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Pompous Ponderings

The overblown observations of a 30ish bachelor male in Milwaukee.

Updated: 2012-04-15T21:05:59.472-05:00



Football Condolences

Saw the end of the Raiders-Chargers game. Ouch. My sympathies, Michelle!


This Blog Is Officially Inactive

Try this one instead.


On Labels and Catholics

Much discussion the past week or two about labelling Catholics. I've tried to classify myself -- "conservative with traditionalist leanings" is about as close as I can get to describing my positions, and still it isn't accurate enough.

I want to be merely Catholic.

I want to be faithful to the entire Deposit of Faith handed down from Our Lord through the ages.

I want to be faithful to my Pope, my Ordinary, my priests, and my brothers and sisters in the Faith.

I want the Liturgy to accurately reflect that Faith, to be Heaven come down to Earth and not be used as a political tool by one group or another, or as an ever-changing vaudeville show. I want it to be celebrated by the book, reverently and rubrically.

I want to practice the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy without ideological jargon attached to them.

I want priests and religious to be living signs of their calling, both in their conduct and in their garb.

I want to be simply Catholic.


Prayer Request

Please remember Kitty Klein and her family in your prayers. Two of her nephews were killed in a car accident this morning.



A long time ago, I prayed that I could be just like G. K. Chesterton. So now I've got a bit of girth and a terminal case of absentmindedness. Today I bought a copy of Orwell's essays at a used bookstore -- and left it there.


Reading List

Just finished the Silmarillion. I'll never think of elves the same way again.

Also just went through a Tolkien anthology. Farmer Giles of Ham is a fun story. And Leaf by Niggle -- wow! I wonder if that story influenced the writings of fellow Inkling C. S. Lewis -- I see some parallels with The Great Divorce.

Speaking of Lewis -- I think it's time I reread some of his work.


I Think I'll Go Into Denial About This One...

Gee whiz, tell Mommy to stop babying you so much
and get out of the house once in a while. You
are the typical nerd. Congradulations, the
other kids walk all over you and make fun of
you, but you'll show them someday when you
develop the latest line of anti-depressants
that they will need when they are 35.

What kind of typical high school character from a movie are you?
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Also Accurate.....

You are a Bavarian.

What's your Inner European?
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Accurate, I Guess...


Where do you fall on the liberal - conservative political spectrum? (United States)
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How Did They Know?!?


what's YOUR deepest secret?
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The Last Two Weeks

The weekend before last, I ballet parked all three shows at CSz. Ever try to pirouette in several layers of clothing? I didn't think so...

Did it again this weekend. Saturday morning's disaster didn't affect CSz's business. Worked till 11:30 pm that night. The weather was positively tropical compared to the previous.

Went to the indult Mass. Very nice Candlemas procession.


On Blogging Frequency

Several stalwarts have stopped blogging the past few days, citing time constraints. Others are cutting back on blogtime, or considering the possibility.

As for myself, I gave up on daily blogging quite some time ago. I work two jobs now, and one of them involves staring at a screen all day. After work, I don't feel like being on a computer for long. And even when I do go on the computer, I want to check my email or play a computer game. Blogging is forgotten in those instances.

So why am I keeping this site in operation? Sometimes I'm not so sure if I should continue. I spend more time reading other blogs and leaving comments on them when there is something worthy of discussion, or I don't have anything to say at all. Or when I do, someone has said it much better than I ever could.

OTOH...sometimes I do want to say something. Sometimes I want to share my day, the things I love to do, my opinions (and I've got a lot of those!), or do something off-the-wall. I've met one blogger face-to-face, and hope to meet a few more. So I'll keep on blogging...


Today's Tragedy

I found out about Columbia at breakfast this morning. An Israeli astronaut was aboard. I have a sickening feeling that there will be demonstrations celebrating his death...........I hope I'm wrong.

Update 2/3: I was right. The Jerusalem Post reports that some are rejoicing over this loss.....



Seems my blog template is messed up...


Busy, busy, busy...

Ballet parked Thursday and Friday nights. Will be doing it again tonight. Lovely weather for it!


Tomorrow's Infamy

I won't be home till late tomorrow, so I'll comment on it now.

Thirty years ago came the horror of the Roe vs. Wade decision, in which six men used judicial fiat to wipe out legal protection of the unborn. God have mercy on us for what has happened since then......


