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TerenceOnline: An eLearning Resource Center

A resource center and blog to help you stay informed with what's going on in web 2.0, technology, education, and eLearning pedagogy.

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What role does "trust" impact student success


One area that is rarely addressed in schools is the importance of trust in the equation of teaching and learning. Students must place a certain amount of trust in their teacher and the process to be successful. Even though the student sometimes does not understand the point of what they are learning, they must trust that it is going somewhere and they must let you lead them to that place.  As a

Back again...Some thoughts on education, technology, and schools today


It's been a long time since I've blogged, but I started my PhD in Curriculum and Instruction: Educational Technology this fall and I thought this would be a good spaceto sort out thoughts and ideas as they come. I was reading Montessori's 1912 article entitled, a critical consideration of the new pedagogy in its-relation to modern science and I was struck by her disdain for the desk, rewards

Learn Calculus Online - Mooculus


This guy will teach you calculus online. When he talks, people listen  -

Former BGSU Student Recommendation


I just received this recommendation on my LinkedIn account today from a former student I had in class in the Fall of 2012 at BGSU.  It was quite a surprise to get this recommendation over a year later and without any prompting on my part :-)  It really made my day and I wanted to share it: Terence taught a course at BGSU that I attended and thought I was going to despise. A course I thought I

LearnDash - The New WordPress LMS


I'm really looking forward to a new Premium Plugin for WordPress called LearnDash that essentially transforms your WordPress install into a Learning Management System. I've worked with many LMS"s over the years such as Blackboard, Moodle, Sakai, Angel, and Canvas. Each LMS has their pros and cons. The key to a good LMS is a very simple intuitive interface, excellent collaboration tools,  

Online courses: A liberating and inspiring ally to residential education


Distance learning courses have been around for a very long time and have often been treated by mainstream academia as the step child to residential face to face classes. However, all of that is changing as advances in technology have made online education an excellent way to learn as well as enhance the residential experience.  The president of MIT recently said, "Online education is not the

Exploring the "if this then that" web app: making the Internet work for you


I discovered a neat little web app called ifttt (if this then that) that makes it easy and fun to run "if/then" statements across the internet by utilizing API's of various web apps such as twitter, google reader, instagram, and many more.  For example, I set up three if/then tasks to see how it works. The first task I set up was IF I upload a picture to Instagram THEN automatically save a copy

This just in; Pearson looks to disrupt the LMS scene


My colleague, Mike Edwards, just G+'d me about Pearson's attempt to change the LMS game completely.  Watch this video about their new FREE cloud based LMS called OpenClass, which supposedly seamlessly integrates with Google Apps for Education. It's quite bold of Pearson to call the current state of the LMS "dead." YIKES! I will be eager to see how it compares to the LMS I am currently enjoying in

Canvas LMS: Technology that facilitates good pedagogy


All LMS's (learning management systems) are not created equal. The design of the LMS must be done right to facilitate good pedagogy.  It needs to be easy enough for the  non tech person to use, yet it must do very sophisticated and complex things in the background to facilitate the learning process. I would also say that pairing a faculty member with an instructional designer/academic

The Perfect Tablet for Me - An Obvious Idea in Tablet Innovation that Should Have Been on the Market Last Year


Tablets are excellent tools for content consumption, yet their OS's and overall design limit their ability to produce content. The Asus Transformer and Eeepad Slider were steps in the right direction as devices geared at both consuming and producing content, yet the Honeycomb OS still hampers the content creation process, even with the keyboard. I think a really simple idea would be to use

Reverse the lecture paradigm


Rather than teachers lecturing (sometimes poorly) and kids doing homework at home (sometimes poorly), kids watch world-class lectures at home and do exercises in class with their teachers, who are best for such personalized interaction. Agree or disagree?

