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Ding My Dong



Bin Laden's dead!

Bin Laden's Dead!

He's fucking dead!


Had to come back and revisit this cobweb of a blog just for the occasion, given that killing terrorists was one of the founding principles thereof. I know I should have given some sort of explanation, but I kept toying with the idea of continuing blogging, but the Blogger "Danger Will Robinson" click-through screen just slowly sapped my desire to continue, since it cost half my readership because of site blocks at work servers. I've really enjoyed the time I've spent with you guy, but I guess this is as good a final entry as there can be.

Anyway, like the song says, "tomorrow I might go as far as suicide, but I will not let it bother me tonight."

I stopped off and bought a $100 bottle of 18-year-old scotch and fetched my favorite crystal highball glass that would break a toe if you dropped it on your foot. Now I am celebrating the welcome demise of a cocksucker -- the violent death of whom I have been awaiting for almost 10 years now.


When there's no such thing as overkill


The Atom V8

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65 Years Young


This photo from Life Magazine just kills me.

Happy fucking 65th fucking birthday fucking atom bomb.

So glad you made it here o_O


Jesus fucking christ


OK, it turns out there is a decent chance that modern directional drilling technology can intersect the BP well on a perpendicular path. There have been long perpendicular runs made that have missed their hypothetical "X" by only a foot. So it's not at all impossible.

It's just that long before that happens, a hurricane is going to blow all that oil up on land and kill people and a shit load of wildlife and render enormous swaths of land uninhabitable. It's going to be an environmental holocaust.

Might as well laugh. Nobody is going to let you do anything more purposeful.

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And the band played on...


This just about sums it up, and is about what I have been suspecting.

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Jane! Somebody! Stop This Crazy Thing!


OK, this is bullshit!You want a suggestion about what to do about the Gulf oil leak? How about QUIT PLAYING AROUND WITH THE BLASTED THING AND SHUT DOWN THAT OIL WELL?!The “kill shot” had an effect, but BP only went about it half-heartedly. It’s time for THIS COUNTRY to mobilize and shut that thing down! We’ll worry about BP later!WTF are these morons trying to do with this high tech “relief well” horseshit while the Gulf is dying every fucking day? It’s been TWO FUCKING MONTHS of this horrific geyser of oil spewing, now we know, roughly 60,000 BARRELS OF OIL A DAY into the Gulf of Mexico!Currently, BP’s little cap on the top of the well is capturing about half of that amount and pumping it aboard ships topside. The rest of it, every day, is going into the GALACTIC oil mass floating around in the ocean off the coast.And what’s the PLAN? What’s the big PLAN?!This is what they are trying to do. OK, first of all, I don’t know if anyone has EVER intersected a target that small with directional drilling. Maybe they are planning to use sonar from both bores to triangulate against the existing casing column. But the point is, the last bit of distance, every time they make a correction, they have to “trip pipe” and pull everything out of the well, get bearings, make corrections, go a bit more, then make another reading. As they have already said, it will take them into August and I suspect longer. And that’s IF THIS WORKS.FUCK THAT!!!That is AFTER HURRICANE SEASON! You haven’t THOUGHT about the ecological devastation that’s coming when the first hurricane blows all that oil miles and miles inland! It’s going to be apocalyptically BAD!Meanwhile, Texas’ only ocean is being killed, and it doesn’t have many days left to live. We went to the moon in the ‘60s! We can stop this if we want to, and I want my government to want to! Goddamnit! Let this “relief well” thing be Plan B while somebody else does something MORE FUCKING DEFINITIVE!!!If enough resources and expertise are invested, this or something similar could be made to work:Improved Top Kill(A synopsis)Raw Materials RequiredMaterial 1Move a bunch of basalt from a quarry in New Jersey or somewhere down to rock crushers near the coast and start pounding it into basalt pea gravel and basalt sands. The improved top kill is going to require multiple barges full of basalt pea gravel and basalt sand floating right above that well head. There are closer basalt sources, but in the South of the U.S., they tend to be in places like national and state parks and not where you want to dig big holes in the ground. Basalt is the heaviest readily-available form of the earth’s crust – heavier than granite, heavier than marble.Material 2Secondly, the improved top kill shot will require the metal element lead. As in Pb in the periodic table. Start buying up every bit of solid scrap and ingot possible and move it by rail to Houston where it can be ground into barge loads of tiny lead filings. Houston has plenty of chemical plant sites where a little elemental lead processing won't matter. Elemental lead is not that hazardous and can be contained. It is water soluble lead oxides that are far more dangerous.This will require (erring on the side of overkill because a failed attempt would be stupid) 3-4 million pounds of lead. At bulk prices, it can be had for under a dollar a pound, so this would be a good time to open up a national strategic lead reserve that can be refilled over time so that the overall market value of lead doesn’t spike while 2,000 tons of lead is purchased out of the 16,000 million pounds of annual global lead production (much of this annual production is recycled lead).Key TechnologiesGet a team of engineers together to select the best pumps, because not just any old pump is going to get the job done. I’m thinking some kind of multi-stage centrifugal jobs that can move the pea[...]

