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MMOshmup Valkyrie Sky holding free beta between Feb. 10 and 12


Starting tomorrow, the worlds first MMO shoot-em up game, Valkyrie Sky, will enter open beta for three days, and three days only. After choosing between one of four RPG style characters, players can navigate a 3D world, interact with other characters and players, and form a party to engage in some traditional top-down shoot-em up gameplay. Of course, MMO staples such as leveling and item collecting are included as well. The press release/colorful flyer indicates all potential applicants should head on over to http://www. valkyrie to join now, but, as of writing, that sites not working. Hopefully everything will be up and running by the time Tuesday rolls around. Posted by Kyle Stallock

Borders Gets Exclusive Twilight Special-Edition DVD


Borders Group Inc. Feb. 9 said it has collaborated with Summit Home Entertainment to create an exclusive special two-disc limited-edition DVD boxed set of Twilight that will be available March 21, the same day as the Blu-ray, standard-DVD and electronic releases. The boxed set of the highly anticipated home video debut of Twilight , which generated $187 million at the U.S. box office and captivated millions of female teen readers of the four Twilight novels, is available exclusively at Borders, as well as on

Ellen Degeneres



has revealed for the first time that the doctors have given hardly the all-free weeks to it before that was diagnosed with cancer of the mammella. " It listens, this is un occasion so that me it says something that it has not said before. Speaking on un exposure of chat of United States, singer, that it has to pass last the three years that fight the cancer, has invited the women not to take to doctors the assurances like gospel. " If you have of doubt, goes still behind. The don the t it wants to say that in order to scare people but that s hardly a fact.". " Thus my message to all you is, because someone is in a coat white man and in for means of great medical instruments, doesn average of t necessarily is right." Rather than going with what medical grass it must say, it has recommended the women to trust itself their instincts. They have been badly diagnosed initially, " Minogue has said l host .

Kim Kardashian Celebrity Gossip Photographer



In this case, although, l former better friend than Paris Hilton gives to life like reporter of subject of gossip of the celebrity a blow. L only thing that lacks from this scene? . Typically, she the s it has folded hardly over and wearing many garments while the tape is rolling. She s strascicata, ironicamente, from those which they make this for a life. All we know how much enjoys dell use of a video camera. Naturally..

Stars Dress To Impress On The Red Carpet With A Little Help From Designers Kristin Davis



" " the Kristin star Davis knows to be fashionable, but gradice to a little make it with aid from Karan Woman. That s because many of they turned towards their favorite planners when head outside on the red carpet. The planner says that Davis is " fashionable, expressive and unique." Davis moreover admires the saying of Karan that is a woman whom it knows to dress a woman. It S.A star job of s dressing itself in order to make an impression. , than star in May with in the " Noise, " it says that it appreciates that Sanchez can make a design well-made that feminine seeming and sexy without to resemble you have rendered to a great effort.. We bucket have communicated with three stars that have favorite planners. Singer calls Saab& #039 of ; & quot of look of s; elegance.& quot esuberante; 27 years, of which egg whites it has had outside in june, have said that the garments from the planners always render its to seem of the fabulous body. Gradice Ashanti , is trusted and counts on .

Has Jennifer Lopez Had A Mommy Plastic Surgery Makeover



Now that she is moreover a mother, incitilo to recover the wonders if Jenny from the block has had a transformation of the plastic surgery of the mother in order to maintain its look. In order not to point out its edges it is made of the company, than even according to as reported they are made of the mink for the appearances of the red carpet, designing l ira of . Lo plastic surgery of s, comprised a nose job to render its nose tighter. Jennifer moreover has been thought suspicion for having an increment of the breast to contribute to balance outside its famous body curvaceous (picked the complete history on Jennifer Lopez increment of the breast of s).. Since its days like girl of Moscow urge, it to recover have marked on the many changes that has made its appearance in order to increase its career. Moreover it is marked for having the plants of the guancica and a reduction of the labbro. In the past, has marked on J.

Balenciaga To Launch A Online Store Jennifer Connelly



WWD are signaling that it marks will launch their first place of electronic commerce 15 May with the bags, the ice-skates, glance at them alone to it, the scarves and the monili in sale. In collaboration with the tree-lined avenue To. Don the t it obtains too much moving although the girls, it are on hand only of the customers of the United States. Fortune teller that I will have simply to maintain an eye on the garment to the matches - where it s that it sells by piece for 3,875!. With of are in order joining other houses of way as all join the world of purchase online. It shame of the S.A won the t it is dressed of the stocking hardly still, it would be interesting to see if garment is carrying in their advertising campaign 2008 of the spring sold outside. " It is un extension and an adaptation of the place puts into effect them of, " it has said a spokesman of Balenciaga of the boutique online imminent, planned from .

