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Pictures, photos, carricatures, and stories of breaking news people are talking about.

Updated: 2017-04-07T05:42:43.162-07:00


Aquareves Show


Source: NoComment News, Canada
Special thanks to
John Klein
Aquareves show is the best ever seen show of the Canadian National Exhibition. Will they come back to the CNE? (more pics are by the link - click on the picture)(image)

anal bleaching - new trend?



Source: NoComment News, United States
Special thanks to

Cosmetic technique popular with strippers, body builders, actors and actresses whereby strong bleaching solutions are used to lighten the anal area. As far as Marie Claire goes, bleaching one’s anus has become an obsession far beyond the young jet set and the detail-oriented gay community.

.... Would you do the anal bleaching?


Rebellion of prisoners in the Public Chain of the city of Mauá - region of Great


The story wouldn't be so sad but for pictures.


Source: NoComment News, Brazil
Special thanks to
Celso Rebello

Celso writes:
'I was the first photographer to arrive at the place and go up to the terrace where they were guards. For 3 hours I photographed horror scenes, as this that shows prisoners attacking a group called “informers”. The final balance: 5 died and many wounded'.(image)

Baku: building collapse


Not only bridges, but buildings collapse every now and then. The world lost a new building 2 hours ago ... as well as 20 people. ... Two more pictures are by the link (click on the photo)


Source: NoComment News, Azerbaijan
Special thanks to N.

Don't Even FART In The Forest


Forest Fire is everywhere: Greece, Italy, and USA. It's dangerous not only to smoke but even to ... fart ...

Source: NoComment News, United States
Special thanks to

Guess who is in the picture!



Could you guess who is in the picture?

A rat? A cat? A mouse?

The answer follows in a day. I will pay 10 bucks to the author of the first right answer ;)


Fringe Festival


Hey, have you ever been to a Fringe Festival in Scotland? I think you should, especially if you are man - looks interesting. (someone give them a cloth!)
But be sure to come closer to the end of the festival, the beginning is full of frogs, not girls. The festival is still on, don't forget the camera!

Climate Change Protest near Heatrhow


OK. 600 protesters remained at the improvised Camp for Climate Change set up at Heathrow, UK, several days ago in protest against the airport's expansion plans. The protest has its good reasons. But I don't understand the realisation: why clowns???(image)

hurricane dean in pictures


Source: NoComment News, Jamaica
Special thanks to robert birkenes

In case you follow Hurricane Dean, here's a report in pictures. I think photos are daily updated.

Please note that Hurricane Dean is the fourth named storm, third tropical cyclone, first hurricane and first major hurricane of the 2007 Atlantic hurricane season, the most intense tropical cyclone in the Atlantic Basin since Hurricane Wilma of 2005 and the most intense tropical cyclone to threaten Jamaica since Hurricane Ivan of 2004. A Cape Verde-type hurricane, Dean took a west-northwest path through the Caribbean Sea and passed just to the south of Jamaica on August 20. It is currently forecast to affect the Yucatán Peninsula. (wiki)

Be safe if you are somewhere there.



Forest fires close in on Athens


How could anyone do this on purpose I wonder? (8 more photos are available if you click a picture)


Source: NoComment News, Greece
Special thanks to Boombasic

If you don't know yet, a Greek prosecutor charged a man Saturday with starting a forest fire on Mt. Penteli that destroyed dozens of homes and large swathes of forest land north of Athens last week.
The 57-year-old man, who was not identified by name, pleaded innocent to the charges of arson and endangering lives, saying he had been in a cafe when the fire broke out, according to police.


citizen journalism pictures - comparison chart


Source: NoComment News, United States Special thanks to Maryanne Trengove That's interesting: I love to compare things you see on different citizen journalism resources. For instance, let's have August 15th news in pictures compared on BBC and NoComment News*. 1) Authors of the pictures:BBC: Special agencies only (AP and Getty Images)NoComment News: Regular Citizens (and there are backlinks to their blogs)2) Number of the countries covered:BBC: 7 countriesNoComment News: 13 countries3) News covered (similar news in italic ):BBC: Independance Day in India and PakistanCommemoration of the 62nd Anniversary of Japan's SurrenderProtest in KenyaThe Ship From Napoli Is to be RecycledFeat Of The Dormition At Troyan MonasteryFEI European Jumping Championships in Mannheim, GermanyRussian President Is FishingAutumn In BritainNoComment News:Independance Day in India and PakistanInternational Youth DayOne Year Before the Olympic Games Floods In Sudan5 Killed In Korean Ferris WheelBombings in IraqProtests in the USANew Orleans Nowadays - Part of the Regular OverviewSander Kleveland FestivalAutumn In BerlinScreenshots From the 'Flood', Upcoming Disaster Movie--------How do you know that something is really happening around the world?* Links to the originals are:*  and [...]

