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Breath of the Beast

It came close enough to me that I could feel its hot breath on my cheek. I will never forget that feeling. It didn't matter that I was liberal and open-minded. It didn’t matter that my little girl was sweet, beautiful and charming. It wants blood, mine

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Renewing the Faith of the Founders


Clarence Thomas, in a rare interview, asked the question “What binds us as a nation?” It is the perfect question of our time. We seem to be increasingly hard pressed to find enough in common to call it a national purpose; I don’t like the word identity anymore for the connection it makes to identity politics. In my last article, I began to make the case that at the inception of our national movement we predicated our understanding of our “rights” as something with which- in Jefferson’s formulation- we were “endowed by our Creator“: only God can save us.  I ended with a paragraph that I called “my best shot at a sales pitch for a revival of faith”. I have made two key refinements to that paragraph and now it reads this way:“Here is my best shot at a sales pitch for a revival of a nonsectarian “public” faith: Religious exclusivists*, agnostics and atheists are at a far higher risk of being a “glass is half empty” person. Having a belief in a loving Creator/God gives you a much better chance to be a “glass is half full kind of person”. Having a personal relationship with that loving and transcendent God is the portal to becoming a “cup runneth over” being.”Of course, I am aware that this seems a very old fashioned, maybe even an anodyne statement, but allow me to explain why it is actually a very challenging and “post postmodern” idea.Post modernism, and by that, I mean the fashionable progressive notion that there is no truth- only alternative narratives- that the quest for truth is a futility. This leads to a susceptibility to the emotional attractions of socialism and the idea that human nature can be changed. Its been tried many times and the outcome is always bad and usually a horror. Fitting actual people to a progressive socialist system has never been done without some form of bullying, repression, “political orientation”, “re-education” and terror. Progressivism is the modern utopian delusion, the poisonous fruit of the postmodern tree.The most poignant thing about postmodernism is its very human attempt to understand and, in a way, control the pain that ambiguity causes in all people. Take for instance the gender fluidity craze that is sucking so much of the oxygen out of the halls of academia recently. When adolescent humans who have not solidified their social, intellectual and sexual identities are allowed, even encouraged, to pretend that they know who they are and what they want, free (or, rather, bereft) of moral guidance or ethical compass, they do not choose with freedom, and they act out their stress. Gender fluidity and the welter of nonsensical pronouns and ground rules are nothing more than attempts to adapt to and control the anxiety over a natural source of ambiguity by exaggerating that ambiguity all out of proportion with reality - making it a political cause rather than a personal issue.Post modernism is a betrayal of our truest selves. Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks has written. “We should challenge the relativism that tells us there is no right or wrong, when every instinct of our mind knows it is not so and is a mere excuse to allow us to indulge in what we believe we can get away with. A world without values quickly becomes a world without value.” Rabbi Sacks, a great intellect and an even greater soul, has put his finger directly on the turning point of our age. Implied in Rabbi Sack’s statement above is that there is a source of truth and value. From the earliest days of the last century, the time when postmodernism was gathering a following in the intellectual cafes and salons, comes this epigram (erroneously) attributed to G.K. Chesterton: “When a man stops believing in God he doesn’t then believe in nothing, he believes anything.” Anything, can be, for just a few examples, that your biology does not determine your sex; that you can call yourself anti-fascist while employing all the street tactics of fascist thugs; that your beliefs and feelings are “science-based” while you don’t actually know how the things y[...]

God First Means America First


Image by creative communications.comAs much as I have always tried to confine my reasoning, observation and writing to secular and factual areas, I often wind up with this (mostly unexpressed) thought: “Only God can help us now.” I have known that if I were to write it or even just say it out loud, it would sound like despair and resignation- but it is not. It is really just my belief that if our fellow Americans, inheritors of the great Judeo-Christian culture, whether Jews, Christians or secularists could find a reconnection to The Divine many of our worst problems would just evaporate. I am not talking about a specific religion or even, necessarily, a belief in “God” as such. All that is required is an appreciation of the divinity behind the miracle of creation. It is only with faith in the creator as a force for good and order, that we can hope to dispel the moral relativism and post-modern sectionalism that are daily degrading our culture. In the guise of justice and equality they are dissolving our commonality of interest and sapping our energy as a civilization.This is still an upstart of a nation- the fastest growing, richest and most diverse country on the planet. There is more opportunity here for anybody than anywhere else in the world. In this age of globalist ennui, faltering faith, Islamic conquest, rejection of tradition and conceited intellect, we are still as Lincoln said,”  …the last best hope of earth”. All we really need, in my opinion is a general reconnection to the source of all life and goodness. For inspiration I look, as I often do to the founding documents of our country and the framers who were inspired to create them.When the founders of the US sought to create a new kind of nation, one more immune to corruption and abuse than any other in history, they did a profoundly revolutionary thing. They sought a higher authority to overrule the “rights of kings”- an even higher authority than the doctrine of any particular church. They assessed human nature as flawed and prone to corruption. So they also sought to avoid the rule of "a man" or a secular "theory of man” (socialism, fraternalism etc…). The result was a nation governed by three independent branches of government, empowered to counter-balance (read: stymie) the natural human drive to amass power and wealth. The higher authority that superseded royal prerogative, they called “natural law” not so much derived from God as it was from their understanding that every man may have his own “personal relationship” with The Creator. It is fortunate that Jefferson, Madison, Franklin and Washington were themselves men of complicated and subtle faith who were of such generous spirit that they could credit any other person of good faith with equal right to their way of worship. Jefferson called upon "natural law”  in the Declaration of Independence not only to sever the “right" of the British King to rule the American colonies, but to found the first nation in history that would set as its charter, every individual’s “right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”. The founders called on the highest possible authority to construct our nation for a very important reason. They and their forebears were here on this wild continent because they had already disagreed with, fled and finally, revolted against kings and churches in “The Old World”. They knew that without God, we are just so much meat- animated by dangerous proclivities, taking up space and making trouble. Yet they were also acutely aware that with any specific and organized God there would be unavoidable and ultimately fatal conflict over the exact description of that God and its laws. Only in the sometimes infinitesimal space between the personal God and doctrine is there a hope of finding a common ground for unity and mutual respect. The already disparate collection of religious mavericks, lumberjacks, northern farmers, slave-holding planters, self-sufficient pioneers and merchant traders needed [...]

Unconditional Surrender, Next to Fall?


I live part-time in Sarasota and I have begun to fear that one of my favorite works of public art may be swept up in the new fad for the destruction of art, grammar, history and culture. Unconditional Surrender is 26 feet tall and it stands at an ocean front crossroads in beautiful Sarasota. It is an evocative sculpture based on a famous photograph taken on V-J day in Times Square. If you don’t know what V-J day is, you think any physical contact between a man and a woman must be ratified by permission releases and non-disclosure forms signed in triplicate or if you think V-J only happened because Harry Truman was an atomic war criminal (he certainly was not!), kindly click away from this blog and find a safe space.
I was curious that I had not heard of any petitions advocating that Unconditional Surrender join Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson in the Statuary Hall of incorrect Art. A Google search quickly turned up a number of references to controversy. Most of them were mild and vague like the one titled 

The Dark Controversy Behind The World War II Times Square Kissing Photo

OK, that one wasn’t about the statue but about the original Alfred Eisenstadt Photograph but it proves my point even better that way. It is not political art. It is art. It captured a outburst of the human spirit that sprang from a moment fraught with relief and joy against a backdrop of the most disastrous, brutal and bloody war in human history (and brother is that saying something!). If you can’t value preserving that moment over your nauseating new rules for what is correct to think and do, then I understand why you cannot understand the value in the old, beautifully rendered statues of Lee, Jackson and others who were brilliant and steadfast in a horrible and (rightfully) lost cause and why they are still meaningful to their descendants and fellow southerners. 
For God’s sake get over it!

