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Everyones last name now is LLC


As of today this nation, under Goldman Suks, shall have a new birth of freedom -- and that government of the corporation, by the corporation, for the corporation, shall not perish from the earth.

You have the Supreme Court to thank for that.

So long America it was nice knowing you.

My comments on the PPIF Plan


Mr. Geithner calls this a public-public-public-public-public-public-public-public-public-public-public-public-public-public-public-public-public-public-public-public-public-public-public-public-public-public-public-public-public-public-public-public-public-public-public-public-public-public-public-public-public-public-public-public-public-public-public-public-public-public-public-public-public-public-public-public-public-public-public-public-public-public-public-public-public-public-public-public-public-public-public-public-public-public-public-public-public-public-public-public-public-public-public-public-public-public-public-public-public-public-public-public-public-public-public-public-public-public-private-private-private plan to save the banks.

Need is say anything more?

Bobbar "Elephant" Ephphect


Everyone is worried about the Bradely effect. I say pish posh to that.

This election will have the Bobbar Elephant Effect. The vast majority of middle class white people are more likely to have a secret shame and anger for the fools they have been made of by the Grand Ol Party than any sort of racism. I expect a statistically significant increase in votes for third party candidates at the expense of McCain.

Especially from those in the Blue States.

Think about it. You know your vote is wasted in California if your a conservative. The GOP has messed things up beyond FUBAR for you and your 401k. Give them a little bit to be scared about by voting Bob Barr. If your really vengeful go for Nader.

How many pissed off middle class conservative folks with functioning frontal lobes would tell a pollster the truth?
Let's take a poll to find out.

Ben Bernake wins the 2009 Rube Goldberg Contest


I was reading the rules phor the 2009 contest at

The goal phor 2009 is to replace an incandescent bulb with an alternative, relatively more ephphicient, light emitting device. Within the execution of the machine, it is encouraged to demonstrate within some step that the incandescent light bulb does indeed work. Though it is encouraged to show the incandescent bulb lights up, it is not required.
And it hit me like a ton of bricks, for a very long time it was believed that the engine of economics runs like a big fancy Rolls-Royce 16 cylinder machine. An elaborate motor with several pistons running, sometimes parts can go bad and impair a portion of the movements but the overall motion continues with the other pistons that still function. This work of art managed to "turn the crank" of the economy with some of the pistons not working at all. Adjustments can be made to the pieces as it ran and it would get back to full steam over time. If too many pieces broke it would then stop, but all you needed to do was throw out what was broken, then put in new pieces using the same tools you had used for maintenance and it would start up again. This is what we call the Austrian school of thought.

Later on some folks decided the world's economy was better off if we used a gigantic fancy watch with a plethora of gears, cogs and balances. It was believed that a constant tinkering with the size and shape of pieces could allow it to run forever. If this "money clock" started to sputter or jump about, you just needed to tinker with the pieces to get it back into syncopation. This machine never stops spinning but it gets really hard to keep track of the time and you are always running the risk of being too late or too early for something important. You never have to worry about it stopping but you also gave up on reliability. This is the Keynesian economics theory.

Ben Bernake has a new kind of machine going now. Having lost track of how all those little gears and cogs go together he has given up on fixing the "money clock" and has simply thrown all the pieces into a gigantic Rube Goldberg machine. And every time the little brass balls fall of the track, he tacks on some more alphabet soup pieces to make it roll again.

This machine he built has left us with only two possible outcomes, it will either come crashing down into a gigantic mess or continue growing hasty patches and fixes forever.

He probably wishes he could roll out the old 16 cylinder engine to run the economy, but he sold that off to a Far East trader a long time ago.

What Who to Vote Phor?


