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Updated: 2014-02-21T14:44:26+01:00


Thunderstruck (AC/DC) Cello-Cover


Der Ziesel


I would love to own one of these! They are coming out in February 2014. A bit expensive. Maximum speed 35 km/h. As an all terrrain vehicle it looks absolutely stunning in these youtube videos.

Nicholas Capaldi on the Lockean vs the Rousseauan Narrative


Nicholas Capaldi has an intriguing perspective on how two rival paradigms has framed and continues to forge normative business ethics. This article shaped a quite a bit of my understanding of normative business ethics and played an important role in...



With Google reader closing, it's time to turn to a new feed-reader. In that regard I have now switched to feedly. Importing my google reader info was easy. Feedly is also aesthetically pleasing on the eyes. All in all I'm...

The impact NASA has had on different fields


William Shatner gives a fascinating small presentation of the impact NASA has had on different fields and on how that improves life here on earth.

I, Pencil


The Competitive Enterprise Institute has made a short film version of Leonard Reads classic I, Pencil essay.



Untappd is to beer, what Foursquare is to locations... It's a great app for getting to know beers and breweries, and interact with your drinking buddies. You can also, similarly to Foursquare earn badges. All in all a fun site...

The Benevolent Nature of Capitalism


I Just bought The Benevolent Nature of Capitalism by George Reisman. It is a collection of some of George Reismans essays on capitalism that has just recently been released for the Kindle. The 11 Essays consists of the following: The...

Support a free and open internet


Google has launched a campaign in support of a free and open internet against those who would hand over control to the United Nations and corrupt and oppressive governments. I've just signed. Hope you will too!

Netflix finally launches in Norway


I'm excited. Netflix was released in Norway today. I've currently tested it on my iPad and on my PS3. ...and I'm buffering issues...totally smooth :-) I've just finnished watching the Norwegian comedy Tomme Tønner and have just started watching...