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You probably thought I'd given up on BLOGGER. Well, you'd be right to think that. But I'm going to keep the faith and hang on and see what happens...

In the meantime, let me update you:

1. Nick has graduated from law school- woo-hoo!

2. We have moved to Herndon, VA (DC area), and have been here since mid-May.

3. Nick is now studying for the Virginia Bar. He will take it on July 29th. He is convinced (like every semester before), that he will fail. I tend to have more faith in his abilities than that, but please pray for him anyway.

4. In August, to celebrate graduation, his completion of the Bar, and me no longer being a law school widow, we are going to take a vacation to Cocoa Beach, FL. Thomas will stay with Nana and Pop-pop in Pennsylvania while we are away.

5. The day after we return from Florida is Thomas's 2nd birthday!! (Where has the time gone??) We will be celebrating it by going to one of my favorite childhood haunts, IDLEWILD PARK in Ligonier, Pa.

6. The day after Labor Day, Nick will begin his new job at Finnegan Henderson in Reston, VA, where he will work as an Intellectual Property lawyer.

7. We are currently trying to have and asking God for another little one. Please pray as we patiently wait...:)

So, in the words of Mrs. Bennett: "..God has been very, very good to us!"

Slideshow Update



Coming back soon ...



A few minutes in the life of ...


Hey folks, the Sgt. Poopy-Pants here. Can't talk much, but I thought I'd give you a couple videos to see me in action.

Alright, here I am demonstrating my latest verbal and equestrian skills.

allowFullScreen='true' webkitallowfullscreen='true' mozallowfullscreen='true' width='320' height='266' src='' class='b-hbp-video b-uploaded' FRAMEBORDER='0' />

But ... I'm not always cute and cuddly. Sometimes, I can be a real booger. Here, Mama and Papa are disciplining me by making me sit on Papa's lap until I calm down. Needless to say, I'm not too happy about that.

(the video's a little dark, but the audio is still entertaining)

allowFullScreen='true' webkitallowfullscreen='true' mozallowfullscreen='true' width='320' height='266' src='' class='b-hbp-video b-uploaded' FRAMEBORDER='0' />

Well, that's enough for now. Later, folks.

The General 1.0


Yo, yo, yo, everybody! Here's the General coming at you - one of the only dudes able to pull off sporting a binky with sunglasses.So ..... a lot's happened since I last updated my fan-base. Mama and Papa got a little weird at the end of the summer. For instance, they decided to take a little vacation ... without me! I mean, it's like they weren't thinking straight. So, I went to Nana and Pop-Pop Ball's house, while they went to Italy.Er ... I mean, Busch Gardens. Yeah, it's got, like, this European theme, so Mama and Papa could pretend to get some culture.Check out this roller coaster they rode. It's called The Griffin. It's got a 205 foot, vertical (face-first) drop.Pretty scary stuff ...After that, they finally picked me up, stuffed me in the car with all our stuff, and moved out of Virginia. But first, we had to stop a few places, so I could visit a few fans.First, we went up north, and I'm talking way up north, to a Donnelly family reunion near Mackinac island.And at that family reunion, I finally got to meet none other than my turbo awesome cousin: Super Cole!Yeah, we hung out, shot the breeze, cut the cheese - you know how it goes.And, as you might guess from the title of this post, yours truly finally hit the big 1.0. So, just a few days before the big day, Super Cole (0.5 here), gave me a new set of wheels.Here I am with Mama, doing some repair work on it.Then, after Super Cole and I had finished perfecting our wrestling moves, Mama, Papa, and I traveled to South Bend, where I used them to take down Pop-Pop Don.Kiss the carpet, old man!I also went swimming with Papa in uncle Mike's swimming pool.Next, we went to Bloomington, where Mama and Papa first fell in love (read: Mama began to tolerate Papa) and got married. We visited Mamaw Carole, and she made me ...a birthday cake!!!!(even though it wasn't quite my birthday just yet)I can assure you, I wasted no time in tackling this important project ... even using my feet for maximum face-stuffing efficiency.After my whirlwind tour ended, we finally headed back to our house in Tennessee. Ah, my kingdom.And back home, not only can I sit in the middle of the kitchen in my underwear and throw around pots and pans, but I also have full access to my treasure chest of wonderful, glorious TOYS!If I could just reach that one book ....Hey, that works. Think I'll stay in here. I mean what more do I need in life?Then, finally, my actual birthday came. Mama got me a nice little cupcake.Take that, you little cupcake! Get in my belly!Then, we had a backyard BBQ to celebrate moving back to Tennessee and my birthday.There's my buddy, Ross. Someday I'm gonna be just like him.And, yes, I got my third birthday cake.Ooooohhhhhhhh ... the life of a junkie.[...]

