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Preview: The Shameless Lions Writing Circle

The Shameless Lions Writing Circle

Writers and artistic lions come together

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Scrolling is the key here! You need to keep scrolling down to see:

- Our exciting Collective Short Story
- Our popular award project, A Roar For Powerful Words
- Our Latest News section
- Our Members Of The Circle list

Also, when you keep scrolling down even further, you'll find a detailed breakdown of who each member is, who their lion is, and where they blog. Happy scrolling!

A Collective Short Story


Instalment 21 of the collective short story, written by Bonnie, is now available!Welcome to an exciting writing project! This is a collective short story which is being written by all of us members here at The Shameless Lions Writing Circle. Each member is being called on to add to our developing story, the opening of which was inspired by the photo above. Who knows where it will end up? Feel free to use this button (which people can click to link to this site) in your sidebars.You will find the html code for this button over on the right, in the sidebar. You need to copy and paste the code into your sidebar (for Blogger users, choose the option "add html" in the section "customise"). The size is already small, so it should fit into most sidebars. Also, the basic rules for the short story project are shown below.Now, without further ado, here's the story so far:__________________________________________________The new watch that Grace's husband had given her the week before slipped inside the sleeve of her coat as her arm went up in the air. She felt she had no control over the movement, as though it were completely natural for her to be hailing a cab in the middle of New York. She felt as if she were being directed by remote control. 4:42pm, October 7. She made a mental note of the time, thinking it might be something she'd always want to remember. "I just want you to drive," she said as she got in, avoiding the driver's eyes. "Drive? Drive where, sweetheart?" He sounded like he might be Middle Eastern, although the writing on photos and cards above his head looked like it could be Greek. She also noticed African music coming from the radio. "I'll let you know. For now just drive anywhere. Wherever your instinct takes you." "That is strange." "Yes, it's strange. Please just drive. Anywhere." "Whatever you say, sweetheart." During the few minutes it took for the cab to rejoin the flow of angry traffic, she stared at the entrance to the subway that she'd been using to get home every night for the past 12 years. Ample time to change her mind. She turned off her mobile as the cab swung into Third Avenue. Happy trumpets played as a grainy picture of Sebastian and the two little ones faded into black. (1) Grace sat back and tried to relax. All her muscles were tense. She moved her head a little from side to side to try and release some of the tension in her neck. She made an effort to relax her face muscles that she was sure were drawn up into a tight mask.As the cab swooped along with the stream of homeward-bound traffic, a sudden gust of wind swirled fallen orange and red leaves into a mad dance. She found their dance mesmerising. It reflected her mood of being drawn into a wild dance, almost out of control. Where the dance would lead, she had no idea.“Ok, sweetheart?”The cab driver sounded uncomfortable with his role of just driving anywhere.She nodded, still not meeting his eyes. She wished he would stop calling her sweetheart. She didn't feel like anybody's sweetheart. She looked down at her tan boots and noticed one of the toes was scuffed. She fingered the money purse inside the large red shoulder-bag sitting beside her like an obedient pet. She would have to watch the fare. After all, she only had so much money to go on. She made herself stop biting her fingernails as she tried to figure out just where she wanted the taxi cab to drop her. (2)Grace closed her eyes and thought of the gaping entrance to the subway that she'd just abandoned. It was a turning point; she'd finally turned away from him, but to what? Never back to the barren arctic mausoleum; that prison home that the train had returned her to for so many nights, so many years, devoid of warmth, of love, of anything she really needed. She refused to lose another precious moment of her life to it, she knew if she went back again, there would be no more life. Her thoughts were a blizzard through which she could only take a step at a time; slowly, carefully, blinded by the unknown ... but feeling for it [...]

A Roar For Powerful Words !


What is this project?When I set up The Shameless Lions Writing Circle, one of the things I had in mind was that we as a group could encourage and celebrate good, powerful writing on the Internet/blogosphere. This is why I've come up with a new project to try to do exactly that, while of course at the same time increase exposure for the 48 members and their individual blogs. A Roar For Powerful Words is the chance to scream from the mountains the good news about the powerful posts that are produced every day in the blogosphere, despite what some mainstream columnists and journalists claim. This is also a good chance to examine exactly what it is that makes writing good and powerful. I'm sure there will be different views on this.How does it work? Below are copies of the award that we can each distribute to those people who have blogs we love, can't live without, where we think the writing is good and powerful. I thought interested members could kick things off by publishing the award on their own blog, naming five people they would like to give it to (members or non-members), and accompany the image with three things they believe are necessary to make writing good and powerful. The recipients then do the same, passing it on to five other people, and so on. We can encourage people to collect their award from our blog, by copying and pasting, or we can give them the link to this post where the award is available in three different sizes, one being a perfect fit for sidebars. I hope we can have some fun with this and it results in a massive roar for people's writing everywhere!Take care, Seamus (the tamer of the lions).Copies of the awardPerfect for a blog post.Perfect for someone with lots of space in their sidebar.Perfect for someone with limited space in their sidebar.[...]

