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كلا! الصراخ ليس ممنوعا


بادئ ذي بدء، لا بد من الترحم على روح الفقيدة الغالية. إن الجريمة البشعة التي تعرضت لها مريم أصابتنا جميعا في الصميم، و ما زلنا حتى هذه اللحظة مفجوعين بهول الكارثة. أعان الله أهل الفقيدة، و أعاننا جميعا على تجاوز آثار هذه الجريمة.نعم، لا بد من الصراخ، لا بل و الصراخ عاليا، أولا استنكارا للهمجية و الوحشية، و ثانيا للتضامن مع الأهل المفجوعين، و ثالثا لأن انسانيتنا تأبى علينا السكوت و الرضوخ أمام

Don’t Use US Anymore!


Back in 2005, there were TONS and TONS of reasons why we marched, why we stood united and said ENOUGH! Back in 2005, people from all over Liban, went to Freedom Square demanding independence and freedom. We didn’t march for leaders, we didn’t march for money, and we didn’t march because someone forced us to. We marched because we believed in Liban, because we wanted a better Liban, because we

Gebran Tueni


This year, I’ve decided to wait till the end of the day, and copy-paste what others said about Gebran in his anniversary…. May your soul rest in peace…… اليـــــوم وغـــــداً قبل أربع سنوات، كان عرس، ليس في قانا الجليل، بل في قلب بيروت، إنه عرس الشهادة. سقط جبران تويني شهيداً للوطن، لكل حبة تراب من أرضه، من جنوبه إلى شماله، مروراً بالمدينة الأحب إلى قلبه "ست الدنيا".بعد هذه السنوات، تبدلت

Our Heroes


I know I haven't published anything in a VERY long time, mainly because politics in Liban these days has decided NOT to follow democracy as the whole world recognize it, and used it's own version of "CONSENT DEMOCRACY".But, and because we have to RECOGNIZE those who deserve to, this post is named for our own Interior Minister, Mr. Ziad Baroud, who was recently elected by Magazine Monocle, as one



This is the Orange General…live among his followers at Byblos.He said: “I’m going to be the LEADER of the largest parliamentary bloc in the History of the Lebanese Republic” Check it here Yet, the General was talking behind a “non-transparent-isolating-glass”, as the writing indicate in the picture above. Irony of life…how the LEADER of the largest bloc ever is HIDING…and how those who don’t

Let Them Try……


It’s Thursday.  It’s the day they have feared for a long time. It’s the day where they all couldn’t wait to read your editorial,  hoping they won’t be revealed, they won’t be exposed, that they would survive yet another week. You were the voice of the nation. You were the beat of the nation. We have always waited for you, waited for your editorials. We wanted you to unmask the cowards, the

Tribunal For Liban


They doubted us. They accused us of traitor. They wanted us to “move on”. They denied us our rights. They laughed at us for wanting justice and truth. And they kept on murdering us. But we refused to surrender, to stop dreaming, to accept the reality, that we are not united, that we are not independent, that we don’t have democracy, and we won. March 1st, 2009, justice is near, the truth is

As If It Was 2005....


It is Feb. 14th, 2009. People from all over Liban gathered one more time refusing to give up. Somewhere there 'cause they want to remember Rafic Hariri, others were there 'casue they want to show the world that March 14th is still strong. I was there 'cause I can't even think that all our martyrs' blood be wasted. The tribunal is near. Justice is near.I won't be talking politics, and what

Defining Victory


Back in the old days, victory was announced easily by the winning side; it was too obvious and too clear that you couldn't possible deny it. Or maybe it was due to the fact that the "winning side" was the one doing the act of announcing, while the "defeated side" is busy in trying to save whatever left there to be saved...But nowadays, people can talk for HOURS, even DAYS, about how victory was

Gebran Tueni's Memorial


This year, I went to the grave, I needed to see. Still hard to believe.The funeral this year was much better than last year; it wasn't full of politics, at least not that obvious. There weren't any parties' flags or riots, a simple quite gathering and honoring a great man.Ghassan didn't show up, unlike the past two years, and Nayla was leading the scene. Seems like the rumors of her running for

Ghassan Tueni.....


This is the editorial of Annahar for Friday December 15th, 2008 by Ghassan Tueni....تستشهدُنا من بعدك كلّ نهار يا ابني، يا حبيبي!أمضي، في الفراغ الذي تركتَ من بعدك في دنيا الحياة، أسألك: لماذا، لماذا؟ أسأل طيفك الذي يحوم حولي ويُثقل الفراغ بصوتك الذي لا يهدأ، مروراً بقَسَمك حاملاً صداه هدير جماهير "ساحة الشهداء" إياها، وكأنها امتدّت وتمتدّ بنا وبالسابقين واللاحقين من قرن إلى قرن: لماذا لم تخف من

The Fate of Free Men


3 years have passed, and I still look every thursday at Annahar, hoping to see a new editorial by your pen...3 years have passed, and I still unable to come near your grave....3 years have passed, and I still can't believe you are gone....To my role model, to my star, to my idole, to my father....May your sould rest in Peace, WE WON'T EVER FORGET YOUR PATH....