This is how we roll in Dallas



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Car Jumps Tollbooth At DFW Airport - Watch more Funny Videos

The Problem with Porosity


I don't get all bent out of shape about illegal immigrants from Mexico and Central and South America flooding into the country to keep the lawns looking nice. I just don't really give a shit.

However, there is a clear, definitive reason to have secure borders. There are thousands and thousands of jihadist goatfuckers in the world who want to come here and kill everybody -- and they're going right through Mexico just like we all said they would.

THAT'S why we need everybody entering the country through proper international entry points and nowhere else, just like most other Western countries.

Stop Using Dispersants You IDIOTS!


Note: I was going to publish this Friday, but my ISP was down. BP is currently claiming success, but I stand by everything written below and include this quote from the current CNN story as supporting evidence: “The pipe isn't capturing all the oil gushing into the water, Suttles said, but the company hopes to increase the amount of oil it is siphoning from the site. Crews are trying to avoid mixing water with the oil, which can cause the formation of crystals known as hydrates, he said.”I can’t claim to have all the answers, but I can say one thing with a very high degree of confidence. The waters of the Gulf of Mexico are being poisoned as we speak and the real environmental impacts are being hidden, at least to a degree.Currently, BP is attempting to run a pipe-within-a-pipe so that they can pump the oil out before it escapes the rupture … Hmmmm…. Can you say “really leaky oil production?” Why is it the two things they have tried, this and the giant top hat that froze up with methane hydrate crystals – both had the “incidental” end result of BP CONTINUING TO GET OIL FROM THE WELL?SHUT THAT FUCKER OFF!What kind of fucking RETARDS knowingly go into deep, high-pressure zones with a dodgy blowout preventer?!! That’s like going into combat with a rusty rifle! Only a fucking RETARD would do that!But be that as it may, that’s what they did. Oh, the Congressional hearings are going to be fun.“BP has blamed Transocean, which owned the rig. Transocean says that BP was responsible for the wellhead's design and that Halliburton was responsible for cementing the well shut once drilled. And Halliburton says that its workers were just following BP's orders, but that Transocean was responsible for maintaining the rig's blowout preventer.”Jesus!And, of course, BP has been blowing smoke up our collective skirts about the amount of oil coming out of this deep sea gusher. After looking at the robotic camera footage, experts have basically said “five thousand barrels a day my ass!” Some have put the amount as high as 70,000 barrels per day. At 42 U.S. gallons per barrel, that’s almost three MILLION gallons per day. 2,940,000 gallons = 11,129,111 liters.Personally, I like the Russian solution. Stick a nuke deep into the earth’s crust so there will be no escaping fallout and crunch that well closed like it was never fucking there! (Well, I’m not sure the Russians were diligent enough to get it deep enough to prevent ANY leakage, but I know it can be done)I know, I know. We’re way too namby pamby to do anything like that. Besides, if you pulled a deep water drilling ship off station on day one and sent it steaming full speed to the Gulf, it still wouldn’t be anywhere close to sufficient depth yet. Not to mention other engineering “what ifs”. Anybody at the Pentagon got a warhead that can fit in this hole and withstand a thousand atmospheres pressure? Just askin’ before we spend a lot of time drilling …Anyway, BP is currently trying to SIP the well into submission by building an elaborate system of soda straws. I am awash with confidence. No, really.In the meantime, however: QUIT PUMPING DISPERSANTS INTO THE FUCKING GULF ECOSYSTEM YOU EVIL GOOFY FUCKERS!!By the way “dispersants” is a code name for “heavy duty petrochemicals that take the oil from the surface and allow it to hide as a giant toxic cloud under the water where it can’t be seen and therefore is better for the corporate image”.When the oil is at the surface, at least you can get to it. You can corral it. You can scoop it up. You can see the SCOPE OF THE DISASTER!By making the oil water soluble, these fuckers are sending it right into the water column to be absorbed by the ENTIRE ECOSYSTEM!And they won’t even tell you what is in the chemical stew of these 400,000 gallons of chemi[...]

