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Tummy Thoughts

Food. Top thought of tummy. Toilet. A close second. LOL.

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Baaack and hope to staaaaay


Baaack and hope to staaaaay Baaack and hope to staaaaay Baaack and hope to staaaaay Baaack and hope to staaaaay Baaack and hope to staaaaay Baaack and hope to staaaaay Baaack and hope to staaaaay Baaack and hope to staaaaay Baaack and hope to staaaaay Baaack and hope to staaaaay Baaack and hope to staaaaay Baaack and hope to staaaaay Baaack and hope to staaaaay Baaack and hope to staaaaay Baaack

Cintra Street, Penang.... best Yao Char Kwai!


Penang is my favourite destination for a short trip in Peninsula Malaysia, mostly because of its food. The drive is is approx 3.5 hours though recently in 2010, I've managed one way in 2.5 hours in a 1.5litre 4 door saloon car.I suppose many Malaysians have tried this before, judging by the number of posts you see in other blogs, but no harm in spreading the word around. It's just the best.I

Fu Gua Thong Restaurant, Kuchai Enterpreneur's Park.


I grew up not liking a lot of things, food included. In no particular order, brinjal, bitter gourd, petai, ladies' fingers and DURIANS. Recently though, bitter gourd and petai have slowly made its way into my tastebuds' acceptance list. At a ripe old age of 34, it's still not too late i hope, since we've received numerous e-mails from doctors and professors who swear by the benefits these 2

Pan Mee at Jln Beremi, behind HSBC Jln Sultan Ismail.


I was introduced to soup noodles pretty late I'd say, because when i was young, i dislike food being served "temperature" hot. Nasi Lemak however, was fine. Growing up in United Garden, Old Klang Road, Pan Mee was more of an alternative since the fish and pork ball noodles were very good. In came the infamous fried pan mee just after Jalan Sepadu, United Garden which made headlines around town,

Zul Satay, Kuantan Pahang


Yup. Another post on my weekend trip to Kuantan. What's a good holiday to a food blogger if no food is introduced?The hotel package ( we took covered breakfasts and pre-dinner cocktails. So our routine was late breakfast, prolonged cocktails and did late supper in town.Ist night we did everybody's, no matter you are 1, 2, 5001

Continental Breakfast at Hyatt, Kuantan Pahang or Hoi Yin ..


And there we were. Checked in the luxurious Club Rooms (but no seaview since that would be additional charge of RM160. *Blek*).Free Continental Breakfast, NOT International buffet spread. I do wonder why.Continental brekkie makes up of quite boring stuff. Y'know, a variety of cereals, croissants, buns, dry cookies, gimme Asian anytime. Only excitable possible artery choking stuff would a variety

Weekend at Kuantan, Pahang


Who needs friends? I do!I need friends with the capability to score discount vouchers for more than a couple-starred hotel getaways!And being needy pays. *arms in pumping action*Last weekend, 6 of us broke away from the concrete jungle to drive 3 hours to bask in some sun, sea and sleep(?).Look at that. Ahhh smack right in Kuantan, the capital of Pahang, lies beautiful Teluk Chempedak. Ahhh..

Beef King Noodles, Pudu Kuala Lumpur


*sweeping cobwebs*There you are. My much neglected blog. Now where do I begin. Again. No time to blog but got time to go holiday. *grins*And there I was, accompanying 2 major Shopping Queens, morning landing in Hong Kong, night ferry to Macau (never the least, to meet up with another major Shopping Queen) and the next day, morning bus to Zhuhai, China for a day. *phew*Our 4D3N vacation

Maluri Steamed Fish Stall, Kuala Lumpur


Just hopped day job. OMG. So overwhelmed with daily lessons of taking on new challenges, adapting to different work culture and warming up to new faces. No easy tasks for this old bi... dog. *Changing mode*Back to a good lunch choice in Kuala Lumpur...Phitoy asked me not to recommend this. Loud crowd, warm area, limited tables, uneven and sometimes wet floor. No, he's not concern about newbies'

Specially Dedicated to all My Countrymen


Long time no post. My Procrastination Tree is just getting healthier and more densed by the day (make that hour).You may have noticed my small effort to call you from my sidebar, yes you dearest Malaysian, to exercise your right. The RIGHT TO VOTE that is.Today, due to a matter of utter importance, I took a mighty swing of my miniscule axe to chop off a branch so as to bringforth an urgent

Good Name for a Foodcourt?


