelinggratefulChristmas lights in our city! I always love to see the house where people live!Wishing you Love and Peace this Holiday![...]

Cookies, Christmas, and Colour


Paint Party Friday Just a few of the cookies we decorated together.Sometimes your artistic endeavors overflowinto other aspects of your world! This weekCupcake and I did some Christmas baking together! We even invented a new cookie recipe.  Completely egg-less.. and oh so good!! It was fun but very time consuming!! Definitely  free style and many abstract too!!We made a white chocolate royal icing for the top!  I  put together the turquoise and a kelly green icing! Cupcake mixed the rest!!Seed doesn't fall far from the tree colour wise!  Beardo joined in the fun and decorated a few too!!Cupcakes fun creations! Love the colours!!As you can see life is far from perfect in my world. That boat sailed years ago...thankfully! Honestlyonce you let that need for perfection go life is a lot more enjoyable. It  frees you  to createwhat the soul wants!! For me it's letting outthe colour!! Even when things are old I change them up. That old rockingchair in the following photo was my 1985 Christmas gift...You can read about it here and see the before photo! Those white wall units were originally dark brown stain in the 80's. There are two more I painted black for the dining room.Sometimes all you need is a little paint to spruce things up! Make things a little more current!However in a perfect world there would be a new leather couch in the room!! But it'sstill cozy just the way we like it!!  That should be cookie monster staring down at the cookies... I'm sure he's on that tree!!We made my Nanas shortbread recipe, a yearly tradition! It's a little  different than most! The secret is to knead the dough for at least  20 minutes. You can find the recipe here!!  Only three ingredients too... making them ahead is bestso you leave them time to shorten up!! As you can see I have most colours in my world.Void of browns except for one old pieceof furniture I inherited!! I have vowed to  do a canvas in the New year with a slightly different palette than usual!  In an effort to purge some old paint I will attempt to use up my browns, rustsand creams. It will be a definite challenge!!   As you can see colour is my world. Even as a teen I painted my furniture and bed frame orange and yellow!!Family table needs a touch up in the new year!  We are all so different in our tastes.That's what makes art  and life so darn interesting!If it weren't for the internet we'd neverhave exposure to all the new and wonderfulartist out in the world! People like myselfwho never painted anything more than  furniture until almost fifty years oldmay not have dared to put brush to canvas! Imagine the fun I'd have missed!! What colours do you shy away from?How old were you when you painted your first canvas? [...]

Snow People


Paint Party Friday A very  hypnotic process to once again    create a  series of  snowmen on pieces of scrap cardstock. Takes my mind off the nastiness in todays News feeds!  I have waited  literally decades for certain topicsto be broached in media. Finally in my peaceful years they seem to be relevant. Oh why oh why did it take so long I wonder! In bed alone, my thoughts write pages and pages of words needing to be purged. Yet  I'm still not  ready to  share them! I shall bide my time a little longer. Maybe in the  New Year I will have a say!For now, my colour filled brush will  swoop across the page, sedating a resurgence of old thoughts. The kids on a trek out of the city to see a tree lighting ceremony! I will enjoy the intricate colours of the season!Listening to music, and watching Christmas movies.A wonderful way to encapsulate peace during afrenetic time!! I can honestly say the Christmasfeeling has hit hard this year! It truly is aboutthe love and beauty that surrounds me daily!And all those amazing giggles we have teasingeach other!Decorations were handled completely without my help this year and it was such a blessing!The joy of having your decor done early  affords you the  ability to really savour  the holiday moments blissfully! There is so much pressure on women tostrive for perfection. Now with instagramI'm sure it's even worse! Thankfully I'mpast all that. I think I've taught my Cupcake not to overdo!  These two in hysterics trying to make a fun pose as I look on.After 15 years  together, married ten years in February, these two still know how to play and laugh together daily! After many attempts I finally got a few photos of  them in their onesies! Even though my kids don't exchange gifts they do buy a few novelty Christmas items to celebratethe season. Unfortunately these fun onesies tickled someones sensitive bits so they're going back. These adorable jammas have to be returned, bad fit!Of course I had to sneak a few photos before they did. I'm not a good photographer. Any of the good photos have been taken by Cupcake! The kids enjoyed slowly taking ingorgeous decor at the PottersGarden center! A plethoraof inspiration for any artist! That ninja turtle Christmas sweater pretty much defines his era growing up!!So glad Cupcake takes lots of photos for me to enjoy! What Christmas Sweater would define your era?Mine would be Pink Panther....I loved the character but not the movies with Jacques Clouseau.[...]



Paint Party Friday A little poem written in about fiveminutes one late evening whiledeep in thought! Unfurled The egg  has brokendiscussion now open The yolk of it allwill cause many to fallwaiting in the wingsto see who sings held for years deep withinwaiting for the conversation to beginSubstance abuse, food as drugspain suppressed corked with plugs Civil words never safetrust eroded, an internal chaff On the edge years and yearswaiting until someone hears shake in your boots to be exposedAs they divulge, to gain repose!Someone really knows how to have fun!!These two getting into the spirit with their traditional first peppermint mochatogether to kick off the season! Anyone feeling the Christmas Spirit yet?We like to enjoy the lightsmusic and colours of the season longer than most![...]