1911 Lust


This is likely to be a new inclusion to the Gadfly household after they start shipping them in June.


Of all the 1911 variants out there, this one calls to me. It harkens to the original G.I. model in overall look, but has all the necessary upgrades to make it a solid, sweet shooter. Plus, it’s being made in America. And just to sweeten the deal – unlike many of the others, it’s not ridiculously overpriced.

This gun speaks to me.


A bit about the history and this new weapon offering:

Back in 1917, at the height of WWI, the U.S. Ordnance Department ordered Remington-UMC* to produce 500,000 1911 pistols. By the time the Armistice was signed on November 11, 1918 Remington had produced 21,677 1911s. 91 years later Remington is once again producing John M. Browning's famous design.

The new Remington 1911 R1 pistol is a variant of the 1911A1 design. Remington has added a flared and lowered ejection port, beveled magazine well, loaded chamber indicator, high profile dovetailed single-dot front and two-dot rear sights, a crisp 3.5-5 lbs trigger and a match grade stainless steel barrel with barrel bushing.
The pistols will be manufactured at the Remington factory in Ilion, New York. Remington plans on shipping the pistols in June.

Action: Single Action
Caliber: .45 ACP
Magazine Capacity: 7 rounds
Barrel Length: 5"
Barrel Material: Stainless Steel
Barrel Finish: Satin Black Oxide
Rifling Twist Rate: 1:16 LH
Overall Length: 8.5"
Overall Height: 5.5"
Grip Material: Walnut
Grip Design: Checkered (Double Diamond)
Trigger Pull: 3.5 - 5 lbs
Average Weight: 38.5 oz
MSRP (Price): $699

* Not to be confused with Remington Rand who produced 1911s during WWII. Rand is a different company.

The only thing that might get changed are the sights. I’m kind of finicky about my sights, but I’ll give these a spin first and see how I like them.

My BFF Joan


By the way, the mighty Joan is back, and has been posting regularly :D

PS: I call her my BFF specifically because of how gay it sounds for a guy my age to use that term. What can I say? She makes me stupid ;-D

Went to a garden party ...


Went to a party Saturday night that had a contingent from the other college in Denton. Texas Women’s University is … well … rather blessed in its percentage of “women who enjoy the company of women”. In addition, a goodly percentage of its attendants are feminists of the militant variety.