Latest News From The Pride


 Monday, May 26, 2008.Sadly, I have decided to suspend my personal blog, Shameless Words, which you can read about here. Unfortunately, this also means that I will no longer be able to maintain this site. But there's no reason why this "circle" can't remain in place. The lions can be kept up on your individual blogs, and the list of all of your details can remain here as a kind of networking tool. The only thing different is that I will not be able to organise any activities here. I also really hope the end of the collective short story will be posted at some stage. If anyone is interested in having a go at writing the final instalment, then please get in touch. I will happily post that. Thanks for all your interest and I wish you all the best with your writing projects in the future.Thursday, March 13, 2008.Collective Story Bonnie has done a wonderful job at preparing Grace's story for closure. See instalment 21, which has just been posted. I am currently lining up someone to do the final piece and wrap up the story. This has been a great project, with lots of good teamwork. We also need ideas for a title. Please feel free to email your ideas. Tuesday, January 29, 2008.Two New MembersIt is with great pleasure that I introduce you to the writing circle's two new members!Eric Valentine and Ms. Mephistopheles have adopted lions #2 and #12. Sadly, Lee and Gautami decided to bid us farewell, but their lions are going to great homes! Lion #12 is going to a blog called Think Of The Devil And Her Horns Appear. Talk about a title that draws you in! Ms. Mephistopheles is the owner of the blog and she has decided to call her lion Leah. The beauty looks very much at home! You can visit Ms. M, and make her feel welcome, by clicking on the image taken from her blog below.   Lion #2 is also going to a wonderful blog, Scattered Chatter, which is produced by Eric Valentine in Canada. Eric has been a fan and regular reader of this circle for a while now and it's a real pleasure to bring him on board. He has written a great poem for his lion, named Sangilak. Do pay Eric a visit by clicking on the image of his blog's front page below.  FriendsWe are always happy to welcome people to our friends list, which is in the sidebar of this blog. If you know of any of your regular bloggers who would like to be listed here, don't hesitate to send them an invitation to email me with their details. This list is used to help find future members if ever a lion becomes homeless.Collective Story The story will soon be coming to an end, and we need a couple of writers willing to help wrap it up. Do let me know by email if you have any visions for the end of Grace's story. This has been a great project, with lots of good teamwork. We also need ideas for a title. Next project I am currently working on the details for our next project, which will be something aimed at providing a useful writing resource for those wanting to improve their skills. Stay tuned!That's all for now. Keep writing, stay strong and don't forget to let your lion roar for your writing![...]