The Silence Ends


(posted by Nick)"So Thomas the Tank Engine brought them all to safety and ..." Oh! Hello, I didn't know you were here. I was just catching up on a little reading, but I'm glad you're here. I have lots to tell you. It's been a busy, busy summer. So busy, in fact, that I haven't been able to keep my fans updated. Well, no more. Sit back, relax, and take a ride on the Thomas Express.So, papa managed to get a job this summer with a great firm. I'm not really sure how he landed it (maybe they felt sorry for him or something), but he got it. That meant moving to Reston, Virginia.But first ... a little fun! Papa finally let loose (after months and months of studying) and took me and mama to Dragon Park in Nashville.Here I am with my big, blue ball.Here I am going down the slide with Papa ... sorta. Papa got us stuck. I'm like, "uh, where's Mama?"There she is! Here we are hanging out in the grass together. For all those who remember "Becca in the grass," she's showing me her ways.So ... after a little play (and a whole lot of packing), we drove to Reston. Now, you may not have heard of Reston. But I'm sure you've heard of ...D.C.! Yep, Reston is just a suburb of our nation's capital.In fact, it's just a hop, skip, and a crawl away. So, we've been downtown I don't know how many times this summer. I'm a regular Washingtonian. Here I am with mama on the mall. Isn't she beautiful?We've also seen some really cool things in the museums. Here I am with Papa in Museum of Natural History. What's that? Did you say something's behind us?And, when we weren't in D.C., I was hanging out in my new pad, playing with my dinosaur that Nana bought me.Recognize this guy? Does the name "Stonewall" ring a bell? Well, not only is Reston near D.C., but because it's in Northern Virginia, it's close to like a jillion historical sites. Here we are at Manassas battlefield, the first major battle of the Civil War. It's the place where Major General Thomas Jackson earned the name "Stonewall."Here I am in front of the statue. Some day, I'm gonna be just like him.In fact, I'm not sure you could even tell the difference now, could you?In addition to riding horses and waging war, I also really (really, really .... really) like the water!... no matter how big the lake.Well, that's all for now folks. I've got lots more pictures to show you. But I've gotta take a break now. I'm staying with Nana and Pop-pop in Pennsylvania while Mama and Papa act like little kids and ride roller coasters in Busch Gardens.But I'll leave you with one last token of cuteness:So long![...]

Technical Difficulties


Okay, we forgot to pack the adapter for our digital camera, so I'll be burning the pictures of Thomas on a CD today...check back later. Sorry!

Quick Update


Hello, all. The General's mama here. Anyway, I just wanted to give you a brief update on our goings-on. I'll post some pictures as soon as I figure out this computer (I'm using a different one). We moved from Nashville to Herndon, VA last Thursday so Nick can work at Finnegan Henderson in Reston for the summer. We are in a really neat place, especially for our tastes. Washington DC and all of its history and entertainment is just 20 miles to the east. The Blue Ridge Mountains and all of its trails and spectacular beauty is 45 minutes to the west. About 1 1/2 hours to the north is Gettysburg, which is near and dear to our hearts, since we are Civil War buffs. (well, sort of:) Along with that, there are various Civil War sites within an hour from here. About 1 hour and 10 minutes north and then, 35 minutes south, I have an aunt and uncle from both sides of my family. And the best part of living here this summer, is that the General's Pop-pop and Nana Ball are only about 3 hours and 45 minutes northwest of here. We plan to see them and all the aunts, uncles, and cousins regularly until we go back to Nashville for Nick's final year (yay!!!) of law school in August.

Look for more pics in a day or two....I really mean it this time.

