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I Am Working On It


Dear my two whole readers,

I am finding a new home for this blog with my own domain name and more creative freedom. So hold tight.

Break Time


I am taking a break from blogging and trying to figure out where I want my site to go.




Another term in your vehicle that is strange is Dashboard. Did you ever wonder where it came from?

From Wiki: Originally, a "dashboard" was the upturned front of a horse-drawn chariot or waggon, which protected the driver from mud and debris thrown up by the horse's hooves.
From Websters: A screen on the front of a usually horse-drawn vehicle to intercept water, mud, or snow.
Well there you have it. The dashboard.

Fact For Today


The term "glove box" or "glove compartment" was originally meant for gloves (surprise! surprise!) because they were a necessity in early automobiles. It is just interesting how we still use the term today when most of the time we do not put gloves in them at all. I am going to go and get me a pair of gloves.

Falwell Dies and Lives


I am sure that he was a good man. I am sure that he was a good Christian. And I am not really sad. I am sad for his family but how can you be sad for him, someone that is alive in Heaven.

Spder Man 3 Review


With a $59 million opening day, Spider Man 3 bit with a venomous bite on its debut. But was it a good movie?

-Good fight scenes
-The character 'Venom" looked awesome
-It had a great moral and ethical plot about abstaining from darkness and staying in the light.
-It is pretty good for children. Venom might be a little frightening but other than that it is good for the kids.

-Very long
-Very Corney
-Awkward to watch at times (with really stupid humor)
-To many characters in one story. Plus the extreme amount of alter egos with the main characters was strange. Especially Harry's strange euphoric personality in the middle of the film, he appeared to be on some drug for a while there.

It was a good but it was not an amazing movie. The first one was good when I saw it the first time then it was just a decent film. I probably will not need to buy this film. Though the video game in the previews looked great, the movie was not. "Batman Begins" made this movie look like "Toy Story". But go see it and make up your own mind.

Religion of Your Choice


Are you a religious person? says Religion is:
A set of beliefs concerning the cause, nature, and purpose of the universe, esp. when considered as the creation of a superhuman agency or agencies, usually involving devotional and ritual observances, and often containing a moral code governing the conduct of human affairs.
In light of the new announcement of by James E. McGreevey and his ambition to switch religions from the Catholic religion to the Episcopal religion. We have to ask the question, what is religion and does it really mean anything? Saying that you are a religious means absolutely nothing. It means about as much as saying I wake up every morning and brush my teeth. When it comes down to it I honestly do not care how many times you do anything for your religion or your god. To often in today's society people go shopping for a religion like its a new car. Its like "The Matrix" they just say "ya god I'll take a religion that allows me to be gay, have lots of sex and do drugs" and their fake god (that they have created within their mind and their religion) says "sure why not, we'll have the price for you at the next window". Then they go to church and say their stuff and they think their god is sitting up in heaven saying "well he prayed today and he went to seminary school so lets give him some points for that" when that is a totally egregious thought process and is just that a thought process or in other words man made.

This is not the real God that they are after. They want something that will allow them to do what they want to do. I'm just glad that when Jesus was about to be crucified he didn't switch religions because he didn't want to sacrifice himself. In every religion you have to sacrifice something you can't have life both way's.

Some good lyrics on this subject: The Ataris

I'm not trying to say I have the answer
All I know for sure is that we weren't put here
To serve ourselves, that's so selfish
To think that we're put on this earth just for pleasure
I know that there's much more than that.

But I won't tell you what it is; it's up to you
To decide for yourself what is wrong and what is right
And know that we all make mistakes, there's always time
To turn your life around and change
All the wrong decisions that you've made.

Click Here For The McGreevey Story

Why Even Write About It!


Rosie is gone! Thats good she was misguided. Why should I even write about it it a lot of other conservative bloggers are writing about it so you can read theirs. Read the post above this one it is better. (When I actually post it)

Alec Is Screwd Up, But Who Really Cares!


