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Preview: SEO Speaker on Blogging for Profit

SEO Services

Steve Mertz, SEO Speaker, offering tips for bloggers to naturally raise the rank of their blogs with honest and proven SEO techniques.

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Increasing Cash Flow With an eBook


Personal Finance Bloggers have a great opportunity to make passive income with their blog. This post will walk you through the steps to turn your blog posts into an eBook which you can then sell on your website! In this example I am using Free Money Finance and his great blog material to walk you through step by step. Even if you are a relatively new personal finance blogger you can still use this information to increase your cash flow using your posts to make an eBook!

Is Your Dentist Over Charging You?


A friend of mine went to the dentist last week to have her teeth cleaned. As part of the exam the dental hygienist wanted to give her a cancer screen-where they open your mouth and look around with the cotton gauze. This has always been part of the exam, but now, she was informed that it was $25 and must be paid in cash. 
Has the downturn in the economy turned dentists into factories? Read the entire dental post.

Sales Jobs Can Be Very Lucrative


Sales jobs are some of the best ways to become financially independent, from my personal observations! In particular, sales jobs that pay a base salary plus commission. My good friend  worked selling yellow page, had full benefits, a salary and commission opportunities. He earned over $250,000 a year and retired early. Granted, he was a very good sales person and worked hard. I mention sales because it truly is a great way to make a lot of money until you go out on your own and become self employed-that is where we mint the most millionaires. 

Read the whole post on Sales Jobs.

Be a Millionaire and Enjoy the Journey.


I read an article called 10 Secrets to Being a Millionaire and Enjoying It! The author really makes some great observations and it's not about any gimmicks or trying to sell you the secrets. He reminds us that getting rich isn't about the money. Great article and well worth the time to read, more than once.
Be a Millionaire and Enjoy It!

The Filfiest Four Letter Word


Are you fat and broke? I think there may be a correlation and I've got some concrete ideas for you to try-as for the Filthiest Four Letter Word....follow me!

Are Those Yelp and Amazon Reviews Reliable


A New York startup called Bundle thinks tracking credit card purchase is a more reliable way of tracking satisfied consumers. The thinking is that the consumers are putting their money where their mouth is... Read the entire article on New Ratings Site Mines Credit Card Data. 

Hartford Insurance Says Goodbye to Annuities


Who would of thought that Hartford Insurance Company, who helped revolutionize variable annuities; is out of the business! The Wall Street Journal says that under pressure from the hedge fund manager, John Paulson, they are shedding their entire insurance business. Read the entire Hartford Says Goodbye to Annuities.

How to Double Traffic to Your Blog in 30 Days


It can take 30 days but you can double the traffic to your Personal Finance blog by incorporating these 5 simple steps. This is especially applicable to those bloggers who have not yet attained the A list of traffic and revenue bloggers. The complete story of How to Double the Traffic to Your Bog will help you achieve these goals.

Would You Give Up Your Facebook Password for a Job?


You can imagine the surprise Justin Bassett, a New Your Statistician felt when in the course of this job interview; he was asked for his Facebook username and password. Did he tell them to Pound Sand? Read the Facebook Password controversy here.

Digg It.

Advertisers Welcome


Do you have a great product or service that needs more attention? Of course you do and the best personal finance blog has great advertising opportunities for you! It's kind of like being able to buy Apple stock at $20 bucks-you still feel badly that you missed the move don't you?

Do Rich People Live Longer?


Do rich people live longer-I'm gonna take a wild guess and say yes! This was the title of a current article in Yahoo Finance. A group of British scientists now say they have identified a hormone prevalent in the wealthy they they link to longevity. The hormone regulates one's stress response and is connected to diet, exercise, and relationships-all known longevity inducing factors.

You can read the entire article of Do Rich People live Longer here.

Executive Coaching Colorado


Henry Kissinger once said:

The task of the leader is to get his people from where they are to where they have not been.
We've all heard the old cliche that leaders are born-but there are many more examples of leaders who were coached to very successful positions. Transform Coaching is located in Denver, Colorado but serve clients across the country. The foundation of their business is executive coaching. The coaching sessions can be one-on-one or in small groups depending on the dynamics and the needs of the organization.

