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Jewish Destrudo

Destrudo is a Freudian term used to describe a destructive energy. Freud referred to it as the antithesis of a libido. It is a human impulse to destroy oneself and everyone around them. This blog is an attempt to openly discuss the Jewish destrudo as wel

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So it's been a while...


...but I just wanted to say that I, of course, didn't actually date or even contact the asian chick I speak of below. In fact, I started dating a Jewish Brooklyn girl (did any of you actually think I would date a non-Jew?) and we are most likely getting engaged in a few months. But I wanted to thank everyone for the support, regardless of your opinion. The response was huge and far bigger than I expected. Its amazing how supportive people are when you speak of inter-marriage and how against you they are when you speak of marrying within the faith. I still think parents are to blame and did/do little to stop assimilation.

So for my last last post (unless for some reason something happens that's worthy of mention) I will repeat a line that I started the blog off with:

besser tzu shtarben staiendik aider tzu leben oif di kni. ("better to die standing than live on your knees.")

The last and final post for Jewish Destrudo


Hi all. I sat down to write this post a bit teary eyed. I must admit. Not because this is the last post for this most beloved (and I when I say beloved I really mean "hated") blog, but because of why it is the last post. As anyone can tell by my blog, I was utterly disgusted by any Jew who would marry a non-Jew. Especially a Jewish man, since that deprives the community of his, what would have been, Jewish children. For a population which has been decimated numerous times, numbers matter. But as I dated numerous Jewish girls throughout the years (I would say easily 120+ Jewish women) I have noticed something that is eye opening to me. What I have noticed is that Jewish women simply don't care. I've tried it all, varying themes as time progressed. I tried being myself, being the asshole, the thoughtful one, the sweet one, the thin(er) one, the heavier one, the nice one, the mean one. I've tried being the employed one, the debt free one, the planner, the impromptu one, the one that thinks about marriage and wants it, the one that thinks about sex and doesn't care about marriage. I tried being the future planner, the well dresser, the suit dresser (when coming from work), the down dresser. I tried being on time, early, and fashionably late. I tried. I really did. Honestly. You can't say I didn't date enough as I dated tons of women from all backgrounds. I rarely rejected matches and instead wanted to find out who the people were in person, instead of just deciding based on some conforming profile. I was even thoughtful in the places I chose for the date. If the woman was into knitting, I didn't take her to some arbitrary pub, but instead to a knitting cafe. But ultimately, no one cared. Not one. Now I'm not going to sit here and even think for a minute that its all their fault. I could have been thin and buff, been more accomplished, been more religious, less religious, whatever it may be. I'm not going to say why they didn't care since I can't possibly know. All I do know, is that they didn't. To the contrary, there are fatter, uglier, less accomplished people who are happily married. My theory is that a lot of these upper west side women are married to their daddies. Their daddies pay their bills, are accomplished, never ask them about getting married, and shower them with unconditional love and require nothing of them in return. How can I possibly compete with that?? Well...I can't. So as I seriously contemplate calling up my Korean friend and asking her out, I thought I would put an end to this blog. I'm a dick. I'm an asshole. But I'm no hypocrite. I now see what all these guys are talking about. I now see what they mean when they say that they are totally disregarded by unsexual, uncaring, uninteresting women. Having dated most of them (or so it feels), I can finally say: You're right. I was wrong. Sometimes its easy to just lay down a blanket rule, without figuring out why the rule is broken so often. Well, now I've figured it out and I apologize to all I may have offended in the process. Dating for a few years sounds easy, simple and fun. But its not "dating" for a few years. Its effort, its rejection, its investing emotion which goes unreturned, its costly, its draining, and ultimately, its depressing. Dating encompasses all of the above and one can only take it for so long. Hopefully if the woman I do marry is non-Jewish, she'll convert. If not, then our Jewish culture and society has failed us and failed an entire generation of jewish women by spoiling them into a life of narcissism. I'm sure all the women I dated had valid reasons for being wholly unimpressed by me and thats ok. But for once in my life, I'd like to actually go out with a girl that likes me and wants to be with me. A girl that won't be half listening to me on our first phone conversation because she's busy IMing other people (and too stupid to mute the volume so I don't hear the IM sounds in the background), a girl that won't show up 45 minutes late only to keep me standing there while[...]

