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Preview: With Lemon and No Ice Please.

With Lemon and No Ice Please.

Updated: 2015-09-16T23:52:48.782-07:00


New phrase- I've gone "Mick Jagger" without you...seriously.


This song is going out to J*Rocka who's out in the ATL right about now. The time is 6:44pm on a slow, lonely night. J*Rocka if you're reading this, Somebody (burg) wants to tell you how much she misses you. What better way than with the Rolling Stones. AAAHhhhhaahha ha ha ha haaaah! I'm gone miss you!

Honk if you're...



Bye honey, have a nice day at school, and don't forget to honk!




So I hear of all of these crazy bride-zilla wedding stories and I have to say, my biggest anxiety right now is finances. Having to come up with the cash flow so quickly is truly a challenge. I never considered all of these little details before. I guess I just thought once you find the guy, you then buy a dress and get to wear a pretty ring...the rest is history. No way Jose! Right now my parents are in the middle of accumulating debt up to their neck from my younger sister's wedding coming up in February (She beat me by two months)So asking them for help is kind of out of the question. But here is the awesome part...It really doesn't matter. God has provided so much for us already. We seriously have been blessed by so many of you that Justin and I will be writing thank you letters for the next 2 years. The best part is, Justin and I are having so much fun together regardless of all the hype. He is the reason why I do not fall under the category of bride-zillas. I'm too busy smiling to even notice. Thank you Lord for my amazingly handsome, extremely funny, loving, soon-too-be-husband.

What are some of your bride-zilla stories?



I like splash mountain...what's your favorite ride?

wedding .dance .off


Miniture Burg and Just'...this will be us at our wedding!

(embed) ">

GI Joes for breakfast?


Ummm, Is it me or is there something seriously wrong with this picture.

No,.. no thank you swamp thing, I brushed this morning.

Can you please pass the GI Joes, uhhh... I mean the bread.

Yeah, let's just say Justin is in the process of redecorating his playhouse.




This year's holiday cheer has been merry despite all of the mad rushes, road ragers and Christmas haters. Especially during this time, it's such a blessing to know that people consider you during the holidays with thoughts of love and well wishes. Thanks everybody for the Christmas cards and pictures.

Justin and I got our first gift as a couple from my sister...Scattergories! We had a blast playing it too. It's a game that requires you to think quickly and act fast. So after filling our belly's with holiday tostada's and lemon pie, we versed Dale and Melissa to a round of scattergories. And I am proud to say, "we whipped their butts so bad!" I mean, we had a few times when a word needed to be challenged like Justin's word- A flower that starts with the letter 'F': answer- FEATHER LILY. Or a bird that starts with the letter 'F': answer- FAWN. ( Maybe he just got a little too excited). But that's not as bad as Dale's answer for a toy that starts with the letter 'S':STAPLER. Or a villain that starts with the letter 'F': FUNGUSMAN(?) What the fungus were these guy's thinking? Either way we had a great time with my sister and her fiance. And Justin and I are pretty much like, the masters of Scattegories now. So who wants to verse us?



So last Friday we had the pleasure of going on another fun-filled boat ride with Jim and Martina and a group of other friends. It was such an awesome time. We had great food catered by Jonny Corino's (thanks Ken) and what seemed like an endless display of festive lights. It was perfect. I was glowing all night. Literally because of the reflection from all of the illuminating lights bouncing off my cheeks and forehead but also because prior to the trip, Justin thought I would enjoy reading a magazine during the drive up to Newport. So...he bought me THIS! For all of you who have been pondering, this may enlighten your curiosity a bit. ( who else has goose bumps and a big cheesy smile now besides me?)

They're not even 8's!


Hey guys! the funniest thing happened today while Justin and I were passing through Nordstrom's...

We just happened to browse through the men's clothing section; I was trying to get an idea of what Justin might want for Christmas this year. Neatly folded on a display table were these really cool looking jeans that were very eye-catching. As Justin proceeded to examine these jeans he did what every normal shopper would've done next... he checked the price tag. "WHAT!!! $185 FOR JEANS! DO YOU KNOW WHAT I COULD DO WITH THAT MONEY?"...and so on and so forth. I calmly explained to Justin, "Honey, they're 7 jeans." Still, overtaken by the price He exclaimed,


(AhhhHaaHaa!) I then explained to him that 7 jeans are a brand name and not the cost or the quantity of the item. While directing me away from the display table immediately to the nearest exit he shouted "$185... and they're not even 8's."

