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Gratitude Monday--Better Than A Purple Parka Edition


Friday morning I needed a new winter coat. The zippers, all of them, on my coat's shell were rendered useless and I was unable to repair them. The lining, which I'd zipped out in order to use the lining's zipper to do up the coat, was fine, so all I really needed was a new shell.

I made my wants known to the Universe. When I do this I directly ask the angels as they are often dispatched to do God's hands-on stuff.  I wrote down that I wanted a parka, ladies' style, but it wasn't an absolute. It was to be purple in colour, but that wasn't an absolute either.  I ended by asking for "a purple parka or something better."

I felt pulled to go to a particular store first even though I'd planned to make a secondhand store my first stop. At the store I found a wonderful (not a parka) coat, burgundy-maroon, my size, and on sale. I decided to check around as I don't like to make snap purchases.
The Universe had directed me to the right spot.

At the secondhand store I found a winter coat shell in two-tone purple for $4. Two women of passing acquaintance to me passed me while I tried it on and commented that the colour suited me.
The Universe directed me to exactly what I needed and underscored it by sending two people to comment about it.
That one I bought right then and there.
I searched a few other stores and then went back to the first store and bought the burgundy-maroon coat.

I put my desire out to the Universe and it answered me with what I needed as well as something better.
I am grateful.

Gratitude Monday -- Well And Truly Tired Edition


We had all that much snow here, but we've had enough that having a good set of snow tires on a vehicle is more than a bonus; it is a necessity.

I have a fine set of Nokian Hakkapeliitta  tires on my Ford Focus and for them I am grateful.

Gratitude Monday- Crystal Clear Attitude Edition


Back in May I wrote about about showing my computer gratitude and how it was working better.
It shut off better and on many occasions it shut off as it ought.

It still froze up though not as often so I gave it some thought and decided helper crystals were the thing. I use a clear quartz to help with the hardware and general help as well as an amethyst for software.
This was the turning point.
It is all but perfect now and I am grateful.
I've learned that the crystals either get used up or cloudy after a time. I replace them and cleanse and recharge the used ones.
Most of the time when the computer freezes now it is due to the crystals needing attention.

I have also noticed when I thank it as I am shutting it down it will rebel if I am interrupted. Once I figured this out I warned my husband to not speak to me during this time. It has worked.

I have also found that it likes a particular wording for the thank you.  If I change it and it doesn't like it, then it freezes. However, I have noticed it really only stops itself for about 10 minutes. If the crystals are cloudy it takes up to 25 minutes to shut down properly.

I am grateful that my computer shuts off, that the fix for it was inexpensive ( I already had the crystals), and that when it stops I am able to figure out why.

Thank you, computer.

Gratitude Monday -- No Real Reason Edition


Gratitude is a wonderful thing. It can sneak up on a person and, for no obvious reason, this person feels grateful.
Such happened to me yesterday. I had a great day. There is no one reason for it. It simply was. I had a wonderful sense of well being and am grateful for it. Yet, it is not the reason for my gratitude.
It was a contributing factor, but not the cause.
I like to understand things. I like to reason out the reason for something in order to understand it.
As near as I can figure it yesterday was a gift from gratitude: "Here, have some just because. There's plenty in the bank."
Fine by me.
And I am grateful for it.

Gratitude Monday--Crafty-ish- Edition


Lately I've had an urge to work with my hands. I've always enjoyed that sort of thing, but for the most I'm not so good at it. One doesn't have to be good to have fun. I am grateful for that.

There are two main compelling reason for this. One was guidance received during a meditation. My Aldebaran guide told me to work with pyramids.
In the other reason the main character of the story I am writing is a clock maker, among other things. When I was young I used to take clocks apart, fix them despite not having a clue what I was doing, and then put them back together. I am pleased to report all the parts got used up when I put them together and the clocks worked.

But back to my point.

A major craft store had clock making kits on sale so I got one. It is a simple thing with a gear box and slot for AA battery, a shaft, three hands, and a pendulum.  I bought a cheap wood cut of Saturn for the clock face and built it on Saturday.
But while I was out at the local dollar stores looking for a cheap thing to use as a clock face I saw a cheap craft kit, sticks and some double-sided tape.
I bought this and as I considered the clock I put together a small pyramid.
It was fun. I really enjoyed the hands-on work. The downside is it requires looking closely at what is being done and that is hard on old, laser-surgeried eyes.
But I did it.
And then yesterday I made two more pyramids. It wasn't until the third one that I realized the craft sticks would hold together better if I put the sides up at an angle rather than flat.
I am grateful I figured that out.
So now I have a clock hanging from the cork board by the computer. I had it running for about an hour and then took the battery out. ( The AA would not fit. I used a triple A and added tinfoil so it could reach the connection point. It works, and I am grateful.)
The pyramids are in various places around the house. I haven't meditated with them yet, but I hope to get to it today.
I worked with my hands and I see the end results all around me. They are not perfect, but they are mine and for it I am grateful.