New Post - Its Been A While!


So I've thought long and hard about whether to abandon this blog, as 80% of is abandoned anyway. That and the fact that I don't actually believe anyone reads this blog, except for a few people who clearly despise me (which is totally cool). But I've officially decided to keep it going and keep it updated. Much to the despair of most who read it. That being said, on to my small but new post:

Bleeding Hearts, Bleeding Hearts Everywhere, And Not A Drop Of Blood To Be Found

I recently came across this Consumerist article. It speaks of a girl who went to Borders and was upset by their insistence that she take a Borders plastic bag with her book. The company insisted on this as a means to easily identify theft. She was upset that this policy will damage the environment. She is 100% correct. Plastic is an oil derivative and is pumped out of the ground, deep below, turned into stuff and then placed on our land above the surface. So really, we're just pumping crap up and gently placing it on our land. It would be like taking everything out of your basment and placing it all in your kitchen, with almost no way of ever putting it back in the basment. So she certainly has a point - when Harry Potter sells 12 million books, thats now 12 million extra plastic bags due to a store policy. But, and here is where most liberals go wrong, liberals are always more than willing to ignore their blatant narcissism. This girl never once though that cutting down a tree to read 500 pages of a shitty childrens book would hurt the environment. Especially since if she waited, she could reuse one by borrowing a copy or going to the library. Why did she not think that? Because she wanted her gay-ass Harry Potter book, and liberals get what they want.

When liberals want to feel like they're good people fighting for human rights, they march down the street with oak tag while chatting on their cell phone and at night they can sleep easy knowing that Darfur is now a better place for it. The reality is that 12 million plastic bags are far, far better for the environment then 12 million, 500 page, books. Books require trees, which require water to grow and then bleach and tons of processing. I've lived near a paper plant, its awful, it smells like horrible death and its terrible for the environment. But for liberals, so long as they make an uninformed complaint which does not negatively impact their ability to consume and sooth their selves with superficial trends, then they are happy. And if they are happy, then I am happy. No wait, I meant if they are dead, then I am happy. Maybe after that woman is done reading her Harry Potter book she can inter-marry, have the TV and McDonalds raise her children and call the Yankees "culture." The greatest thing about liberals are their ability to perpetuate the divorce industry and pay for the mansions of Divorce Attorneys. It always seemed strange to me that the one group of our culture that claims to know all about romanticism and love happens to be the same group with the highest divorce rates. I guess the only kind of love they know about is the fleeting kind.

YouTube video and Update


I recently came across this youtube video and think everyone on the planet should watch it:

UN Video

Also, I recently came back from the communitarianist zion - Singapore. I will be writing an article on what communitarianism means (by definition - as I recently realized I have yet to do that) and how it affects everyone. I recently acquired Lee Kuan Yew's memoir and after reading it I'm sure I'll have more to say.

Lack of Communitarianism and its effect on the displaced


The greatest thing about the internet is its perpetual cache. From 1994 and on, when anything is done, there is almost always a presence of it on the web. This month marks the 10th anniversary of the Heavens Gate cult suicide. But unlike Jim Jones (leader of the Jonestown mass suicide which left about 1,000 dead), who left little of his history, Heavens Gate was prominent on the internet, even back in 1996.

In fact, their web site is still up: here

And here is a Google Groups message left by on one of the members here - note the date it was left. The woman who left it was found dead 3 months later, with 5 dollars worth of quarters in her pocket. Why 5 dollars worth of quarters you ask? Because the space ship hidden behind hale-bop comet had vending machines and arcades that she had planned to make use of....naturally. [Bizarre that such an advanced ship would rely on standard issue U.S. currency.]