The FBI: Has it Become the Secret Police?


Let’s not miss the most damning dimension of the texts between Strzok and Page. If you read all of their texts it becomes clear that their complaints about candidate Trump and his supporters are nothing more than ad hominem slurs - no different, really, than Hillary’s “deplorables” remark or Obama’s dismissal of Americans who "cling to their guns and religion" in bitterness. They are an attempt to dismiss a legitimate political movement and the, human aspirations behind, it with irrelevant but pungent slander. They are not texting about policy differences, social problems or even constitutional issues. In fact, these are law officers at the highest levels, who took an oath to protect The Constitution of the United States and they are actively engaged in discussing ways of denying a legitimate political movement its constitutional right to a free and fair election. This is dangerous and disturbing and it is a This text from Strzok is the proof:"I want to believe the path u threw out 4 consideration in Andy's office-that there's no way he gets elected-but I'm afraid we can't take that risk.It's like an insurance policy in unlikely event u die be4 you're 40”The very idea of these three sitting in the office of the deputy director of the most powerful law enforcement agency spinning ideas for an insurance policy against the unlikely election of True against the howling headwinds of the mainstream press and other efforts of the establishment should scare anyone interested in preserving The Constitution. There are only two possible explanations for their behavior and the sinister direction of this and other tweets. One might be that they are so sure that they know better what is best for this nation and all her people that they feel it incumbent upon them to become our unseen benefactors - manipulating the results of elections and saving us from our own stupidity. The other, which I find more likely, is that they knew that they are not the pure hearted “public servants” that they portray themselves as and that they are at personal risk if the status quo of and the established power structure are shaken up.I think the second explanation much more likely- because of the lack of substantive reasons and complaints in their texts and because the slander they throw at Mr Trump and his supporters fairly reeks of hatred, anger and vengeance. These are the blind feelings of a threatened animal who feels attacked or perhaps the cringing of a fraud in danger of being exposed. Whatever the case, they are not the arguments of a passionate believer in something good.How did it come to this? How did the supposed protectors of our laws and civil order come to feel entitled to despise us and contemplate (we still don’t know the extent to which they did or didn’t carry them out) plans to thwart our political wishes? It is the arrogance of Progressivism, the entrenched interest of a class of political actors who see themselves as entitled to be our leaders  and the loss of faith in any ethical, moral or constitutional standard.[...]

What Progressives Really Want- They Are All Grubers


Jonathan GruberNewt Gingrich in his excellent book  Understanding Trump has used Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s formulation of IYI (Intelligent Yet Idiot) to describe the class of Elitists, intellectuals and “experts” who typify the heavily credentialed but mostly incompetent policy charlatans, intellectual shamans and academic planners against whom the Tea Party, Brexit, and Trump/Make America Great Again movements have reacted. This is a very useful observation and a good starting point if you want to really understand who Progressives are and what they want.In the most general sense, they want to rule us and decide everything for us. They want to put their policies into effect, as Jonathan Gruber so aptly put it, by writing their laws in such “tortured” (read: deceptive) ways that the “stupid American voters” would just let them do it. They think we need them because they are educated and knowledgable. They have studied and attained degrees and other credentials that supposedly entitle them to say whatever they feel is necessary to get control of us and our lives. If they really understood what they were doing, it would not be so so bad. All their education has endowed them with a great deal of knowledge about certain things and yet it has not given them (or allowed them to develop) a true understanding. The great inventor and researcher, Charles F. Kettering once said, “Knowing is not understanding. There is a great difference between knowing and understanding: you can know a lot about something and not really understand it.” When Kettering was running the research group at GM, he made a point of retraining any PhD that the company hired. He would train him not to (as most PhDs do) proceed to try to fit the problem to what he already knew but to “,…encounter a problem without preconceptions and to let the problem teach him to both know and understand it. In this way the problem becomes its own solution. The only difference between a problem and a solution is that people understand the solution.” Kettering had a sign hung in the laboratory. It read simply, “Let the problem be the boss.” But no, the Progressives want to rule us with knowledge not understanding. I don’t want to create the impression that I am picking only on Gruber, its just that he and his guileless truth-telling about his methods and aims give us the perfect example of how disastrous Progressiveism is as an approach to government. Mr Gruber has a complex and subtle knowledge of computer models and economic systems. About human nature and our economic behavior, however, he is as clueless and callous as a robot with Asperger’s Syndrome. Not only does he think we are stupid, he thinks that no matter how abjectly his designed programs fail, he can point to us as the problem- not his failure to understand. When, in 2016 Gruber was questioned on CNN about the incipient failure of the marketplaces he was ready to double down:“There’s no sense in which it needs to be fixed,” Mr. Gruber said. When questioned further about why the insurance companies were pulling out of the exchanges he blames the companies for not being prepared for a “new kind of insurance market” and goes on to say, “The law is working as designed. However, it could work better. I think probably the most important thing experts would agree on is that we need a larger mandate penalty. We have individuals who are essentially free-riding on the system. They’re essentially waiting until they get sick and then getting health insurance.” Which is to say, that he wants to see people bullied with higher penalties to force them into the Obamacare plans. When someone like Gruber refers to “experts”, you can bet that he is talking about PhDs and knowledge mongers like himself. One last example from Gruber comes from an interview he did with Maria Bartiromo- and this is the quintessential knowledge vs understanding argument. when a[...]

This IS “What Happened"


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This was harder for me to watch than the video of the Decapitation of Daniel Pearl. But just as I had to force myself to watch that video so that I could think and write about it with authenticity, I have watched this one too. 
It would be easy to dismiss this recent gag-worthy, disingenuous, kitsch demonstration as just another feeble, thinly disguised attempt by the liberal elite to negate the true meaning of the 2016 election- a message they are desperately ignoring. But it is more than that.
It is the very reason we should rejoice that this obscene puffer fish of a politician is not our president and why we must continue to fight for our message to be heard. This pack of, barely out of college joke peddlers and the absurdly now I’m a slut, no- now I’m a pot-head, no, really, now I’m a teary-eyed, maudlin pop singer are far more dangerous than they appear. They are quite literally blinded by what HRC represents to them and deliberately ignorant (in a stereotypically totalitarian way) of what she really is. The First Woman to be Nominated by a Major Party, indeed! Robert Mugabe was the first dictator of Zimbabwe, so what? 
And if that nudnik thinks that the only thing that was criticized about HRC during the campaign was hair, wardrobe and appearance, then, I guess, she never heard the expressions, “Crooked Hillary” or "Lock Her Up”. The topper comes when HRC writes her note and goes all Stuart Smalley. She tells all the little girls out there that they are, “Smart, Strong and Deserving of Every Opportunity”! This is not just barfable, and pathetic it is a puerile dose of the kind of emotional blackmail that is the only sustaining force behind the Progressive agenda. They do not answer to reality and necessity they are slaves to causes, feelings and needs - all manipulated and prescribed for them by “leaders” like HRC. 
This is the scary fruit of the “every soccer player gets a trophy” generation. This is what we are up against.