Haven't Felt Like Blogging...... Been otherwise busy, or haven't felt like staring at a screen any longer than necessary....been working on the post below for days. On Work Jeff Culbreath, who who will be busy training for a new line of work, wrote a wonderful essay about the nature of work, and how the contemporary consumerist society thinks in terms of "usefulness" (that is, utilitarianism), profit (abused into Mammon), and "efficiency" (slavedriving); instead of sanctification or the common good. I work two jobs -- one to pay for food, shelter, and clothing; the other for a little extra money and a lot of fun. My primary job is data processing for a major computer corporation. I am not an actual employee, being contracted out from another major company, a major temporary agency. I've been a "temp" for over eight years now, longer than many people spend at a "regular" job. In some ways, it's not a bad deal for me. Since I'm a bachelor with no dependents, and I'm not concerned about "career advancement" and other artificial concepts, the wage is more than adequate. I've also made some lifelong friends there, and I've been able to use my research abilities and writing skills. But there are quite a few frustrating things at this job. We have a manager who must constantly tinker with things to justify his existence (he'd make a great liturgist, alas). He's concerned about productivity which is very important, but it seems to trump all; and other important things such as accuracy and thoroughness have suffered. And productivity is measured by standards which, if they conflict with reality (time-consuming projects, discrepencies, etc.), must be believed over reality. And then there are the rules. Many of them make sense, of course. Others are very nitpicky, and seemingly arbitrary and unnecessary. For example, I was talked to because I clocked in at 7:27. Before this, one could clock in as early as 7:23 and it was OK. No-one knew they were breaking any rules until it was brought up. My secondary job is at ComedySportz. I work just a few hours a week for low pay doing menial tasks, like stocking the bar, fetching ice, taking out garbage, setting up the theatre, leading people to their seats, and putting on a tutu and leading cars to their parking spaces with a comical quasi-ballet. Yet this job has come to mean a lot to me. First of all, Dick Chudnow is a joy to work for. He may be the Founder and Grand Poobah, but he's very hands-on, and still shares in routine tasks like hosting and manning the ticket office,as well as taking his turn at playing and refereeing shows. Coming up a close second is the joy of making people laugh. When I ballet park, I'm the first person a showgoer sees. I welcome them to CSz, tell them where they're going to park, and lead them there in a most ridiculous fashion. It's great to see them cracking up in their cars as I pirouette and plie all over the place. Next is the menial and basic nature of the work. It can be hard work -- standing out in a parking lot in single-digit weather, ballet parking several cars at once, taking out large, smelly bags of garbage and bottles, hauling heavy buckets of ice. But I find myself liking it and looking forward to it. If I could make a living at it, I think I would. After that is the chance to watch shows for free. When I clock out, the show is still going on. I can sneak in and watch some of the finest improv in the world, and learn from it. Last of all are the money and the perks. The supplemental income has helped, the half-fee for workshop is a [...]


Joined a Parish

I haven't been that active at St. Anthony's in quite some time, since I stopped teaching Religious Education there. In fact, I seldom went to Mass there anymore, going instead to parishes within my neighborhood. And every time I endured the OCP Latest Hit, every time I had to sit through some extraneous presentation of some sort, every time I endured some sort of liturgical abuse or other things which interfered with prayer, I thought, "I gotta register somewhere, or get back to St. Anthony's."

Then, after picking up my second job, I attended the Saturday anticipation Mass at Old St. Mary's downtown, usually after working the matinee. Several things attracted me:

1) The church, built in the late 1840's, is a gem. It's very small, holding only about 350 people at most, with lovely art and woodwork.

2) The liturgy is "merely Catholic" in approach. No gimmickry of any sort.

3) It's handy to the buses -- one block away from the stop.

4) The music, while not as excellent as St. Anthony's, is OK.

So I'll be attending the Saturday 4:30 or Sunday 9 am there, and probably attend the Indult Mass at least once a month and throughout Lent and Passiontide. Also, I should pay a visit to St. George's -- it's been a long time since I've been there.


More Quizzes

This Explains a Lot...

According to the Alien Abduction Test There is a 76% chance that I've been abducted by Aliens!



Just had a busy housecleaning morning, so I'm in the mood for something mindless......



You're wind! You are a very kind and sympathetic person. Whoever DOESN'T like you has a mental disorder, because you are a loving and caring gentle soul.

What element are you?

This fits....

Tolkienology 101: What is Your Tolkien Belief System?

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I think I've taken this one already.....


I'm completely down-to-earth!

Find your soul type


What Orlando Bloom are You?

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Some Things Are Just Beyond Words.....

Well, maybe not......evil would be one fit word, abomination another. And others which I'll leave unpublished.....

Thanks to Donna Marie Lewis for pointing out the article on her blog.


Last Night's Improv Workshop

My Wedensday evenings are finally complete again, as workshops started again. Big group this time -- 18 people. But we all got some stage time.

My favorite part was our practice of Pile-On Replay. Three of the best women in our class played a "neutral" scene set in a Taco Bell -- a funny enough sketch by itself (clerk takes customer's order, clerk gives unemployed person her job and leaves, customer gets sauce all over her shirt and wants more). They were then endowed with an emotion -- anger, in this case. The scene got funnier. Then as angry Italians , and their fellow workshoppers had to keep from falling off their chairs. Lastly, the scene was replayed with the ladies as angry Italians in a kabuki. ROTFLMAO.

I went out afterwards, and didn't get home till late. So much fun................


Been Busy on the Other Blog....

.....trying to fix up stuff on it. Any idea on why I keep "shouting" (published in big bold letters), and how I can remedy the situation? Thanks.


The Glory Has Departed......

Old news now, but the Packers lost a playoff game at Lambeau field, in freezing weather. It wasn't even close. Nothing will be the same there again.........