Attitude of Gratitude


 Paint Party FridayI splashed colour on the page and coaxed these girls out of the paint! It's difficult not to be happy when you're feeling grateful. I can honestly say despite how sick my daughter and I were there was ALWAYS something to be thankful for. I was counting down the days to feel better. To once again have a really good sleep.This is the back page of my Happytiler peeps journal!Each day I was extremely grateful someone was there to care for me!  I was so fortunate to have a nice bed to cough in, a phone to play games on, and tv in my room to distract me when I couldn't talk for two days! These ladies were coaxed out on the opposite page... hence their similar coloured outfits! Even though there are rough days I always find joy in something. A lot of the time  colour really perks me up too!! Which surrounds me in my home! First snow fall and Cupcakes photos were used in many online News outlets!The leaves were still on the trees when it snowed!!Cupcake loves the snow and took these  in the middle of the night!The week before it was unusually warm at around 70 FahrenheitSadly we both barked like seals for too many days to count!  Which prevented Beardo from getting any sound sleep. The remedies of old didn't work. All thewhile we were sick,  good things continued to happen. Cupcake won a coupleof wonderful restaurant gift certificates, and got two really nice pieces ofclothing in the mail to survey. I had two nice conversations with friends and family.Despite our grief, illness, pain, life still goes on and there are always beautiful little things to be grateful for. Especially when you live in such a rich country as Canada. It's often difficult to tune out the nasty news and sad events but there is alwayssomething equally  of good value  to focus on! Lately,  those days where thenews and coughing get me down I change my focus..... it seems to help. Along with a marathon of Jane the Virgin....on Netflix...what a quirky show that is!!       Other than art what have you been focused on lately? I missed everyone  the last few weeks and will try and catch up on blog reading this weekend!! I pray none of you get the nasty virus we just had!![...]

Suzies Shame


  Paint Party FridayDigital colour manipulation of a wip.This story was shared in 2006 but is quite fitting to share at this moment!SusanAt nineteen, stylishly dressed in a fashionable outfit she closed the door behind the disarray of an alcoholic mother. A properlady at only five feet tall, she appeared to the world as thoughall was normal in her life! The sweet hairdresser would bemeeting a young sailor for a date and was excited at all thepossibilities! He took her to a club to dance!In completion the original will be hung horizontally.She awoke nude, in a closet, with her underwear wrapped around her head.It was nineteen fourty three, and that wasnot a lady like position to be in. She didn't remember dancing,in fact she didn't remember much of anything.Mickey Finns, (named after a notorious underworld Chicago bar owner in the late eighteen hundreds,famous for drugging his patrons with a sedative, then stealing their money,) proved to  be a popular way of forcing demure young women, into unwittingsexual intercourse. Chloral hydrate, a form of sedativeknown as a Mickey Finn was slipped covertly into awoman’s drink. With the innocent woman incoherent,the male was then free to take advantage of her in anillicit way. Just like the male victims of the eighteen hundreds, women had no recollection of what transpired when they awoke. Original wip cradle board.... going to paint out the paisley .. not happy with them...Humiliated and shocked by her state of confusion it was reasonedthat she had been slipped a Mickey Finn. After some time at a medical facility, Susan was diagnosed with gonorrhea.  Speaking roughly in an accusatory tone  a crotchety old nursetreated Susan harshly. Vulnerable and terrified, Susan felt alone inher shame. Later the doctor revealed to the nurse that the youngwoman was still a virgin, hymen in tack. The nurses voice softened with the realization that Susan was not the promiscuous young woman as first surmised! I'm always surprised at the interesting colour that occur digitally.To this day, it’s a mystery how Susan kept her virginity after beingassaulted. It was assumed that the sailor attempted to violate her, was either frustrated at her small size, or at risk of being caughtin the act. Either way, his appalling actions caused Susie greatpain and degradation, resulting in months of care for a Bartholin Cyst. Terrified she’d never be able to have children, she resigned herself to never marry.Another interesting colour combination... I don't mind it!However Susan did marry Al two years later, divulging early in their relationship the possibility of infertility. Althoughshe suffered with Bartholin Cyst flare ups her entire lifeshe bore  two children during her forty one year marriage! I was a very  developed eleven year old  when my mothershared her story. My daughter was also very young when I toldher. It made us acutely aware of how anyone can be  covertlydrugged by acquaintances or even people they think they know.My mom was ahead of her time talking about this subject! She'd be proud to see women finally speaking out!I know I sure am! #metooWere you ever disrespected by someone you least expected? [...]

Making Room for good things!!