Jessica Alba S Birth Bracelet



has given to friends the leather bracelets and saying they give not to remove till after give to the light. While the majority of received the Jessica gifts was in yellow or green, l actress of 26 years according to as reported she has said the hosts that she is previewing a baby.. Then they to them have said aren the t he has conceduto to take the bracelets till that the child was not born." The hosts all heavy shower, that this month has been held more in advance payment, has been cured to the spits of the gambero and of the pollo of the tiger, to miniums rubbers ring and the strawberries dived in chocolate dark white man and, washed down with drinks which white man, limonata wine, has ghiacciato the coffee and the milkshakes. A spectator has said: " Jessica has been made sure that all same carrying a leather bracelet before that entire they launch in a life, love, health prayer. The Four& #039 fantastic; l actress - who is previewing its first child with fianc2ee in May - has had a heavy shower of child to Los Angeles Never after the store of the tea, in which the hosts comprised and they have been asked to participate to the rituale bizzarro.

Nbc 5 Hires Jennifer Lopez As New Meteorologist



But you preview free skies ahead when the station the newest chartering Jennifer Lopez, a meteorologo of s of the net on the Sleeve of time from 2000, begins in june. The likenesses between the meteorologo and l actress/end singer with the name. TV/NBC 5 the decision of s March in order to fire meteorologo after nearly 17 years with the station has exhorted a stormy answer from the visori. The meteorologist the husband of s is a pilot of Southwest Airlines and in allowed of the soldiers to contribute riassegnare a squadron of the marine blue DC-9 from Atlanta to the Fort Worth.. Lopez, a native one of st the Augustine, Fla., has been employed after a national search. It will beginning from look at and introduce the news of time during 5 5-7 days of the week of a.m.

Cynthia Nixon Beats Breast Cancer Kristin Davis



All the sense was trying hardly to calm itself down she could." Nixon and Marinoni, both who refer to from Nixon children of s two like " mother, " moreover she has broken with the news to kidskin, than they have dealt to them remarkablly well. My friend a lot has been scared, " she has said of its associate of four years, . Davis love, if not entire logical, answer: for in order jumping in on in its chair and refusing to withdraw itself till to assure it she from Nixon that all would be well.. " Era in a panic. While the sex and the series of the already avvano city moved and the sex and the film of the supplied city not still avvano in production, Nixon has said that it has called its pal close in order to inform it of the diagnosis. To cost , on one side, not successful in order to carry out its cold.

Jennifer Connelly



He is moreover flowing in French and Italian.. She s even recently dabbled in the modellistica (or at last soccombuto to the many planners whom the elemosinano lend their lines its forehead). The beautiful hauntingly has appeared in critic-applauded films innumerevoli dell author (" Requiem for a dream, " " " and " , " in order to call some hardly). Connelly moreover has assisted to Yale for two years, where it has studied l English, therefore transferred to Stanford in order to complete its Bachelor degree of s.

Movie Capsules Angela Bassett



In its search in order to make the perfect film for the gentleman of the church of the African-American, the producer-director Tyler Perry is measuring more and more near the mark. He s that it also obtains more cautious in the unit of the casting. Not that Perry hasn t written l actress more than enough monologi depriving of hope and not that she doesn game everyone of t of they as if it s that large one.. " Tyler Perry the s the Browns" meets; doesn star of t thus as well as like adores Angela Bassett, partially because it knows we make, also its character, single mother of the Chicago, is all extremity of its ? that the cavezza it has lost hardly its job, l electricity has been cut and to its son Michael () of the basketball star is hanging with the ? of the traders but l with of Bassett the muscle tone and jaw s its ungodly mark it the resistance that Brenda shooting of the ll through.

Miley Cyrus Misses Out On Prom Night



The " " the star, that it has organized in collaboration the prizes of the with its beam of the Billy of the father the monday, was hoping to make it the great dance, but it has recently learned it won the t it can arrive. It says, " I am shooting my film during the days of promenade, thus won the t he is there." But the singer of 15 years admits she the s he has alleviated secret -- because she doesn the t he has a date: " I would be like the single hermit to the posterior part of the promenade. Feeling of I crack has uncovered that the reputation comes to a high price -- she s too much occupied to assist to its promenade of the High School. That s defective! I am not going to make that.".

