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SoloFlite's Demented Mind

The Half-baked ideas of a wannabe writer

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Turning my world upside down


Why MMDA needs to make a U-turn on its decisionThe logic was simple enough. For a 4 year old.No daylight, no day... therefore... No trafficlight, no traffic. Genius! Absolute Genius!And so began the brainchild of the MMDA. The masterplan to eliminate all traffic in Metro Manila... by eliminating all the traffic lights in Metro Manila! (I can almost hear Dr. evil laughing in the background.

Les Miser Lab


No longer cold, wet and hungry... but looking miserable nonetheless. And damn cute hehehe

The MBA Tryouts


After YEARS of procrastinating, I finally took the plunge and tried my hand at the DLSU Grad School entrance exam for my MBA last saturday.Just to be sure, I took out the dusty GMAT reviewer I purchased FOUR years ago and reviewed it the night before the exam.GMAT for dummies: GMAT is a combination of tests on math and verbal intelligence. The score you get here can determine your eligibility

Life in 24x7


Insomnia + Writers Block = This postTime. Who knows how long its been?Seems I've been living almost 24x7 for the past few months. I am stressed, I am relaxed. My weight fluctuates by + or - 5lbs every week. And no, I'm not in the best of health.Life has given me a rude awakening, worked me hard and partied me harder, kicked me down and picked me up, slapped me around and kissed me goodnight.And

Apparently... I'm not a Koala


You're a Raccoon in the wild world of love.Aren't you a crafty creature, Raccoon?There's a reason for that mask on your face — it makes it easier to sneak out the back door unnoticed after a late-night prank or two. You're a nocturnal prowler and a fun-loving jokester with a definite social streak. There's never a dull moment when you're up for a party or a wild night on the town. After all, who

Random Koala Thoughts


"I'm sleepy. Let me just grab this branch and... ZzzzzzZ" Why you might consider becoming koala in your next life:Their whole mission in life is to eat, sleep and be role models for stuffed toys everywhere. They sleep 20 hours a day, and while awake, do nothing but eat and have sex.Look at the picture... even if they look like drunk little bastards out from another late night drinking binge...

The List


Yes. It's confirmed. I'm running out of single buddies who will be hanging out with me and performing various vital roles in my single life such as the spotter, pointman, wingman and co-conspirators.The past year, I've almost lost my whole circle of close buddies to marriage. This year, the rest will get hitched. Sigh. When it rains, it pours right? Well, people have been asking me... When is

Mumbai Misadventures


Disclaimer- Absolutely do not read if you are INDIAN. I have no intention of pissing off all 1 billion of you._____________I've always been intrigued by India ever since I read Thomas Friedman's popular take on globalization- "The World is Flat". Basically, the whole book preaches that because of technology and the fast commodization of many of today's products, countries like India and China are

All you need for all out summer fun!


You know you're gonna have a great weekend when you're just stocking up on 'em summer essentials :P Those guys at Watsons sure know how to have fun.______________________Kidding aside, this site has really been gathering cobwebs. Bigtime! The last post I actually wrote was almost a year ago and featured another summer misadventure in hawaii.___________One year. During that time, I've been goin

The Al-Qaedan Conspiracies - Chapter I


First posted in Jan, 2005. Im reposting this as Chapter 2 is coming out VERY soon ;)Osama Bin Ladin: Welcome Soloflite. I praise Allah that you came to my summons.SoloFlite: Tell me again why I'm here.Osama: I have watched your earlier interview with Saddam Hussein, Soloflite. I believe only someone as twistedly demented as you will be able to fully comprehend the information I am sharing with

Surfing 101


"Excitement is in the air." -- Chowking Fortune CookieWalking around Waikiki beach in Hawaii, I found myself in front of a stand which offered surfing lessons for $30.While $30 is chicken feed for most Americans, the poor Thirdworldian known as Soloflite was vehemently resistant to paying this amount. Truth to say, I enjoy watersports a lot-- windsurfing, wakeboarding, kayaking... but one thing

Exodus: Tales from the Enchanted Kingdom


I decided to open my mind this year and started it off by watching a filipino flick. I was actually choosing between Mulawin and Exodus, but after hearing from a friend that there would be no kissing scene between Iya Villania and Bong Revilla (which would have caused involuntary vomiting within the theater house), i decided to go with Exodus.I was pleasantly to surprised to find that Exodus,

Finally. MY Day.


