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The Life and Times of the Gillespie Kids

Updated: 2014-10-05T03:11:43.346-05:00


Happy Birthday Grandad!


allowFullScreen='true' webkitallowfullscreen='true' mozallowfullscreen='true' width='320' height='266' src='' class='b-hbp-video b-uploaded' FRAMEBORDER='0' />



Whenever he needs to answer in the affirmative, Jack says, "I do!" Sometimes that works, and sometimes it sounds funny because the right answer would be "yes" or "I am" not "I do!" He uses such funny inflections for the various reasons he says it. I need to get it on video before he grows out of it!

Hannah was playing with some tomatoes my parents brought from their garden. She lined them up by size and declared they were a family. Pointing to them in turn, she named them, "This is Albert, this is Irene, this is Alice, and this is WaterStank." Poor WaterStank. His whole family has such normal names, then they went all crazy on him.

Hannah says she's going to have three children and name them Alice, Thomas, and Ediff. At first I thought she meant "Edith" but when I asked her about it she said, "NO, E-diff." Again, the little one gets stuck with the funky names in her world. I'm not sure what that's about.

The other day I was putting sunscreen on the kids so they could go play in the baby pool in the backyard. Hannah explained to Jack that they had to get sunscreened so they wouldn't get a burn. "Sunburn is bad," she said, "but calorie burn is good!"

After a bad time at the supermarket, Hannah delivered this gem of a bedtime prayer, "Dear God, we had a very bad day. We were doing a lot of disobedience and when we were getting temptationed we cried for ice cream instead of running to Jesus. We're sorry, Lord."

Zoo with Gigi


Last week we went to the Zoo with my mom. We had the kids in their sailor suits for photo ops. In a couple of years they will probably roll their eyes if I suggest they dress alike and go to a public place, so I have to milk this while I can.This is my current favorite picture of Hannah. I love this! Mom was taking a picture of the butterfly and Hannah stuck her little hands in at the last second. I found it![...]



(image) I neglected to post that Sarah weighed 16 pounds and was 26 inches long at her 6 month checkup. Then yesterday she turned 7 months old, and I realized I should probably post that so I don't forget!

Above Sarah is wearing a dress that is too big, but was still cute!

Bathtime for the Littlest Bonzo


(image) For some reason it had not occurred to me until a few days ago that Sarah could just get her bath in the real bath tub. I have been bathing her in the baby tub this whole time, even though she's been sitting up on her own for well over a month. Ah well, no harm done. Doesn't she look so cute and tiny in the tub?
(image) She loves being able to play around in the tub! What a happy girl! What bizarre hair she has!
(image) Check it out! There's water in here!

Oh, Snap


(image) The problem with only being able to crawl backwards, as you might imagine, is that you tend to get stuck under the furniture.



(image) Hannah decided her tutu would make a fabulous hat. It even matches the outfit.
(image) I got this water toy on 90% off clearance at the end of last summer. It doesn't have very good water pressure, but it was worth 79 cents.
(image) The sprinkler is a little more intense!

Jack's Treat


(image) We let the kids have ice cream cones last weekend. Jack saved most of his ice cream on his shirt for later, as you can see. This picture illustrates how annoying it is when you accidentally focus the shot on the background instead of your subject. Oh well, you can still see how cute he is.
(image) In the above picture Jack is in proper focus, but is sporting his petulant, "Mine!" face. "Mine" is a very big concept for him right now. He is two for sure.

Sarah Sue


(image) For some reason I find myself singing the song "Peggy Sue" to Sarah but singing it as "Sarah Sue." I only know part of the lyrics, "Sarah Sue, Sarah Sue, pretty pretty pretty pretty Sarah Sue, OH! Sarah, my Sarah Soo-oo-oo-oo" etc. The kids have taken to calling her Sarah Sue too. It's kind of funny.