Alec Baldwin is deranged on many levels. He yelled at his daughter in a way that no father should ever yell at a child. I am not a big fan of the world of Hollywood anyway so I really don't care about him and his screwed up antics. I am weary of the conservatives within in news and on talk radio over using this topic. We all know that this guy is a looser and stupid for doing this. But please leave it alone after about a day of press and let the people decide, because there are many other topics that rank higher on my important meter than Alec Baldwin. I am not trying to brush his behavior off as a good thing at all, I will be the first to say he is very stupid for saying those things to his young daughter, but he did it, now let the people see his dumbness and let the story subside.

Definition: Coward


Coward: a person who lacks courage in facing danger, difficulty, opposition, pain, etc.; a timid or easily intimidated person.

Click Here to see the face of a coward

"In a broad sense the word coward is a good word to describe him, but in another sense (a narrower sense) it is not. It is hard to write about this guy because it is so sickening."
-The X Daily

I would like to edit this and retract my old statement. He is a coward in every sense of the word.

What is Trivial?


Answer: The Imus Incident.

After watching the news today and seeing the sickness on the television it just shows how trivial the Imus incident really was. Get ready for people pushing gun control. Thats all I have to say, I am tired of the stupidity in this world.

Learn The ABC's


You really need,
To think about you and Disney,
For I will never put you on my TV,

Just a little Rosiesque writing.

ABC/Disney is going down the road to failure. I can't think of any way to put all of this elegantly, so here it is:

Same Sex Couples and Fairy Tail Weddings

Here we have the acceptance/collectivist/PC crowds thought process at work. Read the article let it speak for itself.

Rosie's 2 Whole Paragraphs
Read the Rosie O'Donnell blog/rebuttal to her criticizers.

"If the very act of asking is so destabilizing for people, than I have to wonder whether the fabric of our democracy is indeed so raveled it is beyond salvage." -R. O'Donnell

First off republic not democracy. Second "asking"? If I tell you that global warming is fake I am not asking whether it is fake or not (which it is, just as her 9/11 view is) I would be telling you that it is a fake THEORY (as I just did) you can ask questions but if your going to ask them before you provide yourself with an answer.

Click Here for proof that her THEORY is fake.

The position from the left is that we just need to give them a chance to live their way and we can live our way peacefully. Didn't we try that in the 90's after we were attacked time and time again. And it finally took one big blow on 9/11 to make people see that it is not all puffy clouds and hearts down here on earth. Oh but wait she thinks it was fake so that argument does not hold water with her or any of the other nut cases.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. If a terrorist has and AK on each of our backs we would both die. Not just me she would too, and I really don't want that because I think she has some things she needs to work out with her and God before she dies.

She says "You can walk through life believing in the goodness of the world or walk through life afraid of anyone who thinks differently than you and try to convert them to your way of thinking." The world is not good the world is evil and deceptive, the world is bad and I do not want to become one with the world or believe in the world. The world is filled with imperfect people and good and evil exist whether you like it or not. Everyone is not some strange shade of good that we just don't understand correctly, evil exists.

Ahmadinejad wants Israel demolished. Its not that he is evil or anything its just that he sees things from a different perspective so we have to sit back and let it happen. That is what I gather from her statement. I just cannot imagine that this is what she is talking about when she says the "goodness of the world".



A short review of "300".

The movie "300" is generally a good movie. I will list the parts that I liked and the parts that I didn't like.


-Good fighting scenes.
-Fairly good acting.
-A lot of adrenaline.
-You know who the enemy is there is no strangely blurred line.
-The whole movie is action from start to finish.
-Cool computer animation.


-The main characters accent was slightly strange, obviously not Greek.
-The sex scene really didn't seem to fit in there at all. It was in slow motion as well. I didn't really need to see that.
-You weren't really that angry at the enemy. Where as in a movie like"Braveheart" you were really mad at the enemy.

Overall I give it 3 1/2 stars out of 4.