Garbage Strike: Where did I park my car? Have you found anything?


Garbage strikes are not as bad as they seem. Sometimes people find real treasures in a bin... or at least a good blouse :)


Love and .. Love? (uganda, HIV and FBI files)


I watched a 'FBI Files' on Discovery Channel. There was a story when a man kidnapped a woman because he wanted to be loved by her. He raped her several times and he was going to kill her ("Either you love me or I kill you"), but the police made their best and the woman was saved.

This story remind me of another that appeared once on NoComment News. Cece's story (she lives in Uganda) is tragic in every way. Her husband came home and killed her mother [his mother-in-law] and beat her to the point of losing her eyesight. The husband was killed from mob retaliation [mob justice] within their village. She found out later that her husband infected her with HIV and she is left blind, widowed with four kids. (the story is showed and told by Elton )

Was it love as well, I wonder?


Iraq Names Project - Drawing names of the dead


Artist Nancy Hiss is creating an art work that consists of drawing the names of all dead coalition men and women. The names thread their way through the fabric of Portland OR. Only last names will be listed to honor the sacrifice of individuals & their families.

As you reflect on these names also remember the hundreds of thousands of nameless Iraqis and others who have been scarred by this war.

I wonder, how long will be the line of the names? 10 km? 20 km? More? Less?(image)

Minneapolis Bridge Collapse - a picture and a question


(I blogged a picture from

A friend of mine lives on a ship that is anchored right near the collapsed bridge. I beleive that he was really horrified when the bridge collapsed... :((!!(( Do you know what he said? "It was well-known that the bridge base was not that strong because of the river flow"

Why no action had been done before the tragedy???

PS You can also watch video in irregardable blog (image)

Happy 400th Birthday, Rembrant! Rijksmuseum - Amsterdam


Happy Birthday to you, tatata
Happy Birthday to you, tatata
Happy Birthday, Dear Rembrants,
Happy Birthday to you, tatata!

(I believe the cake was delicous. Rembrants's masterpiece used to be its topping)

Thought of a day: when it comes to animals ..


I feel calm when I see pictures or news about fire anywhere. To be honest, I don't care.

But when it comes to animals ...

Incinerated Turtle - Fire in Stamata, Athens.

Pitiful. Scary. Sad.(image)

London Under Water


(image) When I saw this I though: WOW! Then I read the story and once again I thought: WOW!

(I copied a picture from this page on NoComment News)

Well, the story is as follows:

Whilst this picture may be from the imagination of Richard Doyle, after the events of previous weeks throughout England it may not be that far from reality. With this year having been the wettest Summer on record more than 387mm (15.2in) of rain fell in England and Wales. This compounds research from Newcastle University last year which suggested that rain intensity has doubled in the UK over the last 40 years due to climate change.The image depicts iconic central London landmarks such as the Houses of Parliment and the London Eye essentially in the Thames. The image is from the aptly named film "Flood" which will be released in August.

(I want to thank How To Save Energy Blog reported to be the source of the story).

Now I'm seriously thinking of the first things to do if there's water in your house. Any ideas, dear readers?(image)

Floods in the UK - citizen pictures of latest news


I personally believe that mass media make scandal of any happening they cover. This is what happened to Floods in the UK. Well, yes, it looked wet. And flooding was in the houses. But people are still content with their lives and water has gone. Aren't they?

(NoComment News issued a special report of Floods in UK: it's worth seeing. )

PS if you think it lacks accuracy, you've been there and everything was much worse ... Why wouldn't you show these floods through your eyes? Submit photos to NoComment News.(image)

Tour de France - Christian Moreni


In case you follow Tour de France, here are the pictures of how gendarmes arrested Itallian Christian Moreni. Moreni tested positive for testosterone after stage 11 of the Tour last Thursday. Ironically, he was among the racers who protested today by delaying the start of Stage 16.(image)

Tour de France - Christian Moreni


In case you follow Tour de France, here are the pictures of how gendarmes arrested Itallian Christian Moreni. Moreni was tested positive for testosterone after stage 11 of the Tour last Thursday. Ironically, he was among the racers who protested today by delaying the start of Stage 16.(image)

News reporters and heavy sandbagging - Thames Floods


The Thames has been breached substantially at Osney Island now, even at the top, in the picture.

Forest Fires over Colorado Picture


If you are thinking of having a good cigarette while you are in the forest, please remember this photo first .... If your friends are smoking in the forest now, send them this photo.

(Added to on 22 Jul 07 )

Clog Walkers - Belgian National Day 2007


Clog Walkers
Originally uploaded by quarsan
Skiing in summer??? Still possible:

"Stilt walkers of Merchtem on Belgian National Day 2007"

Devastated - Tour De France!


Originally uploaded by MaltLoafer
"That's the first 5km down, doesn't look like this guy's gonna enjoy the next 3542km much!"