The Members Of The Circle


 There are 48 members in total. For complete details of individual members, and photos of their lions, keep scrolling down ! Lion 1 (Bucephalus): Canterbury Soul at Doors Left Open.Lion 2 (not yet named) : Eric at Scattered Chatter.Lion 3 (Tirso) : exskindiver at Skin Diving.Lion 4 (Simha) : Deepthi at Locution.Lion 5 (Kashgar) : Absolute Vanilla at Absolute Vanilla... (&Atyllah). Lion 6 (Eugene) : Seamus at Shameless Words. Lion 7 (Pareto) : KGT at When I Wax.Lion 8 (Blue) : Roberta at Turn the Page.Lion 9 (Zaccharias) : Remiman at Under The Microscope.Lion 10 (Cheshire) : Neil at Neil Hester.Lion 11 (Elliot) : Colleen at Loose Leaf Notes.Lion 12 (Leah) : Ms.Mephistopheles at Think Of The Devil And Her Horns Appear.Lion 13 (Vermillion) : Apprentice at My Gap Year.Lion 14 (Leonardo) : Sognatrice at Bleeding Espresso.Lion 15 (Endelyn) : Verilion at A Wanderer In Paris.Lion 16 (Kaleidoscope) : Shelli at Shelli's Sentiments. Lion 17 (Leon The Lion) : Pure Sunshine at Virtual Crossroads. Lion 18 (Alexander) : Vesper at Chick With A Quill.Lion 19 (Florian) : Catherine at Still Standing On Her Head.Lion 20 (Barbarossa) : Frank at Books Inq. Lion 21 (Lorenza) : LMN at Failed Painter.Lion 22 (Caradoc) : Clare at Keeper Of The Snails. Lion 23 (Baz Lyon) : Derek at TypingSpace.Lion 24 (Johnny Cash) : Jessica at Jessica Schneider.Lion 25 (Azubuike) : Jamaican Dawta at Life, Unscripted, On The Rock.Lion 26 (Cardamom) : Jon at Writing In A Vacuum. Lion 27 (Raga) : Cailleach at Barbara's Bleeuugh!Lion 28 (Mr Mellow Yellow) : Susan at Writing Passions.Lion 29 (Bragi) : Minx at The Inner Minx.Lion 30 (Roary) : Bonnie at Words From A Wordsmith.Lion 31 (Louis) : Dewey at The Hidden Side Of A Leaf. Lion 32 (HM Arthur Winston) : WA at The Unending Journey of the Wandering Author.Lion 33 (Zion) : Jill at Wordsmith Extraordinaire.Lion 34 (Nin) : The Bluest Butterfly at A Virtual Hobby Store And Coffee Shop.Lion 35 (Heart Of Oak) : Wilf at Wilf's World.Lion 36 (Ari) : Lo at Terminal Chaosity.Lion 37 (Alfie) : Sarah at Sarah's Writing Journal.Lion 38 (Homer) : Meloney at Meloney Lemon.Lion 39 (Lucidus Keen) : LJCohen at Once In A Blue Muse : A Poet's Journal.Lion 40 (Durgapriya) : Durga at The Outsider.Lion 41 (Aloysius the hidden) : Julie Carter at Carter's Little Pill.Lion 42 (Viaggiatore) : Wanderlust Scarlett at from the shores of introspect and retrospect.Lion 43 (Shimshon) : Debi at Debi Alper.Lion 44 (Kauri) : Chief Biscuit at As It Happens.Lion 45 (Ecanus) : Kat at Kat's Random Thoughts.Lion 46 (Artheo) : Rob at Image & Verse Too.Lion 47 (Odin) : Nothingman at A Story A Day.Lion 48 (Ghufran) : Pearl at Humanyms.Is there a mistake in your listing? Send an email to Seamus, the tamer of the lions at: seak@caramail.comTHE FULL LIST OF LIONS, THEIR OWNERS AND THEIR BLOGS ARE LISTED BELOW.© Copyright, 2007. All members of the writing circle hold the copyright of their written material featured on this blog.[...]

Lion 1 - Doors Left Open


(image) Lion 1:


Artist behind the lion:

Nora Boudjemaï (French painter).

Adoptive Writer:

Canterbury Soul at Doors Left Open.

Blog Description:

This interesting blogger is based in Singapore and provides a "must visit" collection of poems and musings on life. Prolific is the word that comes to mind when you visit this blog on a regular basis and the words often leave you gasping. The subjects covered are wide and varied and there are also short stories to get our teeth into. CS also seems to be a music lover. The perspective of someone living in Singapore shines through.

Poem or piece of prose inspired by the lion:


Heaven has stirred
The buried soul
Who had battled mighty foes of a sovereign Macedon

He resides in
The regal body
Living the same heroic attributes that command fear
and respect

Strength in unity
Power in authority
Imposed on the faces of all on earth -
he vows

Canterbury Soul also wrote this longer tribute:


The greatest animal of antiquity
Could only serve and die for
The greatest ruler of mankind
Alexander the Great

Dead and buried
At Jalalpur Sharif
The gods of the heavens
Have eternal designs
No man would grasp
As they stirred
The soul and spirit
Who had battled, trampled, bitten
Foes of the sovereign Macedon
And has it resided
In the regal body
Of the bona fide king of animals

A lion
That reflects strength in unity
Power in community
Through the faces of all on earth

Fear no more of
Thy shadow and nemesis
For thou has yet
Another grand master
In the mould
Of a certain Canterbury Soul
Whose daily rewards for thee
Are immense and sure
Poetry in the morn
Caress beneath the mane
Fruits that gratifies
Protection guarded with honour

So, go forth and fight with the Soul
Serving faithfully
Preparing to die valiantly
Just as thou had done at Hydaspes

Lion 2 - Scattered Chatter


Lion 2:


Artist behind the lion:

Gérard Mathie (French author and visual artist).

