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"Hateful and totalitarian." —James Taranto

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While we wait for more information on the now-deceased Austin bombing suspect, I'd like to comment briefly on Ralph Peters, who says he'll no longer be a Fox News commentator.
A retired United States Army lieutenant colonel and Fox News contributor quit Tuesday and denounced the network and President Donald Trump in an email to colleagues.

"Fox has degenerated from providing a legitimate and much-needed outlet for conservative voices to a mere propaganda machine for a destructive and ethically ruinous administration," wrote Ralph Peters, a Fox News "strategic analyst."

"Over my decade with Fox, I long was proud of the association. Now I am ashamed," he wrote.
Roy Edroso has the details on the man he calls "Blood 'n' Guts," particularly on his incessant cheerleading for the Iraq War and his insistence that the media and liberals were on the side of America's enemies in that war. I question Roy's assertion that Peters was less fevered after Obama's election (with the exception of the time he called Obama a "total pussy") -- the Peters archives at Media Matters include items such as "Fox's Ralph Peters: 'Lincoln Freed The Slaves, Obama Freed The Terrorists"'; "Fox's Ralph Peters: Obama Won’t Say 'Radical Islam' Because Of “His Experience With Islam Was As A Child ... He Romanticizes Islam'"; and "Fox's Ralph Peters: I'm Waiting For Obama To Bring Eric Holder Out Of Retirement 'To Lead A New Movement, Jihadi Lives Matter.'"

It's being argued that we shouldn't regard Peters as enlightened because he's the same guy who expressed these opinions in the past. He is -- but that tells us something about conservatism in the Fox News era.

It often seems as if the conservative ideology rigidly follows Cleek's Law: Today’s conservatism is the opposite of what liberals want today, updated daily. That's mostly true. But Peters reminds us that there's a non-Cleek conservatism -- and it's completely nuts. The career of Ralph Peters reminds us that conservatism won't be polite and reasonable once President Trump is out of office -- it will still be extreme, and unwilling to make any compromise with liberals, or even moderates, on any subject it's passionate about.

So don't expect a return to political comity once we're rid of Trump -- expect Ralph Peters and conservatives like him.



At Vox, Andrew Prokop offers several possible reasons President Trump hasn't had Robert Mueller fired. The process of getting rid of Mueller is much more complicated and legally fraught than, say, firing FBI Director James Comey or Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. Furthermore, dismissing Mueller himself wouldn’t end Mueller’s investigation — an even more controversial intervention would be required for that. Then, even if he pulled it off, Mueller’s firing would likely lead to a flood of leaks. Finally, the ensuing backlash could help Democrats regain control of Congress — which could make Trump’s legal and political situation even worse.On that last point, Prokop writes:... the real risk for Trump is in what that political backlash could make likely — a Democratic takeover of one or both chambers of Congress in 2018....The problem for Trump is not that he’d be sentimental about the GOP’s electoral fate. It’s that Democratic control of even one chamber would unleash empowered opposition party–controlled investigations into him and his administration on Russia, obstruction, and a host of other issues.To Paul Krugman, that's the obvious reason Trump is restraining himself:A very enlightening read. Ultimately, the threat of a Democratic takeover of the House is all that holds Trump back. If Republicans hold on in November, the game is over: Trump will kill all investigations. The constitution hangs in the balance— Paul Krugman (@paulkrugman) March 19, 2018I should do a deep dive on this, but I'm lazy, so I just did a Google image search for "globalists," and, yes, George Soros comes up a lot, but not every globalist is Jewish:Much of the booga-booga scaremongering around the concept of globalism focuses on Jews, but "globalist" can also refer to the pope and Bill Nye the Science Guy; also Chelsea Clinton and Bill Gates, as well as Hitler and Rupert Murdoch's kids. To some extent it's just the right-wing cussword "elitist" on steroids -- you and I are probably globalists to these pinheads, because we saw Lady Bird and don't run screaming if we see a woman walking down the street in a hijab. Or maybe the precise definition of "globalist" is "elitist with great wealth or a big media presence" (because, to the right, "elitist" on its own doesn't presuppose wealth -- anyone with left-of-center politics and non-Applebee's tastes is an elitist). I'm sure the creators of these graphics think most "globalists" are Jewish, including many of the ones who obviously aren't. But the slur is flexible.[...]