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Preview: Comments on Forum: Introductions - Let us know who you are. (*Updated...

Comments on Forum: Introductions - Let us know who you are. (*Updated*)

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Love Lost !!!!!!!! Name: Eliza Age: 31 Location:Au...


Love Lost !!!!!!!!

Name: Eliza

Age: 31

Location:Aussie in Brighton UK

Work: Office Slave/travel agent

Interests: travel, belly dance, great tv and Lost obviously!

Thanks to Dark for such a great site, I have to visit daily, my husband thinks my obsession is almost unhealthy....

Best day of the week for me is Friday no more after work drinks, I run straight home and get on my PC to watch the ep from USA night before, then jump on to Dark UFO to see what the rest of you thought.

Love Fish Biscuit and Luhks and all the other posters'.


Name: Jordan FrancoLocation: Central CaliforniaOcc...


Name: Jordan Franco
Location: Central California
Occupation: Student

Visit this site almost daily, love to socialize with my fellow lost fanatics!


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There are some interesting characters out there, a...


There are some interesting characters out there, and quite an international cast! So, who am I?
Name: Edward

Location: Sacramento, California, USA

Occupation: Psychologist, massage therapist (healer of the body and mind!)

Interests: Road tripping across the western US, hiking, basketball, reading, golfing, playing in las vegas, engaging in friendly arguments outside the local coffee shop

Others shows of interest (besides Lost): CSI, House, 24 (when it returns) old X files shows, most things on the Discovery Channel.

Why I like Lost: It is one of the handful of shows that encourage you to think, discuss, debate, use your head.

Favorite characters: Jack, a tragic hero on a Shakspearean level, Kate, Juliet...hey, I'm a guy what can I say?

Nice to meet you all, I love hearing everyone's opinions, rants and random thoughts!!!!

well, why not? hello everyone! :o)name: Annieage: ...


well, why not?
hello everyone! :o)

name: Annie
age: 30

location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

occupation: freelance translator. I work from home, so it's easy to lose time on this great site!

I've been a huge Lost fan since the pilot. I also loved the whole Harry Potter series and the His Dark Materials trilogy (ie: Golden compass).

Currently, the only TV show I really like (other than Lost of course) is Dexter.





AGE: 47 (OMG!)


OCCUPATION: Self-Employed

FUN FACT: I'm keeping the Mrs Shuck blog to see how very, very wrong I am about so many things on Lost.

I am not a shipper. At all. However, I would pay to see Juliet and Kate in a cat fight.

OTHER FAV' SHOWS: Heroes, The Office (Brit and American)

FAV' CHARACTERS: Sayid (!OMG!chest!), Desmond, Juliet, Dan. Dan makes me very sad for some reason.

Great idea . . .Name: Chris (as in Christine)Age: ...


Great idea . . .

Name: Chris (as in Christine)

Age: 40

Location: Suburb of Chicago, IL (Go Cubs!)

TV Interests: Lost, CSI, American Idol, Desperate Housewives, Brothers and Sisters, My Name Is Earl

Other Interests: Travel, cooking, golf, just hanging out with friends

Occupation: Education Manager

Oh, and may I add...I love to travel all around th...


Oh, and may I add...
I love to travel all around the world and meeting people. So I'm happy to meet all of you here.

Oh, and I also love Hurley!


Great idea, DarkUFO!My name is Judy. I am a grand...


Great idea, DarkUFO!

My name is Judy. I am a grandmotherly type who lives in Kentucky and is addicted to Lost and to this site.

Occupation: Ex-flower child, ex-teacher, ex-Philadelphia resident (I miss Philly!)

My favorite character is Juliet, and my favorite actor is Michael Emerson.

Name: MelodyAge: 30Location: Arizona, USAOccupatio...


Name: Melody
Age: 30
Location: Arizona, USA
Occupation: hmmmm
Interests: Music Obsessed, Reading, Photography, Writing, Internet, Masterpiece Theatre..
Favorite Character: Desmond {it's the scottish.accent}
Favorite Episode: The 1st One =]

NAME :kostas OCCUPATION :student (computer enginee...


NAME :kostas
OCCUPATION :student (computer engineer)
AGE : 20
LOCATION :athens,greece
INTERESTS: music,movies,games,lost:P
COUPLE: jate
WTF MOMENT:"they found the plane ,there were no survivors,they were all dead"

Great idea nodecode! :)Name: MikeLocation: Ireland...


Great idea nodecode! :)

Name: Mike
Location: Ireland
Occupation: I.T./Fitness Instructor
Interests: Music, TV, Football, Conspiracy theories, The paranormal/unexplained, Reading, Gaming (Mainly the Elder Scrolls series)

Name: TiffanyOccupation: Dental Asst?Office Manage...