Gratitude Monday -- Warm Wishes Edition


We've had a spate of cold weather recently. It is Alberta in the winter so this is to be expected, celebrated even.
But even as one loves or hates it there is one thing we all agree on: we must be warm.
I am grateful that I have a home, a roof over my head, and that it has a furnace which works.
I do not have to wish for warmth.
I have it.
Should I wish to be warmer I can put on another layer or simply adjust the thermostat.
Most of the time I just put on more clothing. I like layers.
But there were a few days recently where I turned up the heat.
I am grateful I can do that and grateful that it responded quickly.
And I am grateful to be warm.

Gratitude Monday -- Leftover Edition


We finally had our Christmas turkey dinner on Friday.  My MIL supplied the turkey and it was a big one, 5-7 kg (11 lb. to 15.4 lb. in the old tongue). She also brought cranberry sauce and I had made some, too.
The deal was I'd cook and Mike's mom and sister would have dinner with us.
That seems more than fair.
However, they don't eat much.  I convinced SIL to take some turkey home and stuffed as much as I could in a  container said to hold a kilogram.
I convinced MIL to take some of the bones for soup.
On Saturday Mike and I had shepherd's pie courtesy the leftover veggies I'd cooked with the bird, and of course the bird itself.
Last night we had the rest of the veggies augmented by a few Brussels sprouts that I'd been craving as well as more turkey.
I have a pot on the back burner making stock from some bones and skin. I started it yesterday and may leave it until tomorrow.
There's a good chance we'll have turkey again tonight.
I am grateful for all of it.

Gratitude Monday - A New Year Of Gratitude - 2018 Edition


I am grateful for another year. It's new, it's fresh, it's got a different feel, as the new year tends to do, be it real or only perceived as such.
Either way I am thankful for it.

This year I want a few things. I want to have conscious contact with extraterrestrials. They are a part of my life in the shadowy awareness of things that happened that I remember.
I want the awareness out of the shadows and in the bright light of now.
I want to talk to them, interview them, spend time with them, and write about it.
I want those books I write about ET contact to be popular, to be best-sellers, and I want them to have an impact on the world for the greater good.

It is my wish to speak publicly about ETs, to bring them out of the world of denial and dismissal into public awareness and acceptance.

I am grateful for the chance to talk about it here. I am grateful to know my stance is accepted, and if it is not, then it is at least read.

And if this doesn't pan out, well, that's okay, too. If they don't consent to be outed, maybe they've got some advanced medical techniques and they'll consent to rejig my heartbeat into the right rhythm.
I'd sure be grateful for that.

Happy 2018.

Gratitude Monday -- Christmas Edition


Merry Christmas, all.

I am grateful you are here.

Thank you.

--The Management

Gratitude Monday -- Soup, Glorious Soup Edition


Today I am grateful for soup. I am also very grateful to its precursor bone broth.
I have a wee touch of the flu and not appetite to speak of. Because of that I am weak, and it takes me awhile to form a thought as to what to do about it.
Yesterday morning I realized bone broth was just the thing.  A few hours later, after a hot toddy and a nap, I wondered did I have any in the freezer?
The wondering took so much out of me that it took another nap to realize I had to make some.
I did that and in a few hours I was able to have a fortifying cup of broth.
Then I turned it into soup for us.
Bone broth is versatile that way, and for it I am grateful.
At times like this I think of what my Aunt Myrtle said,"Soup is good because it goes to all parts of you."
Thank you, soup.

Gratitude Monday --Wondering Editon


Over the years I have kept my sense of wonder about the world and I am grateful that it is constantly fed and nurtured.
Right now, the wonder is fed by Dr. Masaru Emoto's book The Hidden Messages in Water (Beyond Words Publishing, 2004).
In it he has photographed water crystals after they have been subjected to good words, heavy metal music, bad words, classical music, and many other things.
The differences are amazing and beautiful and ugly and makes a person really thing about how environment affects water and in turn, us.
I am reminded once again everything is connected and everything we think, do, and say has ramifications beyond our ability to grasp.
It both answers some questions and raises so many more and for that I am grateful.