Iph they allow the election to continue, I think I am limited to either one of two distinct choices.Iph I want to hold on to the lifestyle we Americans have been accustomed to, I think I will have to vote for the person I pheel is most capable and steadfast in his desire to preserve the "Great American Dream". Someone who has demonstrated a willingness to do anything and everything possible, even those things that we did not consider possible will be done. All avenues pursued, all recourse's taken, all haste be made for the salvation and preservation of the all powerful, all consuming American way of life. I have to choose such a determined advocate, in order to travail over the coming implosion of the US Dollar Hegemony. It is absolutely vital to the continuity and dominance of America that we elect an individual capable of such acts.On the other hand......... Iph I pheel that the excesses of the past and the sins of our fathers are a shameful disgrace and unworthy of the ideals of our republic than I must choose a leader who has stood fast against the torrent of abuses that we have enjoyed until now. A leader who has demonstrated a sincere effort to abide by the principle's of our republic of free men. A leader who has lived not just by words but by deeds, to uphold, defend and protect the Constitution of these United States from all enemies foreign and domestic. Iph I feel that the path we have been led down is the wrong one, I must be an advocate for change.So it has come down to two choices. I will vote phore either Dick Chaney or Ron Paul.You read me right, Chaney or Paul. We have no other choices other than these two. We have reached a point of necessary extremism. Neither McCain nor Obama have the brass ones to be our President now, at this time, never for the predicament we are in. To late for one, to soon for the other.If you like living it up consuming half of the WORLDS economic output. If you like the idea of being part of the 5% of the global population that gets to keep almost half of everything(water, minerals, meat, gas, toys, etc... etc...) you are most assuredly not going to waste a vote on anyone else but Dick Chaney. Dick Chaney is your man, right here, right now. No one else has the unmitigated gaul to do what it takes to preserve this lifestyle we enjoy.John McCain just wants to be president. Dick Chaney wants America to be the alpha-dog of the WORLD.You don't need liberty. You don't need free speech. You don't need anything we used to hold as self evident. You just need to be content with driving big cars to big malls and big theaters and big restaurants with big meals and bigger doggy bags to take back to your big homes. That is the stuff you like, that is what comforts you. You can do without "Free Assembly" just as long as you can have all the "Some Assembly Required's" that your heart desires.Iph you have read the Constitution of these United States and thought it would be great to live in a place that followed it, you have to vote for Ron Paul. Not because you agree with his platform 100% or as little as 0%. You have to vote for him, because you need a president that reads and comprehends the Constitution. If you don't like his position on a subject, I've got news for you. He is actually going to bother with asking the permission of Congress to do anything. He is going to follow the rule of law. He will not rule over the law. He will not venture beyond any mandate set forth in the Constitution. If you don't like the idea of Ron Paul not perpetuating an agency or policy that was never the role of the Executive branch to begin with, you better put Dick Chaney in office.Obama is a populist, that means he will do what makes everyone happy. We are done being happy. Happy did not end well. We are so far gone into the black hole of debt that any means of social welfare are pointless and doomed to failure. We need to get used to the fact that we must depend on only ourselves as individuals. I[...]

Is the Phrienamy of my Phrienamy my Phriend?


Iph I asked you this question would you answer it any other way than NO?Q? Would you still be my phriend if we played a game of chance according to my rules, using my money, using my gameboards. And would you still be my phriend, if I changed the rules whenever I was losing. And if you tried to use the same tricks I would punish you for trying. And even though I let you win money, I print more of it so that yours won't be worth much and I can continue playing the game.A? (ask yourself this)So why do you think Russia is going to continue putting up with the drek that the United States Federal Reserve and Treasury Department are getting away with.If Russia were stupid enough to answer yes to this question, they would impoverish themselves, squander energy resources for less than their real value, and never ever win. The Russians have lost a quarter of the value of their equity markets in two days. How much more abuse can they take?How long will it take Medjedev to learn to imitate South Park's Cartman and say "Screw you guys, I'm going home." For our sake I hope it takes some time.Russia has the curious good fortune to have gotten into the game in the bottom of the ninth inning. Every other country is so deep into the Dollar dominated system that they have no choice but to cross the stream of finance with the American Scorpion on its' back. Russia had been flat broke twice in one generation. One more economic disaster is a cake walk for them. Third time's the charm as they say.Bernake and Paulson are less than 6 weeks away from the finish line. They have no plan or, in the parlance of Administration Speak, "time horizon" beyond that point. Nothing they have done or are doing right now serves any purpose other than to kick the can down the road. Everyone who isn't led by the nose, knows this. Everyone is just praying that the "can" can still be kept kicking down the road.Putin has a golden opportunity to exceed at achieving all of his goals for a greater Russia, if he can force an expedited end to the charade we call global international finance or US dollar hegemony.What is keeping him from doing any and all of the following:1) A complete overtaking of Georgia.2) Placing a Fire Sale on his foreign assets, specifically US GSE debt holdings (Fannie/Freddie)3) Cutting off 20% of Europe's energy supplies.4) Parking some ICBM Nukes in Hugo Chavez's "crazytown" formally know as Chile.5) Giving Iran some free Tanks, Missiles and other weapons for safe keeping.What would happen. A crap shoot. Literally. No one can really predict with confidence how things turn out. But, WTF, If I am in Putins' place, I don't see how I'm better off sticking with the status quo. Heck no, I scream FIRE in the theater and make sure I'm the first one through the only exit door.Remember this guy has fun shooting a tranquiliser gun at wild TIGERS!!!!!!!!!! not that pussy footing pigeon shoot at a "game" ranch where the targets are practically tied down so you can still hit one when your so piss drunk, you shoot your lawyer in the face.I only offer these 5 events, because he has already committed these already to some extent, I can imagine a lot of other options at his disposal that can achieve his goals. I can imagine them but I never want to see them happen so "mums the word".If he were to do all of this at once and with conviction, he could vapor lock the global scam being perpetrated upon the hapless citizens of the world powers.Europe would have so many problems to deal with they would be forced to ignore the issues of the United States, watch for a return to "Dark Ages II, the eccentric bugaboo". Latin America will go bananas. The Middle East would redo the 1970's. All of Asia will look like a panicked crowd running wild underneath Godzilla. Aussies, Black Shirts and Canadians will drink beers, hunt and build fences to keep everyone out. Africa will be ignored by everyone, as usual, except China.Dumping Russian hol[...]

