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Preview: Open Healthcare Framework

Open Healthcare Framework

This is the Eclipse Open Healthcare Framework (OHF) blog. The OHF project addresses part of an need to improve the levels of interoperability between applications and systems within and across healthcare organizations – corporate and regions.

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STEM 0.2.1 Now Available


Version 0.2.1 of STEM is now available! To get the latest version, please see the OHF Downloads page. Builds are available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.New for version 0.2.1 are over 100 bug fixes, additional features and additional built-in Scenarios. The new features include new "Time Series" and "Phase Space" views. The first view plots graphs of the values of disease variables over

Few questions if we may...


In the lines of the last post, we would like to get some community feedback in order to help us better decide on our future plans. We will start to post some polls and post them in the OHF site. We'll publish a note about new polls in the OHF newsgroup, so please pay attention if you wish to influence.The first poll will be about the ultimate question:To be or not to be? That is XDS.b ...

Scaling the community


As we are starting to rump up towards the 2008 IHE Connectathon we recognize we're going to have a better manage user community scalability issues.Last year we had a nice small user community with about fifteen ISVs going with us to the Connectathon and few more how used OHF in the NHIN prototypes and other projects.Those where fun days! We gave our emails to everyone and had an open Skype

AMIA Open Source Workshop


A team lead by Senthil Nachimuthu (MD, University of Utah) will conduct an Open Source Workshop at AMIA 2007 in Chicago (Nov, 2007). Contributed to the workshop paper where Thomas Jones, Jon Teichrow, Paul Biondich, Cal Collins, Will Ross, and myself.The workshop will include representatives from the open source projects:* Eclipse Open Healthcare Framework* Machine Learning Tools* Mirth* Tolven*

Users feedback


The recent announcement of the of STEM triggered tons of press and blogs articles about STEM and OHF which was great. It lead a significant increase in the web and mailing list traffic.In the IHE front, our user community is helping us a lot to push the word out. I was told by few attendees of the IHE Workshop occurred last week that Jyran Glucky of BlueWare did a lot of OHF promotion.At about

STEM officially contributed to OHF, download now available


Today IBM officially announced the contribution of the source code and resources for the Spatiotemporal Epidemiological Modeler (STEM) to the Eclipse OHF Project. In conjunction with this announcement, OHF is also pleased to announce that STEM version 0.2.0 Milestone 1 is available for download. Packaged versions of STEM are available for Windows and Linux. For help using STEM, please see the

OHF On The Road: European Connectathon


Greetings Everyone,Last month (or was it the month before :)), Sarah and I crossed the pond to support OHF users at the IHE European Connectathon in Berlin, Germany. Like any Connectathon, it was an intense week of emotions that varied from anticipation to stress to shear panic and finally, relief.This is the first year that OHF participated in Europe and we had a nice showing. Three companies

Getting through the CCHIT interoperability requirements


Just read in Linux Med News about WorldVistA EHR VOE/ 1.0, a CCHIT Certified Ambulatory EHR for 2006. These are really great news to the open source community, and it got me to read further more about the CCHIT Interoperability Criteria.The bad news are that it will be harder to be certified in the future because IHE interoperability will be a requirement.The good news are that no one has to do

OHF goes Europe


In addition to the growing number or European committers in OHF, we have an increasing European activity.The European Connectathon is getting closer. We'll have at least two committers there supporting our users (Sarah and Matt). If you'll be around go ahead and ask them about OHF.Werner Keil posted an article named "Open Health Framework (OHF): Eclipse jetzt auch im Gesundheitswesen" in the last

Report from EclipseCon


hi AllLast week we gathered at EclipseCon in Santa Clara CA. Most of the OHF committers were able to make the meeting, and OHF had a number of activities, ranging from a long presentation to a committers meeting as part of the healthcare day on Thurs. In addition, some of us were able to make it down to IBM Almaden for a followup day on Friday.One of the more important parts of EclipseCon was the



HiLate breaking news: OHF is hosting a special healthcare day at the EclipseCon.You are all welcome to attend.EclipseCon 2007 Healthcare Day ProgramLocation: Room 201 at EclipseConOHF in Context (8:00 am)Introduction OHF in the Big Healthcare Animal Picture OHF Today Project OverviewsIHE ProfilesOHF BridgeHL7STEMCTSSecurity/PrivacyNew Projects: SODA / GelloDemonstrationsLooking Forward1.

