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Bond With The Moon

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2018 January Horoscopes


Happy New Year! After some frustrating computer problems I can at last post the first horoscopes of 2018 :) January is a month where emotions run deep, and transformation and change feels inevitable. It's a powerful start to the year...Aries21st March – 20th AprilThe supermoon on 2nd lights up your home and family chart. It’s about balancing comfort zones with long-term ambition. Your ruler, mighty Mars, meets expansive Jupiter around 9th, for a mega-powerful time of healing, renewal, opportunity, and inspired action. Planets are also gathering strength in your career, status and reputation chart, which means you are too, especially 6th, 9th, 13th, and new moon time on 17th, which is all about new steps to success. After 20th the focus shifts to friends, groups, gatherings and teamwork, and the full moon eclipse on 30th is about the emotional bonds you make. It’s also a blue moon, so events might feel rare or unusual at that time.Taurus21st April – 21st MayThe supermoon on 2nd is all about communication, information, new beliefs and perspectives. Planets are gathering in your travel and education chart, which means new vistas and visas for mind, body and soul are underway, and the new moon on 17th is very much about the first steps of a new journey. A spectacular meeting involving Mars and Jupiter, is active much of the month (most intense around 8th or 9th), in your relationship chart, which indicates very powerful partnership experiences, whether romance, business, or friendship. Then a full eclipse on the 30th, which is also a blue moon, indicates home and family matters have your full attention. Gemini22nd May – 21st JuneIt’s a powerful beginning to 2018. A supermoon on the 2nd spotlights income and resources, and sets the tone for the whole month and beyond. Also, planets are gathering in your chart of transformation, regeneration and renewal, and it’s all about building trust by not needing to control the uncontrollable. This is easier than you think, especially around 7th, as daily schedules, occupation, health and fitness all fill you with faith and renewed sense of purpose (with memories of early December somehow too). New moon on 17th is about new commitment and structure for deepest relationships, then from 20th it’s all about travel, education, and new perspectives. Then a full moon eclipse on 30th means events are having long-term impact now.Cancer22nd June – 22nd JulyLots of lunar activity means it’s a big month for you. A Supermoon in your sign (2nd) kicks off the new year with inspiration, information, and imagination. It’s all in preparation for an intensely transformative and creative period, especially up to midmonth. A new moon of new beginnings takes place in your relationship chart on 17th, which means new or renewed partnerships, and contracts and agreements are under construction all month, especially around 6th, 8th, 14th, 17th, and 24th. Then there’s an eclipse on 30th, in your chart of income and resources. It’s also a blue moon, and yes, that means rare or unusual happenings are afoot.Leo23rd July – 23rd August A cosy comfort zone full moon on the 2nd is about a little quiet retreat and reflection, in readiness for the full steam ahead vibes that are building from early January. Home and family matters become busy, intense, and involve long-term plans and expansion. It’s a great month to be working from home or working on your home, and the new moon on 17th suggests new commitments and responsibility for daily life and occupation; and for health and wellbeing too (new year resolutions are easy to maintain this month). After 20th the focus is very much on partnership and agreements and the relationship full moon eclipse on 30th means what matters now matters in future too.Virgo24th August – 22nd SeptemberIt’s one of the most creative and constructive months of 2018 for you, symbolised by the supermoon on the 2nd which matches your mood to get working on some long-term plans you’ve been pondering for a while. Around the 7th and up to midmonth there might be me[...]

December 2017 Horoscopes


Here are my horoscopes for December! Hope you enjoy :)Aries21st March – 20th AprilNot the easiest of starts to December for you as you’re preparing for new adventures and new approaches yet obstacles keep cropping up, so you don’t fully free to just dive in and get on with it. There’s lots happening around travel and education, especially midmonth; then Saturn, planet of responsibility, limits and boundaries, moves into your career, reputation, and ambition chart for the next two years, from the 20th. It can bring pressure but also progress, it rewards hard work and integrity, and helps you step up the long-term ladder of success. Just don’t get disheartened by limits and delays on the way. Taurus21st April – 21st MayCommunication or information comes to light under December’s full moon (3rd) that feels like unfinished business. There’s a lot that requires trust and faith in the process this month, which you’ve become a master at dealing with in recent years (by treating the process as an adventure or journey). From 20th Saturn moves into your chart of belief and perspective for the next two years. Saturn brings structure and form that supports long-term progress and development in that area, so plans for anything that broadens horizons mentally or physically, like travel or education will slowly take shape. Things don’t happen overnight with Saturn situations, so a bit of patience keeps you sane (especially around 21st and 25th).Gemini22nd May – 21st JuneThe annual full moon in your sign on 3rdmagnifies feelings and your hunger for fulfilment of certain situations. Mercury retrogrades at this time, indicating past communication or information returning to importance during December; especially for relationships, contracts and agreements (perhaps being resolved early January). New or renewed commitment in relationships is likely from 18th, and from 20thplanet Saturn moves into your trust and intimacy chart for the next two years, suggesting things are getting serious. Energy or confidence might feel temporarily depleted at that time, but Mercury is moving forward from 23rd, indicating you are too. Cancer22nd June – 22nd JulyDuring first week of December events might confound or confuse unless you take your intuition seriously, as it’s your sixth sense helping you get clear, find answers, and make sense of communication. The new moon on the 18th is about new adventures linked to daily routine and occupation. Then planet Saturn, the sun, and Venus, move into your relationship chart, from around 20th (last time Saturn was here was 28years ago!) Saturn brings definition and structure to relationships, as well as long-term commitments, limits and boundaries. All this can feel either restrictive or stabilising, which is a reoccurring theme for the foreseeable. Leo23rd July – 23rd August For two years Saturn has been in your chart of fun, romance and creativity, which has been more about the rules of the game rather than enjoyment of the game (although this month there’s plenty to enjoy). Saturn is also about commitment and responsibility, as well as the pressure of deadlines, limits and boundaries, and it brought new structure and form to this area of your life. Loose ends are being tied up on certain situations all month (especially around 18th), then Saturn moves to your chart of health, fitness and daily occupation (20th) where this long-term focused and disciplined approach fits perfectly. Virgo24th August – 22nd SeptemberThere’s lots revolving around home and family this month. Full moon on 3rd is about how you balance your time between home and work, and about relationship balance too. Mercury in retrograde means family reunions, or maybe a rethink about long-term plans. Midmonth and around 18this about new adventures, and maybe even a new home too. From 20th, Saturn moves to your creativity, fun and romance chart for the next couple of years. Saturn brings structure and planning for the long-term, so no point expecting overnight success, but the rewards alway[...]

September 2017 Horoscopes


Here are my horoscopes for this month! I have readings available from my website. You can book by clicking here: am an empath, working with astrology, tarot, and energy healing. Happy September to you :)Aries21st March – 20th AprilBig astro news is for final week of September, when lucky Jupiter and revolutionary Uranus meet for the third and final time (previously late last December and this March). Like the other times, it indicates a positive period of freedom, expansion, opportunity and unconventional or unexpected happenings, especially in relationships or with contracts and agreements. But before all that you’re intent on sorting out health and fitness matters, refining and improving your daily schedule, and developing strategies and solutions for work and career. Your logical brain is on overdrive with all this, but don’t squash your intuitive input with logic, as your sixth sense is working brilliantly too (especially full moon on 6th midmonth, and new moon on 20th). Taurus21st April – 21st MayCreativity is at an all-time high this month, so make the most of how effortless things are for you right now regarding your plans and projects. Motivation is strong, and your mind is crystal clear with ideas and strategies. Anything that requires attention to detail or small print will go well, particularly after 6th when Mercury ends its Retrograde phase during a friendly and fun-filled full moon. Romance too is very much on the agenda, and the new moon (20th) indicates new or renewed relationships. Final week is about lucky breaks and unexpected opportunities, so keeping the faith, or leaps of faith, might work nicely in your favour. Gemini22nd May – 21st JuneLots of focus this month on home and family and long-term plans, especially around full moon on 6th. It might coincide with a turning point or change of direction as Mercury Retrograde ends that day. Also in the spotlight is creativity, romance, contracts and relationships, especially from 20th and during final week (it all might connect to March or late December somehow). September in general is about sorting stuff out. There was a lot of redefining and reframing of situations last month, and now you’re making some decisions based on these new ways of seeing things. New Moon on 20this about what’s new and beginning from that. Cancer22nd June – 22nd JulyFor much of September it’s about communication, information and sorting stuff out. Getting your message across really matters to you, which might be easier once Mercury ends Retrograde from 6th. Miscommunication or delays might clear up from then too. Sibling relationships or sibling-style relationships might be significant in this, along with local area, community and neighbourhood. New moon on 20th is about what’s new and getting underway linked to all of this. Final week there’s a fabulous meeting of planets (last times were late December and March), and it’s about unexpected opportunities coming your way. So in a surprising turn of events, what was impossible suddenly seems entirely possible. Leo23rd July – 23rd August There’s loads of attention on finances and resources during September. You’re in the mood to sort stuff out, clear clutter, balance books, read small print, and generally be super practical and efficient. Full moon on 6th brings certain situations to a head linked to this, with maybe a change of mind or approach that helps heal broken trust, or just deepens trust. New beginnings are indicated around new moon on 20th, then from 22nd the focus is on communication, information and what’s new to learn. An interesting meeting of planets during final week suggests unexpected opportunities and expansion. It might feel like your faith has been rewarded, so hold your nerve all month when it comes to optimism and positivity. Virgo24th August – 22nd SeptemberPlanets are focusing on you, indicating a busy and active month. Sun is in your sign until 22nd, so you’re ready to shine and be recogni[...]