A Pharfetched Epitath of 1 Man's Legacy


I spend a lot of time thinking about what effect my decisions will have on my phuture and then I came to a realization that I can't be the only that does this. Other people, also, must be mulling over the if's and but's of life.Other mere mortals have confided in me that they do the same. People I respect, people I care for, and everyday random people who seem to prevail over the challenges of life.But then I'll see a clip of someone doing no such thing on every talk show in America. Dr. Phil has built his whole career upon the phrase "What were you thinking?" Often enough I run into people totally immersed in the kool-aide. Oblivious to the consequences of tomorrow.The problem was that I was finding myself numerically outnumbered.Then I really threw myself into a tizzy by asking if the "powers that be" were like me or more like the basket cases on the the talk shows??????????Then I narrowed my focus to Alan Greenspan. Was he really fit for daytime talkshow fodder or did he think things through?????????So, Alan Greenspan, what were you thinking ?????????Do you plod on without a hint of forbearance? Or are the sooth sayings your lips blather out a result of deep contemplation of consequences?????In 2000, I had an adequate number of functioning brain cells to figure out that the tech stock bubble was a load of bull and in the ensuing years I realized that housing in So Cal was another load of horse hockey. I made a well above average living and the bank was telling me the only neighborhood they would let me live in with a traditional fixed rate 30 year mortgage with a max monthly payment limited to lees than 30% of my monthly income was in Compton. But on the other hand if I wanted to go "exotic" on the loan I could live next to my income peers anywhere in SoCal that I wanted. Or, I could even live next door to my boss, if I wanted, all I had to do was avoid using simple math and not ask silly questions like "But what if I can't find a buyer or financing in two years to pay me more than I owe ?" This made no sense to me so I never purchased a home. Still don't own one.But, Alan, you told me it was a good idea. You said banks should expand credit so that everyone could own a home in Compton. You said this was the greatest thing since sliced bread. You said that freeing banks from the burden of holding loans on their balance sheets would make everyone happy, rich and free to spend money.So what is it, did you think this through or not??????I am going to go out on a whim and make a bet that you thought this through, just like I did. That your not the perfect guest for Dr. Phil. That you are smart and purposeful. That you have a reason for your actions.You sly dog, you did this on purpose didn't you. Props to you man, you pulled off the greatest act of cocksutery in the history of history. I have got to hand it to you, the finesse and style is top notch.I am kind of surprised no one else has picked up on this before, I mean it just jumped out at me when I was reading it. You are like a super groupie fan of Ayn Rand. I mean she was right there with you when you got sworn in as the Great Jester of the Court aka Chair of the Council of Economic Advisors.I mean come on what is a guy doing running a Government Sanctioned Controlling Authority of Wealth Creation who is also a bonafide buddy bud fan of Ayn Rand????? That is the definition of oxymoron.I mean who in there right mind is going to appoint an extremist libertarian to that position? What kind of extremist libertarian disciple is going to be willing to work for the instruments of control over wealth???It didn't make sense to me... then it hit me. This is like some weird mash up of Manchurian Candidate-Atlas Shrugged-Fountainhead all rolled up in one sneaky little man in a suit and coke-bottle glasses.You little! Had us all thinking your just this bookish wonk with big words and fancy sentence structure[...]