Of course this is of no surprise, being that the founders of Heavens Gate both met at a psychiatric hospital while being hospitalized for schizophrenia. And yet, even though they managed to get at one point around 200 followers, to me cult suicide speaks nothing of those who partake in it, and everything of a society that allows it to occur. Today there is only one survivor of the Heavens Gate and he is still a firm believer in it. His childhood is described as an abusive mother and a father that left him when he was 3. When asked recently about his first meeting with the DO (the leader of Heavens Gate) he cried and said it was “like finally meeting my father.”

Jim Jones didn't kill a thousand people, and DO didn't kill 39. In my opinion, depression and our societies' reluctance to appreciate mental health did. Calling these people freaks is easy, but offering them mental health, a community of support and a non-profit driven health industry is something American society is wholly incapable of offering. What should be taken away from this 10 year anniversary is how little our society has progressed in this field and how much work still needs to be done. Because of cut backs, HMO's and regressive movements like Scientology (who also pressures former members to commit suicide and are vehemently opposed to psychiatry because L. Ron Hubbard was psychotic and frequently hospitalized) it is very likely that cult suicide will continue well into the future. As a 1st world society, this 10th year anniversary should be a disgrace to us all.

One Night In Bangkok Makes a Jewish Man Humble


I was reading a article on how wives should treat husbands and came across this post left in the comments section:I grew up in a staunchly secular enviroment. However, as a young teen, became a "political" zionist, made aliyah, served in TZHAL and was a member of a kibbutz. Dating Jewish women, even in Israel was a difficult task. Some jews embrace liberalism and intermarry accordingly. My friends and I of similar back grounds, have all intermarried. We were not men who did not care about marrying a Jewish women. We intermarried by default and mostly to Asian women. There is a lack of man appreciation amongst all too many Jewish women......Filipina women treat jewish men "right." Why are the daughters of our people not competing? As blame-the-victim as I typically am I'm surprised at myself for not automatically calling this guy a massive pussy. I myself have dated numerous Jewish women and have been left feeling relatively the same way as him. Not enough to drive me away, but enough to see why the Jewish man would go Asian. Jewish women do tend to focus on fault (to a fault - badum bum) and few are willing to settle for less than a doctor or lawyer or his lesser valued and more unattractive cousin, the accountant. But Jewish men also tend to be babied and grow up less aggressive than their non-Jewish counterpart. So what do all these women do? Do they just not get married? Do they marry out of fear of loneliness? Many create their destiny. They hate men so they treat their husbands like shit which allows him to cheat which, when he gets caught, further proves to the woman that men suck. I don't want to get into the whole Freudian argument about why woman hate men as that seems to be a "which came first, the chicken or the egg" argument, in that, do women hate men because their fathers are lame, or are their fathers lame because their mothers hate men? [by the way, whenever you get a question like this the answer is almost always "a little of both"]. Maybe this guys story is purely anecdotal and circumstantial and not to be used as an argument for or against anything. On a macro level one could argue his lack of aggressivness is evident in his choice. Instead of trying to find the right Jewish woman or changing, he just threw in the towel and opted out of the game by picking the first Asian peasant that walked by. Hate to be politically incorrect but lets face it: offer these women the chance at something more than white rice twice a day for the next 30 years and you just found yourself a wife. Call me insensitive, but I've been all over asia, trust me, its true. But lets say its not his fault. Lets say the Jewish woman starts out life disrespecting man. This isn't too hard to imagine being that they grow up watching their brothers and fathers being babied and their mothers handling everything. Can you really blame them for not being appreciative? Well yes, you certainly can. At about the age of 25 you have to stop blaming your family and start blaming yourself. The irony is that the Jewish woman is just as impotent as the Jewish male they grow to hate. Unsexual, complain and expect millions for it - most end up spinsters on Jdate. So who do we blame? Like I said before, when you get a question like this the answer is almost always "a little of both." We blame Jewish women for not competing or even caring and we blame the Jewish men for throwing in the towel way too quickly. Ladies, face it, we pretty much all grew up in the city, don't expect your "man" to be tarzan - be happy with the men that the society you've helped create and support produced. Men, face it, your lame and no one cares that your a freelance web designer so work more on your personality and stop throwing in the towel just because a few girls rejected you. [...]