Split Up


Each party promises to make changes. Every party promises to do things that are going to make their voters happy. And every party is filled with politicians and they are pretty much liars. Politicians are as apt to stand up for what they said they would about as much as a television network is apt to stand up for a failing show. Yes I did just compare politicians to television executives. And the money that television executives crave is equivalent to the power politicians crave.

Even though it seems like we have predominantly two parties that assertion is false. If you are looking at republicans and democrats as an example of the two predominant parties you will see four parties present. You have conservative republicans and center/left leaning republicans and you have center/conservative democrats and far left democrats. This is the reason why nothing can get done because these parties that are in the actual parties themselves keep butting heads.

This will always cause division in the system that will keep us on the same path we are on now, nowhere! One might think the politicians from the right and the left that hang their hats on the middle of the rack could form an alliance, come together and get something done but it is impossible. They are all to nailed down to their party.

This is not supposed to be taken as a rant on the party system. I am angry at our politicians reluctance to do something. We didn't vote them in so that they could sit and argue all day, we want something out of our vote. For example the democrats are trying to bring the troops home. They know that the president is going to veto anything that they do. So compromise a little or at least try. Because for me (the average citizen) it looks like an argument between a couple of five year olds. If I was a democrat I would be angry because they are fighting a loosing battle because right now Democrats are not thinking about bringing the troops home for their well being nor are they thinking about the well being of the Iraqi people, they are thinking about the oval office. They want to be the knights in shining armor that rescue the troops. If they actually had something pass that would bring them home I am sure that would be their running platform. But its not going to happen the President said he would veto it, and he will. So the democrats are just making it known that they don't agree with the war, but we already know that.

Don't get me wrong, this issue will still be on the ballot. They will still try to sell the American people the lie that they are for the troops. And the republicans will push back with the clear fact that they are keeping us from funding the troops. And still nothing will get done.

This country would be a lot better if only everyone in congress could just forget about their party for five minutes and do something. It needs to be known that everyone that is in congress right now are politicians that care about nothing more than their party and winning the white house in 2008. That is why nothing can get done and they are so divided.

Everythings "Out of Control!"


There are not many of them left these day's. Guys like Dino and Frank are gone so is Johnny Carson and we don't have many old media guys hanging around anymore. I can honestly say that Regis Philbin is one of those guys. He holds the record for the most hours on television and has been around for quite some time now. He really is one of the great television icons left. He hasn't sold his soul to the devil like most and stays pretty true to his roots and most of all he keeps his mouth shut when it comes to his political views.

He announced today that he will be undergoing a heart bypass. Everyone just keep good old Regis in your prayers because there's not many like him left in Hollywood.

The Wars!


Many wars are being waged right now. The war on terror, the war on drugs, and the war on so on and so forth. If you ask almost anyone if war is good or bad they will say it is bad. War is not a good thing, people die and its horrible. I think that sometimes republicans have a crazy notion in their mind that if they hear another republican talking and he doesn't come off like the guy on that history channel show "Mail Call" they are not a real republican. That way of thinking is not smart. I should stipulate that hating war in general should be universal. I don't think that it is good if anyone likes war, actually that is a sick and twisted thing if you actually like war. But hating this war, hating this president, and hating the administration is not a productive road to head down and it only leads to what we have witnessed since the 2000 election, political divide.You can disagree with the President and not like his policy, but downright hatred of him is idiotic. Personally I don't like war I hate anything where good men and women have to die. But I do think that we are justified in waging war on Iraq/Saddam and Afghanistan. Saddam broke the laws that he agreed to follow far to many times and Afghanistan was the home to the people that attacked us on 9/11. In Iraq things have gone wrong, I realize that. We had bad intelligence. We haven't utilized everything that we have militarily and we put to many restrictions on our troops. If you sent Rocky Marciano into the ring with one hand tied behind his back he wouldn't have a good fight. But after all of this I still think that our mission is good and of worth to achieve. Why? you ask.I pulled into a parking lot today and I saw a car that had some bumper stickers that were anti-President Bush and anti republican. I to have some bumper stickers (far less idiotic than this persons) on my car, none the less mine don't share the same point of view. I would love it if the people in Iraq could have this. It brought me joy to see that this person has the right to say what she wants to say.There is a war of irrational ideas going on in America right now and that war needs to stop. I have no problem with a rational pool of ideas that are thought upon and debated by the people and our government. But irrational thought and spontaneous emotional actions will only lead you into a dead end. It desperately needs to stop in Iraq as well as here at home. Granted the degree that we make our emotional decisions on is not as harsh as the people in Iraq, none the less emotion plays a huge part in what the terrorists in Iraq do and I don't want it to get that far in America. I am not saying that emotion should not be present in the decision making process I am just simply saying that people need to think before they spew their ideas.Freedom is a great and significant cause in the world and worth fighting for. Just like we did in the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, and in WW2. In all of those wars freedom of some kind was at stake or in jeopardy. And in Iraq freedom was not only at stake it was abolished. Anyone that says that Iraq was better under the rule of the killer and dictator Saddam needs to really re-think their position and fill up their empty head with common sense. Freedom is universal and should be able to be felt by everyone on this earth. Fighting for it is not wrong. Whether we went into Iraq for weapons of mass destruction or not we went in on the basis that someones freedom was in jeopardy.Everyone needs to know this , most of the time you will not change a persons opinion about any political issue, especially if you are trying to ram it down their throat like so many wack[...]

