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My first experience with blogging,, was the anonymous blog where I posted the emails from Mark Foley to a sixteen year old House Page. That began the saga that has become famously known as Foley-gate. This site is for

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There is a report that House Conferees on the Defense Authorization Act will scrap the Matthew Shepard Act that was attached to the bill in the Senate.House Democrats are reportedly resigned to removing the Matthew Shepard Hate Crime bill from defense authorization legislation.Congressional Quarterly reports that House Democratic leaders believe they lack the votes to pass the measure.The Shepard

S-CHIP is a defining issue that neither side can afford to lose


The ongoing battle to reauthorize the State Children's Health Insurance Program is a big one. Stakes are high for everyone involved: The Congress, The White House, Governors, State Legislators, and, most importantly, nearly 3.5 million additional children that would be covered by health insurance.This is an enormous issue of morality. There are an estimated 48 million Americans without access

Rudy's Camp Lies to WaPo


In a post yesterday, you learned about Rudy's desire to live by a different set of rules than Today, his camp is lying about it!In a write-up over at the Washington Post by Michael Shear, Rudy's spokesperson had this to say:"Our ad not only met the acceptability standards of The New York Times, but it was placed at the standby rate with no commitment it would run on a specific date."

Rules don't apply to Rudy. Or do they?


Rudy Giuliani is a hypocrite who thinks he should live by rules different than others. He attacked and the New York Times for the rate charged for a newspaper ad. Promptly, he ran an ad in response and paid….wait for it….the SAME amount.Since the NYT says it was a mistake that they were charged the lower amount, MoveOn promptly paid the difference in an ‘abundance of caution’. Rudy

Senate Democrats to Netroots: F@*# YOU!


Twenty three Senate Democrats today showed that they are cowards and will bend to the slightest threat by the right wing. They all joined every single Republican Senator in censuring's advertisement in the New York Times. The add, now famously known as the "General Betray Us" ad, asserted that General David Petraeus had a record of carrying the political water of the Bush

Student asks Kerry tough question, Kerry watches him get tasered; free speech nowhere to be seen


There are so many things wrong with this video that I don't even know where to start.You can see another video, posted at Daily Kos here that shows the student's full question.Sure, he ranted and raved just a bit. But, he barely got his 'impolite' question out before the University of Florida Rent-a-Cops started harassing him. If you ask me, more people should rant and rave like this. He's

Petraeus in Perspective and Bush No Way Forward


The Center for American Progress has compiled a 2 1/2 minute video that gives a realistic perspective on the situation in Iraq. It's well sourced and includes a bi-partisan survey of national security experts.Bottom line: Petraeus' report to Congress was inaccurate, any suggestion the latest PR stunt is a drawdown in troop levels is false, and Bush has no clear idea on what the way forward

Giuliani support soft and disappearing, Clinton leads everywhere


The L.A. Times has an article about how Giuliani leads the Republican race in national polls, but doesn't lead a single early Primary State. Poor Rudy....If you remember the early polling for Clinton, she was ahead in the national polls and behind in the Early States. The conservatives (read: FOX 'News') were saying that it was evidence that Clinton has broad appeal, but shallow support.

Petraeus' Pullout Politics


Today's Washington Post Headline reads, "Petraeus Backs Initial Pullout". That is pathetic. The headline should have read something like: "General dons rose-colored glasses in report to Congress".The idea to 'propose' withdrawing some troops is a mere political ploy to continue funding the war with the least pushback possible from Democrats in Congress. General Petraeus' intention remains to

Are you ONE?


Bloggers from both ends of the political spectrum rarely find agreement on issues. Even more rarely do they sit around a table to brainstorm on ways we can work together. This summer, The ONE Campaign provided the issue and the setting that brought conservative and liberal bloggers to stand together.The issue is poverty. It affects men, women, and children all over the world. On the continent

Bush's expensive photo op


Bush's 'surprise' visit to Iraq is nothing more than a carefully, and though I hate to admit it, brilliantly conceived public relations plan in advance of General Petraeus' report to Congress in a couple weeks. Petraeus' testimony is in turn part of the larger plan to pressure Congress to continue funding Bush's Iraq disaster.The Washington Post has bought the PR effort hook, line, and sinker.

Pentagon PR Push pushes the envelope


I planned to write about this on Friday, but found myself far busier than I had planned. Better late then never!This Washington Post article (which was on page 13) shows how the Pentagon must push their propaganda not only to Congress and the American public, but also to the rank and file troops.The sheets of paper seemed to be everywhere the lawmakers went in the Green Zone, distributed to

No Dirty Tricks!