  Paint Party FridayI've had this Halloween boot for over 20 years now and I still love it!A few weeks ago I was inspired by Katjas  post as she fought purging some of her outdated art supplies. It's funny how we change our styles as we evolve. Several months ago we did a big blitz on my art supplies. They tended to surround me in boxes, instead of being neatly put away. Many I never touched. Although I got rid of loads of stuff.... I feel the urge to do this once again!! We live in a Colourful house! Beardo before thanksgiving dinner!!I started using up little bottles of paint I had squirreled away in a  plastic drawer originally stored under the stairs, but is now in my bedroom closet!! Years old, many are clumped up and thick....but I thought I would incorporate them into some of my latest work and I am very pleased with how it has turned out!!  It's a bit of a newer style for me but I love the little isolated patterns of swirled paint married on the canvas!! A very old hanging I gessoed over and painted!!For months now almost everything in site has been getting a repaint of some sort! Many furniture pieces have been painted white! I was ready to release some of the whimsy in my home!! I have outgrown some of the colour combinations. Painting it out white or a plain colour has been a nice relief. I have always said a change is as good as a rest!! Those little hearts up the stairs are our homes code of conduct!  Of course there will always been loads of colour in my home, proof are the gypsy pink living room walls, the teal throughout the upstairs!! Still there are punches of colour everywhere because I just can't live without it!! Neither can my family who loves colour...except Cupcake for some reason prefers blank walls in her bedroom. Which is so strange to me!! This Llama is Cupcakes spirit animal that they stopped the car for, so she could have a chat with him!!Growing up she started with red, white and blue in her room with an ikea rainbow comfortersI made. Then she had a pink room with a teddy bear boarder ceiling height. Her third room was  electric blue with purple and blue furniture. For the last ten years as a couple they've  had a black room, which  they love!! Now black just happens to be the trend. I have always been years ahead on trend colours!! The teal upstairs is the first time I have kept a colour longer than ten years!!  I am rambling... my orginal thought was  once you release all the old things in your life it makes room for new things that are needed! These pricey heart shoes were left  in the store. Beardo and I insisted Cupcake get them. Three days later they came home with her!!If you carry around old stuff that isn't being used or valued it just takes up energy and takes away from letting newer better things into your life!! Time and time again we have given so much away and not a week or two later new good things come into our lives so unexpectedly in the strangest ways!! Whether a friend drops by and gives us a bread maker, or we win a contest, or a discontinued perfume magically becomes available at a discount store!! Time and time again new and wonderful things come into our life once we release our old things into the universe!! On rare occasion we sell things, but monthly we give a few bags to charity! The same goes for giving gifts, making food for others, giving away baking... Mother always said what you give away comes back ten right she was!!Flashback Friday to when the kids were still teens!Our intention has always been to give from the heart, we never expect the things we  receive it just happens!! Each and every time we are so grateful!Do you[...]

Sad Week


  Paint Party Fridayperplexed facesSuch a heartbreaking week. I have been crying off and  on, sleeping short intervals at a time, and dreaming every single time the whole week long! Not since the     twin towers tragedy when my brother, the faidy cat flyer was stuck in Toronto sleeping at some random relatives of his ex, trying to avoid  their stinky pillows  have I felt this way! I remember feeling so devastated for the people whoseinnocent family members went to work and never camehomes. I was sick for days. Cupcake and Beardo were married in Vegas, Cupcake often went there for business trade shows, and as youknow they both love their concerts! Even though country music isn't the genre they gravitate to,  a few artiststhey love fall under that umbrella. My kids  could have easily been one of those concert goers! My heart sinks every time I think of it!I just had to paint  to divert my brain. Four sad faces appeared. Sadly even though this happened nothing will change either!People keep doing the same thing over and overexpecting a different result! The exact definition of insanity! Truly this senseless tragedy is a form of insanity in a civilized world!I wanted to try some different features like this bulbous nose!Last week a baby born a few months too early at a pound and a half died. Cupcake    grew up with the father since kindergarten These natural devastating circumstances are difficult enough to  cope with. I knew this man as a sweet little boy..... I partied and laughed with his mom, sawher daily at school drop off and pick up!I went to their trailer on the lake, and drove  on the back  of his dads snowmobile during an epic snow storm. We've all gone in differentdirections now but my heart still  broke for him and his family!Tuesday Beardo found out a man who visited him  regularly at work for years  passed away last month.The sweet father like figure and his wife even showed up at one of Beardos concerts. Somethinghis own parents have never done! He adored   Beardo and the feeling was mutual. Last nightwe watched Gords beautiful memorial videoat separate times. We both went into the uglycry on separate floors!! I only met the man and his wife once but he reminded me ofmy dad. I was so happy this goodman has such an affinity for my dear son in law!! He'll be missed.Then yesterday we found out Cupcakes dad was in a car accident in another Country.Thankfully he is okay. He was shookup and sore! His wife was hurt but should be okay.That's a blessing since the phone call could have been a whole lot different.  I'm sure they are still in shock, we'reso grateful the news wasn't worse,considering the tone of this week!There is a housing crisis in our areaand renters are becoming needlesslyhomeless. It is scary for the averageperson, especially single momswhich I have a real heart for!One of the tent cities has a virusoutbreak....Truly time  for me to absorba great Netflix marathonand count my blessings!! I'm so grateful that Cupcake takes so many photos and shares them ALL with me!! All the outdoor photos are credited to her! I'm daily grateful that my kids toteanything I need up and downstairsfor me since it's difficult to carrythings with a cane!I'm grateful to see my daughterin that beautiful long red sweaterwhich I too would own if it was in my size!! I'm always grateful to live in Canada,where I have clean water and a beautifulroof over my head! There are a millionmore things I am grateful for daily...being alive right now is a really [...]

