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My Flock Rocks!

Flamingos are gregarious wading birds in the genus Phoenicopterus and family Phoenicopteridae. They are found in both the Western and Eastern Hemispheres, but are more numerous in the latter. There are four species in the Americas while two exist in the O

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I have been so caught up in the world of facebook..I find it hard now to sit down and compose a blog post. I think that a lot of people are going by the wayside of blogging, and instead just posting what is on their mind on FB. It's so easy to do from your cell phone, and as I found out last night I can upload pictures right from my blackberry!

I miss was kind of a journal of my life that even I could go back and laugh at. Blogging made me happy, and still does, but I need to get back in the swing of things. I never thought that something else would take the place of blogging, but then again maybe I am just old fashion...

The past year has had it's ups and downs, the good and the bad, but I have come to the conclusion that the negativity has over powered me, and from now on I am going to be positive.

I look forward to what the future has in store for me.... Life.

I'm Baaaaaack!


I feel the need to blog again! So much to say, too little time. I don't know who said that, but it sounded good at the moment.

I'm baaaaaaack!

By Request....


I am posting this New Years blog to those anonymous people who attacked me this year and said things about me that aren't true.


Get over it...get a life and move on!


Oh...and the pic is from Rix...Thanks BFF!

That's Life


Like all good things...they must come to an end. I thank you ALL for the very nice comments you left.

I have been doing some serious thinking this past week, and have come to the conclusion this blog is over...

I am too old for this...

I thank all of my friends who stepped up to the plate to defend me.

I don't know what I did so wrong, but will look back and figure it out.

It hurts, but hey I guess...That's Life

Fall is officially here


Last weekend we went out and picked out our pumpkins, and this morning there was frost on them!
I have a crock pot full of yummy delicious chili slowly cooking for a chili dump at casa de rix tomorrow.
The leaves have changed color, and now are dropping on the ground.
Our Halloween decorations are up, and we look forward to the neighborhood goblins trick or treating.
The Heat is on, and it's nice and toasty inside.
(image) Ahhh...Fall is officially here!

Our Extreme Makeover


As you have probably noticed I haven't been blogging much lately...We have been doing some home improvements around here the last few weeks!

Finally it's all done, well...there is always something else that could be done, but for now the house looks great!

I want to thank AA &L Roofing who did a great job on the roof! They worked hard every day including Saturday's and Sunday's.

Harris Painting who painted the much needed exterior of the house! Of those who have been here know about the previous paint job that was literally falling off the house. They scraped and sanded, used a stain instead of a paint, and it looks better than brand new! We are very pleased!

An added bonus was finally getting my kitchen painted. I have lived with the ugly beige paint for over a year, and yesterday it was redone in a lovely shade of white. I am so I can put up some flamingo curtains!

I put together a slide show for you to enjoy...Our Extreme Makeover

Make a Smilebox slideshow

The Gloves are off!


I got today's newspaper, and on the front page of the Peoria Journal Star was nice picture of Obama. I had watched the debates last night, listened to the news today regarding the aftermath, so I thought I would read what was said in the paper.

I looked at the picture carefully, but couldn't figure out what or who was next to Obama holding on to what appeared to be a sign...then I put on my glasses and realized that it wasn't a sign, but someone from the newspaper had put a sticker over McCain's face!
(image) C'mon, now tell me... is this hilarious or what!

The gloves are off...but the sticker is on! LMAO!

Just for Fun!


It seems like it's been forever since I blogged last...It's been busy around here, but I am happy to say the roof is finally done and it looks fabulous! The roofers worked every day including Saturdays, and late into the day, sometimes until dark. I thought the pounding, banging, knocking would have bothered me more than it did, but I guess I must have gotten used to it.

Last week was the big rained, and I am happy to report there are no more leaks! Even the skylights over the pool are dry! I'll post pictures later when I have them all organized in chronological order. I know you probably can't wait!

We've had busy weekends...A week ago Friday we joined some friends for a surprise Anniversary party. Lots of good food and tasty beverages to quench our thirst.

Then on Saturday night we joined friends for dinner at Kobe Steak House. It was something new and different to do. It was entertaining watching the chef toss around his knives, and I was almost ducking under the table fearing that one of the knives was going to spin out of control. The food was good, the company was excellent!