Now, politically speaking, I AM a feminist. I am very much about equal pay for equal work, anti-glass-ceiling, pro-choice, and pretty much the gamut of women’s rights. Hell, when I got married I told my to-be-wife that she didn’t have to change her name if she didn’t want to. To me it’s an antiquated custom and belittles the woman’s individuality, but most women grow up getting comfortable with the idea *shrug*

It’s when the feminist hardliners cross the line and start trying to make men behave to some militant standard that they make an enemy out of me. “Look, you fucking dyke-do femiNazi! I’ll look at porn if I damn well please. I don’t care how hard you stamp your little Doc Marten boots. So, since you have seen fit to intrude into my world and castigate me to my face, let me retort in kind: You have just turned an ally into an enemy. That makes you completely fucking stupid. Therefore, you should not open your idiotic mouth EVER, unless somebody wants to stick a dick in it.”

Fortunately, the combat-booted contingent at the large party didn’t confront me in any way, even though I was definitely one of the rare non-beta males wandering around this large outdoor party. I did get the evil eye from a couple of the alpha bulls with their anti-male T-shirts.

It’s just my Loki streak, but I have a terrible desire to annoy people who are overly sensitive and militant about it. I think I’m going to have a T-shirt made in case I ever get invited back:

If you’ll get me a beer, I’ll pull your hair and call you “Fuckmeat”



Note: Interesting spelling errors corrected. Thanks Alaska Chick. I need a copy editor LOLI love it when someone produces a technology that I’ve postulated. ‘Cuz, let’s face it. Left to me, postulation is about all you’re going to get unless I get some grant $$$ for R&D up in this mother *chuckle*My original idea was to use pressurized ammonia as the vaporizing agent to drive an electric generation turbine using geothermal heat that was below the boiling point of water. See, in most places, to get above the boiling point of water by going into the earth, you gotta go really, really deep. That is, unless you live somewhere volcanically active like Iceland. But just to get warmth from the earth, you don’t have to go that deep.But ammonia is reactive as all hell and tends to eat up various metals, not to mention toxic if it leaks, so this guy in Alaska used plain old automobile air conditioner refrigerant (R134) to do just what I was thinking about.He uses geothermally-heated water (located near the surface in this instance) to heat the pressurized R134 into vapor that is then under much greater pressure. This pressure gradient is then used to rotate the vanes of generation turbines that power his resort up in the hinterlands of Alaska. Way cool.The Carrier air conditioner company has made a few modifications to one of their largest AC units so that it can be, basically, run backwards to serve as a generation turbine in this manner. Larger units for greater power output are in the works.The great thing about this is that any waste hot water anywhere can be put to use making electricity. Of course, it takes an investment in the generator, but if the hot waste-water stream isn’t going anywhere, it will pay for itself. Plus, there is a new refrigerant called R245 being tried out that looks like it’s going to double the efficiency of this kind of power generation.From the Chena Hot Springs Resort web page: “Oil and gas production also provides another possible application for UTC's power plant. Because most oil and gas wells are quite deep, they are warmed by the natural thermal gradient of the earth. "Waste" water that is extracted along with the oil and gas can hold a temperature high enough to produce electricity. This hot water could be used to generate power directly, without impacting oil and gas production. Some estimates suggest up to 5000MW of additional power could be generated in Texas alone - that's more than 10 times the amount of power used by the entire State of Alaska!”This brings me to the other part of my idea, which I have yet to figure out. See, geothermal energy from drilling has a … well … an uncomfortable little gap in the technologies.There is a company called Geothermal Anywhere that uses technology gained during the Soviet Union’s Kola Super Deep Borehole project, which was similar, but more successful than the U.S. Project Mohole. Both projects were testing the feasibility of one day drilling through the earth’s crust to what is known as the Mohorovicic discontinuity boundary over the mantle. Both projects found that ultimate goal to be unfeasible. However, the Soviets went MUCH deeper. Eventually, 7.6 miles (12.2 kilometers). The deepest hole ever drilled.Anyway, Geothermal Anywhere uses a plasma-cutting head that never actually contacts the surface it is cutting, so it doesn’t rely on the massive weight of the drill stack above it to drive it into the earth. That was the problem with going deep. Once the temperature got high, the metal bits couldn’t stand the weight and the grinding.And somehow they get this plasma bit to work in the liquid environment of the circulating “drilling mud” that carries the cuttings up and out [...]