The Destruction of the Individual


The American Left makes a show of disapproving any but the most denatured, toothless and universalist religious beliefs. They are suffused with a sexual ethos that is amoral and libertine by the standards of the recent past. Their intellectual post-modernism specifically prevents any moral judgement or ethical framework. In fact they pride themselves on the ability to“deconstruct” the traditions and values that under-pin our civilization. Yet, they seem able to put aside their fractious identity politics in order to be unaccountably tolerant- even supportive of Radical Islam That political religion commits terror against the rest of the world and has spawned despotisms of religious elites of some degree in the entire Muslim world. They also demand the killing of apostates, the torture and murder of homosexuals, the subjugation, rape and “honor” murder of women and children: This begs for explanation.I have a simple answer, and I want to hold it up for my liberal friends so that they will see themselves in it and think again about their current leftist doctrine.Some have said that the affinity between the Left and Islam has to do with the historic crimes of the West and the Judeo-Christian culture. In doing so, they willingly ignore the murder and terror that accompanied the Islamic conquest of Arabia, The Levant, North Africa, large swaths of Western Asia and even parts of Europe in the heyday of the Caliphate. Although there may be some element of truth to the accusations of Western crimes, it does not compare in scale, ferocity or longevity to the crimes of Islam. In any case, the affinity is deeper and more central to the Left and Islam than that. It is about human nature, and the urge to change and control it. Islam, you see, is about surrendering the individual will to Allah, and although Progressivism purports to be about compassion and “humanity”,it shares with Islam a kind of surrender of the individual. The Left and Islam are united in their animus toward individualism, family loyalty, nationhood, liberty and and an open and questioning religious faith. At the very bottom of the issue, Islamic Jihad and the progressive Left have this in common: as Dostoevsky put it in The Brothers Karamazov, “…the more I hate men individually the more I love humanity.”That’s a harsh thing to say, so for clarity’s sake let me stipulate that I do not mean they are incapable of loving individual people. There is a difference between what we call “the individual” and a particular person. You may love one or many people but if you cannot love, or at least accept as human, someone who does not behave as you think fit or subscribe to the same political doctrine that you do, then you are denying and hating “the individual”. The name “Progressivism” itself implies that there is a ‘humanistic’ ideal that can be reached in an orderly, planned and (if necessary, enforced) progression. This is nothing more than the same intellectual fantasy that has given birth to all of the utopian movements in history. Utopias always seem so promising at their invention, but they lead only to dystopia and suffering. The annals of socialism, communalism and communism are replete with failure and horror. At their worst, they have led to mass killings in Ukraine, Russia, Nazi Germany, China, Cambodia, and Venezuela (to mention just a few) and at their best they offer a kind of tepid, quasi-democratic environment where individual advancement is all but impossible for any but the members of the elite. Even the best, Post War Germany, Sweden and Denmark, for example, are fast succumbing to the fecklessness of their fuzzy progressive ideals and the incompetence or their effete leadership. In the face of (irony of ironies!) Muslim immigrant hordes that serve as a Trojan Horse for Jihadists and the terror they bring the socialist democracies [...]

Are You Tired of the Lies and Rage?


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This is a voice America needs to hear! Her name is Candace Owens. I can only pray that her clarity and energy stay strong in the face of the tempest she will surely bring down on herself.
The only quibble I have for her is her is her riff about Jews and education. After correctly and charmingly telling her audience that the public education system offers them “an education” if they will trade in their brains in exchange, she does not connect that to the fact that so many Jews have done the same thing. The moral posturing and virtue signaling of the Jewish establishment arose on its own but is sustained in the younger generations by the educational Gulag of the schools and universities in the U.S..

Trump and The Hidden History Behind Charlottesville


Nazis and Communists fought  many street battles in the late 1920s and early 1930sThe Nazis and White Supremacists as one faction and the Antifa and Black Lives Matter as the other faction are two sides of the same coin. Expressing this is  what has gotten the president in trouble with the politically correct media and their dupes. His point is that too many are are purposefully ignoring the real meaning of the other equally dangerous set of thugs who have caused violence in Portland, Berkeley, Ferguson, Evergreen College and at least half of the problem in Charlottesville. If the Nazis are the spawn of Hitler, then Antifa and BLM are the spawn of Lenin and Stalin. The late twenties and early thirties in the Weimar Republic saw riots and pitched battles between those same factions in most German cities. For whatever reason the media will not talk about the similarity between Charlottesville and Altona (riots in Hamburg that left 19 dead). The only difference between these two sides is that one is national socialism (nazi) and the other is international socialism (communists). That, and the identity groups they are pandering to are the only difference and thats why they vie for similar disaffected losers and why they hate each other so much.The world suffered under both Russian Socialism and German Socialism in fact many more millions of people died of intentional starvation and torture and in the Gulag under the International version- and that;s not even taking into account China's Great Leap Forward and Cambodia under the Khmer Rouge. And somehow none of THAT gets attentions in Academia and the media - I guess because international socialism seems so “progressive” and cool- except that the Russian intellectuals lots of them Jews who thought it cool wound up being slaughtered or sent to the Gulag. Useful idiots is what Lenin called them because they were progressives who thought of themselves as  “free thinkers” even though they all thought pretty much the same thing. They were sucked in by the progressive allure of socialism - not realizing or willing to aknowledge that in order to have socialism there must be a "strong man" and and governmental apparatus to make it work. Totalitarian systems do not suffer any sort of free thinkers. The only progress is the the progressive dominance of “the state” or “The People".The media, academia and the elite establishment have formed a chorus of "free thinkers" who torture logic and magnify minutia in order to find fault and "danger in Trump. What they should be doing is recognizing that the danger posed by the enforced equality the Antifa and BLM is every bit as odious and sinister as the supremacy of the Nazis and the White Supremacists. Our survival as a free people depends on it and right now President Trump getting pummeled for even bringing it up.h/t to Michael Rechtenwald[...]

Who is the Ruling Class?


They Exposed Themselves Last NightLet me start by saying that I have a deep reverence for John McCain as an American hero of the last century. In his currently stricken state, it might seem that he is a poor choice of starting point for this particular argument. I would argue that exactly the opposite is true. For more on the other side of Senator McCain, here is a good primer.Last night he and two other Republicans drove a stake through the heart of the attempt to stop the nationalization of health care. He left the care of his own doctors and flew to Washington for that express purpose. This is the very pinnacle of ruling class hubris. Whilst engaged in a battle for his own life and taking advantage of a level health care that most Americans can only dream of, he flew across the continent to cast a vote against the tide of failed government interference in the market for medical care that has succeeded only in breaking the system to the point that we are on the brink of an irresistible movement to take freedom out of health care altogether and institute “single payer” government control. Leaving aside the illogic of increasing the control of the government in order to “fix” what the government broke in the first place, I want to focus on the people whose ”leadership” keep us digging while it becomes more and more improbable that we could ever climb out of this hole into which we have all, leaders and constituents, dug ourselves. The most privileged people in our country are arrogant and self-important. But they are still dependent on the votes and confidence of the public. To convince the voting public, themselves and each other that they are magnanimous and trustworthy, they make public shows of “compassion”. They crusade to expand insurance coverage for “the uninsured”. They open our borders without discrimination both to those who will enrich our culture and those who will impoverish it. They grant subsidies for all manner of anti-social and counter-productive behavior: low interest financing and tax benefits for useless degrees at schools that offer not much more than “party campuses” and breeding grounds for political unrest, welfare benefits that encourage families without fathers and multi-generational dependance the list is endless. The bottom line is that The United States of America is turning into a modernized reproduction of the Ancient Regimes of pre World War I.Instead of “The Church”, The Royal Families and the Landed Aristocrats, we now have Politicians, Academics, Journalists and Money Manipulators as our “betters” but the result is very similar. If I had the artistic talent, I would do an updated version of the Heinrich Kley drawing above showing the new worthies loading up the backs of our working people and entrepreneurs with illegal immigrants, affirmative action, alternative energy, relaxed mortgage requirements for people designed to encourage minority home ownership, single payer health care and all the other vanity projects of our ruling class.John McCain is sick and he is fighting, once again, for his life but let’s get this straight because it is life and death for the rest of us. He had the opportunity to get treatment and his operation at the VA. He is entitled and deserving of that for his service. As a grateful nation, we should ensure that the VA gives the best care possible to our veterans. He, however, chose not to get that treatment but to go to The Mayo Clinic. I cannot fault that decision personally but politically, it is very telling. More and more our “public servants” send their children to private schools, use government paid transportation, live behind security walls with armed guards, ignore laws and ethical practices the rest of us are held to, avoid taxes with impunity, amass private wealth [...]