- A Bloodless Holocaust –


There is a Yiddish phrase my grandparents used to say which transliterates roughly to: besser tzu shtarben staiendik aider tzu leben oif di kni. It translates to "better to die standing than live on your knees." This phrase always touched a nerve in me, especially since both of my grandparents are survivors. The phrase paints a portrait of a strong open-eyed people, a community of Che Guevaras! A community of people ready to do anything it took to fight for what they believed in, even if it meant death.

But I knew better. Although the phrase may sound nice, it was never actually put into practice by many Jews. The Nazis told the Jews to do something and the Jews did it, some even volunteered. I suppose it took 60 years to finally come to the realization as to what this phrase really meant. I believe the phrase wasn’t an outright lie, but rather, oblivion or delusion. The Jewish love for life and peaceful existence was so strong they would rather die falsely standing than live on their knees. It became Jewish practice, as a community, to deny reality. The ability to ignore what is actually going on, and don blinders to the world, became unprecedented and were only closely matched by the Cambodians in the 1970’s. The reality was that the Jews never fought as a unified community against the Nazis because they were so busy convincing themselves it would never happen that when it finally did occur it was too late to fight back. So much for dying standing with pride.

It was this flaw within the Jewish mentality that allowed the Holocaust to occur as widespread as it did and it is this same flaw that is destroying the Jews once again, 60 years later. Inter-faith marriage is decimating the Jewish population. 50% or more of marriages are inter-faith. The numbers are clear: In the 1980 American census, Jews constituted 2% or 5-6 million people in America. As of the latest census, the number has halved to 3 million, or half the number of Jewish victims of the holocaust. The American population got larger and the Jewish population got smaller. This is easy to comprehend. If Jewish parents have a son who marries a non-Jew, the Jewish population one generation later has lost 5.5 people (the mother, father, son, and potentially 2.5 children).

Just like the Jews of yesteryear were desperate to live peacefully, the Jews of today are desperate to please their children, allowing them to do anything, including inter-faith marriage. And once again, 60 years later, the Jewish population has done almost nothing on a unified communitarianist level to stop this bloodless holocaust. The Jews of today would rather bicker about kashrut certificates and the supposed rise of anti-Semitism (anti-Semiitism does not ebb and flow, it is a constant) than admit what is happening to our population and people – this sounds like a familiar plan my grandparents know all too much about.

During World War II, the chances of surviving the war as a Jew were a mere 7%. The chances of surviving the war as a Jewish resistance fighter was 85%. It is better to die standing then to live on our knees. The question is, when are the Jews going to stand?

Gandhi Was anti-Zionist!


This article: here speaks about Gandhi and his relation to Zionism. Now my conservatism reflex is to vilify Gandhi for his pro-arab mentality. But then I thought about it more.

To be fair, this was 1938 in a non-globalized world speaking to a man in a 3rd world nation - so if he wasn't grasping the full extent of the soon-to-be Jewish annihilation, I don't know if I entirely blame him. After all, if the American Jews didn't really know what was going on, then why would Gandhi?

Furthermore, I don't entireley disagree with his theory that the Jews should have fought for their rights in Germany. As I've stated in numerous prior posts, I believe that if you never fight back and always get kicked around, how stunned can you be when they kick harder one day? The basic theory here is that, the sadness is not that Gandhi was against the British opening up Palestine to Jewish refugees, but rather that Jews needed Britain at all in the first place.