Resources to learn more about online learning today


The following are resources to learn more about online learning today.BlogsRay Schroeder Online Learning Update Bates e-Learning and Distance Education Siemens ElearnSpace Downes Online Learning Daily Schmoller Fortnightly

The Power of Blogs: Read The Comments and Participate in the Conversation


A blog article that provokes people with differing perspectives to comment and discuss is something to be valued. For example, check out the Endgadget article and video titled, "The iPad is taking away American jobs, Jesse Jackson Junior's sanity (video)" -- The video itself is kind of funny as JJ Junior comes off sounding like a technophobe, but the content of what he is saying can make for

Google's ambitious world changing project winners


Here are the results of Google's ambitious world changing project, I blogged about in 2009It was neat to see the Khan Academy as one of the "world changing" winners. It will be neat to see where these projects go!Project 10100 WinnersWe are pleased to announce the winners of Google’s Project 10100.Thousands of people from more than 170 countries submitted over 150,000 ideas. From that group, we

Khan Academy is Tip of the Iceberg in Education Reform


The first time I learned about the Khan Academy about a year ago, I thought, "this is just the tip of the iceberg in reforming education." I posted Sal Khan's TED talk a few posts ago and I recommend checking that out if you are unfamiliar with his story. Free, easy to follow, online educational videos in subjects such as math, history, science, languages, etc will equip schools like never before

Online Courses Increase Access to Courses Students Actually Want to Take


Universities that offer online courses and programs enable students to choose classes based on what they want to learn rather than what fits into their schedule. Online course content can be accessed and engaged any time, any place, so that students are not bound by geographic locations, scheduling conflicts, building conflicts, etc. When I did my undergrad work, I never once got the class

Let's use video (and the internet) to reinvent education


Salman Khan talks about how and why he created the remarkable Khan Academy, a carefully structured series of educational videos offering complete curricula in math and, now, other subjects. He shows the power of interactive exercises, and calls for teachers to consider flipping the traditional classroom script -- give students video lectures to watch at home, and do "homework" in the classroom

One Idea on How to Fix Our Broken K-12 Educational System


I found the following idea from pretty interesting and wondered what others think (It is listed under TOPIC 4). I recommend reading and discussing the pros and cons of the other ideas on the site as well with your peers, colleagues, and classmates. These would be great problems to tackle in our schools. This problem deals with the question "How can we Fix Our

Speaking at the WCET Conference - Best Methods of Collaboration in Inst. Design


Best Methods of Collaboration in Inst. DesignNovember 13, 2010, 8:00 AM-9:00 AM - PavilionWCET Conference - Terence ArmentanoPresenter: Michael EdwardsIn today's connected world, instructional designers and content experts have multiple ways of collaborating on projects. From video conferencing and social networks to blogs, wikis and simple emails,

Powerful Lecture by Sir Ken Robinson on the Need For a Changing Educational Paradigm


I enjoyed both the content of this lecture and the creative way in which it was produced. I love how the art in this video engaged and connected my brain to the content of the lecture itself. I could see this communication method as a very powerful online learning tool where artists and teachers collaborate to engage the learners. Check it out

New Blog Design, New Post - Innovation always tops greed and complacency. Always.


It's been a while since my last post, but my new blog design, combined with a thought provoking TechCrunch article inspired me to write a fresh new post. I found this article in TechCrunch to be very insightful regarding disruptive technologies and how they change things rapidly. This particular article, titled- The Full-On Assault On Cable Is Underway is about how the CABLE industry in

A short story to illustrate the facebook privacy debacle


In order to convey the ridiculous nature of the facebook privacy debacle, I came up with this short story.Imagine a company that comes to your home and says to you, "hey we are going to build an awesome community center for you and your friends for FREE, in exchange for allowing us to post advertisements on some of the walls within the building. Don't worry the ads are small and not that

My Interview with McGraw Hill on Distance Education and Online Technologies


This past year I was interviewed in the "Thought Leader" section of McGraw Hill's Principles of Management Newsletter. In the interview I respond to the following questions regarding distance education and online technologies:How did you come to do work in distance education?What is your favorite distance learning activity or experience?How does distance learning enrich your life … your career..

Social Media Explained Visually


A short simple video to explain social media to your parents and grandparents :-)

Good and Fast Overview Video of IPad