Top 10 Puppets


It is time for everyone to cut the strings that bind them to their pride in their ideals and admit when you are wrong or have said something false. If you make the list it is not a good thing. It means that you are a cheerleader for a certain idea rather than an intellectual thought that is clear. I will admit that sometimes I might fall under that category of cheerleader or person for a certain ideal, but the very fact that I have come to terms with this and I can admit that it happens leads me to believe that I am exempt. The people that I am talking about are people that make a living or get unwarranted recognition from their stupidity and/or their ignorance.10. DriversEveryone that drives in this country at one time or another will make a mistake whether they know it or not. The funny thing about people that drive is that they are some how attached to the idea that everything that they do good or bad is justifiable, but if someone does it to them they are the worst driver in the world. I fall under this category sometimes. How many times have you heard people say “nobody knows how to drive”. So in this case people are puppets to some strange thought process that they are the best drivers, when the truth is they are not.9. Talk Radio HostsTalk radio is a great thing and it is a good place for the right to counter punch the left leaning media. But there is a problem in talk radio that needs to be explored. It is important that this is mentioned. Talk radio is entertainment, in other words it is news related items that entertain a certain position on any one subject, it is in no way shape or form journalism, it is one huge editorial. The problem starts when you get to people that tied down to their political party. Most of the time these people cater to republican ideals only. So in other words if a republican said that jumping off a bridge was the right thing to do they would support that opinion. I think that that is a very bad and dangerous road to go down, because you are only digging yourself a hole that you will eventually fall in. It is crucial to point out that there are Democrats (notice I am not using the term left or liberal because this specially refers to people agreeing with a party’s side) that do this too but there are more republicans.8. The Music IndustryThis industry is one that consists of many left leaning people even communists at some points in history. The sad thing is coming from a person like me who loves music from all people, the left puts out some of the best music. CCR, Springsteen, Young and many more. I am hesitant to put Bob Dylan in that list (see next item). The music industry like the news industry caters to the far left for a reason that is unknown. Probably because music is artistic and a lot of artistic thinkers tend to sway left but that is slightly erroneous and a blanket answer that generalizes to much. In the case of the music industry the artists are puppets to their own ideology that in a lot of cases most people do not want to hear anyway. Given the exact perfect timing and the exact perfect wording sometimes it may work, but not very often. For the very reason that I am against my blanket statement, it is the same reason that I am against what comes out of musicians, which is usually one-dimensional thoughts about war and peace that have no artistic value and are nothing more than people trying to force an idea down your throat.7. Bob DylanThis is the one time that I was talking about in the last item, he wrote and made his music at the exact perfect time. Bob Dylan is used and abused by so many people that it is ridiculous. In fact I a[...]