We need Solutions!


  Paint Party Friday I started the following post last January. Sadly things seem to have exacerbated and we really do have to look for every bit of love and beauty in the world now more than ever if we are to stay sane!! Opening our hearts to new conversations about why people are angry and hurting would probably help too!! Sharing digital art this week! These have been in my arsenal for months!!Taking off  the glasses of judgement  to see past the ugliness in our world seems like a great start for change. While raising my daughter if I spotted bad behavior I didn't just assume it was her fault. I asked myself what I could learn from her behavior and how could I direct it correctly. I like to take negativity where ever possible, find out why, what, how it manifested! If one strategy didn't work I'd look  for another until I found a solution!I haven't shared some of my digital art lately, since I don't have photos of my wip these will have to do!I was never a mother to tolerate bad behavior. I'd always heard that children will try your patience even seek your attention with negative behavior when the positive isn't working. So I always made sure to leave the room if things were to my dismay. Rewarding only good behavior with my attention. I only wish I'd done that with adults behaving badly. Instead I tended to confront them.  Back in the day, my mindset was  Adults should know better, whereas kids sometimes don't. This is 90 degrees Fahrenheit...real feel even hotter!! Insane for Autumn weather!Now I wonder if we ignored the bad acting adults in the world and encouraged only the good  if attitudes might change for the better!  I doubt it!! It seems so many inflate internet banter with trolls who constantly barrage it with nonsense, and stupidity. Not realizing they could be engaging  with a raging alcoholic, a  person in a fit of non medicated mental illness, or a very abused ignorant soul!  When saying nothing can be  message enough. This quirky piece was done months ago, I chuckled when I recently saw it!As a former motor mouth I can tell you silence always spoke volumes to me. I knew instantly there was an opposing opinion. I could be too headstrong for the meek to contend with. Yet I've always appreciated a very strong objective argument written or otherwise.  I often changed my perspective completely after contemplating a fair argument!  Hearing a different perspective often helps me to  rationalize ideas in a new way!  It  helped me grow and change over the years! I'm always grateful to those with opposing views as longs are they are kind in their presentation!Although I am quite passionate about many issues, I much prefer to spend my energy else where  these day! At times I too get revved up, however I  tend to abstain from confrontation! Instead I have passed the torch  to my once very shy Cupcake who is now vocal enough for the both of us, and I love it!  High five Cupcake, always keep your passion alive!! Remember it's not what you say, but how you say it that matters!You make a difference!! Cupcake picking blackberries to freeze just like her grandmother use to!Have you ever had an argument change yourperspective?    Have you ever engaged the internet trolls?  [...]

Don't Send in the Clowns


Paint Party FridayI must have hidden my dislike of clowns really well,because those  closest to me never knew it!  It was a shocking surprise when my ex after  probably fifteen years together gifted me a clown brooch.  I wore it with reluctance.The last pages from my friend little booklet!  Always a bit of a goofball clowning around it  was no wonder people assumed I liked them! One Christmas soon after my daughter was born my mother bought her a little clown doll....Not knowing my particular disdain for clowns,   Cupcake also  had an aversion to clowns and never liked that doll!  Years later someone else gifted me another   clown brooch  feeling it matched my colourful self! It was gaudy and scary,   I never  wore it! Although I did appreciate the kind gesture of love! Of course I too have given many a gift overthe years that may not have been fitting for the receiver. One year I bought the familyfunny bird slippers that chirped when you walked. I thought it would be funny but no  one was impressed except Cupcake!! I still have a set in a Halloween box! Today it would be an instagram hit!! Maybe I was a littleahead of my time!! When I was very young  I crocheted a largeblue pillow for my friends new apartment! In retrospect it was probably not exactly  what she was expecting since she gave  me a beautiful bottle of perfume! I still feel embarrassed about that! I always did things on a budget, but that time I hadregrets that have lasted thirty five years!! As time went on I became a better gift giver!Of course having more money to spendreally helped!! Now when in doubt it's booze, good chocolate or money!! Lap desk in 2015 then it was smeared with paint so I redid it!Lately there is that ugly clown making the roundsall over the net. It's impossible to avoid seeing itsomewhere! I have no idea why I dislike them so much. Maybe it's because it's so easy to hidesomething nefarious behind all the makeup!Repainted it in Dec 2016, then vanished it!! Is there something about you those closest to you never knewuntil late in the relationship? Full of paint splatters this is Sept 2017 lap desk make over!! Have you ever given or received a a gift you really regretted? [...]

Dumb Smart People!