The General, (getting) BIGGER and BADDER


Happy Spring, everybody! I don't know if it's warm in your neck o' the woods, but it's sure great here in good ole' Tennessee! Spring has given the General some new found energy...more like, new found mad skills. Check me out....For starters, I'm much more vertical these days. Here I am, sitting up nice and tall, chewing on my ducky. If only I could get some teeth...My charming-the-ladies skills have gotten much better with age and growth....these lady types just won't leave me alone at my exersaucer! I'm all like, "Uh...Security..?"I am so awesome these days, that I require TWO binkies!Now, if only I could get them both in my mouth at the same time....Papa's been letting me hang out with him a lot more recently, since my coolness has increased. (In fact, don't tell Papa, but since my coolness factor considerably outweighs his coolness factor, I'm actually doing him a favor!)What's this?.....Sam Adams..?Mmmm...this sure beats Enfamil!And this is what would have happened if he actually had let me drink it... (which he didn't, for all you teetotallers out there:)But THIS is what happens when Papa drinks it himself....I tried to warn him.Anyway, it's been good to catch up with you, peoples wear me out.....zzzzzzzzzzz......[...]

Thomas, back from uh, somewhere....


Hello, mostly peoples. How nice to see you after a long vacation! As you can see by my picture, I was very, very busy working with Obe Wan Kanobe on the planet Naboo. But then Mama said it was time to come home to change my diaper.So, ole Obe taught me a lot about the important things in life. For instance, it is always important to look busy and intelligent. Here I am, practicing with Papa!Another important thing is to always protect Teddy, especially at night....those pesky Ewoks are always mistaking him for one of their own........sitting up is also an important thing to learn. The force is with me, especially with one shoe well as looking like my cousin, Nathanael, from time to time. Always a plus with the ladies...Sometimes, it is a good thing to learn to eat solid food........and sometimes it's not.(How do ya like me now, Princess Josie?)But the MOST IMPORTANT thing I learned from the Kanobe, is that it's ALWAYS important to look oh-so-cute:[...]

Super Bowl


Congratulations to Tony Dungy and his awesome Colts! And praise God for his testimony to the Lord. God bless you, Coach Dungy.

Traume auf Himmel


Several months ago, I had a dream that I was in heaven. I remember the vividness of what it looked like, and as I was reminiscing about when I was in Bavaria several years ago via websurfing, I found what was in my dream. Not 100 percent in its likeness, but the closest thing to it I've ever seen:

Saturdays with Thomas, CH The Stinkoman 2007


It's the Stinkoman 2007!!!It's bigger. It's better.It slices, it dices.It poops in 3-D, and even does your taxes....well, maybe slobbers on them!Hey, mostly peoples. Yes, I know you have missed me. But I went on a little vacation, see. I had people to see, places to go, many fans to impress. You know- the usual. So, sit back and relax and enjoy a little presentation of:My Very First Christmas Everby Gen. Sgt. Stonewall Poopypants(with, uh, a little help from Mama.)Papa, Mama, and I took a long, long trip over the river and through the woods to Pop-pop and Nana Ball's house. Here is Mama's family:Back row: Pop-pop, Nana, and Uncle CalebFront row: Uncle Ben, Aunt Stephanie, Mama, and Aunt Jessica This is Uncle Ben's family with Aunt Natalie, Nathanael, and Superman Eli! Yeah, he's maybe almost as strong as me...Here is my Uncle Ben and Aunt Jessica. My Uncle Ben is going to school to learn to play with electrical outlets. Must be nice, 'cause I know I'll probably get spanked in the future for doing that!Here's Prettyboy- er, I mean Uncle Caleb. Yeah, he's almost as buff as me. He also has a three-year old son, Ethan. I wished I could've met him, but he wasn't able to be there. Then again, I was also told that he might try to eat me.Here's my Aunt Stephanie. She's single, but don't even think about it guys, or I'll rough you up. You don't want to mess with the General...Ah, yes. Now there's a good looking family. We'll, a good looking baby, at least...The entire crew. (minus Nana and Pop-pop. They were behind the cameras.)Oh, I almost forgot- here is a picture of me with my cousins. Isaac, first son of my mama's brother, Ben, is holding me. Next him is his brother, Eli. Eli is holding their brother, Nathanael. But I'm still pretty buff. I don't even need socks or shoes.I found out that I'm a great present opener! This was the best Decemberween ever! Well, I needed to rest from my vacation, so I did a little R&R in the swing back home.... ....hanging out with Mama........and doing some important stuff and at my important desk.Soooo.. see you next time. Same Sgt. Poopypants time. Same Sgt. Poopypants channel![...]