And yeah, she still has crazy hair.
(image) I love her big eyes and sweet cheeks!
(image) I forgot to note the exact day, but Sarah has been sitting up by herself for a few weeks now. She doesn't go from crawl position to sitting yet, but she does this weird ab crunch move that makes it look like she's exercising. Hilarious. I should get a video.
(image) Sarah can crawl backwards. She gets up on her knees and looks for all the world like she's about to crawl, and then she hurls herself backward and looks up in shock as if to say, "Oh SNAP, I just went the wrong way AGAIN!"
(image) My best efforts to keep Sarah out of the sun are no match for her self-hurling skills. She disdains hats, and when I put her in a carefully placed seat to ensure that she's shaded, she throws herself forward trying to get to the action. I need some sort of standing umbrella or something.

Funny Boy


(image) Jack is such a funny boy. On the way to the car today after MOPS he was bopping his hands around and saying "duh duh duh" so I thought he was just goofing off. Suddenly he jumped and shouted, "GOO-ISS!" That's when I realized he had been playing an imaginary game of duck duck goose.

Jack also loves to read to Sarah. He recites Goodnight Moon(image) to her, shows her all the dogs in Our Animal Friends At Maple Hill Farm(image) and Harry the Dirty Dog(image) and other books, and most recently started pointing out all the As in books. On occasion he also teaches her about M, N, O, P, J, B and other letters he knows. He's a good big brother.

That's a good question, Hannah


(image) Miss Perky Pigtails
(image) Sweet Sarah
(image) This Sunday Jack wore a smocked outfit with cars on it. Hannah wanted to know if Gigi made it for Jack. I said no, Gigi made it for Uncle Thomas, but Uncle Thomas said Jack could wear it. Hannah pondered that for a moment, then asked,

"But what will Uncle Thomas wear to church then?"

I nearly passed out laughing at the thought of my over 6 foot tall brother wearing a little embroidered shirt buttoned in to plaid shorts to church. Heh.

Sarah is 4 months old


(image) Above you can see Sarah in a cute cloth diaper. I put her in cloth for a few days last week, and may try to do it a few days a week this summer. Anyway, it's the most recent picture of her that I have!

Today Sarah is 4 months old, and at the pediatrician visit this morning we found that she weighs 13 pounds 13 ounces (50th percentile) and is 25.5 inches long (90th percentile).

Who Made You?


Here is a video of Jack answering the first three questions of the children's catechism (coached by Hannah).
allowFullScreen='true' webkitallowfullscreen='true' mozallowfullscreen='true' width='320' height='266' src='' class='b-hbp-video b-uploaded' FRAMEBORDER='0' />

Happy Easter!


(image) Today was Sarah's first Easter. She didn't get any candy so she had to resort to sucking her fist.
(image) Jack decided to pop a piece of candy in his mouth right before I took this picture, but it's a good one of Hannah!
(image) Being goofballs
(image) On a quest
Have I mentioned how difficult it is to get a good picture of all of us? We tried to take a family picture of the five of us, but they didn't come out. This is the best one of the kids and me, if you can believe it.
(image) After church, the kids had another egg hunt at Grammy and Papa's house.

Egg Hunt


(image) This morning we went to an Easter egg hunt at church. The kids enjoyed making a stained glass window craft, singing some songs, and hearing a short message, and then went outside to hunt eggs. Sadly the "feels like" temperature this morning was in the 20s (!!!) so the cute spring outfits I had picked out had to give way to warmer clothes. Jack hadn't done an egg hunt before, but immediately grasped the point and shouted "AY-GGS" while filling his basket with an astonishing number before the big kids even knew what hit them. That is the bonus to being so close to the ground, I suppose.
(image) Hannah also found quite a stash. As you can see, she has officially grown out of her winter coat! Yikes!



(image) I love that Sarah can wear a bow in her hair already!!!
(image) Usually a very happy baby!
(image) In the above picture, Sarah looks bummed because she won't be able to hold an Easter basket to hunt for eggs. Maybe next year.
(image) Seriously!?!?!? You don't have a basket for ME???

Easter Art


(image) My mom was appalled that we hadn't colored Easter eggs (I was out of food coloring), so I decided we would paint eggs on paper instead. Hannah and Jack each have their own set of watercolor paints, and had a ball making pretty designs. Jack insisted his mug of water, which was intended for dipping his brush, was "mah TEA" and sure enough when he declared he was "ah done" he proceeded to gulp it down, paint residue and all! Gag me! That is why I use non-toxic art supplies around here!