Solar Eclipse 21st August 2017 - Alignment and Union


“ love another person is to see the face of God” – from Les MiserablesSo here we are on the great solar eclipse day of 21stAugust 2017. It happens during the new moon in the sign of Leo, the sign of heart and soul (the solar eclipse is always during the new moon, and lunar eclipse is always during the full moon). It’s happening at 19.24 UK time, though there’s not much to see this side of the pond, it’s all happening in the United States. Eclipses are part of the natural, awesome, clockwork-style cycle of our solar system, and so they have a positive message built in to them, even if we can't always see the full picture at first. This one, happening during the new moon, indicates significant new ‘Leo-themed’ beginnings are underway, with long-term impact and significance, for weeks, months, maybe even years to come. Matters of the heart, fun, joy, entertainment, creativity, recognition, the spotlight, true self and sovereignty are all Leo themes.We might already have an idea what this means for us, if events are already heading in that direction; or this might be the time in which we make some new choices and decisions about the future, with some or all these themes in mind.I interpret eclipses as expressions of ALIGNMENT and UNION. It’s about the lining up of things by the universe, in the most perfect, mysterious, complex, and very visible way. Astrology is about ‘as above so below’, so what’s happening ‘up there’ is happening within us too. This is a time for us to get our ducks in a row, and align more precisely and effectively with our heart's desire. More so than other eclipses, because Leo is about creativity, the heart, and sovereignty, this eclipse speaks directly to the idea that we CREATE OUR OWN REALITY. We are the Kings and Queens of our destiny, the Gods and Goddesses of our own free will, through our open-hearted focus, perceptions, and judgments, of ourselves and others, we shape an idea of reality that the universe literally responds to and supports us by manifesting. ‘ENERGY FLOWS WHERE ATTENTION GOES’ was the very first metaphysical lesson I learnt many years ago; the same message that Law of Attraction has for us today. If you want to create what you do want, focus on what you do want. If you want to create what you don’t want, focus on what you don’t want. Simple in theory, yet challenging to do in a world that pulls our attention in so many ways to so many things that are not actually in our best interests to focus on deeply. We often end up focused on what we don't want, while expecting the universe to respond to what we do want.So this is what the message of the Leo eclipse is about. Align with what you want, to create the world you want. Be the sovereign of your own reality. Own your power to align with your true self, within yourself. You can know you are doing this by the natural heartfelt appreciation for self and others that radiates through an open heart and mind. This eclipse time is a good time to ponder where we are out of alignment with all that,for example:Leo is the heart: Is yours open or closed? Leo is sovereignty: Are you feeling empowered or dis-empowered as the leader of your life?Leo is creativity: What makes your heart sing? What interests you and calls you forward? Leo is the spotlight: Where do you want more recognition and visibility?Set the eclipse intention to experience more alignment with the Leo themes in your life. Treat eclipse time as a reboot, a reset and reconnection; with yourself and your hearts desires. Meditation and visualisation are powerful tools for alignment, but nothing is as powerful as enjoying and loving the process.... we experience the satisfying sound of situations clicking into place by loving them into place, enjoying them into place, appreciating them into place. It's the Leo way. Article on the Heart Chakra and opening the heart energy hereYoutube link to 528Hz frequency meditation music (528hz i[...]

August 2017 Horoscopes


Aries21st March – 20th AprilThere are two eclipses this month, indicating long-term trends and cycles underway. Your ruler Mars is at the center of the eclipse pattern, so for you there’s lots of action and activity. The full moon lunar eclipse (7th) is about things coming to a head related to friendships, groups and gatherings. It’s also about keeping your mind and heart open to your hopes, dreams and future vision. The new moon solar eclipse (21st) is about fresh new beginnings related to creativity, love-life, fun and entertainment. It’s a very positive and empowering eclipse pattern, which means it’s easier to sync up with the benefits and rewards of your situation, now and in future. Taurus21st April – 21st MayChange is in the air, indicated by two eclipses during August. Events around eclipse time often have long-term significance and meaning, and these are no exception. The full moon lunar eclipse (7th) is about things coming to a head or coming full circle, regarding plans, aims and ambitions (especially linked to career). Perhaps events from around February time are relevant somehow. The new moon solar eclipse (21st) highlights home and family matters, and speaks of new beginnings now or in the coming months, for this area of your life. The eclipse picture is strong and positive, despite indicating a few challenges on the way (first week and midmonth), so there’s plenty in store to look forward to. Gemini22nd May – 21st JuneAugust is deeply transforming for love-life, creativity, and communication. It’s time to let go and trust what takes you more deeply into your heart (especially first week, also 12th, 15th, 17th, 27th). Mercury retrogrades (appears to move backwards) from 13th, indicating a different perspective is required, especially related to home and family matters. It’s all reflected in the message of two important eclipses this month, which are about long-term change. The faith-filled full moon eclipse on 7th is about direction and purpose. Maybe there are talks about where things are going. Then the positive and upbeat new moon eclipse (21st) is about important new beginnings, now and in months to come, especially for communication and information. Cancer22nd June – 22nd JulyAugust has two eclipses, which is always big news for you, being ruled by the moon. Eclipses are about events with long-term impact for plans and progress, and the full moon lunar eclipse (7th) spotlights your chart of deep healing. Events come to a head where trust has been an issue, and regarding how much you want to share with others (you can be an iceberg when it suits, with so much hidden under the surface). The new moon solar eclipse (21st) is like the next step, with a message of new beginnings in coming months linked to income, resources, self-worth and self-esteem. What happened during February might have relevance to all this somehow too. Leo23rd July – 23rd August There are two fabulous eclipses in August, both involving your sign in a big way. Eclipses indicate changes are afoot, and events around their dates tend to have long-term impact. The full moon eclipse (7th) is about certain situations coming to a head or moving and transforming after a stalemate. Events from February might be relevant somehow, and relationships, partnerships, contracts and agreements are the focus. The solar new moon eclipse in your sign on 21st is the astro event of the year for you, indicating an important new life chapter is underway. A new you is emerging; more steady, stable, bold, and productive than ever. Relationships, romance, travel and education are all in the spotlight from now. Virgo24th August – 22nd SeptemberLogical Mercury is in your sign, so you’re on a mission to get things sorted; in your own mind at least. Mercury meets foggy Neptune midmonth, which can cloud some issues; then is retrograde (appearing to move backwards) from 13th, indicating a change of mind or direction. There are two e[...]

July 2017 Horoscopes


Aries21st March – 20th AprilThere’s a full moon of renewal and change on the 9th, which brings earlier events to a head somehow (perhaps linked to career or home?), so rise above power struggles to transform and transmute conflict. Midmonth is busy, especially for communication and relationship, but July really kicks into gear after 20th, when Mars indicates it’s all systems go for creativity, romance, fun and entertainment; especially from 23rdwhen Mars links to the new moon in a truly sparkling, if unexpected way, indicating new beginnings. It also means a deeply positive perspective will deeply enhance this experience: even rose-tinted glasses allow you to recognise opportunities that negativity only clouds and concealsTaurus21st April – 21st MayJuly opens with a choice: lose yourself in drama dynamics or let go and emotionally release and renew. Power struggles are everywhere it seems, even up to midmonth, but you don’t have to participate. Certainly not around the intense full moon (9th), when emotional pressure comes to a head for many. Just keep the faith you don’t have to control the uncontrollable to get where you want to be. From the 20th positivity is strong, and one of the most unusual and magnificent new moons of the year for you takes place on the 23rd, in your chart of home and family. It’s also about partnership, whether business or romance, and indicates impressive new beginnings in store. Gemini22nd May – 21st JuneFirst week up to midmonth, but especially around a full moon of change and renewal (9th), events revolve around income, resources and ownership. Don’t be drawn into power struggles at this time; they seem irresistible but at heart it’s about ‘lack’ of something wanted, so there’s no real power to be gained from conflict. Believe in your abundance instead. Midmonth is busy and enlightening, especially for communication and relationships. Then from 20th there’s unusually strong power (real power!) and positivity to your communication. Local neighbourhood and transport is a focus, as are sibling or sibling style relationships. Mars next to new moon (23rd) speaks of impressive new beginnings on their way that are something to be pleased and proud of. Cancer22nd June – 19th JulyThe sun is in your sign until the 19th, meaning the world is on your wavelength and you’re ready and recharged. There’s an unusual emotional intensity to circumstances up to midmonth (focal point for it all is full moon on 9th) especially in relationships, and it needs careful handling to avoid succumbing to drama and power struggle. Endings are a possibility, but only for what you’ve grown beyond, so loss holds relief. New life and fresh focus awaits, symbolised profoundly by a truly stunning new moon on the 23rd, in your chart of self-worth and resources. Mars stands with this new moon, indicating lots of new activity and drive forward in this area of your life happening for long-term plans and ambition, especially career related. Leo20th July – 23rd August Events as July opens suggests a balance must be found between surrendering to circumstance or controlling details and specifics, because both are necessary at times. Renewal and regeneration is your guiding vision, especially around a powerful full moon on the 9th that calls you away from outer power struggles and toward inner peace. From the 20thdesire planet Mars is in your sign, and the empowering sun from the 22nd, suggesting the next few weeks are truly your time of year. The new moon linking to Mars in your sign is an unusual and spectacular indication of magnificent new beginnings, so let your imagination soar about your next moves. Virgo24th August – 22nd SeptemberUp to midmonth there might be some deep and emotionally intense dynamics in certain situations. Friendships, matters of the heart, and creative projects all seem to have this going on somehow. It’s productive in that what has [...]

