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Preview: Stray Thoughts Of Margaret Fisk

Stray Thoughts Of Margaret McGaffey Fisk

As a writer, my mind is a morass of information read, heard, or observed. Every once in a while, things bubble up I think are interesting and so I decided to give in to the blogging revolution. Welcome. I hope you enjoy the contents of my cluttered min

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Giveaway and Interview on Tome Tender for The Steamship Chronicles


I know it's been a while since I've posted here because, as I mentioned before, I've moved all my blogging to Tales to Tide You Over, but for anyone still lingering, I didn't want you to miss this chance to check out my steampunk adventure series. Dii at Tome Tender has graciously offered to host a giveaway for me, this time in celebration of completing the first volume in The Steamship

Announcing Safe Haven


I have now released the first novel in a new alternate history steampunk world. Safe Haven is a Victorian romance mixed with a steampunk suspense. Lily Crill attempts to keep her sister safe from laws that would cage her like a beast while being pursued romantically by none other than a police officer with a noble title, Henry Stapleton. The law against Naturals, those with a knack to convert

Indie Journey: Highlighting Some Titles


I've started on a new venture in Indie Publishing. Some of the titles that will be released have been mentioned on this and my other blog. Check out my titles here. Some are detailed below: Shafter Trina dreams of escaping the colony of Ceric and joining the spacer guilds, but it’s just that: a dream. Reality is a fight for survival in the abandoned subway tunnels beneath First City. Her

A Week in the life of Tales to Tide You Over - 11-06-2011


Here's a week in the life of Tales to Tide You Over. I hope you find something interesting, amusing, or inspiring. Posted on: Monday, October 31, 2011 10:30 AM On the Eve of NaNo 2011 So, in classic form, the National Novel Writing Month (NaNo) starts tomorrow, and I feel horribly unprepared. For the last couple of years, I decided not to do NaNo only to decide at the last minute...

Reminder and Notice for New Readers


I have moved my posting activity to the blog on my site rather than maintaining an LJ and Blogger blog. I occasionally remember to crosspost, but if you want to keep up with me, please go directly to Tales to Tide You Over Blog. For my Renovation (WorldCon) 2011 experiences, go to the Renovation Tag.

Posts since 3-26-2011


I fell a bit behind in the crossposting, so here's what you might have missed out on. 5 Interesting Links for 4-15-2011 Life A sideways look at education that reflects the students’ skills and needs rather than a rubber stamp plan: Read the rest of this entry » Shotgun Bride by B.J. Daniels I received this romance through the Tell Harlequin program where Harlequin sends out examples of their

Posts for the Week of 3-25-2011


Interesting Links for 3-25-2011 Have you ever had one of those weeks when you lose track of what day it is? On top of that, Forward Motion started the March Madness challenge this morning. I’m a little over 1k into a new steampunk novella. Well, better late than never, here are your interesting links. Life A look at sleep, needs and consequences of too little, as well as some tips for

Interesting Links for 3-4-2011


This week has a lot more entertainment than usual, though there are a few writing posts as well. Take a break, enjoy what’s below, and then maybe learn something too.Just for FunTalking with my family about a TV show called Dweebs, we tried to remember the difference between a geek, nerd, or dweeb. Found this Venn diagram that explains it all:

A catchup post


Life got a bit interesting, but I hadn't realized how far behind I'd fallen in my crossover posts. While I'm seeking a better mechanism, here's what you've missed if you don't follow my main blog on Interesting Links for 01-14-2010 ~~~~~~~~~~ Online Reads This poignant story, Flower Fairies, will only be available free until the end of the week, but

Warrior Wisewoman 3 edited by Roby James


Warrior Wisewoman 3 edited by Roby James is an anthology of science fiction stories focused around strong female characters. These characters may not be the lead, and the definition of strength is a broad one, opening the potential for a wide variety of interesting tales.As with most anthologies, some stories resonated with me more than others, but none of the included tales jarred me, which is

Interesting Links for 12-07-2011


This week has been a good one for discoveries, and so I bring you a broad range of areas, including a beautiful short story. I hope you enjoy them.AnthropologyA glimpse into the death practices of an ancient city: Read the rest of this entry »