He's after us


(image) I think it's kind of funny that one of Jack's first sentences was, "I 'na get yoo!" (I'm gonna get you) Usually that's accompanied by roaring. Yeah, he's all boy.

Swingset Fun


(image) Cheese!
(image) The Big Boy
(image) In this picture I think Hannah looks like I did when I was little. I could be wrong.

Three Months


(image) Friday morning Sarah turned three months old. Where did that time go? I feel like I'm just beginning to emerge from my post-baby fog. Sarah is still waking up several times a night, but she's not generally crying much in between feedings. She still has episodes of crying and screaming (such as on Friday night when we left her with my in-laws and she screamed the entire time we were gone!) but for the most part she is a fun and happy baby.

Sarah smiles a lot and has a fantastic giggle that I'm still trying to capture on video. She's very vocal and babbles all the time - maybe she knows she's going to have to speak up to have a say with Hannah and Jack!

Her siblings love her, and shower her with kisses and hugs. She brightens up when they come in view and loves to watch them play.

Sarah likes to play with the toys swinging from her playmat, batting them around to make noise and see the colors. She can roll halfway from back to front, but she keeps getting stuck on her elbow so hasn't quite made it all the way over yet. She hates tummy time.

As you can see, Sarah still has her shock of dark hair. It's hard to tell in pictures because it's not very long, but her hair makes pretty curls. It's looking like she might be the Shirley Temple of the family, but who knows!

Look at those curls!


(image) Sometimes he DOES eat dinner. Look at the sweet curls on this boy! What a cutie!

Baby Grows Up


(image) I feel like Hannah has been looking so much older lately. On one hand, I'm excited to see her grow and develop her funny personality and be able to do more things, but on the other hand I feel like time is rushing by too quickly. I'm happy that she still loves to sit on my lap and cuddle. It makes me happy to hear every day that I am her "favorite Mama." I am glad to comply when she says "Let's just sit and be girls together."

Today Hannah asked, "I'm still your FIRST baby, right?" She may be a big girl now, but she's still my first baby!

Tiny Feet


(image) Don't you just love baby feet? I think they are really precious. Sarah likes to kick her socks off, so I get lots of chances to appreciate her little toes. Hannah has internalized my love for baby feet so much that when she's pretending to be a baby she says, "I'm Hannah, I'm a little baby, look at my tiny feet!"

Cleaning Team


I gave Hannah and Jack each a cleaning cloth and a spray bottle of Shaklee Basic H solution (totally organic and safe to drink so I feel fine letting them clean with it) and turned them loose on their bathroom (I had already cleaned it for real). Jack held up his spray bottle and said, "My Shag-yee" but I missed that with the video camera. Below, just for my Aunt Fran, is a video in which Hannah sings "People NEEEEEEEED Shaklee!"
allowFullScreen='true' webkitallowfullscreen='true' mozallowfullscreen='true' width='320' height='266' src='' class='b-hbp-video b-uploaded' FRAMEBORDER='0' />

The Children's Museum


Today we went to the Indianapolis Children's Museum with some friends from our MOPS group. We have been a few times before, but in the past it has seemed like the kids were too young or too small to enjoy everything. This time though, they had a blast! Both Hannah and Jack walked almost the entire time, and Sarah was crying so I had her in the sling and pushed the empty double stroller - at least it was a handy place to store our coats! There is a new Lego exhibit that fascinated the children. Above you can see them checking out a giant Lego dragon."My work here is done."Another exhibit features comic book stuff that went over Hannah and Jack's heads, but they did have fun getting into the comic book scenes like this taxi cab.The highlight of the day was the dinosaur exhibit. Jack loved it, and Hannah started out liking it. We have a few books about dinosaurs and fossils, so it was neat for the kids to see real fossils. There is, however, an audio loop in the exhibit that includes some thunder noises and roaring (presumably what the T Rex would sound like if it was ripping up the Triceratops in real life, instead of in skeletal form) at which point Hannah got completely spooked and ran out screaming. Tonight at dinner she told Josh "I didn't like that dinosaur roaring, Daddy, I FREAKED OUT!!!!" We didn't leave until after 1pm, and Jack was asleep before the van door closed. Hannah stayed awake recounting her favorite parts of the museum, but when we got home she slept for two hours![...]