Just in Time turns into Can't Be Late


JIT Inventory, the wonder of our times is going to turn around and bite us in the arse.

The pending vapor lock of commercial credit is going to ripple through and find weaknesses in the supply chains.

Some vendor somewhere is going to find it impossible to float some amount of commercial backed paper someday. When that happens he won't have the cash for payroll, fuel, rent, payables, etc... He will cry to his bank. The bank will hem and haw................
Charge him Guido rates to get hime by this week.

Multiply this out and soon enough someone, in some loading dock somewhere is gonna be waiting for a truck that never comes. He will tell his manager that the line needs to be shut down because he has no material to load into the production line.

Manager tells Administration. Phone calls fly around, eventually letterhead from an attorney gets flow around. And then the next day HR gets a memo to stock up on 8.5x11 Pink #30.

Rinse and repeat.

Someone goes home to sit next to their spouse who has already been sitting at home because the big box home improvement chain has slashed orders for the widgets that were made at their factory.

The kids mill around the house also because the parents couldn't manage another HELOC to pay for college this year.

Meanwhile the Corporate holding companies file claims against their insurances for all of the disruptions. The insurers collectivley deficate their tailored suits, since they lack any capital to cover the claims and can't raise a red cent in the credit market because the monolines have turned them into Chernobyl for everyone else.

Rinse and repeat until the politicians socialize the debt to everyone.

The phuture of LA as seen from the 91 Freeway


I was heading back to LA from the Temecula Valley where my, soon-to-be F*&*#d Buyer, relative saddled himself with a fixed-mortgage PUD in a soon-to-be ghost town.

Some arsehats at CalTrans decided it was a good time to rack up some overtime in order to saddle us with more future unfunded pension obligations and close the 710 freeway. So I had to continue on to the 110 to go south from the 91 Riverside Freeway.

Low and behold some youths of the local population availed themselves of the opportunity to commence havoc on the highways.


Everyone and their lead-footed mother knows that the CHP lacks any funds for extra staffing for CalTrans related work. This means when you see a patrol car sitting inside some ramp closure, there are no patrol units on the roads nearby. You can forget about getting any fast help from the CHP if there is a CalTrans Closure within 5 miles of your location.

These kids knew that and decided to play cowboy on the highway. One girl plopped her arse on the window-sill and drove her POS car sidesaddle!!!!
The other underemployed friend in the passenger seat stuck her foot on the gas pedal. Then her friends in at least 6 other cars started to do their own CHP style "traffic break". Weaving side to side and scaring the bejesus out of all the law abiding folks in the rear. Pretty soon all of the sheeple slowed to a crawl watching the wasted youth of America prance around in front of them like self-appointed gods.

I wasn't going to have any of this and continued on at 65 mph. Everyone in my car screaming at me to back-off and submit. I ignored them because I know that real thugs just stand up in the sunroof, turn around and pop of caps in some "fools" hood. I held my ground and drove right through them. They all gave way. All of them met my stare and gave way. None of them were bad-ass enough to meet my challenge of their false authority. Each of them watched me pass on with firm resolve ignoring the banter of my passengers.

(truth be told none of them looked like they could afford to get their dated cars banged up in a TC, I had no qualms about that since I really do have insurance. And for all of you that think I am some jive arse fool, talking nonsense, know this, I drive through south central LA almost on a weekly basis and I don't mean on the freeways. I got out of my car and went about my business even during the riots)


They closed in behind me and continued to terrorize those that did not stand up to them.

The chatter in my car fell off to stunned silence as I worked my way past the misguided youth.

All lot of you reading this will think my actions were reckless and a danger to my family. Your right, there was a better than even chance that those punks could have turned violent. I was aware of that possibility before I committed to my actions. I continued on in spite of my misgivings.

But what is more reckless, staying with the crowd and letting others heard you into subservience, or standing your ground and declaring that what is mine is mine and no one can take it away from me.

