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Evan's data: 92 percent developers ignoring Windows Vista


This blogger shares the consensus of many others that programmers prefer to develop software that carries freedom to its users. Their is an increase development base for GNU/Linux and free software and decrease development for the proprietary Windows Vist

Developers prefer GNU/Linux over Vista


Software developers don't want to hack on Vista. In this story Matt Assay concludes that more and more programmers prefer to hack on GNU/Linux.

Microsoft: What Cost the Vista Fiasco?


Numbers show that people and organizations don't think much of Vista.

Desktop Windows is doomed


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Microsoft confirms use of DRM for NBC broadcast flags


They try to claim that the FCC requires software and hardware manufacturers to recognizes broadcast flags set by distributors. However, the courts have ruled against the FCCs proposal -- broadcast flags do not have to be enforced -- user freedom trumps th

Closing the Door to Microsoft Vista


Many companies are not going to install Microsoft Vista, and are holding out for the next version of windows instead. However, they should take this opportunity to make the switch to GNU/Linux, and use a free software operating system that they can always

Programmers shun Vista, develop software for GNU/Linux


The article is a bit misleading and misses the point -- developers prefer programming free software for GNU/Linux operating systems because those operating systems respect their freedom. As a user, you should switch to GNU/Linux, because it respects your

NBC-Vista copy-protection snafu reminds us why DRM stinks


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Microsoft's stealth updates stymie XP repairs


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Ballmer: Vista Is 'a Work in Progress'


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Microsoft Exec: UAC Designed To 'Annoy Users'


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MSN Music to shut down, leaving DRM customers in the lurch |


This is just a good example of why you don't want your operating system to be enforcing DRM on you -- because it enables moves like this. Switch away from Vista to a free software operating system and DRM-free media, and these problems disappear.

Brazil migrates voting machines to GNU/Linux - The INQUIRER


Another country abandons Microsoft for software that respects their freedom.

Computerworld - Ubuntu breathes new life into school's abandoned hardware


Ubuntu still has some nonfree software, so it would be better to use gNewSense for this instead, but it's a great example of people dumping VIsta because of its requirements in favor of more freedom with GNU/Linux.