Adoptive Writer:

Eric Valentine at Scattered Chatter

Blog Description:

(not yet produced)

Poem or piece of prose inspired by the lion:


He burst forth from the past to now
Fiercely proud, strong, erect.
His torso adorned and glowing still,
Remnants of the days of battle royal,
The figures, depicting scars from days of old.

I first saw him standing there -
Covered it seemed in a hue of snow?

On his chest emblazoned in red,
“Is that a red maple leaf I see,
Or some such facsimile ?”
I said astounded! ~ hesitantly, ~
“You are Canadian ~ aren’t you”

About the lion's name:

The first time I met the #2 Lion I was struck by the White on his face and chest with the Red blaze, (Maple Leaf?) reminiscent of the Canadian flag.
In selecting a name for my Lion, I decided on Sangilak which means, ‘The strongest of all’ in Inuktitut. The Inuit are an indigenous people of Canada.
This seemed most apt, for the Lion has long been known as “The King of The Jungle’ down through the ages and pages of history.

Lion 3 - Skin Diving


Lion 3:


Artist behind the lion:

Jocelyne Beaugrand-Tual (French painter).

Adoptive Writer:

exskindiver at Skin Diving.

Blog Description:

This blogger - an ex-teacher, wife and mother - is based in the US. Her blog is full of interesting insights into her life and her Filipino roots. The subject matter ranges from humorous anecdotes to deep, moving issues. There are always interesting images and personal photographs to accompany the posts. Poetry is featured, as well as reviews. The writing is energetic and original and always straight to the point. There are often references to other family members who also blog.

Poem or prose inspired by the lion:

variegated mask easy
to succumb to joy and pain
in a changing world charging
through time

Lion 4 - Locution


Lion 4:

Simha (lion in Telugu)

Artist behind the lion:

Madhu Basu (Indian painter).

Adoptive Writer:

Deepthi at Locution.

Blog Description:

The owner of this blog lives in Andhra Pradesh state in India. The writing here works in stirring up images of this part of the world, but photos and images are also used to illustrate things. There is a focus on poems, which are also very evocative. The subjects covered include reflections on everyday life but some also delve into the spiritual and lyrical. This is the first blog from India in the writing circle and we hope there will be others.

Poem or piece of prose inspired by the lion:

Simha stood there staring at the future,

"What do you see I asked'?

"I see the world turning into a menace,he answered.I see the children of tomorrow crying for a better today.I see the nature asking for mercy or some kind of attention.I see nature crying to be protected,sheltered in the green pasture, under a gulmoher tree."

"See what I am today,just a mere animal standing under the scorching sun.I have no fear nor does anyone fear me.Infact I can see few who wear me.They say they killed the king of the jungle.When,to talk there is no jungle ,where would there be a king then.

Saying this he kept staring into was it the future ????

He adorns the symbol of love,he respects all religions,his body is a graffiti of the pain he is going through.Let us make that pain disappear.Let us give him back the majestic look.the forest,the fur,the spirit,the shade the unity he asks...

Let us transport him to the future he dreams of.....

Lion 5 - Absolute Vanilla...(&Atyllah)


Lion 5:


Artist behind the lion:

José Arcé (French visual artist).

Adoptive Writer:

Absolute Vanilla at Absolute Vanilla... (&Atyllah).

Blog Description:

This is a vibrant and thought-provoking blog from South Africa. Absolute Vanilla produces stunning photographs and words. The topics covered are varied and poignant. AV's writing is sharp and moving. It is no wonder that this blog has developed a large following. AV welcomes people to her site with these words: "Who am I? I am. And I happen to love vanilla. And so, this blog's about...? This and that. Witterings and warblings - from here and there - you'll find out soon enough."

Poem or piece of prose inspired by the lion:

Stride, noble Kashgar through all the worlds

Worlds within worlds
one linked to another
paths connecting
holding together.

Never alone,
yet part
of a far greater

Colours that ripple
eyes that gleam
words draw us forward
we follow the dream.

Atyllah also wrote this longer piece:

Interconnection & Impermanence

A hand rises...

Pebble plops
ripples shimmer
towards the shore.
A droplet splashes
the earth
moistens the seed
resting below.
Shoot rises up
to meet the sun.
Flower blooms
and is kissed
by the honeybee.
All is One
constantly changing.

A hand rises...

Words form on a page
the present
to the future...
The world alters
they're not just words

Lion 6 - Shameless Words


Lion 6:


Artist behind the lion:

Nicolas Fafiotte (French designer)

Adoptive Writer:

Seamus at Shameless Words. Keeper/Tamer of the shameless lions.

