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Hanna's Life is Cool

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I'm no longer blogging here, you can find me at:

My Art Blog

My Personal Blog

2012 Art Summary


I did this for Deviantart, you can view it larger (and read my thoughts) there!

Honey & Huckleberries


Hi everyone, I hope your holidays were wonderful!  We all got sick (little S was the sickest) but seem to be on the mend now.  I've started up a new blog with a focus on food and family over at Honey and Huckleberries.  I'll be posting all my photos and family stuff over there as well as sharing fun recipes and talking about feeding little people and our adventured with a mostly paleo diet.  I'll be keeping this blog just for my art updates, so I hope you'll follow my new blog as well!  I plan to update a few times a week and I'm very excited with my vision for Honey and Huckleberries :)

I must be a mermaid


a Christmas Present for my dear friend Jen.  Rather heavily inspired by Katie Daisy.

Little Houses


Here's some little houses I did this month :)  $30 if you're interested in getting a drawing of your home!

Merry Christmas!


I love you guys!  I hope you have the best day today.  Sorry for neglecting you this month, but some changes are coming in the new year, stay tuned!

November Birds - 30


Emperor Penguin Chick

That's the end of November, guys!  I'm pretty proud that I drew a bird every day without fail.  I think my speed painting skills have improved a ton.  I'd like to keep going but I have commissions and Christmas presents to work on next month.  Busy busy!  Which was your favourite bird?  See them all here!

November Birds - 29


Spangled Cortinga.  Only one day left!
(I'm drawing a bird every day in November)

November Birds - 28


Crowned Eagle.
(I'm drawing a bird every day in November)

November Birds - 27


Major Mitchell's Cockatoo.
(I'm drawing a bird every day in November)

November Birds - 26


Indigo Banded Kingfisher...or is it a bird from Avatar?  Hmmmm.
(I'm drawing a bird a day in November)


Black Billed Magpie.  I tried to show how pretty their iridescent colours are, not sure it I succeeded.
(I'm drawing a bird every day in November)

November Birds - 24


American Kestrel
(I'm drawing a bird a day in November)

November Birds - 23


(I'm drawing a bird a day in November)

Photo Friday!


We've been having miserable weather lately, but yesterday the sleet let up for a while and we went to our favourite campground.  It's so peaceful when it's empty.   A was sleeping on my back, so it was hard to get a good shot of her![...]

November Birds - 22


Golden Crowned Kinglet!
(I'm drawing a bird a day in November)

November Birds - 21


Long eared owl!  I like this one :)
(I'm drawing a bird every day in November)

November Birds - 20


American Goldfinch (aka Eastern Goldfinch or Wild Canary)
(I'm drawing a bird a day in November)

November Birds - 19


Mountain Bluebird.  On of my favourite local birds, they're the most gorgeous blue.
(I'm drawing a bird a day in November)

Inspiration - Alphonse Mucha


It will come as no surprise to anyone who loves the work of Alphonse Mucha that he is a huge influence for me (and many other artists!).  Mucha was a Czech artist who lived from 1860-1930 and is the most recognized artist of the Art Nouveau movement.  These are five of my all time favourites.

November Birds - 18


California Quail!
(I'm drawing a bird every day in November)

Meanwhile, on Hellobee...


This week on Hellobee, I posted my favourite recipe for guilt-free chocolate.
I also shared how little A is killing me with the sleep deprivation, I'm convinced it's part of some evil baby plot.  And if you want a peek into my living room, I re-baby proofed it to keep A from climbing the bookcases, amongst other things.  Of course, while I was typing just now she took a tumble while pulling her toy basket out, so clearly my system isn't perfect...

November Birds - 17


Hood Mockingbird
(I'm drawing a bird everyday in November)

November Birds - 16


For my brother.  This is Meg the Silver Spangled Hamburg Rooster.
(I'm drawing a bird every day in November)

Photo Friday


We had snow this week!  Little S was sooo excited when she woke up to see all the white outside.  I don't think she really remembers snow from last winter, but we've been hyping her up for it with Stella books and snowy documentaries.  She was thrilled to get to wear her new snowsuit, but sadly mommy has not yet gotten her new mittens, so she had no thumbs. Mr Finnegan watched from the bedroom window. Poor little A!  I thought I had a suit for her, but on closer inspection it was too small and an unwashed hand me down.  Sad times.  She couldn't crawl in it which made her super mad at me.  I'm getting her a new suit tomorrow, so we should be all set for the next snowfall.The snow has retreated back up the mountain for now, but it's return is eagerly awaited by some :)[...]