Merry Christmas, Everyone!


We're in PA with Nana and Pop-pop Ball. South Bend, IN is next on the list to visit Pop-pop Donne and Nana Carmen. Then, we'll shoot down to B-ton for New Year's weekend. See some of you real, real soon. We'll post some pics when we get back to Nashville!

Saturdays with Thomas, CH After like, a month


Wait a minute...don't I know you?Oh, yeah! Now I remember....sorry, it's just been such a long time. Mama grounded me for like, a jillion years from blogging, so my memory is a little slippery when it comes to remembering faces. But- it's good to be back.Soooo...alot has happened since I've last seen you. Like, for instance, I got to meet my Pop pop Donne and Nana Carmen for the first time ever. Boy, were they lively and fun! Especially my Nana Carmen- she even spoke to me in Spanish! I had no idea what she was saying, but it sure sounded nice, 'cause I was always smiling when she did it! Here are some pics from their visit.Another thing that happened was Thanksgiving- my very first one! My Grandmother was nice enough to fly my Papa, Mama, and me up to Michigan to have Thanksgiving with her and Grandpuddin'. This is me and Grandmother.Here I am with Papa at Thanksgiving dinner. That's Greatgram Ruth in the background. She was very sweet and brought me some presents. Yep. It pays to be cute:)I ate a little bit too much, and I conked out on Mama's lap.Some other cool things have happened since we last met. For instance, I've learned to roll onto my side..........I'm noticing my toys alot more and learning how to play with them....My feet are getting bigger and stinkier........and Papa's teaching me how to build fires.Here are some other pictures just because I'm cute:I'm totally looking like Mama here. My family. I love my Papa and Mama:)[...]

New Post coming tomorrow p.m.


I know, I know, I'll see the little tike sometime tomorrow night. No, seriously. I really mean it this time.

Saturdays with Thomas, CH Momma's day off


"The General" is grounded from blogging this week, so you 'll have a post sans sassiness:) Don't worry- I'll post some pictures in a moment. But for now, I am enjoying some relished time off....ahhh...Don't get me wrong; I love being a momma. I wouldn't trade it for anything. But my sweet hubby has agreed to let me have one Saturday a month to myself. Presently, I am sitting in the middle of a crowded Panera, enjoying a nice cup of dark, roasted brew. ( I just saw a very pregnant woman walk by. I can't help but think, "Ha! ha! You're pregnant and I'm! At least, I'm not pregnant this week anyway!) And yet, don't get me wrong on this count either- I think I had a pretty decent pregnancy and a more than decent delivery. I thank God for that! It's just nice to be able to bend over and touch my toes and to sleep on my stomach when that seems to be most comfortable. Anyway, I'm sure I just set myself up for a sudden pregnancy somewhere down the line...Last night, I was extremely exhausted and not feeling so hot, so Nick went to my favorite Greek delicatessan and got me a Mediterranean sampler. It looked a little too good and I think I ate it a little too fast. I told Thomas that Momma's not going to have hummus and stuffed grape leaves for a long while now! But while I was enjoying my Greek epicurian delight, we took in "Ben-Hur." Nick had suggested it, and although I think I am a far superior movie-picker-outer, Nick really had outdone himself with this one. I had never seen it before, and I'm sorry that was the case- this movie is really worth while. And although it is fiction, it is a movie that is God-glorifying. I won't spoil the end for those of you who haven't yet seen it, but it makes me wish that I had been alive to see how the earth, humans (both dead and alive) were affected by the death of Christ. That must have been amazing to see. I've often thought how the heavens and earth responded to the coming and going of Jesus-the star in eastern sky, the earthquake and blackening of the sky, the dead arising from their tombs....was there that much pomp and circumstance with the birth or death of a caesar, a tzar, a renowned professor (one of Nick's just sat down at the table beside me...he has no idea who I am), a pharoah, a celebrity? And even at His second coming, we will see even more marvelous things, and all of the aforementioned will bow the knee to Him. Their power, influence, intellect, money, and accomplishments will mean nothing. Everything that we strive for- financial security, status, praise of others, relationships, abs of steel- will be absolved. All that will matter is Christ. And yet, knowing this should spur us ("us" mostly meaning me) to Christ mattering the most now instead of waiting until he appears in all His glory in the sky. ( A little rebuke to self...)Okay, so onto our little one. Here he is; enjoy the pictures!morning nap with papa... our little cherub:)This was surprising, because his car seat is his least favorite place. But he was happy!(.....fill in the blank....) Aaaahhh.....relief![...]