Around the world, every time we even utter the word "Mohammed" a Muslim man beheads 5 people and burns down a couple of [insert structure here]. Why? Because they don't fuck around. Now I'm not saying that the Jews should have been as drastic, but I have a feeling if they were, the holocaust never would have happened. Imagine if every time a stone was thrown through a Jewish stores' window, the community would wake up to find 5 Lutheran children hanging in the public square? You wanna fuck with those guys? I don't.

In a way, Gandhi was preaching what he did. He fought back. However he did it is irrelevant, but he believed in rights, and fought for them. The Jews believed they had and deeserved nothing, and thus had nothing to fight for. Now that I think about it, Gandhi, I see your vision - if you truly believe in your own dignity, then its worth fighting for. But no one will just hand it to you, not Britain, or Germany. Gandhi realized that and took his peoples dignity back. Why didn't we?

Jew Interviews Sikh - Plain and Simple


Below is a second in the communitarianist interview series of my blog. Just like the last interview, it is exclusive, in its entirety, and 100% unedited. The interview is with a Mr. Guruka Singh and is an online prominent figure of the Sikh faith. My questions were based on an assumption that most paranoid Jews such as myself have (everything is being destroyed, polarized, assimilated and ultimately, annihilated). But Mr. Singh reminded me that this isn't necessarily the case of all small minorities, which of course is great to hear! This interview assumes you know the basics of Sikh faith and thus does not cover the basic tenants of Sikh religion, which can be learned about here. To the right, in the links section, is a link to Mr. Singh's web site so please take a visit and donate if you can. And without further ado:1) I suppose the first question should be who are you and what do you do/represent? Well, first and foremost, I’m a human being. I don’t mean that facetiously. We all need to become more human at all times. Man = mind and Hu = ray of light. So, to be human means that one’s mind becomes full of light. I’m currently serving as the Executive Director of, a Web site that connects Sikhs around the world and serves as a deep set of resources for all things related to the Sikh way of life.2) How do you think the Sikh culture is holding up in America? Is Punjabi still being taught to 2nd and 3rd generations here in the States?There is no such thing as Sikh culture. There’s Punjabi culture and there’s American culture. The Sikh way of life is not about culture. It’s about consciousness. The language of the Sikh Gurus is Gurmukhi, not Punjabi. Many modern day Punjabi speakers cannot read and understand the songs of our Gurus. But that’s not as important as it may seem. The effect of these songs is direct and occurs without needing to understand the words. 3) Can one convert to Sikhism? Personally, I prefer not to call the Sikh way of life an “-ism.” It’s simply a way of life and a state of consciousness, along with a set of very effective tools for maintaining one’s consciousness. My personal view is this: What is a Sikh? It is a very simple thing. “Sikh” means student. A student of what? A student of life. One who is here on this earth to learn how the universe works. The fact is, everyone is born a Sikh. Everyone is born to learn and understand reality. Some become Christians, some become Jews, some become Buddhists, some pretend that they are Sikhs, and a very few remain true Sikhs.4) Is there a Sikh “zionism” of sorts prevalent here in America? Is a “Khalistan” still something the Sikh population pursues, or do you think since there is a Sikh Indian president the persecution may subside? I cannot generalize about the ‘Sikh population.’ I’m not a political creature. I’m sure there are individuals to whom a sovereign Khalsa state is an important matter. To me, a Sikh can live anywhere and live happily and serve effectively. I think it’s great for global awareness of Sikh identity that the PM of India is a Sikh. Persecution is very much an interactive matter. I firmly believe that one literally creates one’s own reality by the thoughts one thinks. I simply bless everyone and pay no attention to anyone who has hate in their heart. Let them be blessed as well.5) What do Sikhs think of Judaism? Do they ever mention the similarities between the two religions? (equality, monotheism, persecution etc...) Oh, Sikhs and Jews have a lot in common. We both love to feed people! Enter a Jewish household and you will be offered food right away; same thing in a Sikh household. 6) What does your community do about inter-faith marriage? Is it prevalent? Has your population here in the States declined because of it? This is not a concern to me. Again[...]

A Great Book


Every Jew should own a copy of this enlightening book.