This weekend we had good intentions of picking out our pumpkins for Halloween which is right around the corner! We met up with some wonderful friends yesterday at Apple Blossom Farms for a day of fun, shopping and eating. Who couldn't resist the bakery for some home made carmel apple pie and apple dumplings? The weather was perfect for enjoying our lunch outside on the picnic tables.

We left early to try and make it home by half time of the Bears game. I wanted to stop into an antique shop in Kickapoo to check out their array of Halloween decorations. I was hoping to find some vintage decorations to add to my collection. Instead I was drawn to this picture frame of the old Riverview Park in Chicago. I turned it over to see how much this classic cost, but at this time I already knew I had to have it regardless what the price tag was.

I have short but fond memories of Riverview. I was too young to go when my older brothers were able, and by the time I was old enough they suddenly closed. I only have a recollection of perhaps two or three times going, and remembering how much more fun this was than Kiddyland!


Ahhh...Riverview Park...Just for Fun!

Let's hope it doesn't rain


Yeah! I got a call this morning saying the shingles were on their way, and roofer man and his crew would be out to do a partial tear off so when the bundles arrived they could precisely stack them on the roof.

It was a little noisy this morning as they shoveled and scraped the old shingles off, and then pounded in the nails to fasten the new felt to the peak of the roof. Gee, I sound like I know what I am talking about!

Then about two hours later the flat bed truck with the big boom arrived to raise the bundles up to the roof...
(image) Looks like the new shingles are holding down the tarps!

(image) They worked for a couple of hours, cleaned up the driveway, and said they would be back tomorrow to start putting the new roof on...
I haven't seen the weather forecast, but let's hope it doesn't rain!

A Bar in Every Room!


I know I said I was done buying furniture for the living room after I found the awesome zebra chairs, but doing a little online shopping around this morning I found this! How could I not have gotten it?
(image) It will go perfect in the corner where I had planned to put the two zebra chairs, and if not I already have another plan...I could put it in the dining room which would mean I would need a new dining room set to match, but isn't that what decorating is all about?

And I have this thing about just can't have too many!

A Bar in Every Room!

HFA's Welcome...


After waiting patiently for a month (which seemed like eternity) because these spectacular zebra chairs were on back order, they finally arrived yesterday!

I had been searching for these chairs forever, and finally found them on the LINON Home Decor website. I wasn't sure I wanted to fork out $495.00 for these beauties so I kept looking for something similar.

I found the same exact chairs on another website for $189.00 (such a deal) but for some reason I held off...and that is when I found them for $139.00 some place else! How could I not grab these awesome chenille zebra chairs!

At first I was only going to order one, but then looked in the living room, and could easily picture two of them nestled in a corner with a little table inbetween. Perfect! And I have no skills what so ever when it comes to decorating.

Mr Wonderful assembled the two chairs last night without any problems,(no duct tape) and in no time the two zebra chairs were placed in the corner precisely where I had visioned them. The only thing is the chairs are larger than I anticipated because I don't look at dimensions so they look a bit cramped in the corner.

These are definately Big Ass Zebra chairs!

HFA's Welcome...

Make a Smilebox slideshow

Mother Nature is filling the pool!


It's raining again today, and we have sprung another leak...luckily this one is from one of the sky lights, and there's a big bucket down below.

(image) Mother Nature is filling the pool!

I'm going to miss those tarps...


Those of you that joined us last weekend for the celebration of the sale of our other house might have noticed the large blue tarps covering our roof. And if you remember I blogged about the roof leaking (video and all), and eventually having to put a bucket under the two drips that were coming from the ceiling...

(image) (image) The roofer was kind enough to come out in the pouring rain, climb up on the roof risking his life to cover the section of the roof that was leaking and give us an estimate of how much it was going to cost us to have it repaired. Scratch that last word, repair...we need a whole new friggin' roof! Not only a roof but vents, sky lights, decking, you name it...the roof is shot!

The good thing is that the damage was caused by the last storm we had, and the insurance adjuster was here the following day to estimate the damage.

Last night the roofer was here so we could pick out the color of the new architectural shingles, and don't worry he didn't show me any PINK ones...although I really think they would look divine!

In a couple of weeks (we hope) they will start tearing off the old roof and putting on the new one! I am glad that they will get to work on it soon, but was really looking forward to decorating the tarps and changing them according to the holidays. I'm going to miss those tarps...not!