No Comment


I saw this car while passing through Gemmayze earlier today.....Read what he has printed above his plate number....I guess the guy had his share of accidents.... lol

The Audacity of Liban


We (regardless of what you consider “we”; Arabs, Orientals, Phoenicians, or Lebanese) are born and raised on our rich heritage. We take so much pride in our history, in our achievements, and mostly in our set of morals and values. It is our way to face the West; while they have the power, the technology, and the prosperity, we have the history, the heritage, and the morals and values for a better



As you are all aware, this blog has been out of actions for months now. Mostly because I'm just sick of the whole political scene in Liban lately.Nevertheless, I was really touched by the recent news of that Gorilla, who refused to give in her dead baby, and carried him/her around in a touchy scene that says a lot. Below you can see the mourning mom carrying her baby in pain an grief.On the very

Liban Celebrates Sleiman


Today, Liban, all of Liban is celebrating the new president. The amount of joy, happiness and hope in the country is unbelievable, and let me add, illogical. But it seems the Lebanese are simply "fed up" of the whole political struggle, and they are willing to "turn a blind eye" and just hold on to any hope.But today is not a day to analyze what is going to happen, or how things are to progress.

The After Math


Now that life has got back to its norm in Beirut, and to the rest of Lebanese areas. It's a good time to sit, thin and analyze the after math of the last escalations.Of course, depending on what side you are supporting, the conclusions will be totally different, as it's the thing with everything is Liban lately...Nevertheless, there are certain points that no one can deny:The so-called "Holly

I Was Wrong!


I was wrong.To every man, women, teenager which has ever read my blog, I want to say I'm sorry.I was wrong....When I defended HAI was wrong....When I considered it a legitimate "resistance"I was wrong....When I went into endless argument that HA is one of usI was wrong....When I thought that the "Arsenal" will never be used against other LebaneseI was wrong....When I asked the whole world to

The Choice Is Yours!


Today, we showed the whole world that we have two Lebanons! In fact, we showed the world that we are two opposites that can NEVER meet!Irony of life...the smallest country is waging war against Israel and Syria at the same time!In Martyrs' Square, M14 came strong, sending the strongest message against the Syrian regime ever, accusing it of being an "Israeli Product", insisting on electing General

Being Lebanese


Every time I feel that things are going to the unknown, I like to take a break from the whole mess, and go away for a while.Between the "gunshots" and the "War talks and actions" that seems to be the new fashion of the political leaders in Liban lately (as if no one can see the "shit" we are in already), I thought that nothing can take me away from this madness but to go to "Prague" in Hamra.To

Nahar Ashabab.... How Come?


I'm a big fan of Nahar Ashabab, ever since it was first founded by the late Gebran Tueni. And I had the honor to be a part of the Nahar Ashabab's Family since its renewal by Nayla Tueni, even though my work in the hospital have drifted me away from the paper as well as my blog (no need to say anything more, you can clearly see how rarely I write nowadays...).Nevertheless, Thursdays have always

Snipers My @$$??!!


According to the pro-opposition Assafir newspaper, the so-called snipers are NOT responsible for the casualties!!!???ولم يقتصر الأمر على المعلومات، بل تم وضع بعض أشرطة «الفيديو» المسحوبة من بعض كاميرات المراقبة لمؤسسات تجارية في المنطقة التي حصلت فيها الاشكالات، وأظهرت في بعضها كيف قُتل بعض الأشخاص ومنهم عناصر في «حزب الله» و«أمل» كانوا يعملون على التهدئة، فضلا عن الكشف الطبي الشرعي الذي أظهر أن

President Sleiman...No More??


Army men lost in the middle of nowhere??!What really happened yesterday? A question that needs an answer.Someone would say: "It's very simple, people are just fed up of all the suffering and injustice they are facing, and they went out on streets asking for their rights. But the Evil hands used this opportunity to start a war that would never end."Another would argue: "How come such riots ONLY



Either You Are Stupid...Or You Are Stupid!!!


I haven't been posting for almost a month now. There are many reasons for that actually. First, it's the holiday season, and talking about dirty politics simply doesn't fit in such a season. Second, I'm really tired and fed up of how things are going, ennu you can't help but to see a dead end, and all of us going no where. But most importantly, I haven't been blogging because lately because there