The Church of Globalism Wants Your Blood (and Money)


The complete lack of self-awareness on the part of the media/academic/Progressive ruling class has always puzzled me. How do they do it without falling into a pain-induced coma from the cognitive dissonance they should be suffering… What monstrous thing lies below their consciousness to enable it?  I have come to believe that it is a bigger thing than the seemingly separate concerns and issues they champion. it is really about the quasi-religious "Church of Globalism" and its priesthood. They will sacrifice anything on its alter.I am still concerned with what I have been writing about as “human sacrifice” (here and here)  but in the aftermath of the London Bridge Attack it has become apparent that there are deeper concerns and the death of innocent people is a symptom of an even graver is, surely, “The Jihad” and the renaissance of fundamentalist Sharia law that are the proximate causes of the slaughter but it is a mistake to focus solely on the Muslim side of the equation.  It is not so much the Islamists that we should be afraid of, it is the Globalist movement in the west that has allowed, and even fostered, those squalid barbarians to grow so dangerous and impudent.The limp, mealy-mouthed responses of Kahn and May to President Trumps tweets after London have gotten me thinking. The majority of our elected officials, and their bureaucratic minions along with our leading academics and the majority of our artists and entertainers have conspired to lull us into suppressing our spiritual, intellectual and cultural defenses and open our borders to the unfettered immigration and the terror, disease, rape and murder it brings. But the terror is just the most noticeable manifestation. There is a whole complex Globalist movement that has pervaded and polluted our body politic.I am not one of those who believe in an organized Globalization Conspiracy. I know there are conspiracy theories out there but they seem a bit overwrought and impossibly arcane. I think, though, that once you understand Globalism and its underpinnings you will see that its worse and more pervasive than any centralized conspiracy could be. Globalism is actually a pseudo-religion, it is the Sharia Law analog of the West. It is an extreme belief in the infallibility and inevitability of Globalization. It and all of its doctrines are unassailable and anyone who questions them are disqualified from legitimacy. There are a number of dogmas connected with Globalism Chief among them is what is now commonly called Climate Change. Other dogmas include: The Right to Migrate (for western countries this means unfettered immigration- legal and otherwise)Multiculturalism (which is more accurately described as Cultural Relativism)Disdain for Nationalism and PopulismCondemnation of Income Inequality (although, ironically most of those who trumpet this the loudest are pulling down vast incomes for doing so- see Bernie Sanders, Al Gore, Hillary Clinton, Barak Obama, et al)But you don’t need to take my word for it. An excellent, if unintentional, indictment of Globalization may be found on the Barclay Bank website. The research paper abstracted on this page is a perfect case study in the arrogant cluelessness of what might be called the Globalist Elite. The title “The Politics of Rage” sets the tone. It is cold research seen through a pro-globalist lens. It presents a chilling picture of what Globalism aims to do. Here is the list of of factors necessary to globalization that are identified as causing the rage against globalization among the middle classes: Sovereignty (as in the loss of national sovereignty through Trade Pacts and the EU - See Brexit)Representative Reform (related to Sovereignty- the loss of local representation through mandates from[...]

What Kathy Griffin Means for Us


The most heinous aspect of the Kathy Griffin faked beheading of Donald Trump is that it shows us exactly how degraded the sensibilities of the liberal establishment have become- and how subverted they are by the Islamic Jihad. I do not remember, prior to Daniel Pearl’s cold-blooded murder in 2002, even being aware of beheading in the modern world. I think that, to my mind it was, back then, as distant and ancient as impaling and crucifixion. After February 1, 2002 cutting the head off of a living human being with a knife became a particular and real horror. In an attempt to understand what happened to him, I found the video on line.The utter barbarity, the bloody reality, the ghastly psychopathic cruelty of the act was overpowering. This rough disconnection of the head from the body, accompanied by the flood of life’s blood is at once a terrifying, spectacular mutilation and a desecration of the most elemental spiritual wholeness of humanity. The mouth is open, the eyes go dull and if we fail to be horrified, we die inside ourselves.I recognized it right away as a close cousin of the gas chambers, firing squads, death trucks and starvation of the holocaust. What sane American in the early twentieth century could have seen those coming? The numbers of victims were not the same but they were both cases of how the human mind can calculate its way- rage and reason its way- to doing deeds of previously unthinkable evil. Anyway, didn’t Stalin say that “the death of one person is a tragedy, the death of millions is a statistic”?Now, more than 15 years later, beheadings are common, almost daily occurrences. The brutal savages post videos and pictures of them on the internet as terror tactics. How many people in the west have watched one of them- or even made themselves look at one of the pictures?  I wonder if Kathy Griffin ever watched one of those videos. They are real and they are happening all the time.As unthinkable and despicable as joking about “Lynching president Obama” was for the past eight years, there had been no epidemic of racial lynchings for many decades to give them a similar dimension of possibility. Even the catcalls against Jews who support Israel that “the gas chambers are waiting” and “kill the Jews” taunts that are heard in anti-Israel demonstrations around the world are not as immediate and visceral as beheading is today. Only to people who are not paying attention the wholesale murder of innocent Christians and Jews in the Islamic Jihad is a beheading anodyne enough to be a subject of a humorous satire. This is the worst horror of Kathy Griffin and her failed jape, It is yet another how so many of us are unwilling to look squarely at the most immediate threat to all of us. She doesn’t get it. Nor do the rest of the clucking liberal press who are all in some degree sympathetic in their condemnations. They think it was “inappropriate”. Beheading is not funny,  it is not merely inappropriate, it is emblematic of how the barbaric Jihad is beginning to incrementally succeed in separating our minds from our hearts and our souls.[...]