I love my humble bumble bee... no 7 jeans for Christmas this year.

A little board...


So sad! It's towards the end of fall and it's a blazing 91 degrees in the IE.

Ummm Mr. snow...Are you there yet, cause I really miss you?

I have no purpose without you. Please come soon for I fear I will become a mere wall decoration this winter. My edges will dull, my bindings will loosen and I will become next summers steal at a garage sale. My gentle white snowflake, me without you is like a bathroom without toilet paper; I find myself in such a bind. So PLEASE don't forget about me this winter! I will be waiting patiently.

With great anticipation,

Toeside (Burg's board)

That was Then...


Chapter 1: Why Did I Wait So Long?When He told me He loved me, I turned Him away,Because my heart was held captive by lies and decay.No comfort, no joy in the world I embraced;The facade of a dream, I continued to chase.My spirit was bound, and my soul became weak;yet selfish ambition I continued to seek.Soon my heart became hollow, my eyes became wide;The spirit once in me was no longer inside.Consumed by my flesh and the pretension of fame;I lost sight of the truth and had forgotten His name.I was living life empty; fueled by my own power and strength;The poison of Sheol was the cup that I drank.I continued to run, but just running in place. Taking me nowhere, and going with haste......Chapter 2: The Dismal...Soon the sun set and the dismal crept in,with the fragrance of lust and the shackles of sin.It slowly crept up like the black shadow of light;ensnaring my thoughts and blurring my sight."What is this?!" I cried. "I can't see, I can't see!"How can this nothing have control over me?Anxiety struck and I was bound by this fear.The grim had abounded and I was struck by his spear.It called out my name in a calm whispering voice,"this is who you are now, you do not have a choice.You see I have robed you with the garment of pride,Now to me you belong, and in me you will confide.Do not take this lightly, the contract has been signed.For you I have contested; It was me who made you blind.I opened your eyes to the world you so craved.And you eagerly followed the path that I paved.You've been pierced by my spear that runs deep to your soul.You forfeit your free will, And now I have control!"....Chapter 3: Beautiful HumilityClenched by this death, by this sorrowful pain.Too far to look back and too much to regain.Oh so close I had come to relenting to this thief.Who intended to rob me of my one true belief."Wait!" I replied, as I became aware."There is a King whom I belong to, to whom which I am an heir.And though It's been some time, I vaguely do recall,His love, unconditioned, even knowing I would fall.""Yes!" I screamed out, "and you're a deceiver with your lies!How can I be so foolish not to notice your demise."Scaled in sin, I know now it was me! I am the one who hung that Man on the tree.For me He was tortured, whipped and was killed.My name on His heart, His destiny fulfilled."Oh Lord!" I cried out, "I remember now I see>OH HOW WRETCHED I AM,...HOW WRETCHED I AM...How wretched I am to not have turned to you but flee.Abba, forgive me. According to your loving kindness and Grace, You are most righteous, whom no one can replace.I need you so desperately; I am weak and seem lost.I cry out to your mercy, to the One who paid the cost.On my knees I had fallen, trembling with grief and great shame;again I cried out to Him, "I know you are the same!"Your love, it never changes; from the beginning to the end.To your Word you hold true, it is the weak you shall defend.Weeping in anguish; my faith would not yield,I would not give up hope, until His Grace was revealed...Chapter 4: Under My Feet!Deep and more deep the mire slyly depressed with an overwhelming aggression that would not cease to oppress.Steadfast I remained in my prayer to the Lord...I refused to submit to the adversary's hoard.With all that I had, the only evidence was unseen. Though frail, I stood firm and declared the victory of my King!Alas! This grip broke! My soul of bondage's- relieved. With great anger and defeat the enemy had no choice but to flee!Weakened and pressed, my hope was in just one; my Savior, my Rock, my Refuge, God's Son.My soul waited quietly, as my heart slowly repaired. My spirit awakened quickly; Of His presence I was made aware.Little time was permitted for His time is not mine own. This query I inquired- why was this seed in my spirit sown?I was salvaged as a sinner, uncle[...]