That my friends is the phuture of California. It is between those that hold their ground and the thugs and miscreants running ruff shod on the unfortunate majority that will be addled with all of the burdens of the recent and fleeting excesses.

Those thugs can take the form of disaffected youth or paper pushing creditors. Either way you are hapless if you don't hold onto what is yours and do your damnedest to keep it away from the takers.

A Phuture Reflection on the Collapse of the (Inland) Empire


DATELINE: Temecula, Summer 2008Looking back now it seems so easy to slap your forehead and say "Of, course", but not so long ago it would have taken a real gut-check to open your eyes and ask "Why is all of this here?"Look around out here in the IE, every boarded-up commercial space covers a storefronts dedicated to filling homes up with superfluous brick-a-brak to fill all that extra space and toys for all those spots in the multi-bay garage.All those families that escaped the tight confines of rental units in Orange, LA and San Diego, burst upon the IE and into the spacious 3/2 homes with garages and yards needed to do something to keep from staring at all that extra drywall."Honey lets' toss out all that old furniture that we brought from Garbage Grove last year and take that 40 grand of equity and really do all the rooms right?""Wow, honey can we!!!!! YEAH!!!!!"Honey, I'm bored""Well, No-Worries Lending called and said we can pull another $60K out of the guest bathroom, let's get matching jet skies for the whole family!!!!!!!!"Honey, I'm bored""Hey, we just got a mailer from Grows on Trees Financial, the bede in the master bath get us another $45,000. What do you want to do?"I don't know, let's be prudent this time.""Start a college fund?""No silly, Phase 3 is opening behind us. We split that $45 as a down on two units and then we'll sell one when phase 4 finishes and drop the other one in two years so we can keep every dime of the $500,000 profit. Beatty next door told me that is what she and Frank are doing."That sounds like a great idea!"It all made sense back then, life is good, I'm living the dream! I deserve the 7 piece mahogany bedroom set, 60" plasma, ATV, JetSki, and Jacuzzi tub.And the housing industry obliged them. Making sure that everyone got a chance to live the good life and that was going to last forever. But everyone pushed it to far, and little by little, all of the little players who tried just a little bit harder to get their tiny percentage of the pie, pushed it just a little bit more. And that is why we are here today.Everywhere along the line from the guy who owned that barren empty land to the loan originator who got that family to sign the papers for that tiny patch of former orange groves, only had to concern themselves with maxing out their random opportunities. "Everyone was getting rich, why can't I expect a little bit more." But all these little bits add up, and pretty soon you are going to run out of folks that can pay the monthly nut that finances all this good fortune.Did you really think we were going to keep spending like crazy at the Lowes, Staples, B-B-Q City, Bob's Billards, ATV Town, Best Buy, Kohls and the like.What happened when the big chain stores started seeing same store sales drop from the one year old stores sprinkled all over the IE like pixie dust. Those big shot CEO's started to shutter the under-performers. They have to prop up their falling stock values with big pronouncements on cut-backs and efficiencies. Wall Street wants answers, it doesn't matter if they are excuses.The big chains retreated and forced everyone to travel farther to more established stores. This made traffic even worse in the IE. But the same store sales numbers looked better and Wall Street loves it when you lop off under-performing liabilities, take a one time $30 mil write down and promise better times ahead for your stock. Everyone should be really happy that they did this, right? Your Retirement depends on that 401 K ,don't it? It's bad enough that my home is not worth what I paid for it but now you tell me my retirement depends on Home Depot same store sales? Now my portfolio is racing my home to see which hits bottom first. Great! Dow 1400 in 07' and 8000 in 08'?When the big anchors in the corner mall close, the little mom and pops and Quiznos next[...]

Why don't I count, but want to count you.