Saturdays with Thomas, CH I have no idea...


Hey all. T- man here. Or recently better known as "The General," as I am named after 'ole Stoney. Wow. I mean, who else has enough coolness to be a Sargeant Poopypants AND a General at the same time? *Sigh* There's just too much awesomeness on this post already....starting to get all emotional....I mean, no I'm not! Okay. Let's get down to business.In my last post, I received a note from Princess Josephine that went a-little somethin' like-a this: Dear Sgt. Poopypants, As far as guys who can't speak English, don't have teeth, can't control their bodily functions, can't drive, don't have a job, and still live in their 'rents crib go, you're right up there, but long distance relationships don't work for me. Plus, Judah Kim is more man to love, so you've got some wooin' to do. Yours Truly, "Foxy" Josephine MoxeyOh yeah, Fancypants? Well, does Master Judah Kim get THIS kind of attention from the ladies at a church bonfire???This was my main squeeze for the night. Her name is Emmaline. Yeah, that's right. Princess Emmaline. Get a load of her, Princess Josephine. I mean, I hope you're not jealous or anyting...Yeah. We hung out together. But, uh..don't tell Mama. This is me in my bundled-upness. Ah, so cute.Meanwhile, back at the's Mama and me. You can tell I'm not too happy about her taking up my camera space. But hey, she's Mama, so I guess I can let it go...Whoa. I even look awesome with one sock missing. (Who does THIS remind you of, Nana Ball?)So, Foxy Princess. I know you're probably calling all your girlfriends right now, going over every detail of what he said/she said, but uh...I'll be waiting for your call. If I'm not already talking to Emmaline, that is..[...]

Every OTHER Saturday with Thomas???


Hey all. Thomas J. here...a.k.a Stinkoman.Anyways, I've been a little troubled lately by some other babies who will remain nameless, like Foxy "Josephine" Moxey and Macho "Micah" Gelok, crampin' my webspace. Yeah, they're cute and all, but we all know ("we" meaning me, my Mama, and Papa) everyone's favorite cyberbaby is Sgt Poopypants! I mean, check me out!, seriously...check me out...Have you EVER seen better pecs, biceps, and six-pack abs on any other baby?? I didn't think so... Well, I finally got after Mama to post some more pics so the lady babies will be "all up ons." That is, until Mama beats them away with a broom or something.Let's see how she did.....Ah, good! One of me and my Pops. We hang out, shoot the breeze, cut the cheese, and drink from a bottle. (Except Papa's bottle says "Killian's" while mine says "Evenflo.")This is me hangin' out with my number one woman- Mama. Here she is entertaining me between "feedtime" and "naptime." This is naptime.....sort of. Yeah, you don't want to mess with me when I'm mad. (Except Papa and Mama don't really get that yet.)Definitely naptime. Either that, or this was the day I tried out Papa's bottle instead of mine (..-er..I mean....nothing, Mama! Nothin' beats the old Evenflo....)Who could ever resist this face??? Ah, yes! The sheik in all his majesty! Eat your heart out, Princess, Josephine! Yeah, I'm cool. I'm so cool, you don't even know mean.... ..................YES, I'M AWESOME!![...]