Bad Crackers! No Biscuits!


OK, when I first heard that the Feds were rounding up militia members in multiple states I was a bit concerned.

At first I was wondering if this administration was going to start going Janet Reno on all the crazy crackers up in the hills like the Feds did during the Clinton administration.

No, it turned out these particular crazy crackers NEEDED to be fucked with.

"This is a group that I would classify as neither a militia or a Christian group," said Michael Lackomar, a member of the Southeast Michigan Volunteer Militia. "They're really a fringe group outside of anything we do.

"They're more of a private army or a terrorist organization or really just a criminal organization."

Federal authorities on Monday charged nine members of a group called the Hutaree militia with conspiring to kill a Michigan law enforcement officer and then kill other officers at the funeral.

OK, if these charges prove true, these are some crazy crackers who definitely have lost the right to stay up in the hills and live free and crazy as shithouse rats. It’s OK to be crazy as a shithouse rat as long as, like Randy Weaver, you take your family up into the hills where you can all be crazy together and not bother anybody (until the Feds go Janet Reno on your dog and your son up on Ruby Ridge, which was a travesty far worse than Waco, Constitutionally speaking).

But when the crazy crackers start making plans and putting logistics in place in order to bring their crazy ass shit down out of the hills and inflict it on the rest of us – OK, that’s what the Feds are for. Good going, guys. Spectacular job. Put those crazy crackers in a hole before they fucking kill somebody.

And I know this isn’t fair on some level, because not many people look good on their mug shots …

But just looking at them, you wouldn’t think any of these fine gentlemen and lady would have any IQ issues or harbor any hatred in their hearts, would you?



Healthcare Deform


UPDATE: Never "misunderestimate" the power of stupid people in a group. *sigh*

For God’s Sake! Don’t pass this fucked up piece-of-shit bill NOW!

This piece of proposed legislation has been so goat-roped, butt-fucked and snake-bit over the last year, it’s a fucking abomination!





Hey! Democrats! The few of you who aren’t bought and paid for by the healthcare industry, as are most of the Republicans … Have you noticed that the healthcare industry is NOT running commercials trying to defeat this bill anymore?

Let me repeat that.


Now, put your little thinking caps on. Why do you figure that is?

Well, you’ve compromised this “healthcare reform” bill to the point where it does NOTHING to lower healthcare insurance costs, BUT MAKES IT MANDATORY THAT EVERYBODY BUYS HEALTH INSURANCE FROM THE CROOKED FUCKING HEALTHCARE INSURANCE COMPANIES!!!

And then you’re opening a big, fat tap to channel our tax money out to pay for lower income families so that they can GIVE THE MONEY TO THE CROOKED HEALTH INSURANCE COMPANIES!! ARE YOU STUPID!!

The healthcare giants LOVE this plan. You are going to make them richer than emperors of avarice.

Fucking idiots!

What kind of fucking thinking is that in the first place? Our country is crippled because a third of its people cannot afford health insurance – SO YOU IDIOTS WANT TO MAKE IT ILLEGAL TO BE TOO POOR TO AFFORD HEALTH INSURANCE!! That is calloused, elitist, cake-eater horseshit!

Do NOT pass this bill.

It’s not about Obama. It’s not about party politics. It’s about America.

You were too chickenshit to stand up to the healthcare insurance giants.

You failed.

Take it like a man. Don’t make things worse.