Paint Party FridayI was the five year old who got pneumonia  during  a summer hot spell. Incapacitated, on the patio, placed between two Adirondack chairs pushed together with a pillow for comfort.Not surprising I have been discombobulated during our recent heat wave!Before the smoke returned from the wildfires. Two weeks ago.Wafting smoke sneaks through open windows.Bothersome for breathing I was in somewhatof a state of Zombism for several weeks asI tried to stay hydrated!! Attempting to  reworkolder canvases in the evenings. The weather hascooled and cleared. I 'm now pushing myselfout of complacency in hopes of accomplishingmore!!This is the afternoon sun, hazed over with smoke two weeks ago. This blog post was written last week but for somereason I wasn't comfortable posting it as is! So I'm revisiting it to post today!As a former Jill of all trades I often took forgranted my personal variety of gifts. Suchas practicality, intuition, frugality and cooking.Assuming everyone was capable of thesame skills as me if they only put their mindto it! I was so wrong! I'm learning we all haveour own aptitude for certain things! I'm pretty much a math and geometry idiot except when it comes to money!! So I can't really expectothers to be able to time a meal asperfectly as I could  from the age of thirteen!  Always a kind fair man, it was unusually to hear dad jokingly refer to out neighbour as a dumb smartperson. Highly educated, with a great job, she did somevery unwise things! Dad would shake his head in disbelief! Especially when it came to her son whowas my brothers childhood best friend!My fathers observation proved accurate  too many times!She even boasted to neighbors that for only twenty fivecents an hour they could hire me as a babysitter andget a house cleaner too!!  Still sharing more pages from the book I made for my friend!!  I  did her dishes, tidied up, swept, fold laundry, played withher children like I was taught!  Sitters rates were fifty centsper hour. Underpaying me, then belittling my kindness wasunfair and not very smart either! I never babysat for her againI remember feeling betrayed and hurt when I learned that difficult embarrassing childhood lesson! A few of her kidswere unruly and her place was notably sticky and harder to clean than most! It was her loss!   Albeit very capable of absorbing grandiose amounts of textshe was lacking in some social norms.... gratitude for one!The ability to multitask, organize or give proper directionwas lacking too! I have known so many people so much smarter and more educated yet so lacking in other areasof their life!  I'm flummoxed when a middle aged person  lives on only ramen noodles during a fiscal down turn. Oblivious that it takes four minutes in a microwave to cook a potato! Or that you can create a  healthy  cheap soup for pennies that  fills bellies for days!Some skills we are gifted with, some  are passed on through generations, others are resourced as a means of necessity. We definitely are a sum  of our influences, inspirations as well as good and bad experiences!   There's so much to learn between the lines. It still  surprises me those who miss the most cost effective ideas along the way! I guess it's like couponing, we don't all grasp the concept, if we do, it's a gift!   Long before google was our indoor library, I'd researchthe best way to do things. Today the need for a goodcookbook is nearing extinction. [...]

Messy Fun Creativity


Paint Party FridayI've been secretly working on a little booklet for my Friends Birthday which is today!I was inspired Piaroms Art Blog, Connys art always thrills me and fills me  with so much joy!!    There are twenty eight pages to my little booklet. Plus  a removable cover with my personalmessage inside, which is another two pages! This is the cardboard cover which can be removed!!Today I am sharing my favorite pages. Therest of the book will be featured over the next fewweeks! It's taken several nights to complete this  mixed media project!  It was a very relaxing,intuitive compilation of  collage, paint, inktense pencils, and vanish! Messy funcreativity! There is nothing more I enjoy than laughing withmy Dear friend! She has the most amazing wit!I love her humour except for this one time whenwe took our kids camping. I was returning home  early. Hitting up the washrooms before we left!  Written many moons ago in poem form,this is what happened!! Me and my friend 26 years ago on my 35th Birthday...I'm hamming it up as usual!Composed Hysterics   Huge spider hugsMy windshieldTerror evokesWiper activatedMotionless it clings Inhaling fearKnowing my childWill soon returnPanic ensues  I search for a branchCircling the carStranger notes my anxietyOffers assistanceRelieved I consentChuckling he removes The fake culprit    Lurking in the woodsMy friendThe instigatorAwaits a reaction I bellow her nameIn a screech of contempt As I belly laugh into hystericsThen compose Jolted emotionsFor the drive home  Digital card I made her for social media!!  Yes my dear friend knew of my fears and thought it funny to prank me with a large plastic wolfiespider!! We laughed about it for years!!Did I say I hate pranks!! This one reason why!!The kids had fish and chips from a place I started going to in 1973 My former sister in law once attached an elastic to the dish  sprayer on my sink, the water went everywhere!! I was no impressed.   Just happy I wasn't part of her soccer team.She once soaked and froze all the girls brasthe night before a big tournament game!Another year she cut off all the straps!  I'd have been livid for the expense alone!Photo by Cupcake.... Same evening at White Rock Beach  I have to admit I once drew black mustaches on a group of eleven year old girls while they were sleeping. I was cabinsupervisor on a school camping trip!They all  loved me, thought it was funny,because I was the mom who broke the  rules and brought candy!!My daughter has enjoyed this beach for 31 years now!!  Not usually a prankster it was my bestiewho originally gave me the idea to mustache the kids whenit happened at her sons school!You can see the  U.S. Border over their shoulders. I  haven't been there in 25 years! The sky has cleared,  the heat has diminished thank goodness!!We had a rough few weeks with several hiccups in our life. It forced us to get things done! Two weeks left of summer and I finally changed my blog banner, dressing old characters in Canadian summer garb...Made me laugh....Don't you just love all the different shapes and sizes of beach bodies!! allowfullscreen="" class="YOUTUBE-iframe-video" data-thumbnail-src="" frameborder="0" height="266" src="" width="320"> Here's a really quick 51 second video of the book I made..sorry quality isn[...]