Why Liberalism IS anti-Semitism


Lately I’ve been hearing a liberal argument that, on its face, seems difficult to argue with. The argument goes something along the lines of “I, as an american, am allowed to protest Israel because my tax dollars go to fund their army.” This is the argument usually used to counter-argue the anti-semitism veil which most pro-Israelis label such rabidly anti-Israel opponents. Here is why the argument fails, and in fact, further proves anti-semitic bias.

Israel gets billions in US aid, no argument there. Israel has since killed approximately 6-8000 Palestinians in an attempt, however wanton or reckless you may label it, to rid the area of militant terrorists. Therefore, as an American citizen who is indirectly paying for this, you should be allowed to protest it.

Over the past 15 years, the US has given approximately 20 Billion dollars in aid to Russia. The same country that has killed over 250,000 Chechens in an attempt, however wanton or reckless you may label it, to seize oil. They have also armed Iran with nuclear and non-nuclear weaponry which have been passed down to lord knows what militant groups.

Of all the street protests I have ever seen in NY, and of all the Caddilac Jew-hating liberals I have spoken to, NONE of them have ever mentioned how appalled they are at the fact that their tax dollars are indirectly going to Russia’s occupation of Chechnya purely for greed and oil.
Now, this proves one of two things:

(1) You’re either as unbelievably educated as you claim and know full well about the Russian massacres that you are paying for, but don’t care because you hate Jews.


(2) You are a puppet of the New York Times and BBC political agenda and you do what they say when they say and your only knowledge of anything in this world is their misinterpretation of it.

No matter which one you chose, you should probably be hung, but not until death, just for the pain of it all. Last time I checked, 250,000 is way more than 8,000.

8,000 deaths = 100’s of street protests
250,000 deaths = 0 street protests.

Admit it, you don’t hate Israel, and you don’t love just simply hate Jews. And the prospect of being such a simpleton after all those years of education and high-horse PhD bullshit is simply too difficult to accept. Fortunately you’re smart enough to come up with rationalizations for everything. Fortunately, I’m here to prove those rationalizations wrong.

Interview: D.A. Hänks of the The Nationlist Party


The following is an exclusive unedited interview, in its entirety, with Mr. D.A. Hänks. This interview was conducted through email, thus the lack of conversational feel to it. I am a communitarianist, and I believe in respecting all communities, even those communities that I don't particularly love or who strongly disagree with me. Obviously there is a lot (90%) I don't agree with in this interview especially when Mr. Hänks speaks of color. To me, community, religion and culture far outweigh and trump superficialities such as skin color so to me a black Jew is nothing more or less than a Jew, and a black atheist is nothing more or less than a person. My pro-communitarianist stance has never been to halt any color "mixing" of any kind but rather to have something more substantive then wal-mart to stick up for, and which needs you to exist - this clearly surpasses the superficialities of skin color. All that being said, agreeing and loving a fellow community is not what communitarianism is about, its about respecting a fellow community for what they deem important to them. Therefore, I extend a hardy thank you to Mr. Hänks for the interview and to all my readers I present you with Jewish Destrudo's first interview:1) So I suppose the first question ought to be, who are you and what do you do?I’m D.A. Hänks, a writer - and soon to be radio commentator - for the NatParUSA website. We’ve just expanded our site to include 24 hour internet radio that represents the freedom that America should espouse to the rest of the world. I am also the author of the underground patriot novel, “Patriot Act – a Novel of Resistance.”2) For our readers who may not know, is the Nationalist Party a “white power” party or a hate group of any kind?The Nationalist Party is far from being a hate group; in fact it is love - not hate - which fuels our beliefs. I do not hate someone for being different, but I do love my own kind - people who are of the same race as me - and I believe that I should have the right to associate or disassociate with whomever I wish. I feel it is just as wrong to force people to be together, as it is to force them to be apart. I want to see my culture and heritage preserved; not diluted and erased. Wolves and bobcats cannot coexist peacefully, so how can you expect people to act peacefully when they are just as different as the wolf and bobcat, yet forcefully kept together in the same cage we call multicultural society?3) What is the Nationalist Party’s stance on Jews living in America? Are they treated like any other minority group or singled out for any particular reason?We believe that they are of a group that is not like ourselves, therefore, we wish to be separated from Jews. We don’t “single” anyone out. However, we cannot help but look at who controls our banking institutions, media, political system, and Hollywood, without understanding that there is a definite Zionist agenda to control our finances, and to force multiculturalism upon a nation that was formed devoid of it, without realizing that many of the problems we face are a direct result of Jewish supremacism. There would be no illegal immigration problem, if not for the fact that the Zionists’ love of money demands a cheap labor force.4) I believe in communitarianism, in that each community should be distinct and together support a government, much like the spokes support a wheel.  What impact do you feel individualism has had on our government?  We no longer have individualism. That ended when Lincoln federalized this nation against the principles of the democratic-republic upon which it was founded. Prior to that, the wheel spokes of which you speak were known as nation-states. Each state was a separate and sovereign nation, f[...]