OK, I feel better now. Hope I didn’t get any bile on anybody ;-)

Problems in the Pebble Bedroom


Well crap.A while back I did a post about nuclear power generation, with a heavy focus on the high-temperature reactor technologies like the Pebble Bed reactor (PBR) design (the other variants share similarities under different acronyms). If you remember, the PBR has the enriched fuel manufactured into graphite and ceramic coated balls, or “pebbles”, with the graphite acting as a moderator for the intensity of the reaction. And you have to pile the pebbles together to generate a critical mass to make the core of the reactor.Anyway, it appears there are snags in the commercialization of that technology.After spending nearly $10 million developing a functioning pebble-bed commercial plant without first building a test plant, South Africa has pulled the plug on their project, amid ongoing public criticism.Well, I would criticize that project too. The design of their “pebbles” has been called into question and I don’t think their containment strategy was at all sufficient.However, China has scaled back its pebble-bed development and is even converting the design of one of its prototype plants into a hybrid of pebble-bed reactor cooled by old-fashioned light water, which is inherently more dangerous and more expensive than the “as advertised” high-temperature reactor technologies. This leaves one to assume that the Chinese are having trouble getting the technology to perform as advertised.The problem appears to be one of “unobtainium”.And yes, that term is used in the film “Avatar”, but for those who don’t know, it has been used in engineering circles for a long time. Generally, it means that a thing could be built, or a technology could be feasible – if a material existed that had specific properties, which no natural material, or material yet developed, has.And scuttlebutt is that in Germany, where the technology was developed and small-scale pebble-bed reactors and variants have been run successfully for years, they had heat variability problems. Sometimes overheating of the fuel pebble pile would exceed the pebble’s design limits. Temperatures would rise to the point where the “pebble” structure began to lose its integrity. And if such an occurrence were to get out of hand, the entire pebble bed could slag into one big caramel-peanut cluster that would finally solidify once the fuel began to run out. Of course, by then the whole reactor would be useless radioactive waste, I’m guessing. This problem never got that far, but the overheating has to do with the manufacturing of the pebbles and is, apparently, somewhat unpredictable, from what I was reading about it.So, the theory is sound. The technology works. But at the moment it still appears too clunky for large scale commercialization. Someone needs to develop a higher-temperature pebble material, or design a better pebble out of existing materials – at least that’s my suspicion But the inherent safety and the ability to burn old radioactive waste products as a portion of its fuel continues to make the high-temperature reactor very desirable. The powers that be in the United States are actively shopping for and reviewing various designs, but are looking down a 20-year time frame, because, apparently, the PBRs don’t quite trip their trigger just yet :-(Unfortunately, things like these ARE being developed and beginning to be implemented around the world: Slightly safer versions of older nuke technology in smaller packages (from National Geographic):I’m scratching my head trying to figure out which one of those I would want to be farther away from if it breached.A lot of radioactive water suddenly blasting into ste[...]

Gotta give 'em an "E" for effort


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Random Surfing


OK, this took me a second before I got it -- and then it cracked me up.


Hope everybody is doing well :o)

UPDATE: Here is a more clear image :o)




You know ...

You feel like a special kind of stupid when you open the washing machine and begin moving clothes into the dryer and then notice your cell phone laying in the bottom of the washer :-/