Blog Description:

This will have to be a neutral kind of description because I can hardly praise my own blog, can I? As well as having an obsession with these lions from Lyon, and organising this writing circle, I produce a writing blog. It is a collection of poems, short stories, fiction extracts, book reviews, snippets of life, photos, paintings - as well as musings on writing, fiction and publishing. I am an Irish/NZ journalist who's been based in France since 1997.

Poem inspired by my lion:

look at this lion of life/in need of constant feeding/strange desires to roar at the day/forlorn and endearing yet violent and pouncing/innocent heads beautifully hovered/between his trembling jaw/drips from savage teeth on the skin/panting breath, burning tongue/games of irresistible danger.

About the lion's name:

Eugene is named after Eugene Ionesco, the Romanian playwright who lived in France. I wanted my lion to have a literary identity with a French connection. The patches of colour, the mad ensemble, the bright colours, reminded me of the absurd, which Ionesco was so good at. The lion was designed by someone called Fafiotte, which also sounds quite fun, and the work of Ionesco, while sometimes tragic, has an element of farce about it.

Lion 7 : When I Wax


Lion 7:


Artist behind the lion:

Robert Stalport (French painter and illustrator).

Adoptive Writer:

KGT at When I Wax.

Blog Description:

This is KGT's poetry blog, which contains some real gems. This 36-year-old is from Upstate New York and he has a wide variety of interests, which is reflected in his writing - his other blogs are linked to animals, hunting and nature. The writing is crisp and assured and there is a real sense that this writer knows what the reader is after. On his blogs KGT has this message, which leaves us in no doubt about his originality: "Tentative philomath, aspiring polymath. Sometimes ribald, most times Renaissance, always looking in the rearview mirror."

Poem or piece of prose inspired by the lion:

This anti-Aslan
his eyes and heart of darkness
roaming the voodoo veldt
of global capital
and trade
will not
lie down
with lambs
yet he sees
with eyes
of angels
into the deepest
tail stretching back to Africa
the alchemy
of order
and myth.

Which comes from this longer piece:

He woke me last night
from outside the perimeter-
the repeated decrescendo
of roaring
of reifying
of his repeatedly realizing
the predator’s
Pareto principle.

He struck me
with his proclivity
for parsing Pangea,
and reinforcing
the sustained
of his species
in the sum of his

This anti-Aslan
his eyes and heart of darkness
roaming the voodoo veldt
of global capital
and trade
will not
lie down
with lambs
yet he sees
with eyes
of angels
into the deepest
tail stretching back to Africa
the alchemy
of order
and myth.

Lion 8 - Turn The Page


 Lion 8: Blue.Artist behind the lion:Mercedes Uribe (Colombian painter).Adoptive Writer: Roberta at Turn the Page.Blog Description: Roberta Nolte describes herself as someone who loves reading and writing; just one look at her blog and you are left with no doubt about her talent. Living in Ona, West Virginia (US), her blog is full of titbits about life. The subjects covered are varied and entertaining and there are often great pictures to go with the posts. Roberta has a knack of achieving a superb balance between quirkiness and serious contemplation on any given topic. Poem or piece of prose inspired by the lion: BlueI named you Blue - My Blueand you were sensitive and kindYou named me Yellow, Your Yellowand we shared a sort of mindWe shared stories..and a lifeUntil it had to end..but you are my BlueMy soul matemy confidant and friendRoberta also wrote this longer piece:Meeting Blue She first saw him standing rigidly in the square. She had to remember to breathe. He was magnificent! Her feet took life of their own and moved the rest of her to the bench beside him where she sat, transfixed. “You are absolutely gorgeous.” She said under her breath. “Of course.” He whispered back. “I’ve lost what little mind I had left!” She put her head in her hands and squeezed her eyes tightly shut trying to regain her sanity. “But you said I was gorgeous. I had to respond.” She closed her eyes again and then put her thumbs in her ears. “Are you ignoring me?” “No.” “Then why does your face look funny?” She unplugged her ears, opened her eyes and forcibly pulled her hands from her face. There stood the Lion in all of his magnificence. His body was sky blue with all of the power and grace of a lion, yet blue was his most outstanding color. His face burnt orange, as if he had been facing the sun too long. It was his body’s markings that stood out so remarkably. The Northern Hemisphere covered part of his rump, South America covered his belly and his inner leg. The other geographical markings spotted his shoulders and mane. “I thought I was losing it.” “You’re not losing it. It’s just been so long since I’ve had someone to talk too…” She stood from the bench and circled the lion, gazing at him from every angle. She wanted to reach out her hand to touch him, but stopped. She told him her name. “What do you call yourself?” “My name is Blue.” “Nice to meet you Blue.” They talked the day away and as the sun set, she promised to return. Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into years. Every day she came to visit. They talked about politics and religion. They talked about life and death. She read to him short stories. He recited poetry to her from memory. Nothing was ever dull when they were together. As the years passed, her step became a little slower. She wasn’t as tall as she was when she was young and her hair turned silver. He continued to be radiant. One day she didn’t show up. Blue waited and watched as the sun moved across the sky. As it set, he felt an incredible sadness. “Recite to me your favorite poem.” The voice was all around him and he knew she no longer existed on this plane. With a single tear forming in his stone eye he began.(Roberta has been invited to submit a shorter piece - 48 word max - for the contest, but this stands as a wonderful tribute to her lion). [...]