Think of all the great business leaders you have admired-the chances are very good that at some point they have had the assistance of executive coaching. Coaching takes good leaders and make them great. The old styles of leadership are relics of the past. David Fink says it very succinctly:

People are more easily led than driven.
Transform Coaching are experts in the field of facilitating positive change and allowing individuals in organizations to achieve personal and professional excellence. They have found that executive coaching facilitates leadership development, team development and succession pplanning. With a proven record in executive coaching and leader training; Transform Coaching look forward to working with your organization.

Motivational Speakers



Imagine being a world class motivational speaker today-what would it take to be called on consistently by Fortune 500 Companies? It's fair to say that there is a great deal of cynicism and skepticism out there today, right? Most of us got exposed to a motivational speaker sometime in high school. It seems they were either fabulous or just learning, on you!! Today a world class motivational speaker has to have the perfect balance of content and humor. Audiences today will not stand still for a motivational speaker who just uses canned humor with no content that is relative to that audience! Audiences today, and meeting planners, demand that you actually know the audience and their challenges very well. Once the organization's challenges are known; what goes better than humor in helping to solve the issues and making the audience the hero's of your presentation. The best motivational speakers in the world are not only humorous but they give audiences the tools to problem solve and strive for their personal best! Let me introduce you to Craig Zablocki, your first challenge is to pronounce his name correctly! Craig brings his business acumen and background as a humorist to audiences around the world. Craig is meticulous in this research and his presentations are loaded with meaningful content and a very large dose of humor-what more could you want ;) You may be asking yourself who says Crag Zablocki is a world class motivational speaker? That's a fair question and here are a few testimonials for you to consider:

The simple lessons you taught us about ourselves will stay with our team forever. Thanks for being a huge part of our 2006 Sales Rally. Our people are very important to us...and your message made our people better in life and in work. We couldn't have asked for more. Charles Burkell, Training Specialist-FEMA

Could your organization use a top notch humorist that brings a ton of meaningful content? Read what Sun Microsystems said about this humorous motivational speaker:

Craig Zablocki is fabulous. He garnered the highest rating of any previous presenter. Robin Blatt, Director of Operations-Sun Microsystems

If you are a meeting planner and need the best motivational speaker for your next event please consider the talents of Craig Zablocki. You can view Craig's LinkedIn profile on Motivational Speakers here.

Divorce Attorney Aurora Colorado


A divorce has the capability to easily overwhelm anyone. The emotions that have to be dealt with and all of the pain can cause anyone to be reactive and not proactive. In a situation where you are facing a divorce its critical to call Frank Woulf, Divorce Attorney Aurora Colorado.
Frank has over 30 years of successfully resolving divorce cases in the Aurora and Southeast Denver areas.

Frank will ensure that your rights under Colorado law are preserved. As a former prosecutor Frank has the expertise and wherewithal to take your case to trial if needed. His first course of action is always to negotiate a fair settlement in a divorce case but if this is not achievable; he is the Aurora divorce attorney that you want on your side.

A divorce is a very emotional and trying time-it's easy sometimes to just agree to anything to rid yourself of the pain and discomfort of a divorce. Frank will stand up for your rights and see that you are aggressively represented during the divorce. If you are in need of aggressive representation in a divorce proceeding please call Frank for a free initial consultation.

SEO Meeting Colorado Springs


Yesterday I went to Monument, Colorado right outside of Colorado Springs to meet with a potential SEO client. Their main business consists of replacement windows, patio doors and entry doors. They don't show up anywhere in a Google search for any of those terms; and with their current website, the spiders will never be able to index their currnet site.

Their SEO problems start with the title bar-their name is prominently displayed with no mention of replacement windows, patio doors or entry doors. it gets worse-their entire home page is an image of text; Google is not reading it! I looked to see how many pages of the site that Google has indexed and the results are a grand total of two indexed pages by Google. Interestingly enough, they have a PR of 4 with no inbound links! The good news is the domain name has been hosted since 2001.

The navigation and site architecture needs help-those poor spiders will never find their way through this site! The navigation starts in the sidebar and continues on towards the bottom of the page-don't do this ;)

They actually carry very well known and quality brands including Andersen, Marvin, Velux, Cascade, and Solatube to name a few. When I clicked on the Andersen Windows tab it took me to a canned page of content from Andersen window. Rae Hoffman has a very timely article about why you should never steal content. While this Clint is not stealing content; they are missing the boat by not having unique and authoritative content. Rae gives a great overview on How to write your own quality content.