Smoke, Concerts and Slurpee Adventures!


Paint Party FridayFirst time having alphabet pretzels, I made this for the kids.....always looking for giggle! I haven't  been on my  upstairs pc. much this week!It's super hot,  and gradually getting hotter daily!   I  hadn't planned to blog this week, but changed mymind last minute!! I'm busy with a bunch of wip.I'll have a lot more art to show in Sept...for now just happily creating...Love how blue and sparkly Cupcakes eyes are in this photo!! It's Beardos Birthday on Saturday! I wrote him a long personal loving letter instead of doing a post for him!As you may know we don't exchange gifts. I do howeverpay for a concert or two. This week Cupcake got ticketsto Neil Diamond, day of, and they were really reasonable! Beardos brothers happen to take their 70  year old old mom, as  it's her favourite artist! We all love Neils music and it was  his 50th anniversary tour, so the kids were excited to seehim a second time!!! Not much into crowds I am always happier just to listen to the album and spendmy money on art supplies!!The kids painted the large bathroom in the heat all weekend  then two concerts this week. The next day the kids went to  Bob Dylan whom they have  seen two other times!!  It's my era yet I've never seen him ormost of the other shows they've seen live. This concert I am happy to report was excellent! As the last one fell a bit short compared to their first Dylan experience!!These two are fabulous as delayed gratification as theyawait concert dates often months after their Celebrations!Fortunately there is a Rodriguez concert right on Beardos Birthday that he's absolutely thrilled about  seeing. The movie Searching for Sugarman is a fabulous story about Rodriguez's life!We loved the movie and the music.  Love their sparkly happiness...concerts are truly their forte!! Changing colours when it's a good combination make me so happy!! Not everything is always roses and buttercups, althoughI do try to highlight that!! Sometimes people Cupcakelet heavy juicy watermelons roll out of the fridge  on their watch.Having it smash to the floor leaving sticky juicy bits everywhere! Check out how the " H" on my Laugh above the stove is  cut off.... Sometimes all you can do is Laugh and drink the remaining juice out of the watermelon! Thenhelp your partner clean up the mess! That'swhat I call messy fun!! Glad I didn't have toclean it up!! Heres a photo a day before the deep smoke haze set into the lower mainland!!British Columbia has had nearly one million acres burn   since all the fires started up country.  Not since I was fivehas this happened. All the smoke has wafted all theway down the coast to Vancouver!!  Many of the firesare a 5 to 8 hour drive away from us!! Hazy Sunset in Crescent Beach photo credit Cupcake!There are many weather advisories and you cansmell it even thought it's hundreds of miles away! It hasn't bothered me so far but I havestayed in the house!Thick smoke haze from way up country!!Todays weather!! double that and add 30 or  92FThis night they got dinner and brought it to the beach!!Last Saturday Cupcake wanted to take a photo of the mariachi band playing at the opening of  a new family owned taco place  in our area!! She would have  have delighted in trying their home style tacos had  she not had food poisoning from Chipolte two days before her deviated septum surgery a few years   ago. Ever since, the [...]

More Revisions


Paint Party FridaySneak Peak of my new abstract canvas.Recently Cupcake and Beardo went to the corner gas station  to get a slurpy. Their guilty pleasure on the hottest days of summer!! As Cupcake waited in the car she noticed two young women walking towards the door!Another fun background page I  revamped to  use in different ways!!  At first Cupcake thought wow those girls are dressed in pretty skimpy skirts for their size.Then she scolded herself for having those thoughts!! Reminding herself not  to have any shaming thoughts about women. Telling herself that it's great they have such strong confidence in what they like.She tried to find as many positivesabout the girls as she could!! After all  she's have worn  similar clothes when she was younger too!!Think out of your box too....could you make greeting cards from some of your patterns? Cupcake is quite aware of all the controversyback in my day, how hard women foughtto wear what they want!! It was a hot dayand she didn't give it another thought!!Left this for this week because I had too much to share last week. More ways to reuse your artwork!When Beardo returned slurpies in hand,he was a little shook up. The two girls had attempted to film him and anothermale reacting as the  one girl   bent over in front of them!!My silly digital characters even make some unique fun pieces!! Not for everyone!!Both men saw  what was happeningand managed to quickly turn awaybefore reacting or being filmed!!Neither man spoke to each otherbut quickly purchased their drinksand left!! Re-purposed images shrunk small!!I guess we all have to be aware thatwe can be secretly or blatantly filmed in public now! Cupcakes snap judgement wasn't as bitchy as shefirst thought but rather a really gooddose of intuition!! I despise this art piece yet  managed to find bits of pattern I could break down to use!My favourite shoes are 7 and 11   which is funny because that's where the story began!! 7,8,9 are made from this pattern after digitally changing the colours!Have you ever been filmed without knowing it until later? Have you ever filmed anyone who wasn't aware?[...]