Lion 9 : Under The Microscope


Lion 9:


Artist behind the lion:

Sylvie Margot (French painter).

Adoptive Writer:

Remiman at Under The Microscope.

Blog Description:

This is the very interesting site of a 61-year-old who lives in Upstate New York. Remiman's blog is full of poetry and photos and he writes up wonderful anecdotes about his life. There is humour but also deep reflections on what makes his world go round. Remiman says he has lived in or visited seven countries (Canada, Vietnam, Japan, Korea, France, England and Costa Rica) and France is his favourite! The writing on this blog is of a high standard.

Poem or piece of prose inspired by the lion:

Zaccharias is a scholarly lion_____
Seeking, peeking behind
The scenes, through the lens
Curious like his namesake, and his
Father before him.
For Zaccharias, information
Is like meat
For other lions.
His mane reflects the
Microscopic images he
Finds and records.
You can not hide
Under the microscope.

Lion 10 : Neil Hester


Lion 10:


Artist behind the lion:

Shih Chun Lee (Taiwanese painter)

Adoptive Writer:

Neil at Neil Hester.

Blog Description:
Neil is a 17-year-old from Texas in the US. He hits you between the eyes with his sharp words and superb perspective. He has a love of poetry and that shines through on this site ... when he is not busy studying. He welcomes people to his blog by saying: "I like poetry. I wear briefs, but not bios. Well, boxer briefs. Though I am "bio"logical. And "brief"logical, come to think of it. Anyhow... poetry is good for your health; poems make you well, very much like prunes. Poems, however, don't have that devilish tendency to shrivel up (or down) and whatnot.

Poem or piece of prose inspired by the lion:


I tried to photograph him yesterday;
He ran- well, looked- well, faded away,
Only part (about half) way there.
The rest of him was, oh, somewhere
(For nowhere is such a gloomy place).
Then grinned a face from about the trees;
I leveled, focused, and said, "Say cheese!"

Lion 11 - Loose Leaf Notes


Lion 11:


Artist behind the lion:

Paul Bosland (French sculptor).

Adoptive Writer:

Colleen at Loose Leaf Notes.

Blog Description:

Colleen is a fabulous poet and writer and her work stays with you long after you leave her site. She lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Floyd, Virginia, in the US. This website is full of great images and moving words. Colleen has this to say about herself: "I write to synthesize what I'm learning at the time, whether it be poetry, a political commentary, or a letter to my mother in Hull, Massachusetts, where I'm originally from. Whenever I don't know exactly what it is I'm doing and it borders on wasting my time, I call it research.

Poem or piece of prose inspired by the lion:

Pink-haired street poet
last lion on the block to be picked
to prove that his rhyme is as big as his roar
that his appetite for words is not to be feared
as he shouts from his corner, “People,
your war is more uncivilized than the jungle!”

About the lion's name:

Colleen says:

"I named the lion Elliot and dubbed him a poet, after my late poet friend, Elliot, who liked to wear a purple beret and a daisy behind his ear. “What would Elliot say if he had a street corner in Paris to shout poetry from,” I wondered as I wrote my forty-eight word writing circle entry fee."

Lion 12 - Think Of The Devil And Her Horns Appear


Lion 12:


Artist behind the lion:

Aaron Hinojoso (Mexican painter and sculptor).

Adoptive Writer:

Ms. Mephistopheles

Blog Description:

(not yet produced)

Poem or piece of prose inspired by the lion:

Leah of Mine
Magnificent and Bold
Three Parts and yet Whole

Lion 13 - My Gap Year


(image) (image) (image)
Lion 13:


Artist behind the lion:

Polly Law Yuk Kwan (Hong Kong designer, visual artist).