Metaphorically speaking, this was found just a stone’s throw from my house.Here is a news snippet about it:WISE COUNTY -- Animal experts are baffled by a small, hairless creature found dead on the golf course at Runaway Bay in Wise County. Maintenance worker Tony Potter removed the animal's remains Wednesday morning. Potter showed the remains to several people and then took it to a veterinarian's office in Bridgeport. He said no one there could identify it, either. The creature is dark brown, about 18 inches long, with a black nose and a face resembling a rodent -- but with long canine teeth jutting from the upper and lower jaws. The front claws have narrow digits about a half-inch long, with long, narrow nails. Whatever this is has powerful rear legs "almost like a kangaroo," according to CARE research assistant Sherre Sacher. She said the front claws look like they're made for digging. The tail is like that of an opossum, but not quite as long. "It's really exciting," Sacher said. "I can't wait to find out what it is." The center hopes to hear from experts who would like to examine the animal. Some who have seen it wonder if it's the legendary chupacabra, an animal that supposedly sucks the blood of goats. If nothing else, one thing appears certain: This is the ugliest bogey ever seen on the Runaway Bay golf course. OK, this had me stumped for a bit. I knew it was just a genetic anomaly where some normal, local animal was born without fur. At first I was thinking coyote, but surely ANY veterinarian in Wise County Texas could look at ANY coyote’s teeth and tell whether or not it’s a canid or not.That stumped me. Maybe he was a really stupid vet? Maybe the news crew just talked to the goofy veterinary assistant who was smoking weed?BUT YOU GOTTA ADMIT THAT THING REALLY LOOKS FUCKED UP!I can see where the unlearned have to flap their arms and run about screaming “Chupacabra! Chupacabra!”But tests are done. The biologists have had a look-see – it’s a raccoon. Didn’t know they looked that weird without their cute little bandit-fur faces on LOLPoor little procyon girl. Don’t know what evils you might have committed in a former life to be born without fur, but this was not the winter for you o_O[...]



Is it cold in here or what?


I am NOT sorry to see this arctic cold front slacking off o_O

In my particular idiom


My friend does a regular report on a radio talk show as an art critic, and the last one was on the bizarre new medium of digital art.

So I made bizarre digital art in honor of her.

I call it: “Damn it! I Dropped the Vibe After You Came!”


Well ....


You know, I've always said:

There is the way the world ought to be...

And there is the way the world IS.

The Israelis don't have time for jacking around with the way the world ought to be.


It was a holly jolly Christmas


I love Texas. Proud to be Texan.But these poor bastards cannot drive on ice at all.A confluence of weather fronts pushed the blizzard just west of Dallas. So Christmas Eve traffic ran into this winter storm like a herd of bison stampeding off a cliff into oblivion. The roads were covered in ice and the blowing snow was cold it was frozen into dry white grit. The defrost on my truck only melted the snow enough to make it cake onto my windshield wipers as ice. Finally, I had to break it off by hand.Visibility was dicey when the wind picked up a good wad of fine snow.So, people who KNEW that they did not know what they were doing slowed down to 15-20mph and stayed in a big, slow conga line in the right-hand lane. Very good. No problem with that. Other people want to drive 45-50 in the straights. I am one of them. I learned to drive on ice as a teenager. We are in the left lane.Problem:90+ percent of the people wanting to drive faster don’t have a fucking clue. These people are RIGHT ON EACH OTHER’S BUMPERS!Yeah, I’m driving 45-50mph, but there are 30 friggin’ car lengths between me and the guy in front of me. Why? BECAUSE THAT’S HOW LONG IT’LL TAKE ME TO STOP ON ICE! That’s at LEAST the amount of distance it will take me. I’m factoring in a hopeful amount of distance the next guy will travel after I KNOW I need to stop.YOU PEOPLE ARE INSANE!And yeah … we only went about 15 miles before one of the 20mph people thought it would be a good idea for him to be in the 50mph lane, and then there was a traffic jam of epic proportions with the most heinous automotive carnage spread for miles and miles. *singing* “In intensive care for Christmaaaassss…”It was only after inching through almost all of this cluster fuck that I felt safe enough to get the camera out and take pictures of the last little bit of it. Apologies for shitty photography. With rear-wheel drive on ice as slick as oiled glass, I was primarily focused on driving.I tell ya. People up north in quaint rural places where there aren’t a lot of people to get hurt should hold winter driving courses for Texans. A nice bed and breakfast and some competent ice driving lessons for young Texans. ‘Cuz, although we are geographically south, there is nothing between us and the Arctic but the Great Plains, so we get just enough bad winter weather to make us dangerous.[...]

Holiday Gift Ideas


Just in case anyone wondered what I wanted for Christmas ;-)

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