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the music issue

stellar appraisal of the sound world in which we move about daily

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This is the archive for Daphne Carr's blog The Music Issue. Her current project is to make music issues her life's issue but starting an independent press specializing in music writing. Kickstart it today!

The Music Issue lives on...


Looking for The Music Issue? The Music Issue is now here at its new funboring home.I will be keeping this archive up for some time but new posts go only to the site.Many thanks and great listening to you all on the other side of the screen.

"Don't you forget about me."


This is a long post.Peter Scholtes said it well - it was like watching someone you loved dying on tv. Imagine a more impersonal horror. New Orleans, a city of supreme sensuality, of endless music, of tangled history, a city blending America with Europe in ways no other American city ever has, a town in which my dad was a teacher, that my aunt lived in for two dozen years, that I lived in for one

Ethnomusicologists Against Music As Torture


From the Society for EthnoMusicology (SEM) Website:Position Statement on Torture (February 2, 2007)On behalf of the Society for Ethnomusicology the SEM Board of Directors approves the Position Statement against the Use of Music as Torture, which originated in the SEM Ethics Committee and has the unanimous support of the Board of Directors.The Society for Ethnomusicology condemns the use of

Amen break lecture/acetate/youtube meltdown for the chin-strokers


In 2005, I was thrilled to be one-upped on a dance/revolution panel at EMP by Nate Harrison's fantastic conceptual paper on the "Amen" break. I think he went after me, and simply moved the stylus onto an acetate, on which he had recorded his paper. And then he sat there. For those of you who missed this real-time playback lecture can now watch the record spin on YouTube. Sadly, each time you

I just want the boy to be happy


Converging on Pasadena yesterday, today and tomorrow: the legions of Morrissey faithful. I was among them yesterday, properly dressed and a three on the 10 point scale of psychedom for the show, comparatively. Now, mind you, LA's has a well documented fascination with the Moz, (this docu perhaps inspired by the great Klosterman piece anthologized in DC-BMW03 for Spin), so I didn't even bother

party girls


LA interjection:This article on dance party gangs in LA has been much discussed in my household over the last few days. I find it profoundly disturbing, but I also feel a little hypocritical for my shock, since I know I was carousing at houseparties and raves in high school too. What is different here? One is perhaps an age thing, barely teens (like the Seattle rave murders last year), and



Just read Will's piece on David Bryne and wonder if there has ever been a time since beginning of Talking Heads that he WASN'T an influence on up-and-coming bands? It has less to do with his collected works and more with the fact laid so bare at the end of this piece - Byrne has never allowed his celebrity to warp the scale of his ambitions, or rather, his ambitions were likely always bigger

jackin' pop


This picture is from the Gibson factory in Memphis, TN - was there a few days ago on my cross-country drive to LA, where I'll be living for the next eight months.You may have seen my essay for the best album as voted by the Jackin' Pop poll. Check out this NPR story on the end of P&J to see what all the fuss about the JP poll has been this year.Will post more in the near future, after I unpack.

Vote for Stop Smiling as the Plug Awards best 'Zine


Yes yes, the tyranny of the superlative. I've been working as music features editor of Stop Smiling Magazine for over two years, and am excited that Plug is acknowledging how well put together the mag is and how hard everyone works on it. It's a labor of love. Support the cause! Vote for the Plug Awards 2006

cmj06: the knife


The Knife - Webster Hall (late show)More like theater than pop, The Knife took the stage on time. They were dressed, brother and sister, in their Monkey King suits which could be called "famous" if 11 shows played in seven years of music-making does make any kind of performance fame. There were screens in front and behind them, projects passing through the first and to the back but often forming



Am smoking thru NIN so no time to blog right now (I met the mayor of Mercer yesterday, nice guy) but here are some interesting reads (I'm sitting in a coffee shop and two high school boys are singing "Little Runaway" while chomping on chips, I am in absolute Bon Jovi overload these days):Schmucks of CBGBUnquiet Gabe on Greil's new bookTrevor Dann on Nick Drake (and Linda Thompson). A few summers

BMW06 Reading NYC: Oct 25 at Housing Works. Save the date!


