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Personal news, observations, and occasional silliness from Sarah Dylan Breuer

Published: 2013-10-15T18:40:47-04:00


Quick News re: UTO


I write not representing any person or group other than myself here. My perspective is subjective and my memory fallible, but I wanted to share today's news and lack of news from Executive Council actions (insofar as I'm aware of...

Dylan gets fit: Day One


This summer's shoulder dislocation put the kaibosh on my usual daily or near-daily kayaking, and my physical fitness (and physical appearance) have suffered for it. Well, no more, my friends! I believe I have found the right gym and the...

a most serious matter facing General Convention


I face a great dilimma at General Convention this year, and I hope via this blog to conduct a churchwide conversation to assist discernment. As some of you know, at last GC I borrowed a travel electric guitar and performed...

online rally to restore Anglican sanity and/or comprehensiveness


I was disappointed not to be able to attend Jon Stewart's and Stephen Colbert's Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear in Washington, D.C. last week, so please indulge me: Let's have an online Rally to Restore Anglican Sanity and/or Comprehensiveness!...

Ken Howard's Paradoxy: Creating Christian Community Between Us and Them and why it rocks


I confess to being a bit jaded when it comes to books about Christianity. When I’m asked to recommend some good books for congregational study and private devotional reading, I usually recommend a book in Hebrew scripture or the New...

a radical solution re: theological education


I hear a lot of complaining about seminary education. But it's worth noting that the complaints come mostly from a particular place. I also hear a lot of questions -- from the same place -- about what creative solution will...

quick reflections on Executive Council


I'm in the hotel restaurant in Omaha for a quick brunch before I get on a plane to come home from the Executive Council meeting, so I thought I'd dash off some quick notes for the Episco-curious. The most important...

how not to argue for sequential ordination


Episcopal Café has blogged a two-part series arguing for "direct ordination": ordaining people called to be priests directly to the priesthood without the current practice ("sequential ordination") of ordaining them as deacons first and then waiting six months to a...

low-cost tip #3 toward more and better theologians


Low-cost tip #3 toward more and better theologians: stretch critical thinking skills for all ages in congregations. No one should go off to seminary without having done SOMETHING like reading the Gospel According to Mary Magdalene and the Gospel of...

Low-Cost Tip #2 Toward More and Better Theologians


Low-cost tip #2 toward more and better theologians for the church: Have your parish and diocesan newsletters regularly run a brief profile of a living theologian and her/his current work. Make at least some of these about theologians currently doing...