June 2017 Horoscopes


Aries21st March – 20th AprilBe ready to surprise yourself with your unconventional approach, especially in certain relationships. This is around the 3rdbut also full moon time on 9th, when your desire for positive and fair communication can also work wonders building bridges, faith and confidence. Midmonth, communication can seem deceptively confusing or obstructive, so stick to what you know is true inside. Summer Solstice (21st) and new moon (24th) makes home and family matters more of a focus for you. There are new beginnings now, which might test your patience if it’s not at your preferred pace (28th), so let go and don’t push for control, especially 30th. Taurus21st April – 21st MayYou’re in the mood for a break of routine, and anything unusual or unconventional attracts. Love and money planet Venus is in your sign from 6th, so you’re only interested in living according to what you value most. Faith might be restored that there are solutions and answers, especially to what was needed over the past few months; it’s more likely towards end of June, but notice what happens around full moon time (9th). Finances and resources have your attention for much of the month but from summer solstice (21st) and new moon (24th) it’s all about communication, which is deep, direct, focused and transformative, if you can resist power struggles. Gemini22nd May – 21st JuneIt’s your time of year Gemini. The sun is in your sign until the 20th, which symbolises creative power and opportunities to shine. Friends might surprise you (in a good way) on the 3rd, and the adventure-themed full moon in your relationship house (9th) is about not arguing for your limitations (18th, 20th). This moon symbolises a turnaround in matters of the heart that moves things forward more steadily in the coming weeks and months. The summer solstice (21st) and the new moon (24th) focus on important new beginnings linked to finance and resources. Events at end of month are challenging, yet your mind is powerfully clear and sharp. Use this power only for good!Cancer21st June – 22nd JulyMars (planet of drive and desire) is in your sign from the 9th until mid-July, indicating movement, action, and pushing forward with plans and goals. Full moon (9th) is about having faith in your journey, especially midmonth when things don’t feel as clear as you’d like. There’s a bit of ‘going with the flow’ required until 21st(summer solstice) when the sun moves to your sign and the future feels more in your hands. New moon in your sign (24th) happens once a year, and symbolises a new you emerging. End of June there’s potential for drama and power struggles, so don’t buy into them, keep your heart open instead; especially as there’s romance this month too. Leo23rd July – 23rd August There’s a new pattern in your planets. It happens every 19 years and lasts about 2 years. It’s about the kind of opportunities opening that come from you being your authentic self. Not the self that lives up to others expectations, or that has to hold back to fit in. It might mean stretching comfort zone, but worth it. For this month it’s all linked to friendships, groups, and gatherings, especially around full moon time on the 9th. Then from summer solstice (21st) and new moon (24th) you’re wanting something to immerse yourself and lose yourself in, so make it positive and healthful, like art, music, mindfulness, spiritual path, etc, and avoid power struggles and drama, especially 28th, 30th. Virgo24th August – 22nd SeptemberThe sun lights up your aims and ambition chart until the 20th. It’s also your chart of status and reputation, so all these themes are important to you, and is where your creative power works for you. Events around full moon (9th) highlight this. Midmonth there’s a crisis of confidence related to all this, which is just a call to look more clearly at the positive side[...]

May 2017 Horoscopes


Aries21st March – 20th AprilFrom 3rd, Mercury (communication and logic) is moving forward after weeks of retrograde in your sign, which means a powerful change of mind and mindset. It’s not overnight, but some situations move suddenly, especially around the resourceful full moon on the 10th. It’s more like you’re between two worlds, moving on from past hurts but still unsure exactly what the future holds. So get comfortable and curious with uncertainty and the unknown, to stay open for the universe to surprise and delight you (12th, 19th). Not always easy, especially final week when you feel more like shutting off, but the new moon in your communication chart (25th) helps you stay connected. Taurus21st April – 19th MayThe Sun in your sign until the 20th means you’re recharging and renewing creatively. There’s a full moon in your relationship chart on 10th, which has a soothing and transforming effect on issues brought to a head this month. Logic-loving Mercury, planet of conversation and dialogue, has been retrograde (moving backwards) for weeks, but this month moves forward and into your sign from 16th. This is great for communication and clarity, especially around 25th (new moon = new beginnings) and 31st. It can be a messy or chaotic month at times, but all the pieces of the jigsaw are there, and the fun is in putting back together. Gemini20th May – 21st JuneFrom the 3rd, your ruling planet Mercury, is moving forward again after weeks of reverse motion, which supports your efforts in dealing with unfinished business. Up to mid-month, and especially around full moon on the 10th, relates to this, especially with friends, groups and gatherings, and in unconventional or unexpected ways. It’s easy to over-do or over-react mid-month, but the Sun (creativity and recognition) moves into your sign from 20th, and there’s a new moon of new beginnings for you on 25th. This is also when relationship or financial-themed unfinished business shows itself; along with some very productive action (if you don’t freak out about certain limits and boundaries that are still in place)Cancer22nd June – 22nd JulyYou’re seeking balance this month (especially 19th, 29th), and the key is a willingness to be happy in the here and now regardless. Meaning don’t wait for things to work out before you let yourself feel settled and secure, find ways of feeling it before you get your outcome (easiest around full moon on 10th). Aims and ambition, plans and projects, status and reputation are all in the spotlight and moving forward again, sometimes suddenly or in unconventional ways. Don’t be put off by limits or delays at end of May, however unsurmountable they temporarily appear; and do look forward to new communication and connections with the new moon from 25th. Leo23rd July – 23rd August Recently, you reached to the past for faith and perspective. Travel and learning was important, and maybe you reconnected with the past there too. From the 3rd, Mercury moves forward, which means new information and knowledge coming your way (often suddenly or unexpectedly), which focuses you on the future instead of the past (3rd, 12th, 19th) and transforms views and perspectives (9th, 25th, 31st). The sun is in your career and status chart until the 20th, with Mercury there from the 16th, indicating how things are revolving around aims and ambitions; especially events around the security-orientated full moon on the 10th. Also, especially from 20th, it’s all about friendship, groups and gatherings; with important new beginnings from 25th. Virgo24th August – 22nd SeptemberYour ruling planet Mercury has been retrograde (appearing to move backwards) for weeks, which meant a roller-coaster of experiences revolving around who to trust, who to invest in, and what matters most to you. From 3rd, Mercury is moving forward, which means you are too; thi[...]

New Moon in Taurus - 26th April 2017...


...@1.15pm in the UK, though the new moon period includes a day either side of the date.

Whether we are already up and running with plans, or just at the ideas or dreaming stage, new moons are about new beginnings related to what matters most to us right now.

And earthy Taurus is about how much the physical world matters to us, and how much our relationship to what is tangible and already manifested means to us. It’s about value and worth… it’s possessions and purchases…ownership and business. It’s what you want to invest in. It’s self-worth and self-value. It’s your rock and anchor in life: what’s steady in an ever-changing world.

Taurus traits are loyalty, devotion, steadfastness

The Taurus experience is the pleasure, worth, and appreciation of the physical

So new moon in Taurus is about new beginnings in any or all of this. We have a lot of retrograde energy right now, including the effects of the recent Venus (ruler of Taurus) retrograde, which also puts the emphasis on the idea of renewal and regeneration, for example…..

for Aries: new/renewed income, purchases and possessions. Renewed sense of self-worth.
Taurus: re-investing in yourself, how you present yourself and how you approach the world.
Gemini: Something new and valuable to immerse/lose your whole self in. Renewal of spiritual values.
Cancer: renewed value of friendships, groups and gatherings. Investing in hopes and dreams.
Leo: renewed loyalty to aims and ambition.
Virgo: the value of perspective; appreciating the journey and where you stand right now in it. The value/wisdom of your experience.
Libra:  renewed sense of trust and intimacy. The value in sharing resources.
Scorpio: renewing valued relationships, contracts and agreements.
Sagittarius: Appreciating the little things. Renewing health and fitness commitments. Valuable problem-solving.
Capricorn: The value of the creative process… re-investing in fun and entertainment.
Aquarius: The value of comfort zones… re-investing in home and family.

