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Challenging the statement of "Islam is peaceful" and describing the lifestyle and deeds of Mohammed. Articles from around the web and videos that share my point of view are posted here. I am against Muslim Terrorists that desire to kill Jews, Christians a

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This is not a war on terror


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Sabaton - The Final Solution


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Don't Touch MY JUNK


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Luke Historians--The Past Is The Key To The Present


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Luke Historians is a project inspired by one of the fascinating anomalies of Scripture: a scientific Greek who wrote two books of the Bible.

Luke Historians is a website dedicated to trumping convention in two ways:

Our society governs by the doctrine that "the present is the key to the past," which was originally supposed to apply to only the scientific concept of uniformitarianism. But how often is the past viewed through the lens of the present throughout all culture? We must instead investigate the past to interpret the successes and failures of the present.

The Past is the Key to the Present. The Bible is necessarily respected in academic circles as the single most influential text in Western Civilization. But fundamental misunderstandings about this remarkable book exist because the Greek and Hebrew minds clash. Most residents of the Western World descend from the Greek (or Gentile) heritage of thought and thus have difficulty understanding the historical and prophetic narrative of the Hebrew Bible.

That is why Luke is a great starting point for common ground debate, because Luke himself was a Greek taking part in a very Hebrew happening. Luke Historians is intended to be a haven for all the nerdy Christians, Skeptics and any others interested in solving the Bible and its role in history to crawl out of their various gang slums on the internet and meet for intelligent problem-solving. A Meeting of the Greek and Hebrew Minds.

Maher's Monkey Business: Academic Travesty and Religulous Obsession with O'Donnell


As science is increasingly politicized in the Delaware senate race, viewers have to wonder – what is a Darwinian skeptic, and is it safe to have one in Congress?Last week, Bill Maher didn’t unearth an archived youthful indiscretion to make Christine O’Donnell the laughingstock of her critics. Rather, he insulted not only O’Donnell, but an untold number of citizens who question the scientific status quo.“Evolution is a myth, and Darwin himself -” O’Donnell began to explain before being interrupted by Maher in a clip from 1998. “Evolution is a myth? Have you ever looked at a monkey?” was Maher’s comic rebuttal. We can cut him some slack since he was, after all, the comedian on the stage. But otherwise, a Creationist might as well attempt to refute an evolutionist by saying, “Creation is a myth? Have you ever looked at a DNA molecule?” It would be interesting to see which visual experience makes the more compelling argument.I would probably be on Maher’s side in this argument if the people who had doubts about Evolution were only a bunch of backwoods hicks who had never seen a microscope before. But that in itself is a myth, because that simply isn’t the case. There are very serious, highly educated scientists that have realized certain facts in the natural world are not adding up in favor of the Darwinian tradition. Not all of them are Creationists, or even religious at all.Contrary to the average media slant, it actually isn’t religion that is criticizing Darwin. Many dapper theologians have happily merged their belief in the Bible with belief in Evolution, and however soaring or sappy the result may be, it has earned them the highest approval rating Richard Dawkins can muster for a religion: Harmless. A serious Darwinian doubter is a different sort of person entirely – a seeker who looks beyond religious and professional boundaries.Maher enjoys perpetuating the misconception that denial of Evolution is directly linked to unintelligence. It actually has nothing to do with basic intelligence. My Ivy League educated father has been disbelieving Darwinian evolution for decades - even while he would regularly take my siblings and me to the American Museum of Natural History and the Bronx Zoo.It is also a misnomer to automatically label a person as “anti-science” just because he or she disbelieves the Darwinian extrapolation of macroevolution. All a Darwinian skeptic wants is every last iota of data spread upon the dissection table – no secrets, no cover-ups, no manipulation. Come to think of it, we could use a good dose of that mindset in Congress! Even if Christine O’Donnell once confused carbon dating with potassium-argon dating (an unsurprising layperson’s mistake), at least she showed enough interest in the subject to investigate beyond the status quo. The awareness and consideration of more than one informed opinion is an appealing feature in a senatorial candidate.O’Donnell said quizzically on Maher’s show, “Then why aren’t monkeys still evolving into humans?” However hastily formed that question may be, the “time did it!” sort of answer she was given was just as inadequate. A common atheist argument I’ve come across claims, “I looked up in the sky today and didn’t see God, and therefore He doesn’t exist.” That sounds remarkably naïve in my opinion, but Maher would probably consider it brilliant. Evolutionists say we can’t directly observe the macroevolution process, and Creationists say we can’t directly observe God, yet both say the handiwork of each is evident. That leaves us fairly even.An atheist claims to not see enough evidence for God’s existence, and a non-Darwinist claims to not see enough evidence for the Darwinian concept of macroevolution. For some inhuman reason, the act of not being convinced is upheld as brilliant in the former case, but considered brain dead in the latter case. That is an academic tragedy.History education [...]