Success at the HIMSS Interoperability Showcase


OHF had achieved some amazing results at the HIMSS Interoperability Showcase, demonstrating yet again how an open source community can get things done.OHF, using the IHE components and the bridge, had enabled IHE based interoperability for eight open source and commercial applications there. We also had a support team on site (Sarah, Sondra, and Matt) to make sure everything ticks, and so it did

Healthcare Service Bus (HSB)


The Healthcare Service Bus (HSB) is on the road for some time now, thought of giving it some daylight. I thought about HSB when the OHF Bridge came through, and I know Don is rolling the idea too. The basics is so new, you take an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) hook it up to a bunch of Healthcare IT services and there you go, an SOA dream come true :-)In a good RHIO we should see a flora of

HL7 and Eclipse OHF


Since the Healthcare Services Specification Project (HSSP) announcement I didn't see many posts about our relationships with Therefore I was happy to stumble upon David Falwell's blogOn a positive note, I did email about the availability of the open source eclipse plug-ins that are being developed for HL7v3. I received a nice email back from Richard Kavanagh himself (the

Open Source Health Care Summit at


Last week I had the pleasure to talk at the Open Source Health Care Summit which was part of SCALE 2007. I did the talk together with Matt Excell from Possibility Forge who integrated the OHF Bridge into openEMR.The presentation is available at the SCALE web page.Slide 9 in the presentation is a bit mysterious. In this slide I asked the audience what is common with all the ~70 companies other

Getting things done at the Connectathon, NHIN, and HIMSS


Here is a short numbers driven post to estimate performance.IHE Connectathon at Chicago (Jan 07)isch9 vendors used OHFThe average number of tests OHF users passed was higher than the number passed by others who didn't use OHF. For example, OHF users like MedQuist, MedCommons, and Practice Partner each passed about 30 tests.Some of the vendors using OHF passed a landmark number of tests including

Nation wide Healthcare Information Network (NHIN) and OHF


The Nation wide Healthcare Information Network (NHIN) prototype demos which where presented at Washington DC two weeks ago marked an important milestone to OHF. One of the perticipents of the Connectathon was using a fully standard interoperability system using the IHE XDS, ATNA, and PIX profiles. This system was marked by few independent groups as the best system in the demo.The important part

Visit us at the EclipseCon


We are going to have three talks at EclipseCon 2007, and a face to face meeting of the OHF community. Eclipse and Industry Verticals: The healthcare experienceHealthcare Development/Deployment Risk Mitigation Using Eclipse OHFGenerating Web services from Eclipse plug-ins Looking forward to see you all :-)

Bringing in 2007 by looking back at 2006


--This post was prepared by Melih Onvural - an OHF committer--The OHF project took large leaps and bounds forward during 2006. A congratulatory look back is warranted as OHF is poised to grow even larger in the year ahead.2006 started with the project trying to find its feet. The first large challenge was bringing together the full group for a FTF to help define the projects and directions for

OHF Shirt Design Contest


In the next year we are going to be attacked by a massive amount of events.Only in the first quarter of next year you will see OHF at the IHE Connectathon, EclipseCon, NHIN prototype demonstration, and HIMSS.In the last event we where at (LinuxWorld Healthcare Day) we found we need an OHF shirt! These events are a great opportunity to spread the word about open source in Healthcare IT, and we

OHF FTF meeting in Boca Raton


Yesterday we had a face to face meeting at Boca Raton,associated with the HL7 Plenary meeting. The outcomesof the meeting are posted at number of issues were raised at the meeting, andI will comment on a number of them here in this blog.For now, we recognize that our documentation is a problem,something that we have to work on. Our next meeting

growing up a bit


With the latest new OHF committers nominations we now have committers from the Academia , which I think is healthy for every open source project. We have now Kelvin of Columbia University, Matt of the University of Oklahoma, and Melih of North Carolina State University. Ivan of Wharton School told me he'll continue to donate efforts publicising OHF in Blogs and Journals e.g.

OHF at LinuxWorld (and pictures)


The LinuxWorld Expo Healthcare day had a good OHF attendance. We had representations in three panels and had two demo tables. We had conversations with many other open source healthcare groups, and thanks to Melih we even have some pictures :-). .

Just what is OHF then?


I received this in my email:> I am very much interested in learning about OHF> and what how I can use it to build applications in Healthcare Industry.> It seems to be reasonably difficult to find the Architectural Overview or> a list of High Level Use-Cases supported by OHF while going through> blogs and wiki.>> Would you recommend a decent place to start learning about OHF ?It's hard to know

Warming engines towords IHE Connectathon 2007


While the electronic registration for Connectathon open date is getting closer, we are focusing on what IHE actors and workflows will OHF support using the IHE Client plugins and Bridge (for LAMP/.NET apps).While OHF is starting to receive feedback from costumers which are going to use it in the connectathon, additional feedback is welcome.