Yesterday we shared the celebration with some of our dear friends. Good fun, good food, laughter,and of course a bit of the bubbly!

(image) I would like to extend a huge thank you to all...

It got me to thinking again how fortunate we are to have met such wonderful friends.

This summer has been the best ever! Cheers!

Good-bye 1205


We closed on the other house today after almost a year to the day of having it on the market for sale. It was a sad day for us saying good-bye to our old house which we loved so dearly...
(image) So, to help ease the pain of the departure we went out and purchased a bottle of champagne...not only for us, but to share with our friends~
(image) Because EVERYONE should have the opportunity to have some good champagne...and it's a darn good reason to have a party!

(image) Good-bye 1205

We need a roofer!


It's raining, and as I sit here in the computer room I hear this tapping on the ceiling...My assumption is that the roof is leaking, and is making a nice puddle in the attic, just momnets away from soaking the drywall and making a nice water spot, and then let the dripping begin!

Make a Smilebox slideshow

Yes, I am trying not to laugh because you just can't make this chit up!

We need a roofer!

Kelly's Kause


I wanted to get this out in blogosphere...Kelly is Morton Malaise (Cory's) cousin. She has been diagnosed with Guillain-Barre Syndrome.

You know me, I want to do as much as I can to help and have spent the past couple of days on the phone with friends gathering up donations for the benefit which is being held. I am hoping to present them with a lot to make this benefit a huge success!

The Kelly's Kause Benefit

Last but not least, we are planning a benefit on Saturday September, 13, 2008 from noon to whenever. It will be held at Pearce Community Center 613 Cedar Chillicothe, IL 61525. There will be food, games, a silent auction, live auction and a kids area. Also, a band will play during the evening hours. Everything we collect will go directly to Scott and Kelly to help defray all the medical costs that have and will continue to accumulate. One more way to help out is to donate something to the auctions. Nothing is to big or to small. Every little bit will help Scott and Kelly so much. You may mail donations to the above address or e-mail Kris at or call 309-360-6694 to arrange a pick up for the auctions. So, come out and have fun while helping a family in need. I know we all want to help out and what better way than a day of food, fun, games and more! Hope to see everyone at the benefit. Sincerely, KelsKause committee Kris Hopple Jeff, Lori and Brooke Wallin Jill Williamson Ellen Grogg Dara Wagner Jackie Noder

In addition to the donations for the auction, I would like to present them with a check so here's where my faithful blog readers come in...for every comment I get on this post, I will donate $1.00.

One comment per person, no anonymous names unless you sign your name, and no spam!

Proud Mary


Finally I got some pictures uploaded, and created another smilebox for your viewing pleasure.

These were from last Sunday at the Kickapoo Creek Winery where we went and enjoyed a beautiful afternoon and music performed by the talented Flying D'rito Brothers. I have never seen them before but I can guarantee it won't be the last time! I will definately book them for a party in the near future!



I took lots of pictures!


What a great weekend! It started out Friday night for Happy Hour at the Judge's Chamber's in beautiful downtown Peoria. We met up with some friends, and met some new friends as well. Need I say...Happy Hour continued more than an hour! I took lots of pictures...We headed over the the German Society thingy to enjoy some brats, thuringer, weinerwald chicken (what ever the heck that is) and some specialty German beer. We got there a wee bit late because as I stated before Happy Hour at JC's lasted more than an hour. So much to our disappointment the food was almost gone by the time we got there, but at least they still had beer! I took lots of pictures!Unfortunately I had carried along my little peewee camera because I didn't feel like hauling the good one in a big bag, and taking any chances of dropping it because remember it was Happy Hour! Little Fugi only has a 16 MB memory card and it was full of pictures that I had taken many moons ago. Lesson not, and I repeat DO NOT try and delete pictures after enjoying an extended Happy Hour! I deleted all the pics from earlier in the evening...What happened to the ones I took at Lindenhof? I dunno...but as soon as I find them, and see if it is anyway possible to retrieve the Happy Hour pics I will post them too.Saturday night was the Flamorama Big Birthday Bash. Many of our friends shared August birthdays so we decided to help celebrate. What a great turn out! I am going to estimate there were about 30 people here (not including kids) for fun, food and beverages. By the way the food catered from Grampa John's Rib Shack was outstanding! Slabs of scrumptious ribs, best darn chicken I have ever had, awesome potato salad, coleslaw, ranch beans, Cajun (hot) beans, and jugs of BBQ sauce! A extra big thank you to all that brought delicious home made cookies, treats, cakes, appetizers (jalapeno poppers to die for) but mostly thank you all for making this August celebration fun! Happy Birthday Msgem, East Bluff Barbie, Jimi, Ms PH, and Drunken Monkey!Sunday was the fall kick off at Kickapoo Creek Winery where Msgem, Ramble, and I enjoyed The Flying Doritos Brothers who were performing. Great music, more food, lots of wine, (hence Kickapoo Creek Winery) and for me who isn't a wine drinker there was beer...I took lots of pictures and videos! After an afternoon of festivities we headed back here to indulge in more leftover chicken & ribs, chips & dips and deserts...Great weekend! As soon as I have all the pictures sorted and hopefully find the missing ones I will post them. I took lots of pictures![...]