Pisces: New or renewed communication. The value of sibling relationships. Investing in local area/neighbourhood. 

April 2017 Horoscopes


Aries21st March – 19th AprilThe sun is in your sign until 19th, so you’re in the cosmic spotlight. The planet patterns aren’t easy this month, especially 7th, 11th, 21st and 30th, but they are productive and healing. Full moon in your relationship chart (11th) is about balancing priorities, defying convention, and staying true to your true self (don’t ignore intuition or feelings). Then Venus, your relationship ruler, ends retrograde on 15th, indicating a turnaround or change of direction in key relationships. Mars activates communication and dialogue from the 21st (especially 28th) and there might be a second chance at something that didn’t go well first time round then too. Taurus21st April – 21st MayYour ruler Venus has been retrograde (moving backwards) since early March, indicating a time of reconnection, reunion, and review in key relationships, including your relationship with yourself. From 15th, Venus is moving forward, which means relationships, business, finance, contracts and agreements do too. There’s a crisis of confidence around 8thor 21st; so don’t argue for your limitations, or give up faith in what can be.. Mercury retrogrades in your sign from 10th, which can delay or divert communication or schedules temporarily. But the sun moves into your sign from 19th, bringing your annual new moon (26th) which indicates new beginnings that feel freeing, valuable and worthy. Gemini22nd May – 21st JuneApril isn’t an easy month but you’ve learned so much by the end of it that you define it an empowering and successful one. Events around 7th and especially full moon time on 11th, might surprise you or take an unusual or unconventional direction (and it might be repeated around 28th); especially for friendship, groups, and gatherings, as well as career, status and ambition. Mercury is your planet, and it retrogrades from 10th, indicating a change of mind or approach that helps you prepare for much needed talks or discussions. Venus ends retrograde from 15th, so relationships and finances are moving forward, and Mars in your sign from 21st means motivation to complete goals is uber-high. Cancer22nd June – 22nd JulyIt’s not easy to be pragmatic this month (so don’t be!), as many things don’t fit expectations or fully make sense so you have to get comfy with the irrational and illogical. This is most noticeable around 7th, 28th, and especially during the full moon on 11th when key relationships, contracts or agreements are transforming. It’s also noticeable when Venus moves forward from the 15th, bringing a turning point to surrender into, and go with the flow of. New moon on the 26thin your friendship chart is refreshing and nourishing given the challenges of the month. New beginnings of substance, stability and value are emerging, with like-minded folk and crowds you want to feel part of. Leo23rd July – 23rd August There are challenging planet aspects (especially around 8th, 11th, 14th, 21st) indicating challenges for you, but they are serving to strengthen your purpose and resolve. In other words, what gives you a crisis of confidence around the 8th won’t by 21st, because all your experiences are increasing your self-assurance. Events around full moon on the 11th are about sorting your own unique balance of priorities that you’re comfortable with. Venus (love and money) ends retrograde on 15th, which means a change of direction, and striding forward after a period of uncertainty. Career and ambition might feel up in the air until next month, but the buds of new beginnings appear with the new moon on 26th. Virgo24th August – 22nd SeptemberVenus, the planet of love and money, ends retrograde on 15th, indicating significant turnaround in these areas, slowly bringing healing and long awaited solutions and answers after weeks of feeling thing[...]

March 2017 Horoscopes


Aries20th March – 20th AprilMarch continues on the recent theme of balancing your need for freedom with your desire to expand and grow certain relationships (especially first week). Also, love and money planet Venus retrogrades (appears to move backward) in your sign from 4th until mid-April, which means a review and restyle: of yourself, of finances, and relationship. Mercury (your communication and thinking) is in your sign from 13th, followed by the Sun on 20th. Then the annual new moon in your sign on the 28this a potent symbol of a new you. March is basically about your fabulous potential and what’s new and renewing about it, so the excitement and thrills keep coming.Taurus21st April – 21st MayYour planet is Venus, the planet associated with love and value. Venus is retrograde (appearing to move backwards) from the 4th, until mid-April, so it’s an important time for reviewing, re-evaluating, and reconnecting with your priorities in relationships, finances and resources. You might feel more compelled to act, or make a first move on something that matters, especially after the 20th, also around new moon on 28th(don’t jump to negative conclusions though). Mars in your sign from 10th, indicates endurance and determination regarding your current desires, which makes you a formidable force in achieving goals and desires.Gemini22nd May – 21st JuneA break, holiday, or change of pace might be happening this month. It gives you breathing space and thinking time about a long-term plan or project, possibly work-related. Around full moon time (12th) obstacles or limits are put there by you not others, even though it might seem otherwise. Relationships in general are also highlighted: friendships might rekindle or reconnect, once Venus retrogrades from 4th (and from 13th). In romance, there’s the potential for deep and satisfying resonance and harmony, so minimise challenges (especially around 24th!) and keep your heart and mind open to what can’t be put into words. Cancer22nd June – 22nd JulyUp to the 20th (especially full moon time on the 12th), the focus is on expanding horizons; perhaps through learning or travel (a holiday is a great idea!), but all month there’s huge focus on career, status, reputation and ambition. For example, Venus retrograde from the 4th until mid-April reconnects you with people, places or plans from the past, and brings a much wanted turning point or change of direction. Final week might be intense, but there’s method to any madness; it’s not for nothing that there’s a beautiful new moon (28th) bringing new beginnings and the birth of new opportunities. Leo23rd July – 23rd August Situations that were important late-December, especially linking to travel or education, might become relevant again this month. Venus is retrograde from the 4th until mid-April, which means relationship reconnections and reunions (especially around 25th), and the new moon (28th) indicates new beginnings. Up to 20th, imagination is your secret power. The challenge is to stay focused on what you want rather than picturing what you don’t want, as your focus energises and magnifies whatever scenario you stick on. Full moon (12th) brings issues of security and resources to a head, so turn a crisis of confidence into a reason to keep the faith (15th, 17th, and final week). Virgo24th August – 22nd SeptemberThe annual full moon in your sign on the 12th, is about sorting out where you stand emotionally on things that are important to you now. It’s about emotional balance with others, but also your relationship with yourself. You’re looking for what’s real and true, and you have an open heart and open mind about what that might mean, which is a strong position to be in (challenges around 24th require you stay in that strength). [...]

February 2017 Horoscopes


Aries21st March – 20th AprilThis can be a very healing month for you, even though things don’t always feel gentle or soothing (especially first and last week of Feb). Relationship and money planet Venus joins your ruler, the action planet Mars, in your sign from the 3rd, which suggests you’re more pro-active about your priorities than ever (with deeply transformative results around 22nd). There are two eclipses: on the 11th the lunar eclipse is about blending your sense of purpose with the group purpose. On the 26th there’s a solar eclipse in your house of spirituality and healing, and this is about the idea that healing starts with a sense of inner wholeness, regardless of outer circumstances. Taurus21st April – 21st MayBeginning of February, and especially final week, might bring unexpected or unpredictable events, but balance-seeking Venus moves into the most spiritual part of your chart from the 3rd, encouraging you to let go of what others think, and take action that resonates most for you right now, with fabulous results. Eclipses indicate events with long-term impact, and the lunar eclipse on the 11th highlights stuff that has been coming to a head for a while, perhaps linked to home/work balance, or your comfort zone regarding long-term plans (maybe both), then the solar eclipse on the 26th again emphasises relying on your inner voice, intuition and feelings, especially regarding friendships and group involvement. Gemini22nd May – 21st JuneThere might be sudden and/or mind-expanding communication, especially at beginning and end of February; also around lunar eclipse time on the 11th. Eclipses link to long-term events, so how you’re feeling at that time about communication, also your neighbourhood, and local area, is likely to stay relevant for a while.  Similarly, the solar eclipse on the 26th is powering your status and ambition chart, so the ladder of success is an important and long-term symbol and theme for you now. Mars and Venus are moving together through your friendship and support chart, so you’re actively seeking like-minded folk, and finding them. It’s also about your vision for the future, so think big, don’t second guess yourself, and watch how things fall into place. Cancer22nd June – 22nd JulyBeing so tied into the moon cycles as you are, you might notice February’s eclipse energy more than most. Planet patterns this month suggest suprising or unexpected events, especially first week and last week. The lunar (full moon) eclipse on the 11th highlights your resources and resourcefulness, so this is the month to appreciate what you have and who you are (appreciation attracts more of what you focus on), even if you’re not fully where you want to be. The powerful solar eclipse on the 26this about new beginnings and new perspectives. It indicates travel, education, and expanding horizons happens by moving where your kindness, love, and imagination want to lead you.  Leo23rd July – 23rd August The sun moves through your partnership and union chart until the 18th, and there’s a powerful lunar eclipse in your sign on the 11th. It means recognition of what matters to you, along with the motivation to move on what you value with others. If you’ve been tensing against your own truth (inner truth never ever hurts, that’s why it feels true), then events this month will help soften stubborness and break through any rigid perspectives that are holding you from your hearts desire. First week and final week is strongest in this, and the long-term focused solar eclipse on the 26this all about surrendering to, or embracing what used to make you feel defensive and closed. Virgo24th August – 22nd SeptemberTwo eclipses this month indicate new cycles of development and change unde[...]