Gratitude Monday - Mice Ideas Edition


I like to use writing props. I find they help with my stories and even if they don't, I still think they do.
They include, but are not restricted to, a stag that's actually a candle holder,  an analogue clock, a staff that I collected and drew on all by myself, and the latest, four mice.
My husband sewed the mice for me. I am grateful for that.
One mouse required glasses.
I wondered how to do that, then remembered we have pipe cleaner around.  A few simple twists and the biggest mouse has his glasses.
They are positioned around my computer for my current project, and for it I am grateful.

Gratitude Monday -- Proper Pan Edition


I have a real baguette pan. It was my birthday gift to me. It arrived the day after my birthday and just a few hours after making a test loaf of French bread to determine how much psyllium fiber to use.
For that loaf I used cornflour, Robin Hood GF Flour, and coconut flour so tried five tablespoons.
It went well.
The next day I tried out the new pan swapping the cornflour for almond flour. It is very good. It wasn't quite as dry a dough as the first, but still worked really well.
As you can see it grew a bit and drooped over a pan edge.
I don't care.
I have a proper French bread pan and for it I am grateful.

The photo is of that very first batch of French bread from the new pan.

Gratitude Monday--Normal Adventures Editon


It was a normal day like any other and for it I am grateful. I sat crunching tortilla chips dipped in salsa mixed with my homemade coconut milk- based sour cream thinking about what I have.
On the table we have an electric kettle,  Mike had selected some fruit for dessert, and there are a few other items including a pencil and some scrap paper where I make notes for what I have to do during the day so I don't forget.
That includes what I've decided to make for supper so I don't forget about it.

The table is paid for. So is everything  on it, and so is the house it sits in. We have no debt save the  month bills and when I put something on Visa it is for convenience's sake. I am able to pay it off as soon as I get the bill.

I drove over to a grocery store afterward. My car is owned outright and it sits in a garage, also paid for. This keeps my car and my husband's truck safe from weather and thieves. Neither of our vehicles is a favourite target for vehicle theft, but they are still safe and that is what matters.

I went out to get the dairy-free version of ice cream and found two brands to try. One such branch is made right here in Alberta and was on sale.

The above are simple, normal day things and for each and every one of them I am grateful.

Gratitude Monday --Gummed Up Edition


Today I am grateful for gum.
This is nothing new, I've always liked it. But since I had braces in my 20s I got away from chewing it regularly.
Oh, I would on occasion, but not the way I did in my teens.
I've gotten back into it in the last year or so, keeping gum in the car. I occasionally have it, but mostly it is for my husband when he is driving. It keeps him alert.

However, that's not my point. Y'see I like to have something in my mouth, especially when I am writing. After I stopped smoking I used toothpicks, but I've gotten away from them in the past few years.
Why gum did not occur to me until a few weeks ago mystifies me, but that is what happened.
I started writing the current story in early October. It went well enough, but I wanted something to chew on as chewing, as the hogs are my witnesses, helps me think.
Finally one day soon after I started this story the little light went on: "Gum!" it blared in the way only a little light can.
So I bought some, and then another some, and I now keep a mint flavour and a cinnamon flavour right here beside me.
I swear it helps, and for it I am grateful.

Gratitude Monday -- A Layered Lesson Edition


Yesterday afternoon as I prepped some veggies to go with a roasting ham I needed an onion.
We have several large white onions courtesy Mike's dad and for them I am grateful.
Some of them are moldy.
This is not a problem as all one has to do is cut the icky bits away.
As I did this I saw how most of the onion had mold.
As I cut into it, stripping away layers and layers of grayed, slimy flesh, I was thinking it can't be all bad. There must be some good in it. Eventually I found the good bit.
I am grateful for that, too, as initially this onion looked rather hopeless.

I am sure you know where this is going, and I am equally sure you are thinking it's a cliche. There's a solid reason for that: it is.
But it's still a valid lesson and a great reminder that there is good in everyone and everything if we take the trouble to look deep enough.
It's a reminder I needed as I have been tempted lately to write some people off.
I will still do it, but I will advise myself that they are not hopeless and there is good in them, they are simply not good for me.
The lesson has layers like the onion that taught me it, and for it I am grateful.