Revising your art


Paint Party FridayDigitally altered to a pink card I had printed up at Vista Print to use generically!I create art only for myself to fill my life with colour. At times it's for  a charity event, or for a few close friends. Yearly I have a set of  generic greeting cards made with my imagesto acknowledge personal Birthdays and other special occasions. Other than that I find creating is just a way to feed my soul and connectwith other like minded creatives!This is the original orange painting I made as a card for my friends Birthday Looking for different ways to do things has alwaysbeen my forte even as a child!! If I didn't have  things I needed or wanted I found a way to reinvent  other items. Hence my way of looking at the world is often a little different than others!!This was one side of a wood cigar box type purse made in 2006 for an art show.I digitally took bits and pieces from the art purse, shrunk the writing to make this repeat pattern!! It was added to image 1 below to make something completely different! Looking at your artwork through new eyes is not only fun but gives it new heart! The artwork following this collage will show you  all the art I shrunk down, resized and recreated  to customize each item!!  I  recreated my art to use in this  six image collage. Click to enlarge Original acrylic painting done about four years ago.... When raising my child if things weren't working,instead of giving up, or making excuses I lookedfor new solutions!! Google makes that so mucheasier today. Years ago it meant contemplatingan issue on your own, researching at the library,or asking friends. Either way it always made meseek new ways to do things. This digital image  was taken from original acrylic painting aboveLately I have been looking at my artwork innew ways during the lull. Finding different   ways to use what I already have!! I wanted to share how fun and unique our artwork can look being revised for something wearable!Pattern for image 2 in my collage, revised and shrunk down from the two above pieces!This  is a really large painting I did several year ago by cutting some of my own stencils. The painting above is called "Letting go" I used it for image 3 and 4 in my collage!!My original acrylic bear used for image 5! Digitally shrunk down and made into a pattern for image 5This is an original acrylic background made in an art journal!!  Changed the above painting into this digital piece by piecing it together to make a smaller pattern!I was wanting to have a pair custom made upfor Beardos Birthday of course I'm planning on making a piece of more masculine art   in his colours... with his approval of course!We shall see how it goes!! This is what I   have done to test things, my favourite is 4 and 6!Do you have a favourite?Have you ever had your artworkmade into something special thatyou love? [...]

Who knows you?


Paint Party Friday Who really knows you? It's interesting how many people we can talk to over the course of a lifetime, some never really know us! They may think they do, but never seem to inquire about  anything of substance! So how can they truly know us?I recently surprised my  goddesses friends by showing up unexpectedly at their morning breakfast soiree! I was a little verklempt on my country drive at the prospect of seeing them all! The joy and love on their faces was beyond what I could have imagined! It warmed my heart so much! My mobility often makes it difficult to get around the way I used to! This one Sunday everything aligned perfectly so I showed up!  I felt loved and welcomed, it was as though we hadn't missed a beat! It was wonderful to see all my friends of over three decades!  They know me, and I like to think I know them!   We're all so interested in hearing the  details of each others  lives! The goofy parts about aging as well as the as the  blunders and joys that we experience! It'salways such an authentic loving group with an amazing life long bond whether we show up or not!Then there are the phone calls with relatives, andalthough you speak for a long stretch of time they never  inquire about your life! You hang up slightly perplexed, left wondering if you evenmatter to them. I have known some extended family for over twenty years, they  still don't know ourstory. They never even asked the basic daily questions for conversation!Funny thing is, a lot of Beardos large family doesn't  know him either!! Many have never heard  the music he's written, they have no idea how   many instruments he can  play.They've no  idea his other extensive talents either!!They haven't a clue what his interests are, or what his opinions are! He isa bit reserved and  unlikely to tell you much if you aren't interested enough to  ask.Truthfully I prefer those types of people don'tknow our story anyway! However I findit interesting that they've never attemptedto find out more about us! Or to build an intimate relationship that'smore than one sided. Especially after years of being around them!  We know every intimate part of theirstories in detail!Recently Gypsy goddess sent a veryold friend a special poem she had written for her.Something she had never done before.Her friend responded by sending her back  a photo of a gorgeous painting she had painted. Neither had known each others special talents all these years!!Here are my questions to you! Who truly knows your authentic self? Who in your circle do you need to know better?Are you asking the right questions?Who do you wish knew you better? [...]