January 2017 Horoscopes


Beautiful January is underway, here we go with the first horoscopes of 2017...Aries21st March – 20th AprilHappy 2017 Aries! You're in soft and mellow mood as January opens, and if you need to wear rose tinted glasses to stay there, so be it, because you’ll achieve more by relaxing into the prevailing flow. January in general is about breakthroughs and expansion that you're guided to, rather than pushing towards (including romance). Around 7th to midmonth (full moon on 12th), might feel more demanding, yet more productive too. Then, around 28th there's a new moon (new beginnings) for friends, groups and gatherings. Unfinished business from December might finish at this time, and your ruler Mars moves into your sign, indicating it’s now time to be proactive and push forward. Taurus21st April – 21st MayHappy New Year Taurus. Regeneration and renewal through travel, education and learning is your theme for much of January, especially towards midmonth and around full moon time on the 12th, when the planets stand in strong formation calling you towards soul-satisfying journeys. Links with groups, whether work related or friendship based, are important too. It’s where romance sparks and thrives, and it’s where you feel motivated or driven by the sense of oneness from group purpose. Mercury (communication) moves forward from 8th, and from 19th the sun re-energises your ambition and career chart. New moon on the 28th indicates new beginnings linked to this; perhaps from plans that you’ve been conscious of since midmonth full moon. Gemini22nd May – 21st JuneHappy 2017 Gemini...the planets are gathering in your ambition and career chart. Your style of climbing the success ladder is different from others, in that you like to spend time dreaming and imagining success, even at the expense of taking care of some of the practicalities at first. This is exactly the right way to do it by the Law of Attraction, so don’t let others change your style, even during the security-orientated, financial full moon on the 12th. Mercury moves forward from the 8th which means your relationships are too (take note of how unfinished business from December is finished by end of month). And a future-focused new moon (28th) is about travel and learning. Cancer22nd June – 22nd JulyHappy 2017 Cancer! It’s all about the next logical step for you this month, which is easier to take from the 8th when Mercury (logic and communication) moves forward after weeks in reverse (notice what happens around new moon on 29th regarding unfinished business from December). Next steps are also around 12th, when the annual full moon in your sign moves stalemates, and breaks through static situations. Relationships, romance, and contracts are all in focus as a result. There are lots of planets in your travel and education chart all month, which means lots of your energy and attention put there. Certain people or places might be calling to you, so go if it feels positiveLeo23rd July – 23rd August Happy New Year Leo! January can be a ‘sweet spot’ of the year, despite there being elements of certain situations you’d prefer were different. Maybe because it feels easier to relax and trust the universe has your back, and this lack of inner tension helps things click into place naturally. From around the 7th to around the rather spiritual full moon on the 12th, there’s plenty happening that would normally create tension, but because you’re tapped into the productive and constructive aspects of the situation, it feels like things are building in positive and creative ways. From the 19th and especially new moon time on the 28th, relationships have your attention, where new beginnings are in store. Virgo24th August – 22nd Septembe[...]

December 2016 Horoscopes


I moved house on the new moon in Sagittarius on Dec 1st (new moon in Sag = new journeys!), hence everything is running late, amidst unpacked boxed :D Better late than never though, here's my horoscopes for December for you :) Last of 2016. Get ready for 2017 ;)Aries21st March – 20th AprilIt’s time to take your own advice, especially midmonth during an enlightening, talkative full moon (14th). Your ruler, mighty Mars, moves into the most spiritual angle of your chart from the 19th, which emphasises going within to find your power. Meditation, contemplation, and intuition all serve you well. Logical Mercury retrogrades (appears to move backwards) related to career, status and reputation; so maybe it’s not the right time to end something, or maybe it’s right time to regroup and rethink (maybe both). Relationships are interesting all month, especially final week (25th and 26th) for new expansion. The new moon (29th) is also about career, status and reputation, meaning exciting, unexpected commitments in store. Taurus21st April – 21st MayA sense of belonging is important to you this month, and the midmonth full moon brings up your questions around that, such as where are more like-minded folk that share similar values? There’s a turning point around 19th (Mercury retrograde), which might involve abandoning some plans for just now, but there’s gain, not loss to be found from it. Your steady, practical nature loves security and routine, but there’s also huge value to be had from the unexpected or unpredictable, especially during final week when generous Jupiter meets revolutionary Uranus (around 26th), and the new moon inspires new journeys and perspectives (29th).Gemini22nd May – 21st JuneYou can’t please everyone, so no point trying. This month (1st, 10th), and especially midmonth when there’s a fulfilling full moon in your sign (14th) follow the approval of your own heart, no matter who has something to say about it. Commitment, contracts and agreements are happening (especially 10th and 19th), and there’s also a temporary change of direction around that time, when your ruler Mercury goes retrograde (moves backward). The new moon (29th) is about new beginnings linked to this, and there’s a mega meeting between Jupiter and Uranus all month (strongest 26th), suggesting doors of opportunity and joy opening unexpectedly and fabulously.Cancer22nd June – 22nd JulyPlanet Mercury moves into your relationship chart from 2nd, so news and discussion, communication and information, as well as your mindset about your relationships, contracts and agreements will feel important (especially 10th). There’s a talkative and rather spiritual full moon on the 14th that emphasises (and magnifies) all this; then a relationship situation that feels like it’s brewing with intensity might be diffused by a change in direction when Mercury retrogrades (appears to move backwards) after 19th. A new moon on 29th speaks of new beginnings in relationships. A spectacular alignment of Jupiter and Uranus (all month but strongest final week) is about unexpected clarity, opportunity and/or independence, linked to home and career. Leo23rd July – 23rd August Harmony planet Venus moves to your relationship chart (7th) so you’re seeking balance and equality, and standing for fairness and justice. Around 10th you’re the boss of fun and entertainment (perfect Leo job!), while creativity and romance mean extra commitment. Full moon (14th) in your house of friendship indicates good times, and events heal trust issues if you’re receptive to that. Mercury retrograde from 19th means avoiding power struggles with a change of direction. You’re also reconnecting with faces and places fr[...]

November 2016 Horoscopes


Aries21st March – 20th AprilThere are many unknowable and uncontrollable factors right now, but making peace with uncertainty means you enjoy the renewal and replenishment in store, especially during the security-conscious Supermoon (14th) spotlighting income and ownership. Or perhaps around 24th when work ambition and relationships are powerfully linked. Your ruling planet, mighty motivated Mars, moves into your friendship and support zone from the 9th, which means you’re more driven to seek out those you feel resonance with; those in harmony with your hopes and dreams, and preferred lifestyle. From the 21st and especially from the uplifting new moon (29th), there’s a focus on anything that opens you to new horizons and new perspectives. Taurus21st April – 21st MayThese are interesting times for you, particularly for much of the month regarding partnerships, contracts and agreements. November opens with doors of opportunity, and midmonth (14th), there’s a spectacular Supermoon in your sign which points to up close and personal fulfilment in areas that matter most. Your ruler, harmony-loving Venus, moves into your travel and education chart from the 12th, which means expanding horizons and faith in your future. Final week (especially 24th/25th) can be a renewing, transformative time for this, so don’t try to control the controllable; instead feel the day-to-day adventure of unknown territory. New moon (29th) repeats this theme, and speaks of new long-term plans and ambition. Gemini22nd May – 21st JuneYou’re so ready for what November has in store, having already cleared a lot of clutter and therefore made space for new fulfilment. Your planet Mercury moves into your relationship zone from the 12th, followed by the Sun from the 21st, which means the adventure of partnership has increasing importance as the month goes on, and there’s a lot happening in this respect, especially after 21st. Relationships deepen with trust, and final week (especially 24th/25th) there’s opportunity to test that out by taking your attention off what you can’t control, deepening faith in your journey with others (creativity and fun soars at that time too). A new moon on the 29th is also about relationships, meaning you end the month with a new beginning. Cancer22nd June – 22nd JulyIt’s a positive start to the month, especially when you’re clear about your intentions. Venus (love and money) moves into your relationship zone from the 12th, just before a replenishing and resourceful Supermoon on the 14th, making it much easier to stand your ground about what matters most to you. Having the courage of your convictions is a repeating theme this month (especially 24th/25th), as is the idea of rebirth and renewal in relationships. A new moon on the 29this about new beginnings in store, especially related to health and fitness. You have plenty of faith, hope and clarity available this month, so use it. Leo23rd July – 23rd August There’s lots of emphasis on home and family for much of November, where you’re looking to make long term changes that enhance your feeling of security and wellbeing, There’s an ambitious and aspirational Supermoon on the 14th suggesting things moving on this, as well as in career too. Final week (strong on 24th) is about smoothing the way forward on all this, day to day. From 21st things start revolving around romance, fun, enjoyment, light-heartedness. You’re interested what makes your heart and soul sing; nothing less will do, and the new moon on the 29this about allowing and having faith in some new, entertaining adventures.Virgo24th August – 22nd SeptemberThere’s emphasis on home and family, c[...]