Susan Rice: The Nation's First Female "Bag-Holder-in-Cheif"


Susan Rice Should Surrender - Yes Like This
She has been holding coats and licking spittle in the Democratic hierarchy for decades and she has distinguished herself as an completely loyal operative who will doggedly follow the agenda with no regard for veracity or, even, her own pride. When BHO needed to get re-elected she was sent out to tell bald-faced lies five times on a single Sunday morning to support the Obama regime's absurd prevarication about the "internet Video" and the "Spontaneous Demonstration" causing the deaths of 4 Americans in Benghazi. She told us at the time that she was told that by "the security community" and has pretended that she was just relaying the information that others had proved. So, OK, as unlikely as that was, there might have been some doubt that it was a lie. But now, the truth is out and there is proof of what a craven liar and heartless fraud she really is. Not only did she and her bosses, Hillary and Obama take advantage of her willingness to victimize the families of the Ambassador and the brave men who died trying to save him but they employed her as a tool to subvert the checks and balances that prevent our nation from turning into a police state.
Yes, in the waning months of the Obama administration she herself requested "spreadsheets" of the phone calls that had been intercepted along with the unmasked names. Those unmasked names were distributed widely and the motives were wholly political. Here is what she said several days ago about the allegations of domestic spying on political opponents of the Obama regime and Clinton campaign:
allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" src="" width="560">
Now the very same woman, who wrote that President Trump takes vacation from veracity in suggesting that he was spied on, has been shown to have  "Vacation from veracity"?!?! President Trump calls it as it is. No "narrative" no bs. Ms Rice is an unprincipled political operative who would not recognize veracity if it walked up to her and put her in handcuffs. Which, if there were any justice left in the "Halls of Justice", would be exactly what will happen now that it is coming to light that she played a key role in tearing down the barriers that prevent US citizens from being preyed upon by the ruling executive regime. Ms Rice is the (first female) mayor of "Vacation from Veracity-land".
"I knew nothing about that," she said. Do you believe her? Remember that clip up above in this post? Who does that remind you of? Hint:
allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" src="" width="560">
I used to have a shadow of a doubt about her. That doubt has been removed. She is a dangerous ideologue and an enemy of The Republic.

What's the Difference Between a Liberal and a Progressive? Hint: This One's Gonna Kill You! (if you don't watch out)


I was startled to find a quote from Mark Steyn that, in referring to the rape in Rockville on a Fox television program, "This is the depravity of the political class. They’re basically willing to offer up their own citizens, 14-year-old schoolgirls and sacrifice them on the altar of diversity and virtue signaling and the shameless political posturing.”This remark echoed and reinforced a theme I have been exposing for some months now and has led me to a new conclusion about my the waxing trend toward Human Sacrifice in the world today.To explain this conclusion I need to take a step back and explain from the beginning.The left acts as though it believes that human nature is naturally good and left to their own devices, people will be happy and content in a “natural” state. They ascribe all that is painful and even evil in life to flaws in “society”, “organized religion”, “morality”, “the culture” or any other target that exerts control over human behavior. This blameless image of the individual seems soothing and comfortable but the result is, anything but comfort. It leads to the idea that “freeing” the human spirit from those controlling institutions and forces is the way to achieve peace, health, enlightenment and happiness. Wishing only to make life better and more equal for all, they set about dismantling or (at the least, arbitrarily refashioning) all the structures and values that have evolved to maintain health, peace and equilibrium. Welcome to what the inverted logic of the left calls progress; they want to tear away the culture and safeguards and begin to replace them with socialism that resembles nothing so much as the egalitarian propertyless primitive hunter/gatherer groups in pre-tribal cultures. They want equality without considering that the outcome of equality is to bring all economic development to a standstill and redistribute wealth so that industrious and clever people earn no more than what the most indolent and incapable receive. They call this Progressivism. This is what fuels the zeal of “Progressives”. They feel they know what is needed and are willing to force people to agree to their view of things- whether they like it or not. When reality becomes impossible to ignore and the progress leads to conflict, chaos and inequality (as it inevitably  does in the real world), it is either blamed on individuals who are not progressing (kuffirs, counter revolutionaries or enemies of the state as the case may be), or it is blamed on whatever “system” is still in place. Revolution, suppression and barbarity often ensue. Any idea that contradicts the romantic egalitarian principles is suppressed - made politically incorrect. All collectivist governments are leftist; and they are all to some degree quite literally, murderous, totalitarian and nihilistic.The right, on the other hand, behaves as if they think that human nature, and indeed the larger natural world as a whole, is the source of chaos and evil as well as good and harmony. They acknowledge that society, religion and culture are all merely tools that have evolved to put the individual into a condition whereby he and the larger society can prosper and be safe. Different cultural systems may have more or less success in the attempt to control and channel whatever energy, chaos and evil exists into productive or, at least, harmless endeavors. These opposite views of human nature and the nature of the world are the invisible but omnipresent forces that pit left wing and right wing against each other. There has been, a sort of compromise that was arrived at in Western Civilization. I refer to the particularly American brand of what I think of as Clas[...]

Shelby Steele on The Exhaustion of the Liberals


Shelby Steele’s wonderful article in the WSJ this past Monday is a masterwork. And yet I feel there is one thing I would presume to add to his insightful and honest analysis. That "shame of the past" needs to be looked at with that same honest insight. We all know that Mr Steele refers primarily to the two "grand sins" of American history, slavery and the taking of the continent from the indigenous peoples. Mr Steele seems content to let those pass into history as well they should. However, there needs to be a common understanding of them in order to keep those self styled "liberals" from wanting to replay them and spoil the future on their account. Those who have a compulsion to deny they are part of our shared history will always find a way to posture that feeling. In doing so they denigrate the rest of us.Slavery was, indeed, an atrocity and should never be forgotten, although the bloodbath of The Civil War, the Emancipation Proclamation and the past century of (sometimes sincere, often courageous) civil rights activism should count for something. There is no way to repair such a horror but there has been a price paid. All the same, it is not possible to counter-balance the past horrors but it serves no useful purpose to only look backward and feel nothing but regret. By his example but not in any explicit way, Shelby Steele leads the way into a future in which we can acknowledge the sins of the past and still benefit from the great honor and advantage of citizenship in this great country.The Indians are actually a different kind of question. As I have written in an older post,”"When the white man came to “The New World” he was not, as some …would have it, invading a pair of continents that had been under the stewardship of a single people, living peacefully and in harmony with nature for thousands of years. He was stepping onto a perpetual battlefield where the inhabitants had arrived in successive waves of occupation, conquered and re-conquered each other, committed repeated savagery upon each other and had already permanently changed the character of the environment. Human sacrifice, slavery and constant low-intensity warfare (that often featured torture and rape) were universal across both North and South America before the Europeans arrived. The Europeans who trickled in for the first three hundred years and then poured in in immense numbers in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries came to escape religious persecution, political domination and limited economic prospects in their home countries. They came here and founded the greatest experiment in liberty, prosperity and self-government ever seen on earth. Without their descendants and The United States of America, the national socialist and communist monsters of the twentieth century could not have been defeated and would have dominated the earth. You can, as I do, feel compassion and even nostalgia for the American Indians but you can only lament their replacement as the dominant culture in the Americas if you believe that life on earth would be better had they not been conquered.”Did I say “conquer”? Yes, I know that the word “conquer” is out of fashion these days. It makes most people very uncomfortable because it is redolent of violence, greed, slavery and colonialism. In this post-colonial age. The West has a very guilty conscience about all of that and its not that we don’t deserve it. Conquest is a messy and spontaneous process and it gets exceedingly ugly at times. Conquest by force is bloody, and even conquest by cultural conversion can look very harsh. The fact remains, to paraphrase D.H. Lawrence, when cultures that are as different (from each other) as[...]

Liberals Will Build the Wall!


A business friend of mine told me earlier this week that President Elect Trump has "...announced his plan for paying the cost of the wall and It is not Mexico."

"Yes", she said, on Friday, when he is finally inaugurated, all the 70 million or so liberals, socialists and anti-Trumpers who voted against him are going to shit a brick."

Which brings me to my thoughts on the state of mind that has moved more than 60 Democrat legislators to put their hands over their ears and eyes (if only they would do the same with their mouths) and withdraw their august presence from the inaugural proceedings.