If this site sounds anything like your current site-do yourself a favor and call the SEO experts. Get rid of the trash site and start with a new site that will actually give you a chance to show up in the searches!!

Personal Injury Attorneys Colorado Springs



McCormick and Murphy are christian personal injury attorneys located in Colorado Springs, Colorado.Kirk McCormick and Jay Murphy have over 40 years of combined legal experience and their passion for their personal injury clients is well known by their clients.
Choosing the best personal injury attorneys can seem like an overwhelming task but here are some issues to consider:

What actual experience in personal injury cases do the attorneys have?

Have a plan of action to research the credentials of your personal injury attorney.

A good personal injury attorney will set reasonable expectations with clients before pursuing any personal injury case.

Feel comfortable with any attorney you choose for your personal injury case-be confident that they have your best interest in mind.

Check with your local bar association to ensure that your choice of personal injury attorneys is in good standing.

I have worked with the attorneys at McCormick and Murphy and feel comfortable that they will be a very good choice for your personal injury case. For more information you can see their YouTube video on personal injury attorneys.

For a free consultation please call the Colorado Springs Personal Injury Lawyers.

For additional information you may also reference Colorado Springs Automobile Accident Lawyers.

SEO Joint Ventures


We are looking to do joint ventures with companies that have a good, solid product but little if any web presence. There are many great companies that have products to sell and have not made the jump to the internet.

We provide the SEO assistance. This means we build your website to be SEO friendly, help with providing unique and authoritative copy and add social media. Some of the social media we use includes Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

The benefits of being on the first page of a Google search can make a huge impact on your bottom line and that is our focus. It is not enough to be on the first page from SEO eforts; its all about conversions. We monitor the traffic to your site and make any necessary adjustments to increase your SEO Efforts. If you are interested in pursuing further talks please be in touch. You can call me at 303-619-8972 or email me. steve at
Thanks, Steve Mertz

Denver Airport Transportation Services


Denver Airport Transportation Services is the premiere limousine service here in Denver, Colorado. If you tired of shuttles, taxi cabs and economy parking- you need to call my friends at Preferred Transportation Services. Their airport transportation services are second to none. Many corporate executives use their transportation services but harried flyer's are finding the service to be very competitive and love the door to door service provided to Denver International Airport!

Denver Airport Transportation Services employs the most reputable and customer service friendly drivers in Denver, and many of their customers claim they are the best airport transportation service in Denver. They also provide executive transportation and limousine rental service to make all of your special occasions memorable.

They have a fleet of cars and SUVs that are regularly maintained and you can count on sitting in the lap of luxury regardless if you choose the Lincoln Town Cars or their luxurious SUVs. If you need limousine service or airport transportation please call Preferred Transportation Services at 303-299-9700

Denver SEO Training


Denver SEO Speaker will be conducting a workshop on SEO in Denver, Colorado, December 10th, 2009. The Colorado Defense Lawyers Association has asked me to do this SEO presentation for their attorneys.
In this workshop there wont be any magical formulas for showing up on the first page of a Google search. It will be stressing the importance of hard work and proven strategies to increase your Google presence in searches.

Some of the topics I will cover include:

Website optimization
Social Media
How to Write for the Internet
Website Architecture
Website Navigation
Keywords and Phrases

The workshop will be limited to the first 15 to sign up and the meeting will start at 2pm and go until 4pm. The SEO workshop will be at The Bridge, in Park Meadows. You can reach Bo Donegan for more information and to sign up for the Denver SEO Workshop.

Denver Colorado Ski Accident Lawyer


Colorado is home to some of the premier ski resorts in the world. This is the week of Thanksgiving and all of the major ski areas in Colorado are now open including Vail and Aspen Colorado ski areas. As I walked through Denver International airport today I could see the skiers flocking to the champagne powder of the Colorado ski slopes.
Many skiers have found throughout the years that there is more to worry about than inflicting injury on themselves; they are becoming acutely aware that they also need to look out for negligent skiers and faulty machinery at the ski resorts.

Many of Colorado's skiers are from out of state and if they are injured they quickly find out that they need the expertise of an experienced Colorado ski injury lawyer. Ski injury accidents have unique aspects to them and there is no substitute for experience. One of the main reasons is the fact that your case will almost always have to be prosecuted in Colorado's state or federal courts. The other important ingredient is an experienced ski injury lawyer and allow me to introduce you to Randy Kelly of the personal injury law firm of Irwin-Boesen.