New Moon in Scorpio 30th Oct 2016 -


At 5.38pm UK time it's the annual new moon in Scorpio (for the UK and most of Europe, this is the second new moon of October – also known as the ‘black moon’). 

Two weeks ago we had a supercharged full moon in Aries on the 16th, which brought each of us our own unique ‘bolt from the blue’- an unexpected event or situation that rocked our world in positive or negative ways (maybe a bit of both).

And now today there’s the new moon in Scorpio, which is a sign about trusting the process of what comes next. Scorpio is about the power of unknown territory and the relationship we have with it. It’s about hidden strength and hidden depths in ourselves and others… much like the tip of the iceberg, there’s always so much more going on underneath.

So it’s all about what you have to take on trust for now, or get comfortable with the uncertainty of. The dark side of Scorpio (and boy can it get dark), is the flip side of that – seeking power and control OVER what is known or knowable. It can become a very murky area indeed when there’s no trust, and especially no trust in the guidance of the heart and Soul, (which never seeks power and control over anything).

Scorpio season is about letting go of what we can’t control. It's about not trying to control the uncontrollable; instead it's surrendering (not submitting) to our version of God or higher power, which is the natural organising conciousness of the universe. It means relaxing into the idea that we don’t have to do it all ourselves, and that ‘things just have a way of working themselves out’ whether or not we know how right now (unknown territory, remember), and most importantly that we don't have to fight or grasp for that. 

Meaning, remembrance that we are held, heard and known by this power, whether we know it or not. That what we want matters and so is taken into account in the bigger picture. It's a big ask for us to drop our guard and trust this but once we do it and receive results, it gets easier next time. 

The Scorpio season is a very healing season because it’s about letting go of the tight grip of control that the intellectual mind likes to hold over everything. Some things (a lot of things!) are beyond current intellectual understanding, but that doesn't mean they aren't real and valid. This new moon is about the trust it is taking right now to grow and evolve into what's new, and what's waiting for us. 

Full moon in aries, 16th October 2016


Hello! We are mid-way through beautiful October, and here in the north of England, autumn is starting to show itself. The annual full moon in Aries takes place this year on 16th October @ 05.23am (UK time). The Sun in Libra stands opposite Moon/Uranus in Aries, which certainly is a highly charged, potentially explosive combination (in both positive or negative ways). Moon and Uranus together can make situations feel unstable, disruptive, and emotionally unsettled. But it can also be about emotional breakthroughs, positive change, and independence that gets to the heart of who we are and how we want to relate with others.Electric attraction is sparking chemistry in relationships like it hasn’t for some time, so sudden or unexpected romance, or love at first sight, is just as likely as sudden 'bolt from the blue' break-ups. Sun in Libra has a keen sense of justice and fairness, and impulsive Aries leaps into action without a second thought (without a first thought if intuitive Uranus is added to the mix), to redress the balance.We also have the very powerful Mercury in Libra square to Mars/Pluto in Capricorn. Mercury (logic and communication), Mars (action and momentum) and Pluto (powerful transformation) can also indicate an explosive combination and huge releases of energy. Mars and Pluto standing together hold huge power, and therefore huge potential for power struggles between people. It’s also an indicator of bottling things up, and any full moon seems to pop the cork on certain situations that have been building up (this one is maybe more likely than others)Communication needs lots of self-awareness; lots of ‘being the bigger person’. Give benefit of the doubt repeatedly in order to dispel power struggles within yourself about others, and your relationship with others. And to stop the negative judgements from killing your peace and harmony and locking you out of your own heart centre (which is the most bleak place in the universe to be).Most of us are not in positions of power that we can instantly make decisions that affect huge sways of people, so all we have is our own individual inner peace and harmony that we can control. Luckily it’s all we need. Our own corner of the world is where we can impact and influence... not via manipulation or pressure on others, but via our own self balance. This is what the Aries/Libra axis is all about.I don’t know about you, but I have been feeling this potent full moon energy building for a few days now. It’s a full on full moon for sure, looking at the planet patterns. Which means it takes some focus and determination to get the best from it, but oh the rewards are great for doing so. So unless things have been going totally swimmingly in all areas of your life for a while, it’s more than likely that any area not flowing and going 100% how you want it too has become harder to ignore this week… the obstacles, the brick walls, the delays, the wading through treacle, the aches and pains…. it all FEELS more intense during a full moon like this one, making you more restless, more sensitive or touchy and over-reactive.It’s because full moons work like emotional amplifiers. If you’ve been doing a lot of thinking (focusing) about what you don’t want, and dealing with things you don’t want to deal with in certain areas, the resistance, or the pushing against it all, is MUCH more tangible right now. BUT the sweet healing power of a full moon is that it’s GUIDANCE – all that emotional amplification means you get to see exactly where you would do well to ‘reset your mindset’ to something more positive, open, life-affirmin[...]

October 2016 Horoscopes


Hello everyone :)  here are my horoscopes for this beautiful month of October for you. Please note that timezone might make a difference to when some of the planet alignments take place. For example the UK has the new moon on the 1st Oct, which took place on 30th Sep for a lot of people (and was called the dark moon). Here in the UK and for a lot of Europe, our dark moon happens on 30th October... just in time for Halloween! Happy Autumn to you. Aries21st March – 20th AprilJupiter, planet of good luck and expansion unites with the new moon on the 1st, bringing new beginnings and expansion in relationships, especially romance, business and/or legal. Jupiter’s promise is that harmony and justice will prevail despite any challenge, and yes there are some challenges, especially around 7th, and midmonth when the full moon is in your sign (16th). It’s then that you’re restless for revolution and a head start on making changes (keep a balance in what you take on so you avoid the strain of overreaching). Finally, a rare second new moon on the 30th is about important new beginnings that require feeling ok with uncertainty or the unknown.Taurus21st April – 21st MayA new moon of abundance on the 1st indicates opportunity and positivity linked to health and fitness, as well as more efficiency and solutions for daily schedule and work environment. This month brings challenge (especially 7th, 16th, 19th, 25th, 29th) but just watch how things still get moving in positive ways despite things being unsettled or coming to a head (especially around 16th). From the 23rd the sun and Mercury move into your relationship zone, which energises partnership and communication. A new moon here on the 30th suggests important new beginnings now or near futureGemini22nd May – 21st JuneAn amazing, abundant new moon on the 1st is about enjoying new beginnings and in the realm of creativity, fun and entertainment. Creative projects can take off, while romance and matters of the heart find balance and harmony. But keep your eye on the ball as there’s plenty of challenges that might distract you into lowering your mood, especially around 7th and midmonth. It’s all about perspective though; these challenges bring out the best in you so why bother wishing they weren’t there. A rare second new moon on the 30th is about new, positive plans for the future, a more streamlined work/daily environment, and renewal and regeneration for health and fitness. Cancer22nd June – 22nd JulyThis month there are two new moons (indicating new beginnings), and a midmonth full moon (16th) about a sudden change in priorities born from the urge to stay true to yourself, which means who you are now, not who you once were. (Smashing out of comfort zones can be uncomfortable until you acclimatise though). New moon on the 1stfocuses on home and family, and the sense of abundance and buoyancy in this area of your life that you want more of. New moon on 30th focuses on more creativity, romance, fun and enjoyment. It’s about letting go and trusting the process, and the sense of renewal and replenishment that arises from it all. Leo23rd July – 23rd August For much of the month the emphasis is on more communication, information, and education, starting with a new moon on the 1stall about new beginnings involving balance, harmony, justice and fairness. Doors of opportunity are opening, now and in future, linked to all this. Travel is also highlighted, especially midmonth, when your restlessness and itchy feet get you thinking about expanding horizons, and pastures new. There are downs as well as ups th[...]