Is this the best way for them to represent their constituencies? Are they displaying any kind of courage or intelligence in doing this? Even an honest opponent would have the guts and decency to show up and listen to what the election results are telling them.

Not that I care, it will only keep them uninformed on and powerless to reverse the reasons the Democrat majorities in both houses of the national legislature have evaporated in the past eight years. It will, I hope extend the Democratic loosing streak in state and local politics as well.

What will Elizabeth Warren's calls for "necessary trouble"net for the Democrat's cause? Warren, who has also claimed to be the "intellectual" founder of the "occupy movement" has resolved to hide from the proceedings and appears to be encouraging the occupy scum to disrupt them. This is , increasingly,the Democrat way.

Much has been made this past week of Mr Trump's pre-inaugural approval rating. Putting aside the fact that he has not had the opportunity to do anything of an official nature yet, it reminds me of another Republican President-elect who entered office having garnered only 39% of the vote in his first election. He went on to become one of the two greatest Presidents in history.

Speaking of Inaugurations, even John Wilkes Booth showed up at Abraham Lincoln's Inauguration as this picture shows. If anything goes wrong in all those seats that the congressional cowards are leaving empty at the ceremony, we will know who is to blame. Necessary trouble? You ain't seen nuthin' yet!

The Amusement Elite and Their Lesson for You


Meryl Streep, Martin Sheen, Rosie O’Donnell and a legion of their fellow Hollywood illusionists, have taken their stand against Donald Trump. Standing on their credentials as artists, they tell us what is good for us, politically. As in all artistic endeavors, they aspire to reveal a truth. The irony is, the truth they are exposing is their own moral and intellectual bankruptcy. How fitting, really! This self-important clown troupe of make-believers, fantasists, and jesters, who pretend to be someone other than themselves for a living, inspired by the purveyors of fake news in the mass media, have formed themselves up as a pathetic Maginot Line in an attempt to resist the ferociously honest guy who couldn’t pretend to be someone else if he wanted to. At some level they must see how imbecilic they appear but they can’t help themselves. The terror of having a leader, unfettered by the shackles of political correctness who will address reality and mock their willful blindness to it has them in full panic. From all this, I take a core lesson: These Liberals start with a false premise. The Left assumes that human nature is basically good and that people can be changed. All leftist systems posit or, at least, imply that the evil that people do and the flaws in human character are due to outside influences, such as, bad economic systems or established religions or faulty laws.  They also imply that with a progressive approach and a “new order” the innate good can be realized and the world will be healed – or, at least, much improved. Of course, this has proven to be a deadly trap in every historical case! Nazism (National Socialism!), Chinese Communism, Russian Communism and Chavez in Venezuela were/are all collectivist systems claiming to aim at a more egalitarian society.  They also promised some form of “new man” who would be of a higher and more selfless character. This is the Progressive anthem.Progressives particularly resent the Constitution of the United States because, explicit in its conception and structure, is the assumption that human beings are not necessarily good or bad but are creatures with both potentialities. With that as a founding principal, the Constitution exquisitely balances safeguards which enable the enterprise and ambition of all, while, at the same time, keeping balance, opportunity and order through the competing branches of government with equal but countervailing powers. It's less pure and noble sounding than the leftist view, but it is reality. Progressives imagine that human nature is “nice” and infinitely malleable.  They “reason” that, left to their own devices, people will be happy and content in a “natural” state. They ascribe all that is painful and even evil in life is the result of flaws in “society” including “organized religion” or “morality” or “the culture” or any other target that exerts control over human behavior. This blameless image of the individual seems soothing and comfortable, but the result is anything but comfort. It insinuates that “freeing” the sweet angel of the human spirit from those controlling institutions/forces is the way to achieve peace, health, enlightenment and happiness. Wishing only to make life better and more equal for all, liberals set about dismantling or, at least, arbitrarily refashioning all the structures and values that maintain health, peace and equilibrium. In order to “free the angel” inside us, they liberate the whole panoply of angels, including the dark jinn of evil which also resides in the human heart. Liberals despise you, t[...]

Jackie Evancho Goes to Washington!


Every time I wonder if the dream of taking back our country with something better and purer could be any more promising, it seems that I get even sweeter omens of things to come.

I have known about this young lady since her first appearance on America's Got Talent at ten years old. Here is her audition:

allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" src="" width="560">

She was an absolutely lovely little girl and an obviously, naturally and transparently genuine human being. Her voice is pure and gorgeous and she is growing up to be an artist and young lady of accomplishment and, we now discover, patriotism! At just sixteen, she is one of the few, and certainly the greatest performer who would agree to perform at the upcoming inaugural of Donald Trump. Let's not spend any time or thought on the cowardice and feckless nihilism of the refusers, let us relish the beauty and style of Jackie!

I could never see and hear this young woman without getting tears in your eyes! Now I know why, she possesses courage and loyalty equal to her talent, beauty and charm. I am so looking forward to seeing her at Trump's inauguration!

Please buy her music from your favorite source! You will love it and you will be showing the world that sometimes nice guys finish first!

Here she is at age thirteen! I hope she does both of these in January...

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A Jew Says Merry Christmas- Again!


Here is my (nearly) annual edit of this piece - It needs to keep up with the times even though the message never really changes.I am a Jew. I find that after many years of conflicted feelings, I have come full circle on being wished (and wishing others) “Merry Christmas”. No, I am not loosing my Jewish identity; on the contrary, I am very sure that it is stronger than ever. I grew up in an observant Jewish home ( I am observant still) in which we greeted Christmas with a mixture of fascination, respect and a little irritation. At some point I became fond of expressing my ambivalence by quoting Jackie Mason, who once said: “I don’t understand something about Christians; maybe you can explain this to me? Why is it that this time of year you bring the trees inside and put the lights outside?” That line, for many years summed up the bemusement that I affected about the whole public Christmas celebration. My feelings were mixed for a variety of reasons. My Dad had a retail store so the weeks leading up to Christmas were always a time of tension and brutally long hours of work. The traffic on the roads, crowds in the stores, and the saturation of television (especially in those pre- cable times) and radio airwaves with Christmas programs and music were overwhelming. I found the frenzy mentally punishing, the free-floating goodwill unsettling and the talk about Jesus (in whose divinity I was not supposed to believe) uncomfortable. It left me very glad to have it over on December 26th. And I was always more than a little unsure of how to respond when some well-meaning person would wish me a Merry Christmas. I was often caught between wanting to thank him noncommittally, try to summon a convincing Merry Christmas in return or to say,” Thanks Very much but I don’t celebrate Christmas and then have to deal with the uncomfortable silence or explanations and apologies. I am ashamed to admit it today but I was, at first, pleased when I saw, over the years, the ACLU and Multi-culti types pushing “Merry Christmas” out of the vocabulary of cultural discourse in favor of the more generic “Happy Holidays”. I’ve grownup, though, and I’ve grown into a new perspective on this whole question and, today, when someone wishes me a Merry Christmas, I have a new response. It’s really simple- I stop what I am doing. I don’t have any hesitation or second thoughts. I wish them a great big “Merry Christmas” in return. I would like to encourage all my fellow Jews, all Christian friends and anyone else who may be listening to join me in this.  Here’s why: I have come to see quite clearly that even if there are politically correct, multi-cultural, morally relativistic, post-modern progressive busybodies who would like us to believe that our Christian friends’ and Neighbors’ spontaneous Christmas wishes are somehow injurious to us and our culture, they are nothing of the kind. A sincere “Merry Christmas is more American and better for the republic and her people than the blandest, most guarded “Happy Holidays” You see, the U.S. was founded by Christians. Not just any Christians. The early colonists were both devout and independent. They were fervent Protestants whose purpose in coming here was to leave the Kings, Priests, state religions and archaic laws of the Old World behind. Even if some of them were supersessionists and dogmatic, they were also egalitarian and self-reliant. They came here to build a country where every man could read scripture for himself[...]

