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Letters From An Enthusiast

"A wonderful harmony arises from joining together the seemingly unconnected." -Heraclitus

Published: 2008-03-28T14:57:20-06:00


Aristotle's Organic Ethics


It is a colloquial expectation that morality is a strict set of rules, of thou shall and thou shall not, the purpose of which is to guide humans to a better life. Many non-philosophically-minded people who strive toward moral excellence...

Obama: The Sophist


While reading through Obama's speech on Race I spotted a perfect example of sophistical argumentation, which really brings into light the essence of his whole ploy. “...unless we perfect our union by understanding that we may have different stories, but...

A Debate Involving Wafa Sultan and some Commentary


There is an excellent new debate between Wafa Sultan and an Egyptian Islamist, where she verbally abuses this insolent and ignorant man. In this debate between Wafa Sultan and Tal'at Rmeih, the latter claimed that he was "defending a magnificent...

Worst of the Three Simple Forms of Government


There is great disagreement as to which is the worst of the three simple forms of degraded government. There are those who assert that the worst is the abuse of the mob, while some assert it is the despotism of...

God or Gods?


It is uncontroversial to state that the Old Testament and the New Testament represent different traditions; not only in the adherence to one or both of these books by Judaism or Christianity, but also in the fundamental shift in thought...

John, Faust, Plato, Aristotle


John 1:1, in the New Testament, states, "In the beginning was the word." In Koine Greek, the word logos means, "something said (e.g. word; saying;message; teaching; talk)." About 1.5 thousand years later, Goethe, through his character Faust, took a very...

An Anecdote Concerning Cassius


Cassius was a friend of Brutus who died at the same battle after which Brutus ended his own life. Brutus called him "the last of the Romans". He was more enthusiastic in the removal of Caesar then even Brutus himself,...

America, Beware...


America is facing a danger much greater than the liberals or the conservative Christians, more ominous than postmodernism or her intellectuals, more insiduous even than Islamofascism. This may seem odd coming from me, lover of Capitalism, material success, and secularism....

Aristotle and Death Happiness


The primary focus of Book I of the Nichomachean Ethics lies in Aristotle’s attempt to define and flesh out the meaning and nature of happiness. In chapters x and xi, Aristotle asks an intriguing question: can the happiness of those...

Say "NO" to Nationalized Medicine
Dr. Gary Forsythe, professor of Ancient History at Texas Tech University, wrote this to be published here. What an honor! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In recent times one of the biggest issues cooked up by members of the professional political class is the...