Priscilla Presley Was Voted Of Dancing With The Stars Dance Competition



Task that has made a job wonderful and even can make the splits. A thing has rendered that difficult to maintain it in the competition was that she didn t ago the faster dances. It is in its 60 s so as to you it must be astonished from as it has continued thus well with the dance hall. The best constitution in mayoralty this was not a scandal in order to see to obtain the transmitted domestic past night on Exposure of TV. This has given a tight range to it of the dances and was kind of sonnolento after a moment. Besides there is much competition with the others that go strong this year!.

Hilton Apologises To Kim Kardashian



Happy it has made the effort in order to say she s sorry.". It remembers me of the annealed one all inside of great refusals bag." Hilton has said that this on Las Vegas radius-extension the 14 you open them. marks it while radius spoke on the programs, Hilton had said, " I would not want (Kim extremity) of s - it s gross. I was joking hardly around and I have made a joke stupid. Kim s warm! Kim has recognized the excuses and has answered: " Paris and I have been friendly from when we were kidskin and I m. It was a foolish thing to say. However, when a part dell exposure has been sent online, Hilton remorseful and was realized wrong era. Now it says: " I have thought later on really the Evil, so as to they are put to me in contact with Kim and I have asked excuse. Mondana person has asked excuse the designer American after to have insultatlaa on the programs radius.

Miley Cyrus Quits Performing And Retires Early



L friend of boy, , is a local boy dell agricultural company that leads a van 1986 of the jeep, door the jeans of the dirty job, dives the tobacco from fiuto, plays a medium guitar and is hardly the & #039 typical; rubacuori teenie that one normally chases Hannah on the TV. The excessive estimated one and often over the known exposed adolescent person on the contrary like , is withdrawing after that a warm and sudato operation of three years on . Ernest is a player of hokey amateur and has taught to Miley to like pattinare and playing hokey on a frozen pond behind its agricultural company this last winter.. Cyrus has a new boy who could ago part of this changing drama of life. The character of the Hanna Montana is played from and Miley also is taking the long road of new to Palookaville where it plans to stop to carry out, it eats more judiciously and it even begins to date! " I you it has had with Hollywood! Many phonies. Many turning aside sexual and people.& quot crespi; It demands a Cyrus rather pensive.

Bobby Brown Tells Of Whitney Houston S Affair With Porn Star Kim Kardashian



In the J' beam; & quot of s; Boy, " outside from its egg whites hardly-freed, all that thinks, debuts this week, beam J croons, " Your wife is that one, is that your I& #039 shorty and bond; m. Its boy task that the problem is you don skillful beat of t that ago l love is cold, as soon as it pulls its hats sometimes.". In the images: and Bobby Brown l drug-resupplied union s and now its much young lover, , 27, has written a song that takes in turn Brown and that it details its trasandata sexual life with Houston. The singer of 44 years is dating the brother of R Brandy of the N.B singer.: , than moreover it has freed famous a tape of the sex with its former-girlfriend . Its former husband has exited with an say-all autobiography, having been Bobby Brown: Entire truth and Nothin But, in that she details to its and Houston use and addresses of the drug of s the voices of its bi-sexuality, page you are of relationships.

Being Beautiful Has Ugly Side Effects From Head To Toe Priscilla Presley



And, from Greenville, S.C., has cited , as an example that it had been evil hurt from one of theirs bra under-to tie of s. Particularly perfido: Primping and preening that one comes in hot weather. For the feminine species, the danger can lie in wait for to every turn. Also poor can the t it obtains grinza-free without to cause the main damage to its forehead. This week, of Brooklyn has cited a thermal station of for damage caused to its regions nether during the aggressive wax of the bikini. To that other the women must resist? Mlto..

Muddy Waters Jennifer Connelly



The clip it has been directed from Hotel . The spot the message of s is enough hard without needing un recognizable actress to sell it. This PSA for .org is disturbing in the relative truth, but it is having l attricetta of like the " lead" it is the species to distract. It s water brown in those glasses that our attention obtains, not Connelly the s it has sconfigguto the look to it must serve it to its kidskin. starred in , now she s it drinks that it. Controllila outside after the jump..