Gratitude Monday - Spanakopita Substitution Edition


Tortillas can be used to make spanakopita, and for it I am grateful.
I love the spinach and feta pie. It is one of my favourite things, but phyllo pastry is beyond me and I intend on keeping it that way.
Yesterday I made spanakopita and used two tortillas in place of the pastry. I used a brand containing gluten because I can get away with a bit of it and they are much easier to work with. I found just the right pan, not quite as big as the tortilla so I could bring the sides up a bit, and heated the tortilla just enough.
Once the filling was in I put a second tortilla on top and tucked it in around the edges because it seemed like the right thing to do. It got a good coating of olive oil to keep it from getting all hard and crispy.
It worked.
The spanakopita pastry substitution was tasty and not all that involved to make.
For that I am grateful.

Gratitude Monday - The Blob Edition


I had an entity attachment the other day and I am grateful I remembered what to do about it.
On the whole it wasn't a bad one, as attachments go, but neither was it a healthy thing to have hanging around.
I discovered it during my regular morning meditation. I am grateful for that and for me meditating almost every morning, because that means it wasn't there very long.
That said, its energy tentacles, if you will, has encroached far enough in that it took a bit of effort to get shed of it properly.
It appeared as a whitish blob of thick energy located at my left hip. Its tentacles were deep in my guts, but it was not malevolent. I think it just needed some energy and found me.
I am a Transpersonal Hypnotherapist. While I have no formal training in clinical depossessions, I do know how to do them and have done them on myself in the past. But it had been years and I had no intention of fooling around so I asked for both Jesus and the Archangel Michael to be present and help me.
Jesus is always good for an energy boost and the Archangel Michael is great for cutting energy cords.
Also, bringing in the big guns in these cases is never wrong.
So I found Blobby and spoke with it while the Big Guys were on standby. Blobby seemed quite simple. It didn't say much, but made it clear my energy was just what it needed as no one loved it.
I had to convince it otherwise and insist it detach from me. It was most reluctant, but did. The tentacles seemed to lengthen as it pulled them out.
This bothered me for a variety of reasons so I had Archangel Michael cut them, then he and Jesus swept them out of me while I sent Blobby on its way.
Once it was gone we three fixed up the hole in my energy where it had been and filled it with love. It is the best weapon.
I am grateful I knew what to do, grateful I had the sense to ask for help, and grateful I received it.

Gratitude Monday --What A Crock Edition


Because my husband is also taking acupuncture treatments and because he has a job and because we have to drive 50 miles to get acupuncture, our appointments are set for late afternoon, 5 p.m.
That means the evening meal is either something in the city, which is great, or  eating when we get home, also great.
To do the latter means a bit of planning and that's where the crock pot comes in. I can throw a few things in it in the morning and have food waiting when we get home.
All it takes is a bit of planning. I need an idea for what to prepare as well as a few minutes to put everything in the crock pot. The latter is easy. The former takes a bit of thinking at times.
When it all flows together we come home to a hot, home cooked meal.
For it, and for the crock pot which makes it possible, I am grateful.

Gratitude Monday--Thanksgiving Edition


Today is Thanksgiving in Canada. I am grateful for the holiday, but I think it is important to be thankful all the time, not just once a year, or even once a week as it seems by my blog.

We had our Thanksgiving meal on Saturday for convenience reasons and I am grateful that we had a turkey and all which goes with it. And that brings me to my gratitude this week.


We get squashes from Mike's parents. They are tasty enough and I am happy to have them, but as a veggie goes, they are adequate in my view. I've found a few ways to prepare them and that's all good, but on Saturday, I found the best way ever.
When I roast a turkey I put all the veggies in with the bird so all the flavours can get to know one another, exchange essences, and strive toward the greater good. On Saturday I threw in cubed squash.
I am so very grateful that I did because squash roasted in turkey juices is about the best thing ever.

Gratitude Monday - Seasoning Edition


Autumn is my favourite season. I love the cooling off, the changing leaves, the sense that the immediate world is preparing for its quiet time.
What I  really love is I get to use the oven. This opens my world back up to roasted meats, roasted vegetables, soups, stews, and cookies and cakes and pies.
I am grateful for the cooler weather, and I even look forward to winter.

The weather lends itself to kitchen experiments, playing around more with herbs and spices to see how they fare  or even changing up how one sweetens a thing.
To that end yesterday I made peanut butter cookies and threw in some molasses to see what would happen.
I am grateful they are tasty.