Virgo Solar Eclipse September 1st & Pisces Lunar Eclipse September 16th, 2016


This month (September 2016) there are two eclipses… a solar one (at the time of the new moon) in the sign of Virgo on the 1st. And a lunar (at the time of the full moon) in the sign of Pisces on the 16th.Both indicate key stages in the lunar cycle – solar eclipses tend to indicate new phases or new beginnings, and lunar eclipses often indicate closure or letting go. Especially emotional closure. The Moon is about emotions and feelings, and so they are coming to the forefront this month, to be acknowledged, processed and integrated.In astrology eclipses are about major turning points, where certain situations have been building up momentum through events for quite some time, for good or ill, and the events at eclipse times are release points, or trigger points for long-term change. You can look back with hindsight at an eclipse period and see how events around that time were movers and shapers of future direction.September 1st Eclipse = Preparation is KeyDuring the September 1st eclipse, the planets suggest there has been pressure to act in a certain way, or to act on certain things, but the timing might not be quite right to take action, even if you want to. Withholding or holding fire doesn’t mean failure to launch, it is more about good preparation. The time for action might be more mid-month or beyond, when Mars aligns with the lunar eclipse.Saturn square NeptuneThis planet alignment has been one of the key themes of the year, and it figures highly in the eclipses, especially the solar eclipse on the 1st. This alignment has brought our fears to life in some respects, only for us to find out that our fears hold no power over us in reality. It’s also about being very careful what we believe in or buy into, as what seems real often turns out to be just a façade. It’s been a year of remembering not to judge books by covers. Mercury RetrogradeThis retrograde period started near to the solar eclipse on 30th August, and will continue for most of the month, ending on the day of the Autumn equinox, 22nd September.Although Mercury retrogrades three times a year, this one is a strong retrograde because:-          Mercury is in Virgo, the sign which it rules. -          North node is in Virgo, which is an indicator of opportunities or open doors that feel ‘fated’ or like ‘destiny’ to walk through. Mercury is therefore planet associated with this north node, which means it’s the planet to watch for the way these opportunities will manifest (Mercury is about communication, logic, pathways, transport, siblings and sibling relationships, and neighbours). As Mercury is Retrograde it means the concept of retrograde is also how those opportunities manifest. Retrograde means reconnection or returning to the past in some way… looking to the past, looking in a different direction, etc etc. -          Mercury meets Jupiter at eclipse time. Jupiter is the planet of good luck, good fortune, faith and expansion. Jupiter uplifts what it touches, which gives this Mercury retrograde period a touch of miracle mindedness; a sparkle of extra confidence and self belief. Lunar Eclipse = Ready to ReceiveWhen the moon stands opposite the Virgo sun, from the sign of Pisces on the 16th, it also stands next to the asteroid Chiron. This asteroid is about healing, and specifically about being receptive to healing. Being open and accepting of solutions can be a challenge when the problem or symptom is domin[...]

August 2016 Horoscopes


Aries21st March – 20th AprilThere’s a genuinely sparkling new moon in your house of creativity, fun and entertainment on the 2nd, which means new beginnings, new ideas, and new doors opening in this area of your life. The planets suggest you are connecting easily to helpful or influential teachers or mentors (especially after 13th), and/or travel or distance might be involved; perhaps with a connection to early March or late May too. Notice what happens around the 24th, give or take a few days, related to all this. Yes, there are challenges during August: mid-month (work) and end of month (relationships) in particular; but the message is keep the faith to keep things in perspective. Taurus21st April – 21st MayA new moon on the 2nd indicates new beginnings, make-overs, or redevelopment, related to home and family. There’s positive momentum towards plans, though try not to push or pressure things into place (especially mid-month and around full moon time on 18th) as it can work against you. If things seem slow unfold it’s a case of trust the timing. Your planet Venus is in meticulous mood all month, so it’s all about the details and definition for you, especially in creativity or matters of the heart. Precision and efficiency inspires your creative flow, especially during final week of August when there’s positive expansion and an enormous sense of good luck if you balance cold logic with irrational intuition. Gemini22nd May – 21st JuneNew moon on the 2nd is about information and communication that solidifies and stabilises partnerships, contracts and agreements. It’s also about giving and receiving recognition and acknowledgment, so express appreciation where it’s due and watch how your positive state of attention magnetises more of the same to you in return. You have to work harder to keep things in perspective mid-month and end of month (14th, 19th, 25th), or facts and figures lead to losing the magic in plans and ambition, so get still and quiet to find a balance. There’s also an impressive planet pattern from the 22nd(especially 27th) just as your planet Mercury retrogrades (moves backwards), suggesting a positive change of mind or direction for you. Cancer22nd June – 22nd JulyA new moon on the 2nd in your income and ownership chart indicates new beginnings and new focus that brings more responsibility and long-term commitments your way. Noticeable developments in this are likely by full moon time on the 18th, but especially around the 24th when your daily schedules or work environment reflects unknown territory and new forms of activity. You might see a connection to events back in mid-April related to all this too. Mid-month and end of month might bring communication challenges or conflict, so be the change you want to see (14th, 15th, 25th). Romance and relationships are about partners and loved ones showing support and presence (1st, 11th, 16th, 18th, 24th, 27th). Leo23rd July – 23rd August This is your time of year, with the sun lighting up your sign till the 22nd, which means the world seems more on your wavelength and it’s easier to go with your flow. The annual new moon in your sign (2nd) always indicates important new beginnings and new ways of seeing and experiencing yourself in the world, and this year it’s about strong and stable new responsibilities, especially related to creative projects and matters of the heart, that activate your sense of adventure (especially 7th, 19th, 24th). The full moon on the 18th is in your relationship zone. Again this is an annual astro [...]

July 2016 Horoscopes


Aries21st March – 20th AprilYour planet, the mighty Mars, is slowly moving forward again after being in reverse since mid-April. However, Mars doesn’t build any real momentum for a few weeks, so there might be slow moving situations. Speed isn’t the indicator of success though; so just keep going to get there. First week you’re craving comfort and a sense of belonging. Midmonth (especially 16th/17th) there’s positive energy pouring into home and family situations that stirs and even shakes you into action. Doing things by the book might feel irritating (especially full moon on the 19th), but from the 12th and especially from the 22nd, it’s about the fun and feel good factor of creative projects. Taurus21st April – 21st MayYou are someone who is ok with things taking time, as you understand that everything has a natural process of growth and development, and this month is about small signs of progress that gives big cause for faith and optimism for what’s in store. Communication and information is positively highlighted for much of July, particularly 4th (when it’s all about what’s new), also 11th 17th, 18th, 27th. There are healing vibes for friendships, lovers, and business partnerships too; and contracts and agreements might be signed at last, and unfinished business (maybe linked to mid-February) resolved. From the 20th your focus shifts to family connections and the joy of home comforts. Gemini22nd May – 21st JuneMars (drive, motivation, passion) is moving forward at last this month, suggesting a turnaround in your day to day life, your health, your fitness and your employment. There might also be links to mid-February in some situations too (unfinished business finished at last?). Meanwhile there’s really fabulous fulfilment and new beginnings around resources and income (first week, particularly 4th, and strongly around 17th and 19th). From the 14th your planet Mercury moves into your house of communication, which energizes and activates messaging and information exchange. Love and romance is sweetest 6th, 17th and 27th; then Mercury turns towards family matters and home comforts from 30th. Cancer22nd June – 22nd JulyThe sun in your sign till the 22nd is about increase in energy and creativity, as well as the confidence to shine your light brightly. There’s a beautiful new moon in your sign on the 4th, which indicates potential for new beginnings all month (especially first week and 11th, 17th, 18th, 19th); as long as you don’t let reality squelch your dreams before the seeds have taken root. Nurture and feed your faith in what’s in store to grow, rather than listen to others who can’t grasp your vision. Full moon on the 19th focuses on all relationships, whether business or personal, ending stalemates and shifting stuck emotions.Leo23rd July – 23rd August Most of July (especially 4th, 5th, 17th and 18th) is about the positive momentum in events that you can find and flow with (it’s always a choice). It’s also about turning within to yourself; whether by meditation, contemplation, or even just more sleeping and dreaming, which serves to put you in touch with inspiration, drive, and passion that has been brewing for ages (perhaps connects to mid-February or mid-April?). Some doors are still not ready to open (it’s all about timing), but some certainly are. Venus (relationships), Mercury (communication) and the Sun (creativity and attention) move into your sign from midmonth (12th, 14th and 22nd), which is about being yourself and enjoying[...]

June 2016 Horoscopes


Aries21st March – 20th AprilYour ruler Mars has been retrograde (appearing to move backwards) since mid-April, meaning it’s been a time of readjustment and/or redirection in order to continue doing what matters most to you. Mars is moving forward again at the end of the month (30th), so June is about being on the way to an important turning point or change in direction. And on the way some situations will press your buttons or become a sore point (perhaps related to events late February?); if so, it’s a message to accept what you want can be a reality (if you don’t accept it, why should anyone else?). Noteworthy dates in all this are 5th, 9th, 12th, 15thand from 18th. Taurus21st April – 21st MayThere’s heavy focus on money, security, values and self-worth all month, especially new moon time on the 5th which is about important new beginnings on these themes. Certain situations seem fixed and inescapable during June, so it’s up to you to provide the flexibility. In other words, be the tree that bends not breaks in the wind. Appearances can be deceptive too, so don’t take anything or anyone at face value (easiest around 26th). From the 17th discussion and learning becomes increasingly important when Venus moves into your house of communication. You want to inform and be informed, and you’re in the mood to seek harmony, even when full moon solstice tension peaks (20th).Gemini22nd May – 21st JuneIt’s your time of year. The new moon in your sign on the 5th suggests it’s a particularly powerful time for new beginnings and for building strong foundations in key areas of your life, and the sun in your sign until the 20th, is always about events that encourage your creative spirit to shine and be seen. The planets suggest this is not the easiest of months though, as they show sticking points and limits reached (2nd, 18th, 20th, 22nd); yet this only helps you focus more sharply and more clearly towards what you want. So bless the fog and frustrations for the sweet clarity you find as a result. Cancer22nd June – 22nd JulyFor much of the month certain things appear beyond your direct control that you just have to go with the flow of and have faith in the bigger picture about. The new moon on the 5th speaks strongly of this, with the message that new beginnings are inevitable, especially involving communication and information. From the 17th love and harmony planet Venus moves into your sign, and on the 20th there’s an uplifting, adventure-seeking full moon on the day the sun moves into your sign (summer solstice). It all suggests that some situations are reaching a peak or coming to a head, and more choice and control is on the way.Leo23rd July – 23rd August Basically the message of the month is that you know what to do for progress and development and so do it. Everyone around you has an opinion or new information about it that they are ready to share with you (especially around new moon time on the 5th). But at some point it’s time to let go of discussion and start valuing your own wisdom about it all. The seasonal marker of summer solstice along with an adventurous full moon on the 20th is about winds of change that gets things moving. Mars ends retrograde motion and moves forward from the 30th, which means momentum is building in the right direction.Virgo24th August – 22nd SeptemberIt’s a peak or pivotal month in long term plans and ambition, especially regarding career, status and reputation, but also connecting to home, relations[...]