Why Jewish Progressives are Embarrassing Themselves


I was going to let this go because, at this point, I have had it up to here (insert hand gesture way above my head) with the "jewish reactions" to the President-Electhood of Mr Trump. If I feel that way I can only imagine how my christian and other friends must be feeling by now. But today one of my beloved but hopelessly liberal relatives sent me yet another of the hysterical articles by a progressive Jewish "journalist" andI could not help but rise to the bait. Here is a link to that article but you will be doing yourself a favor if you skip it. I wish I had. Most of them are pretty much the same anyway.In the process I think I wound up giving a pretty good account of some of the dynamic we are seeing- especially from the Jewish point of view. You may have noticed that leftwing Jews are beside themselves to make this about Jews when is has almost nothing to do with us. Interestingly on of the hooks here is that Trumps daughter is an observant convert to Judaism and her husband is observant. You have to understand the internal baseball of Jewish life in America to appreciate that is why the leftist Jews are so worked up that they feel the need to for all the lying and character assassination we have seen. My wife and I, as Modern Orthodox Jews, have found that liberal, secular Jews often hate the thought that anyone, by choice, could be more observant and (whisper this very softly) “more Jewish” than they are. Even if we don't judge them in this way, they feel it nevertheless and it makes them feel like hypocrites. It is a sad irony that the thing that makes them hypocrites is not their lack of observance  nor is it the opprobrium that (as I have said) we do not have, it is the fact that they feel conflicted and guilty about it. They hate feeling that way so they sneer at us either openly or behind our backs. That is the main reason that the Conservative Movement (which I belonged to most of my life and still love) is shrinking  both here and in Israel. It is being torn apart by the tension between those who love our religious and community practices and those who think themselves either above them or unmoved by them.  Jews are moving to Modern Orthodoxy and the secularists are going to Reform, Reconstructionism and other permutations. In the meantime they always feel as though they need to talk about “The Jews”, as this moron does, in the third person.The entire article, in fact, is a fabric of out-of-context and unsubstantiated innuendo. For example, just read the way he writes about Israel: "So ultra-nationalists might admire Israel either because they see it as standing up to those they deem the Muslim enemy …,” Of course by "ultra nationalists" he means to connect anyone who does not have one of those stupid COEXIST bumperstickers on his or her Prius. Then he overlooks the fact that Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East and is surrounded by countries that vastly outnumber her and most of which still publicly call for her annihilation on religious grounds. Even so he apparently cannot forgive her for seeing Islam as an enemy, even though in most of those Muslim countries they teach their children to aspire to kill Jews and Christians - Israelis and Americans first of all as a high religious calling. So he curls up his little lip and says “…those they deem the Muslim enemy…”? He says it that way because he wants us to join him in thinking that this is as he calls it, “a nasty right wing…” [...]

My Little Girl Almost Became a Human Sacrifice!


Note:When I wrote about Human Sacrifice in the post just below this one, I got a very mixed reaction. Someone I have known for a very long time, a teacher and inspiration of mine, put her finger directly on the fulcrum of this reaction when she wrote:“It is always difficult to determine whether an article like this will primarily arm with many particulars those who already agree with you, or if it will reach also those who do not currently agree.” Its a problem. I understand that terms like human sacrifice are harsh. It sounds wild and outlandish. But many years ago, I almost unknowingly sacrificed my own child in this way so I know that we need to express this fully and honestly.This is not my Amy. This is a picture of Hallel Yaffa Ariel, an Israeli girl who was savagely slashed to death in her own bed, as she slept by a Muslim Teenager. To protect my daughter, let Hallel represent her here.Back in the early eighties my young family and I lived next door to an Iranian family. They were nice, friendly people. Hamid (not his real name) was a physician who was just starting out in his own practice. His wife, Haideh, also Iranian born, was a mathematician. She taught at a local college. We moved in to our brand new houses just months apart and shared the rigors of nurturing lawns where there had been only bulldozer tracks. We cooperated in the planting of trees and shrubs to define the empty expanses between our new homes. We borrowed tools from each other. Hamid and I played tennis often and even discussed the possibility of building a tennis court in the flat spot where our lots met. Our children played together and his son, Amir and my daughter Amy became very close friends. The two of them were barely more than toddlers when they first met but were soon talking about getting married the way little ones sometimes do when they find a close companion of the opposite sex.The next summer, they went back to Iran to visit with their families. We were afraid for our friends. We knew the country was in turmoil. They were gone for several weeks. For much of that time my Amy’s days were occupied with day camp but she still missed her friend. They finally returned a week before school. It was a sunny Sunday morning and Amy went out right after breakfast and met Amir in his backyard. We watched as they began to play and turned away to read the Sunday paper. We were surprised when Amy came back inside a short while later. She walked by us with her head down and started up the stairs to her room. We had expected to have to call her in for lunch so it was odd that she came back so early. I called after her and asked her what was wrong. She told me how little 5-year-old Amir had matter-of-factly informed my innocent 5-year-old daughter that because she is a Jew it is his duty to kill her.I went right over to talk with my friend and neighbor. Hamid was deeply embarrassed. He hastened to explain that: “Over there, the radio and TV were full of that kind of thing - you simply couldn’t avoid it.” He assumed that Amir had heard this kind of thing on the radio or TV because no one in his family believed such things. He was sure, he told me, that now that Amir was back here he would soon forget it. He assured me that he would talk with Amir and was sure that the boy didn’t even understand what he was saying.I could see how distressed he was and told him that I understood and that I appreciated his concern. We looked at each other and shook hands and patted each other on the shoulder. I wa[...]

Human Sacrifice in the 21st Century- Surprise! Its Us!


I have a lot of reasons for wanting Trump to win the presidency some of them are negative in nature but more of them are positive. One of them is that he promises to protect us from unnecessary sacrifice. Lest you think that I am being overly dramatic or hyperbolic, think about the word sacrifice. When we think of human sacrifice we tend to think of it as a religious practice, something that took place only in the benighted past. It was, we like to believe, a practice born of superstition and ignorance, something we could never countenance today. And yet, we now see human sacrifice on a regular basis in the middle east, in Europe and the US. Surprisingly, I have come to agree with the Obama, Kerry, Clinton unwillingness to call this Islamic terror. Not that I doubt the existence of Islamic terror. Its just that I have come to see that it is really a liberal/progressive plan that encompasses many other kinds of terror- some obvious and some not. I would call it liberal/progressive human sacrifice. What qualifies it as human sacrifice and what is its purpose? Let me explain.While its true, young Muslim men are often terroristic executioners, there are also thousands of cases of less obvious terror crimes- rapes, violence and murder by illegal immigrants from south and central America. Then there is the incessant black on black murder spree in the desperate inner cities that have been created by decades of “compassionate” Democratic policies and administrations. Add all those victims up and they  far outnumber the toll from Islamic terror.  What all these types of killing have in common is that they grow out of the social, economic and political goals of the progressive elites in The West. Its not just that they refuse to act to stop it in any meaningful way. They have a vital interest in perpetuating it. Any real remedy would require that they publicly admit that their entire political project is nonsense and they are worse than worthless- they are a cancer on society.They are The Entitled Elite.The Entitled Elite includes: Career PoliticiansThe Crony Capitalist Corporations who pay big fees to Politicians who excoriate them in public and serve their needs in private.The mediaEntertainmentConsultants Who can forget Jonathan Gruber sneering at us for paying him so much money for such a bollox and fraud as the details of Obama careGovernment bureaucratsAcademicsNon-profit profiteers - Social Justice, Environmental and “Poverty” activists and all manner of agitators and “Community Organizers”Financial aggregators (those who package and repackage many without investment in productive work and development of resources)Those collecting unearned income, including welfare recipients and fraudulent disability payments (as opposed to people who are actually disabled) What they all have in common is that they are paid on the basis of who they know, their legal status and their public persona and that the money to pay them comes at the expense of those of us who work, serve, produce and develop. They are dependent on image, luck, and maintaining their public persona in a way that the non-elite cannot imagine. What The Elite fears most is that the rest of us will see through their insular, naive and dangerous utopian narrative and recognize the naked greed and ambition they conceal beneath it. Oh yes, greed! They love to accuse Trump of it but while he produces value and jobs for others to earn his wealth, they are simply selling influe[...]