Saturdays with Thomas, CH 3


Hi. I'm Thomas Jackson Nugent. But my papa calls me Sgt. Poopypants.I'm going to tell you about my own little "day-in-the-life." Seeing that I'm only about 5 1/2 weeks old, I don't do much that is terribly interesting, but considering that I'm terribly cute, I'm sure it makes up for it!My papa and mama have me on a schedule. See, they think way too much! So, before I was born, they read ALOT of books. My mama even read books on how to push me out! And I'm thinking...what do the mamas who can't read do? Do their babies stay in their tummies until they've finished "Hooked on Phonics?" Anyway, they read this book called "Baby Wise." The authors say that it's wise to feed me, change my diaper, then keep me awake, then put me to sleep- all in that order. This usually happens in three hour segments.This is what happens first, and it's my FAVORITE part!Here I am on my changing table. This picture was taken right after a MONSTER poop. It was so bad that mama had to go through two diapers!You can tell that I feel soooo much better:)This is me in my swing at wake-time. Other times, mama will sing or talk to me. Sometimes, I try to talk back by smiling and making little cooing sounds. I also move my mouth and stick out my tongue to try to copy what mama is doing. (Note: Mama got a little over-zealous with the overalls...I think those are meant for when I'm like, 6 months old!)This is mama holding me at the end of waketime. I'm starting to get a little fussy. I don't know it yet, but I'm on my way to the crib for a nap. In fact, that's where I am right now......zzzzz....[...]

Saturdays with Thomas, CH2


Ok, so we have yet to post these episodes on Saturday, as per the title. We're still getting used to the eating/sleeping/pooping schedule, so just bear with us for a while. We'll make it one of these Saturdays....


Papa dressed me in this nighttime get-up and then said I looked like Luke Skywalker. Oh, yeah? Well, better that than Jaba the Hut, Old Man....



(image) (image)

His Ways Are Not Our Ways, Pt II / Saturdays with Thomas, CH 1


My husband was kind enough to post the last blurb, and he promised you a more detailed account from me, so here I am. Since most of our friends and family live quite the distances, we've decided to try to post updates with pictures every Saturday so that loved ones don't feel completely disconnected with our new little addition. We've decided to call it "Saturdays with Thomas." Much like "Tuesdays with Morrie," but somehow I think Thomas is much better looking than some guy named Morrie.Ok. So, if you want to know the gorey details (well, I'll not make them SO gorey), keep reading. If not, just enjoy the pictures and catch up with us next week.He LOVES to sleep like this! After a bath....he also LOVES baths.Hasn't Thomas grown up so fast???? He loves his mama. First Sunday at church.As I said in the post entitled "His Ways Are Not Our Ways," I told of the situation we found ourselves facing a possible c-section, and how the Lord turned our baby head down at the last minute. So, we went home and waited and waited...and waited some more. On August 12th, I experienced about three hours of consistent contractions, about 11 minutes apart. We thought this might be the day, but all too soon, the contractions subsided. At my next appointment, I was dilated to five cm. I thought, "Great! I'm halfway there until I can push."The next week was absolutely agonizing. Even though we continued to do everything recommended to bring on labor, Thomas was living up to his namesake, and proceeded to "stand like a stonewall." We were thankful not to have had the c-section a few weeks prior, but because I was approaching my 41st week, we knew that at my next appointment an induction would be scheduled. Not an exciting prospect. On the night of the 22nd (the night before my next prenatal appointment, no less!), Nick and I were finishing up devotions. As he was praying, I had the strongest contraction that I had ever had at that point, and I bolted off the couch. I didn't want to get too excited, as we had several false alarms before. But, within the next ten minutes, I had a few more just like them, and after a few more assessments, I called for my upstairs neighbor, Lydia. (Lydia is not only a good friend of ours, but also a nurse-midwife who kindly agreed to act as our doula during the birth.) She checked me out to find that I was now 5 1/2 cm. By the time we got to the hospital and I was in gown and my midwife in scrubs, I had advanced to 7 cm. We were well into labor, and until I was dilated to 8-9 cm, it was not that hard to stay on top of the contractions. But further than that point, I started recalling verses like, "There is no rest for the wicked," and such pleasant biblical warnings. All I wanted was 5 minutes to lay down so I could recoup. But lying down made it hurt worse, so I continued to stand, bent over and clutching onto Nick's hands for dear life. During this time, I heard the delivery room door open, and this plain clothes man walked in. There I was, standing in all my glory (which was not so glorious!), and he says, "I'm this a bad time?" Then he came back a few moments later with scrubs on, announcing his title (anasthesiologist) and let me know that his services were available. I remember thinking, "Get out of here, before I change my mind!"I knew it was getting close to the end, because I had this ov[...]

For Unto Us a Child is Born!