Well, more of my month actually. It's like an extended Adrian day (to those unfamiliar with this term, it's that one day, the 24th of september, each year where absolutely nothing can go wrong for me. True, it may be psychological, but hey, it's still MY DAY.)For the past few days I have been experiencing an almost complete reversal of Murphy's law. I feel like I could do nothing wrong, like

Ateneo Bashing time :)


(Beware: Ateneans, read no further. This pertains to the 72-55 blowout of the Archers over the Eagles earlier)Actually, it was a pretty exciting match. It was a close fight, with the Eagles going neck to neck against the Archers pretty much all throughout the game. They fought hard for each and every possession, creating run after run that made the crowd go wild.Until Lasalle scored the first

The End is Near (part 2)


The Fourth Sign: The OutsiderLast weekend, my stateside-based tito, tita and cousins visited us for a family reunion.Showing the usual filipino style hospitality, our family offered to treat them to the best of our native delicacies.Typically, pinoy cooking can be summed up as follows: The more cholesterol, the better. Roasted pork, molten sebo, deepfried parts, or basically anything that sizzles

The End Is Near


Im sure of it. The signs are here._______________The First Sign: The Appearance of THE OTHERS....The other day I was browsing through Friendster, and by some weird premonition, I decided to search my own name. Now, this is the first time I've ever done searching for my own name, and having a surname such as mine wherein its so obscure even Filipinos have difficulty pronouncing it, I expected to

Breaking News!!!


The Ateneo community finally joins in the calls for resignation.A major Ateneo-led rally, led by popular celebrities such as Dick Gordon and Gary Lising, is slated for EDSA tomorrow in a united call.... Norman Resign!! :)_________Dont you just love the UAAP season? heheSorry guys, havent blogged in a while. Will be posting more regularly once i have the time.

Star Wars in 15 minutes :)


Opening Credits:A long long time ago, in a Galaxy far far away...War! The prequels are crumbling under attacks of ruthless movie critics. They are zeroes on both flicks. The scripts are sucking everywhere.In a stunning move, the great Director George Lucas,is planning to sew up the plot holes and kill off any characters that will never be seen in Episode 4.As the intro goes on, two JEdi knights

Hard to Tell, What make of this movie, To


Just watched Star Wars episode 3 last night...Im still making up my mind about how I found it, but a friend and I were discussing how the Prequels had been too, shall we say, limited.The world of Star Wars could have been expounded so much more had George Lucas NOT concentrated on Darth Vader's ascent to power. I mean, he did make it clear that the prequels would be all about Darth Vader right?

Singapore, singapore!


First of all, apologies to everyone for being such a delinquent blogger. I noticed my Palawan post (see next post) was gathering cobwebs already while my Singaporean mishaps were as of yet unchronicled. Really busy lately has been my perpertual excuse, but tonight, I write uninhibited once again... (yeah yeah, i still have the "To be continued" line at the end of each post. Ugh)I went to a

Palawan... continued


see some pix in SoloflitesDementedWorld.blogspot.comVietvilleFor lunch, we dropped by the quaint little vietnamese community aptlynamed "Vietville" for some er.. Vietnamese cuisine.Vietville is one of the more popular tourist spots in the area. Originally it was a sort-of-refugee camp for boat people shortly after the Vietnam war broke out. At the height of the Vietnam war, the Philippines, along

This just pisses me off


Im out for a week in Singapore, and its really tough to update this blog...but I got this Anonymous Comment from blogger and I just have to reply.You Filipinos are some of the dumbest people I have ever met. Dumb flip is a term that Filipinos were commonly known by. You are a strange looking people not one thing or the other. The Filipino accent is one of the most annoying in the world, however

The secret script of Star Wars EPISODE THREE


(Due to popular StarWars demand... I now publish this post once again...)Opening Scene: The Skywalker HouseholdAnnakin: What??!!! You're Pregnant??!!Padme: Yes my love. It all happened when...A: But... This is the last of the prequels. How the hell can you top Princess Leia in a bikini in that condition??!(suddenly Obi wan calls Annakin on his 3D Mobile phone)A: Yes OB Wan?OB: Annie, the planet

The Palawan Chronicles: Day 1


The planeI hate planes. I hate flying. You'd think by now, after getting on planes at least a couple of times year since I started working, I'd get used to the fact that im strapped onto a cramped seat for at least an hour doing nothing but wait for some terrorist to shout "Bomb!" and cause mass hysteria. You'd think I'd get used to that damn irritating feeling of someone driving a screwdriver

Im back baby!


Hey everyone! Im back from my palawan trip! See some pix here..., busy, busy... All I can say is WOW!lonely planet guide to follow...