Here are some reasons why I should be President:Parents and other folks, who hoped the best for me, when I was growing up, always reminded me that, when I grow up, I can become President one day. When I was little, the future, hoped for by my elders, seemed to hold such promise. Men were walking on the moon when I first opened my eyes to this world. No generation born before me was witness to an event as momentous, unifying and pivotal to the future of mankind and sadly no generation, after mine, was born with men looking down from the heavens, covering the world with the tip of their thumbs as they crossed the plains of Frau Moro. What went wrong for me? For us? I got on the ride, we call life, at it's absolute climax and it has been downhill, for all of us, since.The Constitution states the I have to be 35 years old and a citizen of the United States. That part was easy. The Poll Tax is abolished so pretty much everyone can vote for me. But in order to get my name on the ballot, I have to file a lot of paperwork. But the paperwork is different in each of the fifty states and I have no idea what the rules are for ballots for ex-patriots and the outlaying territories. If the Democrats and Republicans can bearly manage to get on every ballot, what chance do I have?In school they taught me in social studies and government class that anyone can be elected in this country. They even taught by example, holding elections for the student body. This was my first exposure to the truth, because it brought me face to face with the popularity contest we Americans pass of as Democracy. I declined the encouragement of my teachers to run for office. I did not feel compelled to stand in front of the student body and do my rendition of Sally Fields' Oscar acceptance speech. If I wanted it bad enough like Pedro, I could have won an office, I just don't think I would have treated the office with any respect. The rewards of office rang hollow to me, if I had only to say anything to get it. The people who got elected to the student body were rewarded with the responsibilities vital to the education of the students who saw fit to put them in charge of organizing dances and putting the yearbook together. WOW! I don't know how I could have gotten through school if the popular clicks weren't slavishly toiling away at paper streamers and glitter decorations. But then again you only get out of something what you put into it. Is' my fault for not wanting more out of student government, but they did give me the chance to learn what self-government is and is not. Thank you teachers for that.I've managed, so far, to not get convicted of any treasonable offense. I'm not sure how long my luck will hold out, since almost anything you do or say can be construed to run afoul of the Patriot Act nowadays. But that's all I have to say about that.Here are just a few of the reasons why I can't be President:Those nice old folks and my parents never mentioned that I would have to find a way to spend nearly a billion dollars to convince people to vote me into office.There are only two ways to spend that kind of money.I have to take it out of my own assets.Or, I have to convince, cajole, connive, beg, borrow or steal it from someone else.I am not a billionaire so option one is out of the question for me. Thanks to the generous tax policies and boom markets of the previous administrations, there are lots of fresh billionaires who can spend that much or even ten times the going rate for the office. It turns out that most of them are content to sit on the sidelines and only the 'loons' have tried to buy their way into the office. In fact more billionaires have spent more time and money trying to get off the planet than have gone into politics. Does that relfect more poorly on their priorities or the[...]

Count me out


I will not seek, nor will I accept, a nomination for the Presidency
of the United States of America for the next election.

Although I have met all of the requirements for eligibility for this office in accordance with the Constitution of the United States, I would consider the duties and obligations of this high office to be beyond my power to faithfully execute.

It is with a heavy heart that I, as a citizen of these United States, must recuse myself from the solemn obligation of executing the duties for this high office, once held in the highest regard by generations before me. I cannot in good conscience wield power in a manner that will force me to sacrifice the liberties of the citizens for whom it would be my solemn duty to protect from all enemies foreign or domestic. I cannot knowingly seek the endorsement of my fellow Americans at this time of national crisis.

A crisis whose resolution I cannot foresee surmounting without sacrificing the life, liberty or happiness of the very same citizens who would have me elected to this office. An office, whose soul purpose is the execute the will of the people upon whom I will be forced, by providence and lack of honest foresight of those that came before, to inflict upon with burdens, unimaginably incongruous to the principals we Americans have held so dear for generations. Ideals we have sacrificed our bravest and brightest to achieve only to squander away.

I fear I will lack the resolve to make the hard choices that will have the most heinous consequences for those citizens of this country that have contributed the most blood, sweat and tears for the continued welfare of this republic. I look upon with dread to the inevitable bickering and bargaining I must endure to wrest control from those that have benefited most and given so little in return for their good fortunes.

I fear that the impotent rage that our foreing policy has become in the eyes of our friends and enemies will hamper our ability to advance the interest of our nation abroad. I rue the day that the president will be compeled to acquiesce our most vital principals of free trade amoung free nations because the only alternative we have left for ourselves is ashes in our mouths.

I am as certain of my doubt to do what is best for this county in the future, as I am certain that my lack of effort in the past has contributed to mess we are in now. I never took the chance to ask my fellow citizens to do something to make things better. Never taking the effort to ask is this the best we can do? And having the courage to act on the need with a solution.

May all who serve this great nation, have the courage to do what is best for the freedom of every soul. And may everyone of our citizens have the courage to seek out and find the best amongst us to serve this country.