When things come to a critical point to be settled, they come with friends, family members, peers, colleagues well almost every Ah Kow, Arumugam and Ali (together with their wives, no doubt) one least expected.Yes, being bogged down with deadlines from all corners of my life. The unmistaken fruit from my massive Procastination Tree.*sigh*But everyone has to breathe. Here's a quickie.Definition of



15th day of the Chinese New Year.Everyone, (in Canto) Fatt-cho-mei? (in Mandarin) Far-ler-ma? (in Hokkien) Huat-liau-boi? (in Manglish) Prosper (more towards gambling winnings) yet?Not apple-wor.Became a fan only a few years back when I took a chance on smaller ones from Spain and China. They were sweet. Had always admired the big ones from Spain but felt the price was ridiculous. Maybe it's my

Toilet post#35


Obviously, another Beijing post.Trivia: Bags go through scanners entering the Square. Heck, bags go through plenty of scanners throughout the city especially when travelling its subway system (only RMB2 to anywhere) and visiting the National Monuments. Any weaker bag could ooze green glob or start growing spidey bristles.NO toilet facilities within the Square.Trivia: The young guards stationed

A Roarrrring Grrreat Chinese New Year, everyone!


Note: NOT Maybank Berhad but initials of a delicious hic-hic-hic malt drink brewery in Laos.

Dong Lai Shun Muslim Restaurant, Wangfujing Street, Beijing China


Another fine lucky day, friend of a friend who treated us here brought us to another tourist food haunt along the busy shoppers street, Wangfujing.Steamboats do not exactly make my saliva drool especially in hot weather and summer in China fries eggs still in shells (not scientifically proven). However, she insisted. It'll be different from what we usually have in Malaysia, she said.Again it was

Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant, Beijing China


Back to China.Beijing Duck = Fat Duck. There. My precise verdict.The long version.There were 3 of us and 1 of us knows of someone among the 17 million people in Beijing. What are the odds indeed. =PBeing led by a local one would expect a dodgy backlane hard to find hole in the wall honest to goodness eating place.She brought us to a 4 levels Aladdin's cave teeming with >40 serving staff. Here's

*Both hands waving*


Yup yup yup, I'm back back back but sad sad sad the lazy bugs are still stuck stuck stuck. Nothing wrong with my keyboard nor your eyes. Just felt like repeating.Just checking in to convey the following:-A Happy Thaipusam to all celebratinganda Happy Holiday wish to all who work on Saturdays!And lastly but NEVER least,a very Happy Monday Holiday to all Kuala Lumpur labourers (including moi)!HAPPY

UP up and Away (again) YAHOO!


AirAsia - Now Everyone Can FlyMy ItineraryBooking Date Thursday, 14 May 2009FLIGHT DETAILSDepartKuala Lumpur LCd (KUL) to Vientiane (VTE)Economy PromoTuesday, 19 Jan 2010 Flight AK 612Depart Kuala Lumpur International Airport(LCC Terminal) (KUL) at 08:05Arrive in Wattay International Airport (VTE) at 09:40Total Amount 811.00 MYRReturnVientiane (VTE) to Kuala Lumpur Ld (KUL)Economy PromoSaturday,

Toilet post#34


Set myself a dateline (or is it deadline? When to use either?). Must complete posts on China comfy backpacking trip before the year end. Look at me. Started posting in July, still here. Since Toilet post#27, still here.Still far to go. *sigh* Ok. New dateline (so, anyone's sharing thots on the 'deadline' issue?). Let's just cross city borders.1.5 hours in the air and we arrive in Beijing, capital

Toilet Post#33


It's midnight. You are still loite .. ahem checking out the night scene around Lot 10, Jalan Bukit Bintang.Had a couple of drinks, nature calls. Loudly.Where to answer call discreetly? Civilisedly? Legally? Freely?..................... Take the escalator (still in operations at such hour) in front of Lot 10 shopping complex (next to the Inner Circle cafe opposite the Standard Chartered Bank kiosk

Fish Head Mee Hoon - Jln Ipoh.


Another one of those hidden-but-serves-good-food entry here. Only discovered this place a couple of weeks ago thanks to my wife and Uncle Jerry. On a typical Sunday afternoon, i would've said NO by default for lunch in an open area without air condition. This, however was rather recent and with all the rain you could ask for the entire 2009, the weekends have been pretty cloudy and cool. This

Toilet post#32


I exclaimed it in my earlier post on South West China (near Chengdu ) and now I'll reiterate my statement LOUDLY. My toilet experience in China is 2 thumbs 2 big toes and 1 bum up. *slap bum for effect*And there we were. July 2009. With clothes weighed down in several coats of sweat. Popping in and out of historical tourists spots within and around the famed walled city of Xi’an. All with

Penang Joe Coconut Jelly


Here's a short cool filler post away from my scathing hot China backpack trip series. Come out come out wherever you are!Smooth. Translucent. Almost. Wombly. Sweet. Slightly. Fragrant. Suggestively.*AHHHMMMMum mum mum mum* while it's cold.Repeat 5 spoonful times. For you to ask where to mum-mum, please contact For me it's a private number. Not to Joe. To a kind friend who

Cool time out in Xi'an China


So hot my cap was crispy outside, damp inside. Shades dripped sweat.There's only so much walkabouts in the heat that one can tolerate. When we spied this, I almost thought it a mirage. Not memorably sweet but real juicy. Pity the watermelon was not iced (better if it comes with a block of ice to sit on) but just look at that chopper. Cool huh. Where to hide, where to hide when the sun doesn't