In This Life


I've danced around it enough in my life and online, but it is time to admit a truth that is both difficult and freeing: I am of extra- terrestrial stock.What does that mean?I will do my best to explain.On the one hand I am fully human. Human birth into human life from human parents into a human family.But the other hand tells me that the odd happenings of my life that return in dreams offering  glimpses of otherness while trying to define the otherness in a way my human mind can grasp go beyond the confines of simple Earth life.I consider ETs my people. When I was young I considered them my real family. I know in my heart they have contacted me. While I regret having no conscious memory of it, I am sure it is for a reason. And I am equally sure I set it up this way for my own good.Some memories have stuck with me over the decades. I have written on the blog about the clown drawn in grease pencil on a barn wall. I know a visitor put it there because I have never forgotten the day it happened. It plays in my mind frequently. In the last few years I have remembered more, how it didn't start as a clown, but morphed into it from fear.Originally, after the visitor told me couldn't visit me anymore I would go into the barn and gaze at the drawing, remembering our talks.  It wasn't until years later that I understood I am the only one who ever saw the drawing.I have remembered that during our talks we spoke about my role here, what I was to do in this life. I don't recall what it is. I very much want to, because I want to make sure I do it.But I believe, now, that part of it is talking openly about the experiences. There are many, many different races in the Universe and I don't know which one I am from, but I do know, among other things, I am a bridge between them and us.Here's another example:During a past-life regression in the early nineties I went to a lifetime in Peru thousands of years ago where I was an alien. My current husband was a friend in those days. In the scene I went to he and I had been walking through the rainforest and were stopped on the crest of a large hill. The hill led to a valley and the valley led to a small mountain probably a hundred miles away, if not more. In it was our base and it was were I was headed. I was excited to go there, but saddened that my friend, being human, could not go with me.We parted at the hill and I was at the base in an eye blink.I've always felt I had something to do in life and it always felt big and important. Important comes in many forms. Perhaps my role isn't so big, but it is still important.[...]

Gratitude Monday -- South American Way Edition


Today I am grateful for a book I picked up at a garage sale in Inuvik almost 20 years ago.
The Art of South American Cookery by Myra Waldo, (copyright 1961 by Myra Waldo Schwartz, published by Doubleday & Company, Inc.)
Because right now we have plenty of tomatoes and corn and squash along with potatoes and onions and all manner of other fresh vegetables. I needed things to do with them and a South American cookbook is about the best resource ever.
I used this book years ago and then set it aside, not picking it up again until this past weekend.
The reason is the other day we found a good deal on corn, 10 cobs for $3.50. The other veggies I mentioned above are straight from the in-laws' gardens and happily filling our kitchen.
Corn tamales to which I added squash, tomato-onion salad that I decided needed an avocado,  the corn topping from a corn-potato casserole that became a side dish for roasted vegetables and chicken have all made it to the table, and they've all been tasty.
I am grateful for that, too.

Gratitude Monday -- Quiet Time Edition


I am grateful for my hard line phone. It never occurred to me to be grateful for it, and for that I am sorry.
I didn't realize how much I depended on it until it was gone.
Not completely gone, just not working.
It started yesterday, apparently some time before early afternoon although it did work at one point after it wasn't working.
My sister called somewhere around 2 p.m. so we had no reason to believe our phone was out. However, Mike's mom had been trying to call well before that time and only got a busy signal.
We discovered the problem when he tried to call his mom around 5 p.m.
Telus tried to fix it, but couldn't.  For scheduling reasons, there's and mine, a repair person won't be here until Wednesday.
I am grateful it will be attended to. I know all will be well, and for a few days, quiet.

Gratitude Monday -- Now Open Edition


We had a new garage door opener installed last week. The act of opening the garage is now smooth and silent and for it I am grateful.
The door had a few things go wrong including one of its two springs. This meant a new style of bar with an outside spring to replace it. We hoped replacing it would cured the matter. We did not know there were other problems lurking behind it.

A local company did the work. This is good.  The nice men checked things over the day we called and set an appointment for the middle of the following week.
The initial replacement of the bar and spring was done quickly. The door still did not shut properly.
We could have lived with it, but it meant holding the button down until the door closed, and who knows how long that maneuver would have worked.
I said put in a new opener and they did so right then and there. The work was done quickly and efficiently.
I am grateful for that, and I am especially grateful that the new unit does not give off an annoying creaking, grinding sound when it operates.
It is all good.