Take Your Headphones Out!



Why should people not be able to wear their iPod's. Democratic Senator Carl Kruger wants to stop people from wearing their iPod's while they are crossing the street. I don't understand who Kruger is protecting. The death of a woman who was wearing the headphones was cited in the senators defense. The problem with this is that if a woman or man wants to wear headphones and put their lives at risk than let them do it! The purpose of the government is not to create laws that protect people from themselves. If this is the norm than why not keep people from using matches you might get burned, keep people from walking with scissors you might get cut, and take all knives out of houses you might get stabbed, somebody might get hurt.

"If you're so involved in your electronic device that you can't see or hear a car coming, this is indicative of a larger problem that requires some sort of enforcement beyond the application of common sense" Said Kruger. People are not paying attention to what they are doing because they cannot hear? We have people that cannot see or hear walking around all of the time, just the other day I saw a visually impaired man walking down the street, his excuse for this law is not viable, common sense is something that people need to acquire and nothing more and nothing needs to be enforced by the government.

No iPod's, hand held video games or anything that can cause a distraction while crossing the street. Again if people want to risk their lives to listen to thirty seconds more of music than let them. I have an iPod and I listen while I ride my bike and I wouldn't want to take my headphones out every time I have to cross the street, I will just look around to see if there are any cars coming.

Our senators and members of our government have to be responsible for keeping us safe and preserving our freedom, not for taking it away.

Information from this story was provided by Fox

Click here For The Full Story
Click Here For More iPod Information
Click Here For A Video On The History of The iPod

The Super Bowl


The Colts have won it!

I have been cheering the Colts on this year and last year. I think that they are a team set around morals and ethics. There are some other teams in the NFL that should take a page out of the Colts book and try to use it to their advantage. Peyton Manning is one of the best if not the best quarterbacks playing out there right now and he to seems like a good guy.

In a world where everything centers around sex, controversy, and money Tony Dungy really did a great job of being set apart from that. While he quietly and proudly acknowledged the issue with the African American coaches, he very loudly and boldly spoke of Jesus Christ and that is what we need more of in the football world. I really feel that there are some teams in the NFL that are great and maybe even close to one of those great old teams where heroes stood out and I think that The Colts are one of those teams.

Aqua Teen Hunger Terrorists


"They are part of an outdoor marketing campaign in 10 cities in support of Adult Swim's animated television show Aqua Teen Hunger Force" -Fox News

There is two ways that people will try to spin this story.

1. The right will say that security is so great that they are even going after little problems like this.

2. The left will say that our security is so bad that we cannot even tell a bomb from Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

Who is right?

Well, the right is right. In this case you can never under estimate your enemies they will use any and every tactic to kill us. I am sure that they are watching closely and are getting ideas. I am interested to see if it turns out the way that I think the seamstresses will through it out.



"24" Is still the best show on television. I if you don't watch 24 you don't know jack!