May 2016 Horoscopes


Hello! Here are my horoscopes for you for this month. Just a reminder that I do offer astrology and tarot readings, you can book from my website  (you can also message me to tailor a reading just for you). Happy May to you all :) Aries21st March – 20th AprilWork and career are in the spotlight this month, in very constructive ways. There’s a flow to find, a groove to settle into; where things transform and unfold around you with the greatest of ease. From around 6thto 15th is especially strong for this. Action-orientated Mars is your planet, and it’s still retrograde (appearing to move backwards) this month. There are huge positives to this, including returning or reconnecting with old places, projects or faces from the past; also turning points or changes in direction that expand and broaden your experience. Notice events around full moon time on the 21st for this, as Mars is igniting and inspiring action and movement in powerful ways. Taurus21st April – 21st MayNo messing around this month, Taurus. Get your head down and get stuck into projects, creative work, travel and learning. It’s a wonderful month for you, symbolised by the fresh, earthy and practical new moon in your sign on the 6th. It means new beginnings, and a renewed sense of purpose and confidence (especially from 9th), along with the feeling that certain things are just meant to be. It’s not all straightforward however, and at times you feel pulled in different directions, but when you remember your sense of security is so sound, then all the activity can enliven and inspire you, rather than deplete or deprive you. Gemini22nd May – 21st JuneA sense of divine destiny and purpose pervade the month. It’s as if a complex weaving of threads from past, present and future are finally pulling together and converging into a pattern you recognise, value, and want more of. Don’t get in your own way with doubts, go with the flow (especially from around the 6th to the 15th), and notice how the universe always gets the timing spot on, with miracles of synchronicity playing into the most mundane down to earth details. A remarkable relationship-themed full moon on the 21st is a focal point for all this, just as the sun moves into your sign for the next few weeks.                                                                       Cancer22nd June – 22nd JulyThe new moon on the 6th indicates new beginnings linked to key relationships, friendships, groups and gatherings. It’s busy in this area of your life all month (especially from 6thto 15th), and there’s important communication and information (8th, 14th and 23rd). This new moon also links to hopes and dreams for the future, and as the planets are in exactly the right mood for making wishes come true (especially 6th, 9th, 14th, 21st) make sure you stay in the right mood to receive. Not always easy as there are challenges, including sticking points and stalemates (especially around 26th) but it’s worth the effort of keeping your heart and mind open and ready for a miracle. Leo23rd July – 23rd August First half of May you’re in prac[...]

April 2016 Horoscopes


Aries21st March – 20th AprilPlanet Venus (love and finances) enters your sign from the 5th, indicating instant attraction (especially around 12th and 22nd), bold intentions and impulsive moves. The new moon in your sign (7th) is about powerful new beginnings and radical transformations, especially in the realm of career, status, reputation, and long-term ambition. It also applies to you as an individual; whether it’s a new style or new approach there’s a unique path or course of action unfolding with your name clearly all over it. Your ruler Mars supports all this by retrograding (appearing to move backwards) from 17th until August; indicating turning points, revisits and reviews linked to travel, education, beliefs and perspectives. Taurus21st April – 21st MayThis is a powerful month for you Taurus. Steady constructive expansion and transformation is indicated, especially midmonth; though events in and around new moon (7th) and full moon (22nd) might make you question this, as things can happen unexpectedly, and unpredictably (not necessarily unwelcome though). Mercury retrogrades (appears to move backwards) in your sign on the 28th, which means turning points in communication, or a change of mind or in approach from you. Venus, your ruling planet, moves into your sign (30th) which suggests strong self-worth and being a magnet for harmony and prosperity.Gemini22nd May – 21st JuneThe message of the month is don’t get too focused on obstacles as they won’t affect what’s unfolding in the long-term. In general things have been improving for some time, and the planets suggest this progress remains steady, secure, and well grounded (meaning you aren’t imagining the improvement). New moon on the 7th is about new beginnings and radical transformation linked to friendship, groups, and deepening support for your hopes and dreams (also 9th, 12th, 19th, 22nd). Midmonth is secure and stable (14th, 18th) with a key turning point for relationships from 17th. Mercury retrogrades from the 28th, so go with a change of mind, direction, communication or information. Cancer22nd June – 22nd JulyThis month (especially around new moon time on the 7th) brings the awareness that certain relationships and emotional connections are not the comfort zone they used to be (especially linking to career or ambition). It’s because situations are evolving; so relationships will transform or rebirth, or they clear the way to welcome a new updated version.  Either way change can bring upheaval and a sense of loss, but April has very supportive planet patterns, enhancing feelings of security and wellbeing, and encouraging constructive progress (particularly midmonth and 22nd). The past meeting present is also an important theme, especially around communication, information, status and ambition (notice 17th, 18th and 28thfor this)Leo23rd July – 23rd August There’s a breakthrough new moon on the 7th in the faith and belief area of your chart. It suggests new ways of seeing the same situation brings different results, so if there’s been a sticking point or stalemate, then things might get moving (also 9th, 12th, 17th or 22nd).  While travel and education are in the spotlight again for April, there’s also an increasing focus on career, status and reputation. It’s a month to feel proud of achievements and celebrate progress (especially 14th, 18th, 30th), and to feel the courage of your convictions regardi[...]

March 2016 Horoscopes


Better late than never, here are the horoscopes for this month!! (Mercury is not even retrograde, I have no excuse for forgetting to post till now!). How has your month gone so far, did I get it right?Aries21st March – 20th AprilMars moves into your beliefs and perspectives chart from the 6th, indicating a broadening of horizons and a spiritual journey. Perhaps it’s via travel or education, or just the latest learning curve, but the 14th, 20th (when the sun moves into your sign), and especially final week relates strongly to this. As do two powerful eclipses on the 9th and the 23rd, which are about events holding long-term significance. Solar eclipse on the 9th says stop tripping yourself up with self-doubt or self-denial and go with the flow of positive feelings and insights instead. The lunar eclipse on the 23rd is about emotional turning points and new phases in relationships, contracts and agreements. Taurus21st April – 21st MayLots of focus on fun, friendship, groups and gatherings for much of the month, with significant events that move you forward and feel fulfilling. It’s all indicated by a powerful solar eclipse on the 9ththat speaks of new beginnings in these areas of life that might initially require you to hold your nerve or stand your ground but are ultimately expansive and productive. Midmonth your ruler Venus is in on this, adding the power of your values and a sparkle to attraction. Lunar eclipse on the 23rd is about a new phase in your spiritual journey, and in health and fitness (maybe it’s all linked)Gemini22nd May – 21st JuneLots of focus on long-term aims and ambition this month; particularly revolving around status, reputation and career. The planets are gathering in this area of your chart in a significant way, including Mercury (your ruler) from the 5th, and Venus (relationship and receptivity) from the 12th. A solar eclipse there on the 9th is about events during March that can shape aims and ambitions for this future. The lunar eclipse on the 23rd has similar meaning, but focusing towards fun, friendship, creativity, and links to groups or teams. You’re feeling single-minded when it comes to relationship priorities, and there’s an important turning point due in this around the 25th. Cancer22nd June – 22nd JulyYour sign has a unique affinity for the moon and its cycles, and there are two powerful eclipses this month (9th and 23rd) that are indicators of significant events with potential for long-term impact. Sometimes these events aren’t very dramatic or even very noticeable, but they can be a reason to do things differently, or be a starting point for a whole new direction. They are also doorways for opportunities to build on past progress, and the solar eclipse on the 9th is about this related to learning, and the broadening of horizons. Then important communication linked to long-term ambition and plans (especially career) might be exchanged around lunar eclipse time on the 23rd.Leo23rd July – 23rd August There are two eclipses this month. They are powerful indicators of progress, development, new beginnings, and changes in direction. The solar eclipse (9th) speaks of events during March that can trigger profound emotional healing in longstanding situations. Issues around trust and/or intimacy become important, as do finances and security. The lunar eclipse (23rd) might feel lighter and brighter for you as it’s about changing [...]