Ellen Degeneres Friend To The Animals



, the greater director of the humanitarian society Hollywood, set in action prasied of saying DeGeneres, " Ellen has undertaken the hunting cruelty, cooking the lobsters and it has even defended small insects.". DeGeneres has faced behind schedule l past year a means circus after that has adopted a cucciolo called Iggy and it has given it via to a friend, solo to find that l approval agency has demanded the pet return of s, like pet the s it has not been concurred in order to be given via adopted once. The branch of Hollywood of the has marked to warmth Queen of exposure of talk like " one of the best" when it comes to the difficult situation of putting in evidence of the cruelty to the animals. This has provoked DeGeneres that it gives a warm demand on air so that the dog is last behind, however, l agency of approval which raised in feet constant on their politics.

Jennifer Lopez S Moonlit Exercise



" It has to pass to the past month of its planning of pregnancy its regime with a square of dietisti and personal trainers. It is only eating the fish or pollo cooked to vapor to high proteica percentage and fresh verdura. It is resolving for three hours to the day, 7 days to the week. It calls its square 120lb in the reference to its weight dell objective. The source addition: " Jennifer doesn the t one grants all the sugar, caffein or l alcool and it only drinks water.& quot purified;. " , that it is married singer , moreover is believed in order to cut all carbohydrates from its diet and is surviving to on 1.400 calories a day.

Jessica Alba And Cash Warren S Breakfast Date



" I love creative people, but task that my equilibrium is having someone that is more to earth and logical." Dawn has passed with a painful decline behind in 2003 in which its coupling to colleague " " the castmate has fallen to part.. has observed the fresh spring in a maternity shirt white woman loose-fitting under cardigan of yellow color color a yellow canary with some blue pants pastels of yoga, while the cash have opted for a black sweater/black T-shirt/black tennis shoes arranged with a connection of the jeans plagued. And sound as Jess has found that she s that it tries in . Recently it has said the pressa that she it has had it to the s with the actors and it more prefers a balanced man.

Tyler Perry S Great Secret Angela Bassett



is one of our finer actresses. You can nearly feel the question murmured hidden in some place nell within of the words of the lukewarm reviews: " That people really gradice this roba? " Like of customary, they know what do not ask -- or they give from where the relative tradition comes. All sayings, its films have embedded in the vicinity of $500 million. It is since, because the dachshund that starring in the new one & quot of the comedy; , " which it is thus immense, thus over - it exceeds thus and given to sentimentalit? Good question. You see, Tyler Perry rendered to its reputation on the teatrale circuit of chitlin of the theatre of the black one of the community -- in which a lot it is completed putting a man in a garment, making presuntuoso divertimento of the illiterate ones, writing dialogue that is extremely obvious and filling up the mouths of the characters of threats, of put-low and of thus heavy plays on words that could not raise it if they took the form of the barbells.. L man is something of un industry. But l auction dell office of scato it is a mystery to many. He is too much fundamental to we all. " You meet the colors brown, " like the rest of Perry the films of s, are a large one happening trade them. He is a such master dell expression of the human sensibility that she doesn melodramma of need of t communicating.

Kim Kardashian Attends Bongo Launch



Kim has been called the new face of marks hardly of bongo some months ago, replacing a call to in an entirety promotions of the press estate/di spring 2008 for the planner. Of the probability to work for the clothier, 27 years with the pressa said to-die-for of the part: " Every planner takes a little one from other inspirations, a little one from what gradicono here and here. Spokesman of the bongo contributed to celebrate the fallen new launch at the market 2008 of to Los Angeles, California monday (the 7 you open them). Envied something of similar when you see all fact and all.". Coolness outside of a call all heavy shower of child the day before, the star of turned truth mondana person has put in extension a yellow advanced part with the jeans while it has proposed for the photographers who align the red carpet.

Jessica Alba Alba S Gift To Sick Fan



Adina says the bucket of the star, " I have intentional to meet Jessica because I really observe in on she. I was thus moving when I have seen in the first instance it, I I was jumping up and down. L dawn put in contact with organization and assured Adina and its mother Wine to fly to Los Angeles and to pass a day with the star. Era like the great I' sister; the VE always wanted.". has made a disease of heart of nine years patient the dreams of s recently come to align, being well to its better friend for the day. The connections expenses cronometrano to obtain the transformations in a hall and then they hit Beverly Hills boutique famous, even buying and exchanging the friendship necklaces. " It was all the thought s she the d it is and more. The mother, that she suffers from the regurgitation potentially died them from the mitrale valve of circumstance, has written to the l past year (07) explaining as its daughter has dreammed of being un actress, like its idolo dawn.