Hillary’s Mysterious Ailment Revealed


Dr Woody Cabeza MD is reporting a new and ominous diagnosis of Mrs Clinton’s health problems. After studying her movements and appearance for several months, he had a breakthrough on the afternoon of September 11th. The photograph shown above was all the evidence he needed to diagnose that Mrs Clinton suffers from a severe and dangerous form of a degenerative disorder only recently identified and entirely new to medical science. The disorder is now known as either Progressive Dummification or The Perverse Pinnochio. It is thought to be brought on by the mental and physical rigors of maintaining multiple, laughably false narratives in spite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary.The condition involves a sequential and irreversible transformation of the subject from a living human being to a zombie-like creature. The more absurd the contrast between the lies being told and the bald hubris of the person telling them, the faster and more dramatic the transformation becomes. Of course, not all liars suffer from this syndrome, and the medical authorities have postulated that it is a condition that has to be set in motion by some single and enormous travesty of truth and honor- an untruth so unfathomable and and a betrayal of such magnitude that it turns the perpetrator’s heart into and oaken knot. I have researched her actions in the past to find this one immense misdeed but, the truth is, it could be any one of many. Going back over Hillary’s life time is not for the faint of heart. It might have been the “missing” files from her employment with the Rose Law firm that miraculously turned up  years later in a bedroom of the the executive apartment in the White House. Imagine that! Or perhaps it had something to do with the death of Vince Foster. He was after all, said to be very close with the Clintons. Hillary kept his composure about Vince and the dozens of other people who were close to the Clintons in some way who met untimely and often brutal ends.  The Whitewater scandal and the personal destruction of all the women her husband raped and molested were relatively unchallenging for a liar and cheat of her calibre so I don’t think the answer lies there. Late in the game as is was the Benghazi affair is a good candidate though. Just think lying to the face of grieving parents about the cause of their sons’ death was bad enough but adding the final insult of promising to bring the people responsible to justice when she knew SHE was the one responsible! Well that’s a screamer if I ever heard one! There are plenty of candidates in her past but, in here immortal words, “what difference does it make now”? Maybe it was pure self serving nature of her asking that question? Thus, as her lifetime of telling lies culminates in a rapidly accelerating snowball of lies that are now being told, retold and reinforced with new lies she is spiraling ever faster toward total Dummyhood. Just look at the effect that her DNC speech had on her. By the time she was half way through telling anyone who was listening that she would be a good thing for the middle class of the USA, she was already taking on the glazed stare and toothy grimace of a wooden dummy.Take a look- eerie isn’t it?The speed of the transformation, is accelerating at an incredible speed as she has had to spew lies at a truly dizzying rate just to avoid admitting that she is a complete fraud and a sociopathic, power-hungry fiend. The as she back-fil[...]

How Hating War Makes More War


It was a mystery. Now I think I know what strange aberration of thought had its hold of her when Peggy Noonan supported the candidacy (at least in 2008) of our most disastrous president in history. Peggy Noonan is a Progressive. This past Saturday’s column in the WSJ was a tragically ironic lament against both Clinton and Trump because they won’t publicly say they “hate” war. Her “reasoning" unintentionally exposes her sympathy for the progressive lunacy behind the Obama administration’s foreign policy. That very policy which has encouraged the horrors that are rising in the east and threaten to engulf the entire world. Ms Noonan, usually a most subtle thinker and artful writer, misses entirely the irony of her praise for Roosevelt’s 1936 speech at Chataqua which was the very avatar of the self-satisfied progressive appeasement that led to World War II  and her echoing the feckless foreign policy of the Obama administration - including Secretary of State Clinton. It sounds familiar -all too familiar to me- Ms Noonan quotes Roosevelt in 1936 as...“serving the cause of peace by “setting an example” and following the policy of the good neighbor—“the neighbor who resolutely respects himself and, because he does so, respects the rights of others.” ... “the whole world now knows that the United States cherishes no predatory ambitions. We are strong; but less powerful nations know that they need not fear our strength.” All the while, Hitler was building his Nazi nightmare, Roosevelt was proving his peaceableness by not standing up for the Czechs, the Austrians or the Jews. Japan raped China. Gosh that was harsh- but didn’t it just go to prove that war is hell?Oh, what a good neighbor! How sweet that Roosevelt hated war so much! He also proved that we had no "predatory ambitions" while Hitler overran Europe. I guess he was sort of  "leading from behind"- so full of "self respect" was he that even as the blood of Polish officers’ and Jewish innocents flowed, he despised war. Then on Sunday Dec 7th 1941 Japan, so convinced they must have been that they need not fear our strength,  smashed The Pacific (how aptly named) Fleet and that century’s "soft power” charade was exposed. At least it was discredited for THAT generation. A Nipponized bit of the old Sixth Avenue el in Cummings’ words did it.What will it take for our generation? Certainly not pictures of little traumatized Arab kids- not if all you want to get out of them is “I hate war”. 9/11 couldn’t do it because nowadays we couldn’t call it an Islamisized jetliner mass murder. Beheadings, stabbings and shootings won’t get it done if you insist that they are incidents of work place violence, and man caused disasters. Are the endless barbaric videos of beheadings and immolations just so much war to hate? Or are they a call to action? If other nations do not fear us we must end up fearing them. That is how it works. Not just in past centuries but in this one and into the future. We cannot choose never to see a child harmed, our choice is limited to making sure that it is not our children. Never our children.[...]

Arab on Arab Violence- We have Pictures


I have posted many times about “Pallywood”and its cousins throughout the Islamic world. From al Durah touching off the second intifada forward, attempts to delegitimize Israel have been swallowed whole by the gullible and self-destructive western media. 

Lately, there has been quite a lot of this kind of foolishness coming out of Syria. Even though I don’t really see myself having a dog in that fight, not long ago, I posted about this picture that appeared in the Wall Street Journal:

While it seemed obvious to me that this was another of the crass, cynical and pathetically inept faux news photos that are launched almost as often as Katyusha rockets in that neighborhood, I was surprised that the WSJ fell for it and that there was some discussion on my blog post and elsewhere  by people who thought it might be genuine. Rather than get into a long discussion again about how spiffy clean the kid is and how utterly destroyed the building.
Lets just look at what a (probably) genuine example looks like:

Any questions?