This is Nick, Rebecca's husband, standing in for her on this post. It is with exceeding joy that we announce the arrival of our beautiful baby boy, Thomas Jackson Nugent. Becca is far more eloquent than I, and so I will leave to her the wonderful narrative of how this little one came to us early yesterday morning. For now, here are a few pictures:Here is little Thomas, just minutes after being born. He was extremely alert and responsive during the first hour after birth, as are most babies.This is Lydia, our friend, neighbor, and (in Thomas' birth) our doula. She was of indescribable help in coaching and comforting Rebecca through the birth process. Thank you, Lydia; we are in your debt.A little hair on his head.A tired but delighted mama.A very happy family.Time to rest.The TJN 0.01 is on the cutting edge of baby technology, equipped with pooping, peeing, crying, and all sorts of other features. Check out the specs.A very hungy little boy looking for milk in all the wrong places.Waking up - "I had this horrible dream that I was taken away from my dark and warm little home ... wait a second!"Ah ... so cute!Becca and Thomas should be out of the hospital sometime tomorrow (Thursday, 11/24/06). If you want to call us, please call the hospital phone at (615) 936-0776. We are low on our cell phone minutes. Thank you, everyone, for your incredible love and support through this long, uncertain, and difficult process. We rejoice and praise God for the gift of this little one. Hallelujah![...]

His Ways Are Not Our Ways


A few months after I found out that we were pregnant, my husband downloaded one of Bill Cosby's clips on natural childbirth and the experience that he and his wife had, embellishments and all. My mom had had three of the five of her kids at home, and Nick and I were intrigued by the thought of being as organic with this as possible. We read books, went to childbirth classes, talked to countless people who had experienced natural childbirth and/or otherwise for themselves. We got the birthing ball, packed all the paraphernalia for distraction and pain management. When I found out that I was 1 cm dilated, we "upped" all that we could do to keep dilation and effacement in progress, eventually bringing on labor.On Tuesday, I bounded into my midwife's office with excitement, waiting to hear of the fruits of our labor within the last week. Great news: I was three cm dilated and nearly fully effaced. Then the bomb dropped: He was breech! My eyes filled with tears and my heart sank with disappointment. I couldn't believe that this was happening- he had been head down for the last two months! This meant no more birthing ball. No more getting to apply everything we learned. No more hope of Nick catching the baby. This meant a c-section. And I was terrified.So, we unpacked and re-packed our bag accordingly. I felt like I had studied for the wrong test, so to speak, as I knew plenty about natural childbirth and practically nothing about c-sections, besides the horrible and gruesome video we watched of one in our childbirth classes. While on bedrest, I was able to glean information off the internet and from kind women offering their testimonies of their experiences with c-sections, scheduled or emergency. Feeling a bit better by the big day, we made our way to the hospital. My husband kept saying, "Just think, Sweetheart. This is the last time you'll leave this house pregnant. This is the last time we'll get into our car without a born baby, etc., etc." Even though the fear was great about going under the knife (having never had even a trace of stitches or I.V. or anything of the sort), it was subsiding enough to concentrate on the exciting prospect of bring our precious son home. I could tell that Nick was growing more and more excited, too.We got into the prep room, and before the nurse brought in the equipment to start the I.V., Nick said, "Could we please have an ultrasound, just to make sure that the baby is still breech before doing the surgery?" Another twist: His head was down again! I dissolved into tears out of relief that the c-section was no longer necessary. We immediately started talking about the possibility of induction, but after much discussion and advice from the doctor, we decided to take this gift that the Lord had given us (the baby turning) and go back to our original plan of waiting for natural childbirth. It was a mixed bag of emotions, of course, because first of all, who wants a c-section?? But we had also emotionally and mentally geared up to be holding him in our arms within the next few hours. Right now, he is still kicking happily in my womb, lodging his little feet in my ribs.Before the procedure, our pastor came to the hospital to pray with us. By the time he got there, we had just found out that the baby was head down. He said that it seemed that God was blessing us with the desires of our heart, because even when we found out that the baby was breech a few days ago and were dev[...]

The calm before the storm


Full term now. 1 cm dilated and 60 percent effaced, as of three days ago.
Thomas, would you puleeeaase come out?

Wait a minute - No pleading.

This is a direct order from your momma.

...ok...any moment now.....