The War On Absolute Truth


BY Theodore Shoebat“There are no moral absolutes,” the foolish told the wise.“Are you absolutely sure?” replied the wise.Marriage being only “between a man and a woman” is an absolute. It can never be between a man and a horse or a tree, or between the sun and the moon, a mare and a stallion, chicken and rooster or rooster with rooster.But the attack on Proposition 8 has nothing to do with the left’s love for homosexuals and everything to do with eroding the absolutes set in our Constitution. Altering the U.S Constitution is the only way for socialism to prevail in the U.S. Socialists like Elena Kagan plays with the First amendment, attacking that moral absolute and said to redefine it as depending “upon a categorical balancing of the value of the speech against its societal costs.”These “societal costs”, spell socialism and nothing more. History tells us that by altering “absolutes” the Left replaced individualism (which works) with collectivism (which doesn’t).Perhaps a little history can help us understand the likes of Kagan and Judge Vaughn Walker overturning Prop 8. Collectivism stems from positivism–founded by French philosopher Auguste Comte (19th century).Positivism says that human experience is the supreme criterion of human knowledge, denies the existence of a personal God and takes humanity, “the great being”, as the object of its veneration in order to elevate man over God. Comte’s positivism was derived from Henri de Saint-Simon, a utopian ideologue who was the influence to none other then Karl Marx’s socialism.In his Essay on the Science of Man (1813) Saint-Simon explained that every field of knowledge moved successively from a conjectural to a “positive” stage, and that the sciences reached this stage in a definite order, Physiology had now moved into a positive stage, just as astrology, and alchemy had previously given way to astronomy and chemistry. Now the science of man must move towards the positive stage and completely reorganize all human institutions. (1)Aguste Comte perpetuated the search for a science of society through a three-stage theory of progress, which he derived from Saint-Simon in 1822. Thus the idea that truth is not absolute but historical became popularized during the nineteenth-century and is realized not in “individual thought” but in “social action” collectively.It was Saint-Simon’s followers in the 1830s that first gave widespread use not only to the word “socialism,” but also—”socialize,” “socialization,” and socializing the interments of labor. (2) Comte’s influence by Saint-Simon explains why he rejected divine human rights: “Social positivism only accepts duties, for all and towards all…Any human right is therefore as absurd and immoral. Since there are no divine rights anymore, this concept must therefore disappear completely…” (3)Later, positivism would now submerge itself with the coming of Darwinian evolution. And since mankind evolves, morality must also evolve with it, and instead of all men are created equal we have Charles’s Darwin’s doctrine: “Any animal whatever, endowed with well-marked social instincts, would inevitably acquire a moral sense or conscience, as soon as its intellectual powers had become as well developed…as in man.”It was evolutionist Herbert Spencer who first coined the phrase “Survival of the fittest” that intended to link darwinism and positivism together. Spencer believed that because human nature can improve and change, then, scientific‚ including moral and political views must change with it, that ethics “have to be considered as parts of the phenomena of life at large. We have to deal with man as a product of evolution, with society as a product of evolution, and with moral phenomena as products of evolution.” (4)Thus, Spencer believed in the redefining of nations’ constitutions: “All evil results from the non-[...]

Remember Fort Hood!


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Remember Fort Hood!


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Reclaiming America at Fort Hood. America had enough of diversity, liberalism, appeasement, and silence. Diversity starts with the truth.

The event will take place in November 21st 2010 at Killeen Texas at the Killeen Conference Center.
Speakers will be Walid Shoebat, with decorated war hero General William Boykin, Kamal Saleem, and Robert Spencer.
For tickets got to FFMU.ORG or call at 877-832-7200

Flotilla Of Peace My ASS







Michael Savage Gets Pissed Off About Radical Muslims and Terrorism


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The greatest rant that Michael Savage ever went on, is correct. This is not hate speech,it is REALITY.


Courtesy Of The Red, White And Blue (The Angry American) - Toby Keith


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Islam Has Not Been Hijacked


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What Theo van Gogh was murdered for



The Devils Came On Horseback


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Son of hamas founder speaks out against Islam : Sean Hannity Forum Pulls The Thread


The sean hannity forum is a joke.

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Hannity Gets Schooled On Islam


Son of Hamas Founder Speaks Out Against IslamMosab Hassan Yousef: “The god of the Koran hates Jews anyway, if there was “occupation” or not”The problem is with the god of Islam”“this is not about being brainwashing, this is how people grow up everything around you in that society school, street every evet is telling you those facts about Islam.”[...]Hannity: We keep hearing about that there is a distinction, the difference between radical Islam and mainstream IslamMosab Hassan Yousef: This is a big mistake. Comparing between moderate Muslims and fanatics. This is not how we compare it. All Muslims to me are the same. At the end of the day they believe in thegod of the koran and they believe that this koran is from that god.Hannity: You’re saying that most Muslims think that jihad is where they need to goMosab Hassan Yousef: It’s not their choice. If they believe that the koran is from the word of god ………..Hannity: So let me ask this again. So when people talk about moderate Islam, you’re saying it doesn’t exist?Mosab Hassan Yousef: It doesn’t exist.[...]

Mosquewatch On Youtube ( Again )


I haven't been posting alot but you can find my videos here at

Mosquewatcher on Youtube. Please drop by !


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Obama Girl Not In Love With Obama Anymore


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Illiterate Muslims in Afghanistan 'READ' the Quran



Where Is America's Geert Wilders ?






Israeli Doctors In Haiti : Good News