Hog Wild


Let's see...we have had deer grazing on the clover, moles making holes in the yard, foxes running around, hornets making nests, wrens taking up housekeeping in our satellite dish, different kind of bugs making themselves at home, chipmunks swimming in the pool, and now ground hogs! I'm just hoping that I won't see a bear next...but you know, I will have my camera ready just in case!
(image) Going a little hog wild~

I need a lot more Tequila!


While at Brimfield days a couple weekends ago I met up with a woman who was a "Tastefully Simple" consultant. She had a tent set up with samples of some of the delicious food they offer, and of course a sign up sheet if you want to book a party. I chose to take a catalog with all the goodies and go home and drool.

I have heard a lot of good things about Tastefully Simple, but never knew anyone who sold it or was having a home party. After thumbing though the catalog, and seeing all the yummy delights, I couldn't resist picking up the phone and placing an order.

Everything looked so delicious, and simple to prepare. Now that's what I like! I placed my order, and in a matter of a few days it arrived!

What really caught my eye was the bucket of Mango Breeze Margarita mix. Add the mango mixture, water, takillya, and stir! Place in freezer for 8 hours and enjoy...I call it the bucket of yum! The Prickly Pear Cooler is to die for too, and makes a darn good frozen pear margarita...

Here's a picture of some of the goodies I got~


Please note:

They don't sell Jose Quervo Especial...

I have a feeling I am going to need a lot more Tequila!

Corn Boil


We had the pleasure this weekend of meeting with some dear friends at Hickory Grove Park for a corn boil and pork chop sandwiches. The food was delicious, the weather was perfect! Ahhh and I can't forget the tasty Spaten! Enjoy the slide show...Corn Boil

Make a Smilebox slideshow

Holey Moley!


That's right...we have moles!

We figured it would only be a matter of time before some other critter took up residency in our yard. The moles have dug up the front yard and left us with mounds of dirt that resemble stepping stones. But I would advise NOT to step on these!(image) While out pulling weeds, I noticed these critters have invaded my flower garden and have pushed up my petunias. (sorry no pictures)

Now the question is...what do we do now, and how do we get rid of these rodents? I googled it this morning, and this is what I found~

Like I am really going to do this? I need a mole man! Holey Moley!

I just gotta have them!


Isn't it want something so bad, you can't have it!

I have been searching which seems like forever for some chairs for the living room. I knew what I had in mind but just couldn't find anything that suited me. I even thought of buying some chairs at a resale shop and have them reupholstered with the fabric of my liking.

Then last week while doing a little online shopping around I found these chairs! I just had to have them! Perfect and exactly what I have been searching for. The best part was they were reasonably priced!
(image) At first I was only going to buy one, but then thought two would look good with a small table in between. So, I placed my order immediately and lo and behold the chairs are on back order with no shipping date. And wouldn't you know my luck goes, I wanted them in time for a party in the making that is taking place at the end of the month. I check everyday with my fingers crossed to see if the status has changed, but I think I am going to have to go else where and pay a little more because...I just gotta have them!

Who doesn't like a parade?


We had a great time today at Brimfield Days...The weather couldn't have been more perfect for a parade!

Make a Smilebox slideshow

Who doesn't like a parade?