There is an effort underway by conservatives to split up California's electoral votes. This would dilute the power of California to have a say in who becomes President and it would give an unfair advantage to Republicans.The Courage Campaign has launched a Campaign against this effort called "No Dirty Tricks". Republicans have been finding ways to cheat for years. The time has come for us to

One Warner for another?


Longtime Virginia Republican Senator John Warner announced today that he's done. No more Senator Warner of Virginia. Maybe.Speculation around DC and in Virginia is that former Virginia Governor Mark Warner will run for the seat. Of course, he offered no comment today, ceding the spotlight to a lifetime of public service by John Warner.Nonetheless, Mark Warner's approval rating in Virginia

Richardson pledges to respect DNC Primary Calendar


Bill Richardson just announced that he has signed a pledge to respect the Pre-February 5 window set by the Democratic National Committee. This is a great thing and here's why....For those of you who missed my earlier posts about this, they are here and here. Basically, the Democratic National Committee set out on a years long process to open the early stages of the nominating process to more

Marriage Equality in Iowa?


I'm getting initial reports that the Supreme Court of the State of Iowa has ruled that the State must grant marriage rights to same-sex couples. I'll update as I get more information, but this could have pretty big political implications.UPDATE:Here's an article in the Des Moines Register. Gary in the comments points our that this was a County Judge. I'm not sure if there is another step or

DOJ investigating the Attorney General


From the Washington Post:The Justice Department is investigating whether departing Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales gave false or misleading testimony to Congress on a broad range of issues, including the Bush administration's warrantless surveillance program and the removal of nine U.S. attorneys last year, the lead investigator said today.The disclosure by Inspector General Glenn A. Fine

Lobbyist Fred to (finally) announce


Michael Shear has the info over at the Washington Post's The Trail. Lobbyist Fred has hurriedly put together a 4pm conference call to announce to folks what we've known all along: He's running for President.Once you get over the shock of the surprising news, you should be aware that this does not make his gross violations of Federal Election Law disappear. As Cenk Uygur of the Young Turks

More bad press for Thompson


The Economist says that Thompson's campaign has gotten off to a rocky start. Oh, I mean, his "non" campaign or whatever it is supposed to be. Either way, it doesn't bode well for a (non)candidate that is supposed to sweep Republican primary voters off their feet with only five months left before the first votes are cast. And...we still don't know when he's going to actually become a legal

NY Times omits Thompson's lobbyist career


This article in the NY Times was published a few days ago. It's a *very* in depth profile of his life and career. It's so detailed that we learn that he married his pregnant girlfriend in high school, but we don't know what came of that marriage.We also learn that he was the go to man for the Republican Party when they came under scrutiny by the Congress. He was and is the ultimate insider

Katrina still being talked about


Katrina hit New Orleans two years ago. We're still talking about the devastation that exists in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. That's pathetic.We all know the Administration's response was embarrassing. But, promises by Democratic Leaders have also yielded little to show in the hardest hit areas of New Orleans.It's time for somebody to take responsibility and use their position to demand that

GAO Report cites little progress in Iraq


Yet another headline in the Washington Post screams what we already know: there's little progress to be shown for the thousands of dead Americans and hundreds of billions of dollars spent on the Iraq War. The Post snagged an early copy of the report. Here's a snippet:The strikingly negative GAO draft, which will be delivered to Congress in final form on Tuesday, comes as the White House

A moving moment on the campaign trail


The Edwards campaign just sent out this video. It's incredibly moving. In the interest of full disclosure, I was a delegate for John Edwards to the 2004 Democratic National Convention. I was for him in 2004 because he inspired me to believe that we could fight for a better America.Thus far in the campaign, I haven't really felt the same way about his candidacy. I just can't put my finger on

Thoughts on the Gonzo resignation


There has been no lack of chatter about the motivation behind the resignation of Alberto Gonzales. At first glance, it could also be that Gonzales was tired of being hauled to Capitol Hill and publicly flogged for lying to Congress.But, I think that BushCo has a larger reason behind the resignation. We've clearly seen that the Democratic Congress is not (yet) capable of walking and chewing gum

Larry Craig blames the local newspaper


Republican Idaho U.S. Senator Larry Craig just held a press conference to deny that is gay. He further said that he panicked and made a bad decision to plead guilty to a criminal charge of lewd conduct. In fact, he blames it on the pressure he felt because of an investigation by the local newspaper, Idaho Statesman, into rumors about his sexuality.He also revealed in the press conference that