Randy has been successfully litigating ski injury accidents in Colorado for over 20 years. He can quickly tell you if you have a case and ensure that you preserve your rights by acting quickly. Randy offers you a free initial consultation and can be reached in Denver, Colorado by calling 303-320-1911 or toll free at 800-964-1911

Denver Auto Repair


I was speaking to some Denver auto repair owners on Tuesday who specialize in Toyota and Lexus auto repair. Yes, even auto repair owners are interested in learning about search engine optimization (SEO) and how it can help them enhance their web presence. Our Denver SEO firm continues to see many small business owners migrate away from the Yellow Pages and stake their claim on the Internet.

There continues to be a great deal of confusion about what constitutes SEO and the delineation between SEO and pay per click. Many of the Denver auto repair dealers had participated in some pay per click programs-with mixed results. At the end of the day, they were most interested in how SEO could help them achieve a more prominent position in the searches and show up organically, or free, in the searches.
It was great meeting with these owners and discussing some of the fundamentals of good SEO including:

  • Good site architecture
  • Relevant and authoritative copy
  • Incoming links that are relevant and authoritative
  • Best blogging practices
  • Using Social Media to drive traffic

If your associaton or meeting needs a SEO speaker who will teach your members the fundamentals of good SEO please feel free to call me at 303-619-8972

Steve Mertz
SEO Speaker

Denver Garden Centers


Timberline Gardens is located here in Arvada, Colorado. Timberline Gardens is one of the premiere Denver Garden Centers. Timberline Gardens did not have much of a web presence and they are getting a badly needed website rewrite along with on page SEO efforts and a full dose of social media to help them in the Google searches.
Timberline Gardens are specialists in native plants and grow their nursery stock right here in Colorado-ensuring that their plants are acclimated to our climate! They have a beautiful facility with all the nursery items you could need for your Denver planting needs. They also have essentials like top soil, gravel and materials for water ponds.

SEO Plugins for WordPress


Check out this Mashable article on the 20 best SEO Plugins for WordPress. I'm not familiar with each and every one of these but you can pick and choose. My favorite to date is the All in One SEO Plugin. I love this SEO tool and would be lost without it.

If you blog-SEO is on your radar, or should be and these tools will make your live easier. Thanks to Brett Borders for the heads up!

Domain Names and SEO


I received a call from a client here in Denver, Colorado. He is in the process of writing a book and was agonizing over just the right domain name. He wants to do a blog and his book is along the lines of abundance. He wanted to know from a SEO perspective if it would be better to use his name or a descriptive domain name with keywords.
From a personal standpoint I like to use domain names that are descriptive of what you do or offer and have a great keyword or two. I say that for a couple of reasons: keywords in your domain will never hurt and hopefully it will keep you on track to the theme of the blog. For example, if my blog title is Denver SEO Speaker-I need to keep with that general theme in order to have a meaningful presence in the searches. Conversely, if my domain name were Steve Mertz I could be all over the board in my writing. The most important thing to remember is to use keyword rich titles in your blog posts and support those titles with unique content that actually uses the keywords and phrases you want to rank for.
Last point-when you have people link to your blog ask them to use descriptive keywords that are relevant to your SEO efforts. There is no substitute for quality inbound links that include your important keywords.

Here is an interesting article and comments from Problogger on How to Choose a Domain Name.

Expert Witnesses Services Colorado


Expert Consulting Services, Inc. (ECS) is a great resource for attorneys in need of well-credentialed expert witnesses. They are located in Denver, Colorado but help attorneys across the United States find the right expert witnesses.

They have expert witnesses to cover every imaginable field. They have a great deal of expertise helping attorneys find the best expert witnesses in the areas of Personal injury expert witnesses and medical malpractice expert witnesses. When an attorney needs the best expert witnesses in these areas; there is no room for error and its imperative to find the right expert witness the first time. Both personal injury and medical malpractice expert witnesses require a great deal of knowledge and an ability to communicate that clearly and concisely in a courtroom setting.

You can rely on Expert Consulting Services, Inc. (ECS) to help you with all of your needs and know that your expert witnesses come with the best credentials and a commitment to fully help you with all of your needs.