The Top 15 Christmas Songs


15. White Christmas With The DriftersWhite Christmas is a great song and one of the great moments in movie history is in "Home Alone" when he is standing in front of the mirror singing. That scene makes this version of this song great.14. Home Alone Main Title('Somewhere In My Memory')Another home alone song but none the less it is a good one. The main title is great because it adds a strange element to Christmas. It has some what of a creepy element and makes for a good holiday song. Later on it transitions into a happier song and is a great piece to listen to during Christmas.13. Baby It’s Cold Outside - Sammy Davis Jr. and Carmen McRaeI really love this song. The thing that makes this particular version the best is Sammy Davis Jr. and his eccentric voices and great singing. don’t get me wrong Carmen’s voice is great too but Sammy does it great.12. Sleigh Ride - The RonettesThis is a great rock and roll Christmas tune.11. Rockin Around The Christmas Tree - Various ArtistsAll of the good rock and roll Christmas music is very great because it gives a sense of nostalgia during the Christmas season.10. Blue Christmas - Elvis Presley Who could do this tune any better than the King?9. Carol of the Bells - Trans-Siberian OrchestraTrans-Siberian Orchestra is one of the few new Christmas acts that I like. They put a new spin on the music with out compromising the tune. Not only is it new it greatly utilizes the Guitar as part of this great Christmas rock opera. 8. The Christmas Song - Nat King ColeThis is one of the greatest Christmas songs of all time. And when sung by Nat King Cole it is the best. It has a great piano solo at the end of the song that just makes it that much better.7. Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer - Gene AutryWhen I hear Gene Autry say “You know Dasher and Prancer and Comet and Cupid and Donnar and Blitizin, but do you recall the most wonderful reindeer of all.” It is something that I look forward to all year. Not to mention that Gene’s Christmas Album is one of my childhood favorites.6. Have A Holly Jolly Christmas - Burl IvesYou can almost see the words emitting from good old St. Nick singing it himself. And the great part about this is the wonderful happiness in Burls Voice.5. The Christmas Waltz - Frank SinatraThere is a good reason why Frank is on the list because he is “The Voice” and what would Christmas music be with out “The Voice”. This song really helps make the season feel just right.4. Silver Bells - Bing CrosbySilver bells putts you right in the arms of a city during Christmas even when you live in the desert. It is wonderful.3. I’ll Be Home For Christmas - Frank SinatraOne of the best parts of Christmas is the family and this song is a nod to all of those hard working people that might not be able to make it home because life sometimes gets in the way.2. Oh Holy Night - Nat King ColeThis is one of the greatest songs ever. It really lets us know what the real meaning of Christmas is. The best line is how Christ made the soul feel its worth, because he did.1. White Christmas - Bing CrosbyThis is the ultimate Christmas song no matter who you are. It is an Irving Berlin classic that was first performed by Bing Crosby in “Holiday Inn” the movie and also first performed live by Bing as well. This song and album make Christmas a good Christmas.It is important to remember why we celebrate this national holiday. It is because of Christ. God bless everyone on this Christmas. [...]



Its the west coast what is this snow you speak of?

It is true we had a big storm in Arizona and snow fell only an hour away from my house. Now that is in no means a lot of snow it is just a slight dusting but it is snow none the less. It really made me feel festive. There is nothing better than snow at Christmas time. As much as I love it all with the cold weather and the snow I am a lizard. My blood is water and even 50 degree weather is cold for me.



While watching MSNBC I saw the network reporting on news that was televised earlier on NBC's morning show "Today". The news headline on MSNBC was something like NBC News Now Calling Iraq War a Civil War. I find it comical that a news network is in essence reporting on itself. NBC and MSNBC are owned by the same parent company, just so it is clear that there is a correlation between the two.

It should be noted that I am not disputing whether or not this story is true or false all I'm doing is finding amusement in this story.

For more information: Click here to see the video from the morning show "Today".
For more information: For more info on the MSNBC network click here.



Thanksgiving is maybe one of the more underrated holidays but it still is great. There are a few reasons why it is good.

In no particular order:

1. Thanksgiving is a very American holiday. It is in a way more American than the forth of July. It is almost like Americas birth day.

2. You are not required to give anything other than thanks and yourself. No crazy shopping for things that people may or may not even use. Not to put Christmas shopping down because it is great fun, it just makes thanksgiving a lot less stressful.

3. You get to eat really good food and not feel bad that you are eating alot.

4. It is on a Thursday every year and thats great because you will always have a short week at work.

5. Football.

6. Spending good quality time with your family.

7. A really good time to just thank God for what you have with out putting in a word on what you would llike to have.

8. You feel like you are a part of something. With all of the hussle and bussle of things, traveling and making plans this time of year seems like it can't slow down.

9. Black friday. Even if you don't participate it is fun to hear the stories from the people that do.

10. Christmas is next. That is it, the next holiday is Christmas the best one of them all. The grand finalie and I intend to start the Christmas season tomorrow and live every minute of it to the fullest.

That is all of them.

Happy Thanksgiving and Merry (Early) Christmas!