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Complexity, Innovation, Knowledge and Learning: A quantum interpretation of management

Published: 2009-10-04T22:39:46+02:00


The last post


The last post is bugle call, either used to finish off the military day, or for that reason also at military funerals. If you hear it, you know it. When making up my mind how to start my last post...

Perceptions on health, wealth and development


Give yourself some time to allow Hans Rosling to change your mindsit with his dataset. Interesting stuff shedding another light on the world's development.

The Paradigm of the Emergent Economy


It has been a bit calm on my blog lately, but this has everything to do with the fact that I am moving places. Despite the enormous pleasure I have had at Euromed Management, I move totally South, in order...

The six most difficult words: I'm sorry, I was wrong


Last weekend I participated in the wedding ceremony of my cousin in Belgium, and during the service, a text was read that contained amongst others the "six most difficult words". And though of course this made reference to the marriage,...

The profits of the 40 top French companies drop: crisis, crisis, crisis


Le Monde of March 13 published an article that the profits of the top 40 companies quoted on the stock exchange in France, dropped in 2008 with 39 %. Illustration of a real and deep crisis, isn't it ? However,...

A road map of complexity


Somebody drew my attention to a very interesting road map of complexity (what does it really mean, what is included, what could be included, etc). Interesting for those with a genuine interest in complexity theory.

Is accounting profit any different from destruction of societal value ?


Last week, we have been able to participate in a conference on Spirituality and Organisational leadership in Pondicherry, India. A very interesting gathering of management scholars and managers, that share the care for meaning in what they do. Of course...

Consciousness and Development


I would like to draw your attention to an electronic publication, made by an NGO, named Spanda, about Consciousness and Development. I am honoured to have been able to contribute to it, along with people like Peter Russell, Ervin Laszlo,...

Principles for Responsible Management Education


Last week, on December 4 and 5, around 300 management educators (deans, directors, professors) met in the UN Headquarters in New York, for the First Global Forum for Responsible Management Education (PRiME). The principles themselves have been drafted by an...

The financial crisis: wir haben es allen gewust


With my apologizes to our German friends for adapting this somewhat unfortunate sentence. It was used by number of German people, after the second world war, when they were asked whether they knew about the holocaust. And their answer was:...

Responsible management: lessons from yet another crisis


Yet another crisis goes through Europe and the US and lots and lots of observations, wishes, interviews every day clarify what is happening. Or don't they ? I am not always happy with the explanations and analysis and over the...

Humanism and business


Le Monde of 16 september 2008 titled "It is difficult to select the managers of tomorrow". Is it ? The article mentioned that since three years HEC had introduced a leaderships component in their MBA (I sincerely hope it exists...

Do we need to reconstruct a regulated capitalism?


Such is what Sarkozy (president of France) claimed at the General Assembly of the United Nations. Of course it all related to the financial crisis, or should we indeed say the crisis of capitalism. He came up with some strong...

How to engage individuals to act strategically towards sustainability (five elements guide)


I received a very nice piece of work on "How to engage individuals to act strategically towards sustainability", based on the five elements (water, earth, fire, air; and the fifth one is the 'think systems'). It is the work of...

To hear the voice of God, you must be silent, because God whispers


It is not the teachings of the Dalai Lama that have caused this post (I agree, it helped), but rather (again) Ode, and the inspiring article of Tijn Touber. He cites John Francis, an american eco-activist saying something very recognisable....

Don't be trapped in dogma's, even not in management dogma's


A former student of mine mailed me the link to Steve Job's Stanford Commencement Speech 2005. And since coincidence does not exist, last week I participated in the Dalai Lama's teachings in France. It is striking how much great minds...

Spiritual capitalism


Spiritual capitalism might sound like yet another new age concept, but it is not. It does get increasingly attention of managers and management thinkers, since growing evidence shows that "meaning" in business clearly contributes to happiness, and happiness contributes to...

Complexity theory: where are we?


Last week I participated in the fourth Organization Studies Summer Workshop titled "Embracing Complexity: Advancing Ecological Understanding in Organization Studies", in Pissouri, Cyprus. If interested, I presented a paper titled: The ecology of management: Cassandra, a holistic diagnostic for sustainable...

The future of corporate responsibility


Georg Kell, from the UN Global Compact office, gave in the Global Compact newsletter his view on the future of corporate responsibility. Coming out of an executive seminar of a week about leadership and innovation, for a company that is...

Science: the newest religion ?


Recently, the French parliament received the (annual) update of the commission on sects. An impressive original document that already dates from 20 years ago, and an equally impressive list of sects (according to them). Most of us will certainly agree...