Adoptive Writer:

Apprentice at My Gap Year.

Blog Description:

Apprentice, who lives in Britain, produces warm and inspiring work on a regular basis. She writes her own poems and highlights the work of others. The site is also kept vibrant with stunning photographs. This 51-year-old also has another blog called Cancer Chronicles, which contains a series of haiku poems that tell the story of her experience of having breast cancer. The collection has now been published. The strong writing on this blog will ensure its popularity.

Poem or piece of prose inspired by the lion:

a lacquered lion stalked
a ridged roof of terracotta tiles
till lightening struck and he leapt down
to pad past pagodas, tip-toe through the tea
house and out through the moongate - off to seek a soulmate
in far away lands still red in tooth and claw

Lion 14 - Bleeding Espresso


(image) Lion 14:


Artist behind the lion:

José de Léon (Spanish painter).

Adoptive Writer:

Sognatrice at Bleeding Espresso.

Blog Description:

This is the gorgeous blog of an American woman who's moved to Calabria, Italy. Sognatrice writes in a way that makes you feel and breathe what she describes. The blog is focused on her writing but also on her daily life as an expat. Our mouths are left watering with recipes and pictures of scrumptious food and our hearts pound as she describes the new life she has chosen. It's no wonder that Sognatrice's blog has such a strong following.

Poem or piece of prose inspired by the lion:

You never believe me,
but fine.

He stopped,
squished his nose against the glass,
pulled back,
shook his mane,
and strutted away,
leaving me to wonder how his heart
ended up on his sleeve.

Oh yeah?

Did to.

Then how do you explain that nose-shaped smear?

Lion 15 - A Wanderer In Paris


Lion 15:


Artist behind the lion:

Ahtzic Silis (sculptor, painter from El Salvador)

Adoptive Writer:

Verilion at A Wanderer In Paris.

Blog Description:

Verilion lives in Paris and maintains a regular blog that is full of great writing. She seems to be an avid traveller and often posts gripping tales from her adventures. We wonder why she is not a travel journalist. V works in education and often shares amusing anecdotes about her work and life in Paris. She writes the odd poem and also posts examples of creative writing. With a name like Verilion, we are sure she will be a perfect lion owner!

Poem or piece of prose inspired by the lion:

The fire within burns vibrant on her skin,
tattooing vague patterns of blazing dragons
across her flank.
Wild imaginings bursting forth,
swirling to indefinite
beginnings, middles and endings.
Prowling forth into uncertainty,
her radiance undiminished,
her force yet unrealised,
her soul a rich muse
of consciousness.

About the lion's name:

Verilion says:

"From the beginning I decided that some of Shameless’s lions were female. I knew that I wanted her name to mean fire, but according to my indepth research it actually means fire soul. The name is apparently Gaelic, but I could only find details of a Cornish saint who somehow became all embroiled with King Arthur and had the power to bring people and her cow back to life!

So the name began as Endellion, sometimes spelt Endillyon, the Saint is Endelienta, but I liked the Cornish variant. So please welcome to my blog Endelyn."

Lion 16 - Shelli's Sentiments


Lion 16:


Artist behind the lion:

Frédérique Poizat (French designer, visual artist).

Adoptive Writer:

Shelli at Shelli's Sentiments.

Blog Description:

This is a very professional looking site, with great graphics and words to match. There are striking images and a wide variety of subjects are covered. As well as being a mother and wife, Shelli says: "I am a nurse to all the kids I see when I work at the pediatric clinic near my home. I am a blogger. I am a writer when I am not blogging. I am a cross stitcher when I am not blogging or writing. I am a very amateur sculpter when I am not blogging, writing or cross stitching. If there is anytime left after all those pursuits, I use it to sleep, read or exercise.

Poem or piece of prose inspired by the lion:

I roared, “I am Kaleidoscope!”
He said, “I am Joseph.”
Joseph was a thing of beauty, majesty and power. We talked about our responsibilities and we came to an understanding, man & beast. Before he left, he passed his beautiful coat over me and blessed me with its colors.

The original, longer version:

One day as I was walking over the land, surveying my kingdom, I encountered a man called Joseph. I introduced myself, “I, the king of this land, am Kaleidoscope!” He, too, was a thing of beauty and majesty, surely he must be as powerful as I. We talked about our responsibilities and duties, as regal creatures will do. We came to a great understanding between us, man and beast. As we prepared to go our separate ways, he passed his beautiful coat over me as if to bless me with it’s colors. The next time I looked in the reflective water, I realized he had done just that.