The PC Liberal Police Will Get Me For This.....


This is awesome. So is this.

Why does nationalism and communitarianism matter to Jews?


There is a basic evolutionary reason and drive for diversification. Over the course of history man has gone from geographic territory to more abstract forms of territory. Once society sheltered and guaranteed mans geographic territories, man went on to draw a line in the sand around his family and his people. It is this drive to mark territory that, in my opinion, is the catalyst for genocide.

Freud spoke of mans overcompensation of narcissistic differences. What he meant was that when man felt threatened by a group of people trespassing his cultural territory, he would be forced to overcompensate to prove his “vast” differences. The reality is that we are all very similar, however, psychology usually does not feel constrained to be bound by reality. If one looks to the past genocide's within the last 80 years or so, one notices something unusual about them. They all occurred between two groups of people who outsiders couldn’t even tell the difference between.

Hutu-Tutsi Genocide - Not only was this distinction conjured up by the Belgians to divert attention away from colonial corruption, but it was done so poorly that even the Hutu’s were forced to check passports prior to cutting someone up into pieces. The distinction between the two people was so minimal, even the perpetrators of the genocide could not tell the difference and was forced to rely on government issued papers.

Jews-Germans Genocide - Hitler had brown eyes and brown hair and sucked at painting. Need I say more?

Serb-Albanian Genocide - There are numerous instances where Serb militants attacked and killed other Serbs in Serb cities because they simply did not know who was who.

Khmer Rouge-Cambodia Genocide - This wasn’t genocide between two similar groups, this was genocide between the same actual groups. Cambodian v. Cambodian.

Now lets take groups of people where you would think genocide would occur, but it never actually has. There is nothing more that Muslims hate than idol worshipers. Phew..good thing there are no muslims in India. India and neighboring Pakistan has nearly 200 Million Muslims. Now I’m not saying they live in peace, there will always be aggression and to think you can rid the human mind of aggression is just ridiculous liberal nonsense. But has there ever been a genocide? No. The Arabs HATE the Jews. Has there ever been a genocide? No. The Japanese despise the Chinese and the Chinese despise the Japanese, but has there ever been a genocide? No. Of course there have been killings, the Japanese killed 250,000 Chinese in one city alone. But the Muslims have killed 250,000 Hindus over the years and the Arabs/Jews as well. But hate and aggression does not meet the threshold of genocide.

When a group is sufficiently defined from the group or community they share geographic space with, history has shown us no overwhelming desire to create genocide. It seems to be only among groups who must overcompensate to prove their narcissistic petty differences.

Communitarianism is the love, respect and acceptance of separation. Separating communities will not relinquish aggression, but it will guarantee against genocide. If the Jews truly believed in “Never Again” they would be fighting assimilation and inter-marriage, the two things which lead to genocide, and the two things they have done little if nothing about.