Wow, A 3D animated Best Music Writing 2006 in living stereo for one night only!Please come out to the BWM06 reading at Housing Works on Wednesday, October 25th, and (as per below) bring a book or two to donate to the venue. You could even bring a book of bad music writing so you have a spot for the BMW06 on your shelf. Trade up! Da Capo Best Music Writing 2006Housing Works Bookstore CaféWednesday

Tough chix and little kidz


I'm surprised to mostly agree with a list of AOL's ladies who but less so knowing the fabulous Jessica Robertson was involved in its making. She's no small Joan Jett herself. Girl, when are you going to get up on stage?As for someone always in the spotlight, here's a Guardian piece quoting Pete Doherty on poetry. Yesterday there was poorly written but good story on British grime dudes

writing about...other stuff


Douglas Wolk and Ann Powers have both lamented to me on separate occasions that a younger generation of music writers seem less obsessed with general "good" writing, and more obsessed with generations of music writers. That the profession has become inbred (my words, not theirs). And while we all need living, breathing mentors (Douglas and Ann are good ones), it is also imperative that a writer

trans-siberian snorkistra, havel in nyc, dc nostalgia


Am poking around in Ohio, not much to report. I did buy for my family today tickets to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. I have to tell you that I suspect it to be the most horrendous kitsch on the planet, the merging of my least favorite aspects of rock with my least favorite aspects of classical in a line not tred (or crossedover) since Metallica's S&M. I suspect that, Radiohead by even mid OK



Alright folks, let's do this:Waking Up From History: Music, Time, and PlaceThe 2007 Pop Conference at Experience Music ProjectApril 19-22, 2007Seattle, Washington Music happens, then it ripples. What is the relationship between the circumstances that produce music and our swirling notions of pop's past, future, and zeitgeist? How do the times affect the notes? What factors literally

Marooned/Two Ton


Today Phil posted the final list and/or table of contents ofMarooned essays. I'm honored to be sandwiched between Douglas and Darnielle, and having read the Stereolab piece in advance, can see why Phil made it so. I'm most excited to read Miccio's and Breihan's pieces, and sort of overwhelmed and thrilled by how bizarre these writers' choices were. Popism sweeps, and there I am with an album of

teachers, mentors, firings, the future


Read this obit for RS editor Paul Nelson, which includes this:Longterm contributor David Fricke says of Nelson, his first editor at the magazine, "He was the perfect definition of 'mentor' -- someone who recognized talent, gave it a chance and made vital helpful criticism in terms of language and perspective. I learned a lot from Paul not just about expressing one's passions and opinions, but how

BMW06: table of contents


• Greil Marcus, Stories of a Bad Song/Threepenny Review• Alex Ross, Doctor Atomic “Countdown”/The New Yorker• Mike McGuirk/Rhapsody Rush Hemispheres Charlie Rich Behind Closed Doors Ted Nugent Cat Scratch Fever Kylie Minogue I Believe in You Accept Balls to the Wall Frosty Liquor Drink Iron Maiden Number of the Beast Boredoms Super AE

BMW06: Press release. Get your galleys now!


Departing from my Pragueblog to announce that galleys are available for Da Capo Best Music Writing 2006. Get yours today:“It is a great thing, a luxurious thing, that our music is so fine and fierce, that it is able to go so many places and speak of so many things, and that there are people with the nimble intelligence to appreciate it in so many forums.”—Mary Gaitskill, from the IntroductionDA

rock camp, seattle weekly, Oneida


More band photos should look like these from Rock Camp in NYC. One of few reasons I wish I were in NYC right now (Prague is just as hot, but half as expensive - the news says things like "it's hot, the breweries are working overtime!) is because I really wanted to work at the Camp this year. Alas.Here's a depressing piece about the effect of New Times on the Seattle Weekly. Of course Matos left

Czech Rep 2006: Boskovice Festival


Been gone. Am now in Prague until the end of August.Yesterday I traveled to Boskovice for the Boskovice 2006 Festival, sponsored by the collective Unijazz, which shares office space with Tamizdat. Faithful TMI readers will know that I worked at Tamizdat last year and this year I returned to poke around the office, write album reviews, and see what else they're up to. Boskovice is one of Unijazz's

gone on a gothic vacation


Am deep in the heart of NIN, so not too much updating this or next week.That said, i created a myspace page for the pretty hate machine project. i may start a blog there too to chart my thoughts or to pose questions that would be too 90s and annoying here. if you're a fan or have curiousity about the project, sign up! I have to say i was sad that the real estate for .com/prettyhatemachine was

deus ex machina


Take 20 minutes out of your day to read this history of laptop music on New Music Box. The writer goes through all the usuals but with a good new music eye. Also, there is this lovely aside, which seems like something out of an 80s sci-fi screenplay:I initially studied computer science in college, and before I opted for an English degree, my favorite professor was an esteemed figure in the field