Lion 17 - Virtual Crossroads


Lion 17:


Artist behind the lion:

Françoise Granger (French sculptor and painter).

Adoptive Writer:

Pure Sunshine at Virtual Crossroads.

Blog Description:

This is a delightful blog from India. The author is a 23-year-old journalist who always has a lot of variety and colour in her posts. There are wonderful anecdotes and photos alike. Pure Sunshine welcomes people to her blog by saying: "Love to debate, analyse get into the depth of things — be it literature, people or matters of "global concern". Love studying people, their body language, analysing personalities. Should have become a criminal psycologist! What the heck!"

Poem or piece of prose inspired by the lion:

Shamelessly spirited

Leon! Leon! Shining bright!
Though not in forests, not at night,
The striped beast, in yellow and red
Speaks not of fear or of dread.
Shameless, he gives one hope to carry on,
To take nimble steps and look ahead,
For, what's gone is gone!

Poised to face battles glorious,
And to come on top always victorious.
Gives you strength and positive vibes
So your shameless spirit in you is energized.
And if you are a rebellion or a struggler
With Leon, just believe in you.
For, the magic lies inwards!

About the lion's name:

Pure Sunshine says: "It is simply the Irish/Gaelic and German translation of Lion. I like the name because it's short and sweet and sounds good."

Lion 18 - Chick With A Quill


Lion 18:


Artist behind the lion:

Katell Le Bourdonnec (French visual artist).

Adoptive Writer:

Vesper at Chick With A Quill.

Blog Description:

Vesper describes herself as "newborn to the blogosphere". Launched very recently, her blog has writing and literature as a main focus and it conjures up more than an air of mystery. We don't know what country Vesper lives in or what she does for a job. Little is revealed at the moment (that may change), but the first few blog posts are intriguing and include a great poem. Her bio reads: "I live for the written and the moving illusions. This is about me, about my tangle of thoughts, my obsession with writing and time, my infatuation with Daniel".

Poem or piece of prose inspired by the lion:

Lost Babylon

He leaped at me
from the faded tiles of
Ishtar's procession.
His claws sank deep
into my flesh,
the dust of all illusions upon us.
"What seek you?" he rumbled. "The brilliance
is gone,
the gold is ashes."
"One named Alexander," I said.
"He was once a god."

Also, another poem, which is not for the contest.

My Heart Only

In the orchard of pink grapefruit, I walk.
What gleams, what sparkles, so lively, so slyly,
In the hot well of this darkness?
No stars in the high, no glow worms in my skirts.
Only your eyes, your glare of sapphire.
Your mighty roar echoes for me alone,
Sweet and bitter.
Do not devour me, lion of my heart.
Let us sacrifice this ripe grapefruit.

Lion 19 : Still Standing On Her Head


Lion 19:


Artist behind the lion:

Farid Belkahia (Moroccan visual artist).

Adoptive Writer:

Catherine at Still Standing On Her Head.

Blog Description:

It seems this lion couldn't have gone to a more perfect home. Catherine is not only a fan of poetry - there is some superb work here - but she is also keen on quiltmaking! Catherine lives in Christchurch, in the South Island of New Zealand, and readers of her blog are treated to wonderful photos of her environs. The quality of the writing here is very high and the subjects and poetry make this site a real pleasure to stroll through.

Poem or piece of prose inspired by the lion:

Don't snigger. I am not what you think.
The women who made me had little,
but they chose only the best pieces
for me. They knew what it was
to fight. They sewed fierceness
and strength into every stitch.

Lion 20 - Books Inq


Lion 20:


Artist behind the lion:

Rachid Koraïchi (Algerian visual artist).

Adoptive Writer:

Frank at Books Inq.

Blog Description:

This is a "must read" for writers, readers or those working in the industry. Frank Wilson is the book review editor at the US newspaper The Philidelphia Inquirer and his blog is regularly updated with invaluable links to poetry, creative writing, articles, blogs and lots more. He also offers his assessment on the burning topics of the day. Frank's blog has become extrememly popular on many continents, admired for his sharp wits and generous spirit.

Poem or piece of prose inspired by the lion:

The Red Lion

Crimson Barbarossa
Lion of Lyons, you bring
To aging mind
And weary heart
Red Lion Road
Where the Poquessing flowed
Dividing the city and its streets
From the country and its lanes
When the difference counted
A long time ago.