Changed Perspective


Paint Party FridayHoliday loves to watch the birds and hugs the trees!!You know when something is mentioned a few times,by different people during the week I am bound toaddress that subject in my blog!! It's interesting howwe can all perceive things so completely differently!Even family members can be hard wired in opposite ways!Lizzie prefers to engage with happy people full of spunk!!Of course different perspectives makes the world moreinteresting to some, and mad to others!!  Even though I have strong core beliefs, I've always kept an open mind! Able to change when I hear or read better perspectives!!Gloria is a very friendly neighbour, sometimes even too friendly!!The other day Cupcake and I did a huge and I mean very extensive purge on my double closets. I was focused onwhether I might need one of those articles of clothing in the future. Even though my philosophy the last few years has been if you love it, or it's useful it can stay! Other wise it needs to find a new home!Simone is annoyed that she has to watch her kids swim, when she has so much housework!I was overwhelmed as my daughter pulled scads of full hangers from my closet for me to root through. Although I did a big purge a while back there stillway too many things I hadn't released!The purge was my idea, my daughter was very kind and  didn't pressure me at all!!So far I had one coat in the bag, and manykeep piles surrounding me! Zola just got her Masters in psychology, now if only she could figure herself out! Then Cupcake brought out this long beige ( I prefer to call it sand coloured as I hate beige)cotton summer vest that's about two decades old. Very classic boring style that fits over a dress,a skirt or pants!! It's difficult to find things long enough to go over ones bum! This was the onlyreason I ever bought it!! Cupcake automaticallyplaced it in the giveaway pile!! Held herself backfrom teasing me, while explaining that I would  probably never wear it again, kindly suggestingit may not even fit any longer! In that moment I had an epiphany!!Oh my goodness... I hadn't even thought totry the clothes on....I just kept what I liked/loved!I was reasoning what I kept in a completely different way! After the new perspective I let it rip and joyfully tossed everything  into the giveaway pile!Jenny is polish, abhors her large ears, so she covers them with hair!She was surprised at the change in my demeanor.Cupcakehad taken piles of clothes downstairs to launder since manywere dusty from sitting unworn in the back of the closet. I had a new perspective. I even tossed  gave to charity some of the laundered clothing!I was trying everything on, if it wasn't comfortable itwas gone, gone, gone!! Then I started thinking aboutthe joy another larger woman would get being ableto buy them for a song in a thrift store! Many I hadreally enjoyed over the years!!  A few things still hadprice tags as I aged out on them, (halter dress).When all was said and done we had a few laughs.She said if it was my last day on earth she knows  I wouldn't want to be caught dead in beige! Oh how right Cupcake was!  I'd rather be found bra-less with a paint spilledmessy long sleep shirt on than anything beige!! Joy is slightly worried about a presentation she must do for her business meeting!That day I was able to happily fill up four huge bags of clothes!We purged close[...]

Happy Canada Day 150 years!


Paint Party Friday Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian Friends!This year in particular I'm feeling so blessed to havebeen born in this beautiful rich Country! Again I reworked old characters to celebrate this momentous occasion!!A prouder Canadian, I could not beI wave the flag, in front of meA liberal land, freely diverseVaried languages to converseCountless cultures of every raceAmicably exist in once placeWritten by Happy Tiler[...]

Hope you Giggle too!


Paint Party Friday Mara Belle is quite private and refuses to tell me about herself.Cupcake: Mara Belle said," I have a wedgie!!" I have missed two weeks in a row blogging.Pretty sure it's the first time in eleven years!!  Both Cupcake and I have been   fighting  viruses. She managed to  pick up another at the tail  end of the first one. At least that's what the doctor said! I was  worried she had pneumonia. She's restingto curb the coughing. She managed to celebrate Fathers day with her in-laws, but only stayed a few hours as Beardo saw her fading! Apparently her sister in law has had it for two months now!  I am on the mend, save my ears slowly unplugging each day! I'm catching up on sleep now for all the days of coughing. So so grateful to befeeling better! I did create intermittently while sick,and hope to visit and catch up on all your blogsas soon as possible!Winny admits to being a nerd who loves polka-dots!Cupcake: Winny said, " I like to eat ketchup out of the jar!"I'm sharing more of my Happy Tiler peeps with a twist this time!I let Cupcake look at their pictures and say the first thing that cameto mind,  without reading what I said first!! We managedto have a few giggles, hope you do too!!Jerry is  a divorced meat cutter single for several decades!Cupcake: Jerry said,"I try to be cool, but I'm not! I still sleep with my teddy bear!!"BeforeLife has been a bit depressing with all the nastiness in theworld of late! Being sick makes you feel even more vulnerable.While the kids did grocery shopping, I managed to have a private  melt down with lots of tears for all those affectedthe last four weeks!! Sometimes it gets so bottled up andfeels refreshing to let it all out without holding back!! After dressing my peeps in digital Canada day attire for July 1st!I didn't even change my banner this month until just this week! Took me a few hours to digitally dress my Happy tiler peeps in their Canada Day attire!! Cupcake giggled quite a bit when she   saw them all decked out in red and white!  Brandon is a teacher who needs a brewsky on the days his kids are  too rambunctious!Cupcake: Brandon said," I like to boogie all night long"If I can make one person smile or giggle at the quirkinessof my odd shaped peeps with the weird over colouredfacess and odd attire,  then I'm happy!!Sues need for perfectionism is often quite debilitating!!Cupcake: Sue said "I'm having an affair with your husband!"If you like to people watch the way I have over the yearsyou see how unique human bodies, faces and mannerism truly are! That's what makes it so interesting!! Henry is a pleasant guy who likes to "skip  the light fandango."Cupcake: Henry said " I'm really nice despite my appearance!"From childhood I tended to like unique features! that  weren't perfect! Who knew it was probably the artist within that found them so attractive!!Cass is a Peace, Love and Harmony kinda a gal!Cupcake: Cass said, "I'm really insecure and that's why I dress like this!!"I sometimes see beauty where others may not! I often wonder, is it because I choose to look for the beauty first! Or is it because beauty in all it's glory tends totrump what others may see as ugly ornot so perfect! Linny is a quirky bird with an attitude! She's usually the insti[...]