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Luxury Diamond Jewelry - How to Buy Diamonds


Luxury diamond jewelry should be one of a kind, exquisite jewelry. It should be purchased carefully. The four C’s are good basic rules for buying diamonds of all kinds, especially luxury diamonds. The settings of the diamonds should also be considered when selecting diamond jewelry. After all, one beautiful thing among junk may render it as part of the junk. Choosing jewelry is much like

Vintage Casio Watches


Casio Corporation began in Mitaka, Tokyo by Kashio Seisakujo, and was primarily aas a compact all electric calculator.  Casio entered the timepiece world in 1974 with a wide variety of watches.  The specialty of Casio was to engineer small electronic calculators.  With the information gained from working with such small electronics the Company   began to diversify by creating and making watches.

Catholic Men’s Jewelry is Strength Personified


There are many men and women who like fashion. In addition, there are men and women who like jewelry. However, it could be the case that women wear more jewelry than men do on as daily basis. This is probably because there is more women’s jewelry than men’s jewelry. It seems to be the case that most men, if they wear jewelry, they wear a ring, which is their wedding ring, and a watch. It is

Lucido Fine Jewelry Review


Lucido Fine Jewelry has been in operation in Michigan for many years. They are a family business that loves to make you feel at home in their two locations. They specialize in helping you care for your jewelry long after the sale is made. They provide ‘check-ups’ at no charge for your jewelry to keep it clean, and in perfect condition. They have a large selection of designer jewelry and watches

Loved and Cherished for Centuries: Catholic Jewelry


When kings and other nobles controlled most of the land throughout Europe, they often made a point of wearing some type of Catholic jewelry. Later, as they became less powerful, members of the general public acquired enough resources to purchase such lovely accessories. Today, Roman Catholics continue to display the strength of their religious beliefs by wearing accessories with Catholic symbols.

Korloff Jewelry Designs


Among all of the Korloff Jewelry Designs, a jewelry reviewer would find it next to impossible to select the one collection that displayed the single most distinctive feature. All of the Korloff jewelry collections show an element of uniqueness in their design. In the collection called “Elements of Silver,” the combination of gold and silver contributes to the uniqueness of each piece of jewelry

The Many Meanings Of Gemstone Pendants


When people are looking for a piece of jewelry that has personal and emotional meaning to them many turn to family heirlooms like rings or bracelets but there are also many gemstone pendants that offer a sentimental value as well and are as cherished as any other piece of jewelry. Gemstones have many different meanings and gemstone pendants can be used to represent so many different milestones

New York Jewelry Designers


Whenever people are talking about jewelry, you always here about pieces that come from overseas. That is because that is where a lot of the top designers in the world are found. However, what about the great designers right here in America? When you want to find some of the latest fashions, you need to look no further than the New York jewelry designers. These are some of the best designers in