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen


Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen is the book I have reread the most. It’s my comfort read, the one I turn to every five to ten years. While normally I talk about more recent books in the hopes of encouraging you to try out some new authors, or of getting suggestions of similar authors for me to try, something interesting happened while I was rereading Pride and Prejudice that I would like to

Interesting Links for New Year’s Eve (12-31-2010)


Happy New Year’s Eve. Hope you all have wonderful plans and will have fun. Me, I’m hanging out and relaxing after enjoying a holiday trip. Everything’s pretty slow and mellow here, the reason these links are up in the late afternoon, but for those looking for something interesting to read, please enjoy.Just for FunA visual delight of time-lapsed photography set to music:

Interesting Links for 12-17-2010


Just for FunWhen I was a kid, my grandmother would take me in to New York City to look at the window displays, but they had nothing like this back then. Enjoy a YouTube video of Saks Fifth Avenue’s Snowflake and Bubble 3D holiday light show: Read the rest of this entry »

Dark Lover by J.R. Ward


Several people recommended J.R. Ward so I figured I’d give her a try, but when I first started Dark Lover: A Novel of the Black Dagger Brotherhood I thought I’d already read it. The beginning feels a little generic and I almost stopped, something I would have regretted. Rather quickly, the tough guy beginning changes into a fascinating story.Ward puts together a complicated tale with an alternate

Interesting Links for 12-10-2010


EditingWeronika Janczuk offers some suggestions for how to turn familiar text into unique text so the errors stand out. I am boggled by the idea of posting something on the wall (of course I can’t reach any of my walls because of furniture), but most of her techniques are similar to what I already do except for the conversion to PDF, something I’m going to adopt.

Infamous by Suzanne Brockmann


If you’ve been reading my reviews for a while, you’ve probably got the impression that I like Suzanne Brockmann’s writing. The funny thing is that when she was recommended to me, I gave the books to my husband first since from the description they seemed more his type of book. Now we take turns buying more (and we came in late on a HUGE backlist) for each other…okay, more like try to jump the gun

Interesting Links for 12-03-2010


Sigh. Kids having a party and my computer decided to lock up, while I’m in a scramble to finish my NaNo so I can put together the synopsis for the Harlequin challenge. However, I might not have many, nor have them posted on Friday (though missing by only 8 minutes), but I think you’ll enjoy the links I’ve gathered this week.Just BecauseI didn’t mean to look at these, but they were just too

Interesting Links for 11-26-2010


Posting these a little late ’cause I’m moving slow after a fun Thanksgiving celebration. I hope each of you, whether in the US so with Turkey Day or not, had a grand Thursday.ResearchBefore there was the Swiss Army Knife, there was the Roman Gourmet Utensil: Read the rest of this entry

Interesting Links for 11-19-2010 and 11-12-2010


Sorry for the missing week. The flu has caught me in its grip, but now you get two weeks for one. Interesting Links for 11-19-2010History Renaissance Rome comes to life in the video game Assassin’s Creed through the assistance of historical scholars. Intriguing enough to make me consider whether I want to try the game.

Interesting links for 11-05-2010


PromotingSome solid tips on the difference between traditional and social marketing so that your efforts to promote aren’t received the wrong way: the rest of this entry »

Interesting Links for 10-29-2010


LifeIt’s always nice to see signs that what I love has earned a place in popular culture, but this is one step further: Read the rest of this entry »

Elizabeth Bear’s All the Windwracked Stars


You never know what to expect when reading a book by Elizabeth Bear, and All the Windwracked Stars is no exception. This is a post-apocalyptic novel centered around figures of Norse mythology who are trying their best to stave off the next round of apocalyptic disasters. The main character is an immortal who has managed to keep her naiveté mainly because she believes in black and white and

Interesting Links for 10-15-2010


This week is a bit of a mishmash. I’m still up to my gills in the Muse Online Writers Conference, but poked my head up enough to catch a few things I wanted to share.EnvironmentA wonderfully simple presentation on the impact of oil dependency with hope for the future: the rest of this entry »

Interesting Links for 10-08-2010


I’m neck deep in the final preparations for the 2010 Muse Online Writers Conference, where there are writing workshops, networking opportunities, and even pitch appointments all from the comfort of your home, as well as bleeding red ink all over my latest edit, so the pickings are a little slim, but for all that I think you’ll find them fun and worth your while.FYI, if you’re interested in coming