Name: Tiffany
Occupation: Dental Asst?Office Manager, MOM

Country: USA- OHIO

Favourite TV shows: Lost, Medium, Ghost whisper, Law and Order SVU, Paranormal State, Gossip Girl

Favourite books: The Murder List, Harry Potter, Stephen King books

Favourite Lost characters in order: Juliet, Jack,Desmond, Syaid

NAME: Carlos RivasAGE: 35LOCATION: Beltsville, MDO...


NAME: Carlos Rivas

AGE: 35

LOCATION: Beltsville, MD

OCCUPATION: Buyer for State of VA

FUN FACT: Disabled Veteran, Was in Iraq, Love Writing & Reading Fantasy novels.

OTHER FAV' SHOWS: Terminator TV series, Heroes, New Amsterdamn, Reaper, Supernatural, Family Guy, 30 Rock, Life, Burn Notice, Etc.

FAV' CHARACTERS: Locke, Desmond, Michael

Name: TracyAge: 22Location: St Louis MO, USAIntere...


Name: Tracy
Age: 22
Location: St Louis MO, USA
Interests: Hanson, LOST, House MD, Bones, music, The Sims 2
Occupation: I'm a repowoman J/P I teach preschool
Fun fact: I have 4 tattoos and 4 piercings.

Lost randomness: When I first saw John Locke, I said to my BF, "he is not a good man. He freaks me out"

Go Team Sawyer!!!!

Name: Anna (Ms. Naranja if you're nasty)Location: ...


Name: Anna (Ms. Naranja if you're nasty)

Location: East Coast, US
Occupation: Web & Graphic Design
About: Locke, Ben, Zombies, Art, Jam, Mexican Standoffs, Time Travel, Being a nerd and an anglophile


Name: Jeff aka: SunSpot or sunsp0tLocation: Orla...


Name: Jeff
aka: SunSpot or sunsp0t

Location: Orlando Florida, USA
Occupation: IT
Interests: Music, LOST, Hiking, rafting, tree hugging/Nature.

Favorite LOST characters:
Juliette, Ben, Sayid, Hurley, Desmond and Locke. Actually I love them ALL but these I look forward to the most.

Favorite scene: Miles with the grenade in his mouth. LOL GO Locke!!!

Nice to meet you!Name : GenevièveAge : 31Place : M...


Nice to meet you!

Name : Geneviève
Age : 31
Place : Montréal, Québec, Canada.
Interests : Travels, Mythologies (yes, that's why I love Lost), massive crush on England and brit accent, reading, red wine and good food.
Occupation : student and working a little to pay my wine, my food, and my next travel!
Languages : French and english

Love this site!!!Name:BeccaIn Almost Ohio, Kentuck...


Love this site!!!

In Almost Ohio, Kentucky
Loves: Books, Harry Potter, music, Ohio State Buckeyes, traveling, My 3 little Star Wars fanatics.
Fave authors: Christopher Buckley, John Irving, Doulas Adams (so long and thanks for all the fish =D)
Fave lost moments: when Sayid breaks that dudes neck with his feet (that was motivating!) and when Kate and Jack are caught in the net.
Fave character: Ben,Jack & Desmond
Nice to meet y'all

Hey...Name: DarleneJob: Oracle consultantPlace: Or...



Name: Darlene
Job: Oracle consultant
Place: Oregon (yes it rains alot)
Interest: Issac Assimov, Harry Potter, C.S. Lewis, books, books, books and books. I love to read.

Reason I like Lost: it's one of the great mysteries. I love mysteries, it gets the mind going and imagination is the best place to be.

Hi I'm Maureen and I live in Mukilteo, Washington ...


Hi I'm Maureen and I live in Mukilteo, Washington State (US).

How I pay the bills: I'm a nutritionist who writes health books.

Favorite shows: Lost (duh), Survivor, Dexter, Doctor Who, Battlestar Galactica, Operation Runway, Highlander (TV show)

Favorite Lost Eps: Anything with Ben. I think Michael Emerson is the sexiest thing on the show. (What can I say-I had a traumatic childhood)

hi! maja24police officerCroatialove this site! gre...


police officer
love this site! great job Dark
go kate!! love the scene were she blows the house up and rides off on the motorcycle..niiice

my desktop countdown says 61 days to go!

Name: RomainAge: 23Location: FranceOccupation: Stu...


Name: Romain
Age: 23
Location: France
Occupation: Student in English Master
Interests: US Shows, rock music (us and uk), having fun with my friends!

Best Lost ep:
320- The Man Behind the Curtain
310- Tricia Tanaka is Dead
201- Man of Science, Man of Faith

hi..i never post any comment but i always read all...


i never post any comment but i always read all. Great site. Great Dark!!

name : nunik
location : Indonesia

Fav lost episodes : White Rabbit, Through the Looking Glass.
But love all lost eps and all character

Hello there. I dont normally write anything, but i...


Hello there. I dont normally write anything, but i do visit daily!

Best Lost Episodes: 23rd Psalm, The Brig, Through the Looking Glass
Best Lost Characters: Mr. Eko, Jack, Locke