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Fr. Shane Tharp Totus cum Petro ad Iesum per Mariam Everything with Peter (the Pope) to Jesus through Mary

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Forced Out Into the Open


Greetings, all. If you are reading this, then you haven't given up on my meandering musings. If you aren't reading this, well, it still exists regardless of your having read it.If you are wondering why I have been silent for so long, it's called life or something like it. I have been transferred to another parish and also teach high school in Oklahoma City. (That's why this will be short,

Shameless Promotion of My Friends and Allies


Got to love Mark Shea.  Jolly dinner companion, able and artistic speaker, prodigious defender of Catholic things, great and small, and now, feature film actor.  Check out this link and then make plans to show this delightful movie.  I am anticipating this more than the summer movie run.

It's Back


This is a show I love because anyone who can turn a pile of cloth into clothes just amazes me.  Sorry, I guess I am easily amused.  The real question is will Gunn tan or burn in the L.A. sun?

Keep Drinking


Here I am stuck between a rock and a hard place, so I am going to float an observation past you all.  See what you think.I have a lovely couple of friends who, for good or ill, are struggling with their weight.  I struggle with them because I don't know how to encourage or support them properly.  On one level, I do want to be of assistance to them; on the other, I know that they have to come to

What Would Ignatius Do?


I took personal interest in this matter as I drove past St. Joseph's University on a regular basis during my illustrious term at St. Charles Seminary.  With that in mind, the word of the day is "vet" as in careful examination.  If this is what constitutes education in the Jesuit tradition, then it merely reinforces what I said when I was a naive newly minted Catholic seminarian.A brother

Necessary Wish List That Amazon Cannot Provide


So, last week I lost 4.5 lbs.  This week, I'll be surprised if I lose anything.  It's been a stressful week, being Lent and all.  Also, a friend of the family's father is dying and I visited with them on Thursday.  It was rough to see them under those circumstances.  So, on a personal front, my focus has been all over the grid.  As I need to reset my brain and remotivate myself before going into

You Can't Have It Both Ways


In for a penny, in for a pound as the old saying goes.  I knew that once I commented on the Obama/Notre Dame flap, I knew I would find a thousand more articles that would demand my attention.  Sigh!  Okay, here's the next piece.William Daley has decided to come to the aid of our dear President because of the mean ol' Cardinal George calling Obama's visit precisely what it is - a scandal and a

Good and Faithful


As the tide of voices rises in opposition to the full fledged ridiculous actions of Notre Dame University, I am pleased to note my own Archbishop has thrown his hat, ... well, his miter, into the ring.  See here for the actual letter sent to Fr. Jenkins.  Please make sure the Archbishop knows of your prayers and your support for him because his public witness.In other episcopal stand up news,

Tangled Up and Bruised


Just when you thought there wasn't another thing I could on my weight loss journey, I have crossed a new personal bridge.  I started taking Kung Fu instruction.  Frighteningly, I like it; more frighteningly, I think I am good at it.  That's what the Sifu tells me.  (Sifu = instructor).  The aftermath is something less than desirable.Today, as I was doing my morning abultions, I looked down at my

Caveat Emptor


Good morning, all.  Yes, I am back from a moment of quasi-exile.  It's more inattention and loss of focus than out and out leaving the planet.  Hope you missed me.I realized that a really great way to get ready for my appearance on Morning Air would be to put up a synopsis of my thoughts here.  I enjoy the interaction between Sean and I so I don't really want to "script" out all of my nuggets of

Depends Upon Where You Are Sitting


To the people of Detroit, congratulations. To the people of Oakland, commiserations (that is, until the replacement is named.)Now, you are free to speculate about who is going to Oakland. Just don't put my name into the hopper, please. I just got my rectory in order.

Kingdom Not of This World


I was chatting with a couple of friends over lunch about the uselessness of Dan Brown's writing and general sense of history. Personally, if he wanted to make amends for the literary abuses he's inflicted, he could offer a literary award for worthy writing; it's like Nobel's effort to make up for the discovery of dynamite. The centerpiece of that conversation had to do with the existence of the



Greetings, all. A Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and a joyous whatever-other-holiday I might overlook. Welcome also the new followers of this blog as well. Glad you have found a warm cave in the otherwise cold expanse that is the internets.Looking at the last check-in date, you'll notice I have been away from writing for a fair bit. No big surprise given the chaotic schedule that Advent and



I know that this is not our president-elect's fault that these are coming out. It is the fault of our culture who can't tell secular messianism from true messianism, either of a Christian or Jewish stripe.The article comes from Reuters online. This is particularly apt given we are in the season of Advent. As we read the prophet Isaiah, we must recognize within its pages the same dichotomy that

Take That, Axl!


Talk about missing your moment. When you wait 17 years between albums, people might have moved on to other stuff. What I love is that in the UK, a trio of singing Catholic priests beat GnR. That's the best part.

A Case for the Infant Jesus of Prague


Please pray for this Eastern Rite priest and his family. This is a sad situation and will be most difficult. As the season of Advent, let us be reminded that the wood of the cradle is the wood of the Cross. These little girls are living that truth right now.

The Last Acceptible Prejudice Revisited


I have been gratified by Fr. Longenecker's writing over the last several months and this thoughtful piece has much to commend it. The main thing that drew me to the article was the link headline "Will lapsed Catholics become the next anti-Catholics?" To be fair, there are lots of reasons for lapsing from the practice of the Faith. It seems to me the problems crop up when one lapses from the



Okay, here's your task after reading this column. Figure out three practical things you could do in your parish to replicate this effect there. I'll give you one to start with: promote marriage as the seedbed for all vocations through the promotion of Theology of the Body and NFP.Now it's your turn.

Bargain Bin


In seminary, we used to say, "If you have to explain why you own something to a parishioner, you probably shouldn't own it." That issue came up when I mentioned how much I like BMW and would love to buy one used. The image, however, created of Father, rolling up in his Beemer effectively showed me, at least, why that won't work. However, if this is true, and the car goes on sale, could I have

There Is One Savior of the World and He Doesn't Have Mouse Ears


I wanted to disagree with the good abbot about his comments found here but upon examination I think he is on to something. Essentially, if I am reading him correctly, the problem is not that Disney stories don't point to the essential truths about greed and other vices; the problem is that Disney suggests, according to him, the solution to these vices are found in Disney stores. If that's the

What Did I Come In Here For?


Finally an explanation for why my brain goes flat at random intervals. It's the Golden Arches fault! Yet another good reason to skip the drive through.

Spell Check


I must apologize for the prolonged periods of silence. I have been overextended, this time due to illness, and frankly, now I should be able to get back on the ball. I have about twelve articles in the queue so let's get underway.Spotted this on Drudge Report earlier in the week, and happily it was still there today. My initial reaction to the headline was, "Typical Gnostic nonsense." After

Freud Would Be Proud


I am disappointed to hear about this. Granted, one of the strengths of this character is his humanity and mortality; one of the weaknesses has been the desire to preserve this character despite the injury (cf. Knightfall sequence).The follow up question is simple: what does this do to the franchise on film? Further, who is going to be the new Batman in the comics? I would stand in as a model

The Sound of Silence


This was pretty much to be expected. This woman is so unpopular that she should have a negative Q rating. I'll put it to you another way.If she is so smart and savvy as many others claim she is, then she should be in quantum physics because figuring out what the audience want is not her forte.

Helpful Notes for Black Friday Shopping


I know you are going to be looking for great deals on Friday but could you keep your eyes open for this Vigilance is Key!